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There was a lot to love about this book It s sorta issuefic, sure, but it s well written, plotty issuefic with real characters I especially love the way the story makes the point that radical separatist Deaf politics exists for a reason, and can be respected and not dismissed even by people who choose amoderate integrated path.1.5 stars off for the constant, jarring use of the R word, without any examination of the problematic way it s used You can t be an arsehole to me, I m deaf, not r d Um, no, actually, you shouldn t be an arsehole to people with intellectual disabilities either. FIRST IMPRESSION A deaf girl To be honest, I was reluctant I ve read my share of people with something out of the ordinary happening to them like The Body Finder and I completely hated that one So I wasn t sure what to expect when I picked it up I didn t really think much of the cover But the pitch at the back drew me in, even if I was thinking, Meh How over exaggerated You don t have to be deaf to have a hard life WRITING STYLE Amazing The sentences are short, but not choppy None of the sentences are too long, and it honestly seems like the mind of a teenage girl I also love how wonderfully the main character s problem was expressed to the world There was always a he she signs mouths instead of he says she asks, etc It s so different to every other book I ve read PLOT It was perfect The plot of a girl who once had hearing and slowly growing up and adjusting to another world the world of the unheard It was heartbreaking at times, and I wanted to scream with Demi The plot also showed me how beautiful the world of the deaf really is, although it d take time for me to appreciate it if I didn t have a second choice For the people who re born deaf, English is their second language How amazing Although I have to admit, I wish there wasdepth to Ethan than the hearing boy who loves me regardless of whether I m deaf or not But their relationship was cute I m just the one without much of a romantic bone.CHARACTERS I loved Demi She was real She made me realise how differently we treat the disabled with pity, and for the cruel, with mock Everything was beautiful There was Keisha, there was Flawless Felicity Demi has a previous world with her best friend, Nadia, and I can t help loving all the relationships tying together But most of all, I love Stella And after reading the book, I realise what the cover is a picture of I officially love the cover, regardless of not thinking much of it when I picked the book up.OVERALL I was wondering whether to pick this up or not I was honestly wondering if it was one of those typical books where the girl complains about deafness, over and over, and annoys the living daylights out of me It was nothing like that Let me tell you, once and for all, this book is like no other You can t compare it to any other book in the whole world And it officially has a place on my favourites shelf.AMOUNT OF STARS 5 I M Always Trying To Figure Out What S Really Going On Always Having To Fill In The Gaps, But Never Getting All The Details It S Like Trying To Do A Jigsaw When I Don T Even Know What The Picture Is, And I M Missing One Of The Vital Middle PiecesHow Do You Know If Your Friends Are