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Epub ✓ Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night Immortals After Dark #4

This seductive paranormal series continues with a brutal Highland werewolf and an exuisite young witch adversaries with a blood vendetta between themHer breathless kiss haunts himBowen MacRieve of the Lykae clan was nearly destroyed when he lost the one woman meant for him The ruthless warrior grew even colder never taking another to his bed—until a smoldering encounter with his enemy Mariketa the Awaited reawakens his darkest desires When sinister forces unite against her the Highlander finds himself using all his strength and skill to keep her aliveHis slow hot touch is irresistibleTemporarily stripped of her powers Mari is forced to take refuge with her sworn adversary It's rud that no one can tempt Bowen's hardened heart but soon passion burns between them Though a future together is impossible she fears he has no intention of letting her goNo deed is too wicked for her seductionIf they defeat the evil that surrounds them can Mari deny Bowen when he demands her body and soul—or will she risk everything for her fierce protector?

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    I am totally addicted to this series Each book only serves to suck me into this story further Who knew that crossing supernatural beings would be so hotThis fourth book in the 'Immortals After Dark' series tells the story of Bowen and Mari a werewolf and a powerful witch From the start their relationship is contentious Bowen's family has a long and bitter rivalry with witchesWhen Bowen begins to feel an attraction toward Mari he assumes that she has cast a spell on him After all he's spent years suffering after the loss of his mate following a tragic accident Never in all those years had he felt an attraction to another so he knows that the witch must be up to somethingBelieved to be the most powerful witch in her coven Mari is just beginning to harness her power She's led a sheltered life and has been abandoned by everyone she ever loved She can't deny her attraction to the sexy werewolf but she refuses to be second best again Eventually Bowen cannot fight his attraction any longer He has to choose between the love that was and the love that could be Once he sets out to win Mari over he's got his work cut out for him He'll have to work doubly hard to undo the damage he's already doneJust when things start to work out for these two everything gets turned upside down There were some pretty big twists that I didn't see coming In my opinion this book contains the most surprising plot twists in the series so farOverall I enjoyed every minute of this story It was fun and sexy with a great storyline More and I'm beginning to draw connections between all of the characters from the different books I listened to the Audible version and the narration was great Bowen's Scottish accent was sexy as hell I highly recommend the audiobook I'll be starting the next one immediately

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    He crossed to her clasped her upper arms and pulled her to her feetGazing down at her his voice breaking low he said Doona bring me back to life only to destroy me once What a fcking awesome bookI swear this series is just getting better and betterI loved Bowen in the previous books and I couldn't wait for his own and it didn't disappoint It's my favorite from this series so far and I don't think that will change 3 And again I LOVE this narrator 3 The way he did Bowen had me melting 3 3 3 3

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    love this book Bowen MacRieve was oh so charming and sexy The way he takes care of Mari I loved him Mariketa the Awaited She was a super powerful witch that can't control her power She is funny and sassy and doesn't let Bowen walk on her but she shows her vulnerability as well This book was romantic and action pack and it blew my mind What they go through and the Plot twist shock the crap out of my I so didn't see that coming The Way Bowen talks and the things he says so sexy always talking about her wee hands and wee little witchThe first time the two of them are together Hott until he says the wrong name lol “Fuckhead The name’s MariKETA Go to hell The WITCH doing a creepy spell somewhere right now”Mari's Dad made me laugh This is the male she's been seeing? He can't even dress himselfAren't you a bit old for my daughter?I was a great book and I can't wait to read the next in this series

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    “I still don’t see why we couldn’t sleep in that cave” Mari said as MacRieve led her out into the night“Because my cave’s better than their cave” I’ve read the first 8 installments of the Immortals After Dark series and so far Bowen and Mariketa’s book is my favorite Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night overlaps the final events of the Talisman’s Hie from Bowen and Mariketa’s perspective Bowen traps Mariketa and other immortals in a tomb in the jungle of Guatemala but Mariketa manages to cast a spell on him before he leaves her thereAs you know from  No Rest for the Wicked Bowen view spoilerloses the Hie hide spoiler

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    “Darwin says people like you need to die” Despite the fact that the whole story of Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night isn't my cuppa after all I still loved every character Kresley Cole put into this book Bowen was such a jerk for me when I first met him he treats Mariketa so bad I wanted to kick his ass then Mari on the other hand is genorous lovely and tender She is that type of heroine who is always hurt by a coldhearted hero I pitied her so damn much and don't understand why I gave this book five stars even though it's not my taste “Damn it MacRieve if you keep calling me kitten then I'm going to start calling you something euivalent like hound dog and then we'll both be losers” Maybe it's because of the dynamic between the main characters that beat me up or the sex scenes being so damn hot I fanned my face all the time while I was reading Anyway the second half of Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night was unexpectedly awesome after the crap of you are not my mate but I still want you plot in the beginning almost bumped me off The book finally redeemed itself with the conclusion so well I had to give it five stars “Bashful? She and her friends made Girls Gone Wild look like a uilting circle” Oh Have I already told you that I loved Bowen for some parts of him ? He's flat out hot SO DAMN HOT that I didn't care about his jerky and silly characteristic at all It's just that I'm so biased when it comes to Kresley Cole's bookshttpsgoogl882ndJ

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    Bowen MacRieve Lykae Mariketa the Awaited Witch “You could almost make me forget what I really want” 1200 years old Lykae Bowen has known exactly what he wants for a few centuries nowAnd this is definitely NOT the 23 years old distracting distrusting and destructing witch MariketaHis only goal is getting back to winter of 1827 and save his mate who run away from him during a full moon night when she saw his monster and she was killed by an accident His beautiful fragile perfect fae princess MariahLonely desperate Bowen has spent the last centuries in misery and sorrow without a purpose in his life until he discovered the Hie competition where the majority of the Lore factions are represented The ultimate prize is the key to go back in time and he has to have it Moreover Nyx has predicted that this competition is the key in order to get his mateMariketa –although she is still young and still not an immortal wants to have the key as well mainly to prove a point There is no way this REALLY OLD wolf like scary Scotish is going to stop her No matter how much attracted she is to him Anyway he mourns for his lost mate And there is no way Mariketa will be a second choice for anyone ever again Plus the fact that she hates him since Bowen locked her up with a few immortals and many incubus demons in a dark cave without food and water for weeksThis is a story of deception where even the strongest wolf could be played by a cunning witch lost love that can make the strongest wolf weak when it is a fake but it can also make the strongest wolf even stronger when it is the real thing finding yourself and your purpose in life even if it means that you have to destroy someone much stronger than you and that you may destroy yourself at the process and you will never be yourself again the fact that a Lykaewolf is truly an animal and sometimes this fact can be really handyThis is surely my favourite book so far in the series It can be read in so many different levelsIt is passionate hooray for the wolves funny packed with adventure but eually packed with devastating drama and painful truth It is a good thing that true love always wins

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    What can I say that hasn't been said? Loved it almost as much as the previous book No Rest for the Wicked If you enjoy sexual tension and sexual bantering in your books this read will not disappoint And when the HH FINALLY get down to it yowzaLoved the hero Bowen although at first it was hard to read the Scottish accent but I endured and then the accent became downright sexy And so far Mari is my favorite heroine of the IAD series She was funny brave and good at putting the often arrogant and cock sure Bowen in his place Fabulous ending too Made me reach for the next one in the series and started reading it immediately

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    For one hundred and eighty years I've no' touched another Have never even given a woman a second look And it was easy to do so But now I canna seem to keep my hands off a slip of a witch he rasped at her ear A witch who has me feeling like I'll die if I doona find out what it'd be like to kiss her O' course it's a goddamned spell Bowen MacRieveBowen is a werewolf that lost his mate one hundred and eighty years ago as she was fleeing him He blames himself for her death and has lost all desire to live He's lost weight and drinks too much alcohol Bowen has not touched nor had desire for another until meeting MariketaMariketa the AwaitedMariketa is a young witch only twenty three years old She hasn't grown into her immortality yet but she has just entered The Talisman's Hie It's a treacherous scavenger hunt amongst immortals and she wants to represent her coven well But there is a prophecy that Mari's mate will take her away from her coven and keep her locked away So she hides herself under a hooded cloak and changes her appearance with a glamour spell Yeah that cloak is a total buzz kill No one buys her drinks at karaoke night and it's hard to meet men when no one can check you out Men are so visual But Bowen can't seem to keep his eyes off her even under that cloak And the feeling is mutual He's a hottie of a werewolf that has been mourning his mate But he is fine as hell with his dark hair and amber eye and his Scottish accent is delicious Bowen has entered the competition in hopes of winning a key that will allow him to go back in time and save his mate But when Mariketa and Bowen end up trapped in a cave and her cloak is removed Bowen is unable to resist her any longer She suddenly knew two things He was about to kiss her so fiercely she would never be the same againAnd he would hate himself for it afterward and despise her forever These two have a passion that they can not deny Bowen is feeling guilty for desiring Mari but he suspects that she has be spelled him Mariketa is young but she is also very powerful Did she unknowingly place a lust spell on Bowen? Or is there something sinister going on?This book was fast paced full of action explosions and a very lusty werewolf I am enjoying this series tremendously but I hope the next books have external conflict between the main couple and less internal conflict The first four books have plotted enemies to fall in love with mortal enemies It was fun for a few books but I am getting tired of it We've had a vampire hating valkyrie fall in love with a vampire a vampire hating werewolf fall in love with a vampire and a witch hating werewolf fall in love with a witch Enough already Thank goodness the next book is about a Vampire and a Ghost They are not mortal enemies Should be fun My Immortals After Dark ReviewsThe Warlord Wants ForeverA Hunger Like No OtherNo Rest for the WickedWicked Deeds on a Winter's NightDark Needs at Night's Edge Dark Desires After DuskKiss of a Demon KingUntouchablePleasure of a Dark PrinceDemon from the DarkDreams of a Dark WarriorLothaireDark Skye

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    4 to 4 12 starsI thoroughly enjoyed reading Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night the fourth book in the Immortals After Dark series I was not as enad with this story as I was with the third book but I had fun reading it just the same The hero Bowen is one of the most tortured heroes I've read yet he is genuine likable and charming in a brusue way His protective consuming and voracious nature toward his mate Mariketa the heroine was awe inspiring and endearing I truly adore Bowen's character The heroine Mariketa Mari is a fantastic and fun character I loved her spunk and determination but also her vulnerability and insecurity She is my favorite heroine in the series thus far I loved her The plot twist at the end of this book took me by utter surprise I honestly did not see the turn of events coming How awesome is that? I love when an author has the ability to surprise me My only complaint about this book–and the series–and reason for the slight drop in rating is the annoying relationship pattern I've noticed in the books I've read thus far In each book the hero and heroine continually banter with each other which is fun and would be fine if they–but mostly the heroine–didn't also continue to fight their attraction and inevitable relationship until the last few chapters of book Since it's obvious Ms Cole is a gifted and creative writer I can only hope she rectifies this relationship pattern in future books Other than that I can't seem get enough of this fantastic series full of colorful uniue fascinating and compelling characters One things for sure Kristley Cole has created one captivating and exciting mythical world

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    I am stopping half way through Book 5 to write this short 'review' because I was so eager to continue that I failed to say even a few words about this yet another AWESOME storyThis series is like a book version of Lays potato chips you can't read just one I am addicted and I REGRET NOTHING I've said this before and I'll say it again Kresley Cole has this uncanny ability to create characters you can't help but fall head over heels in love with She is the only author that made me want to be BFFs with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER HEROINES and I am SUPER PICKY when it comes to my female leads And her Heroes 'GAH' is the only word that comes to mindBasically this series can be summed up by reading the following gushing 'non reviews reviews' aka my ramblings of The Warlord Wants Forever IAD Book 1 A Hunger Like No Other IAD Book 2 No Rest For The Wicked IAD Book 3 Cheers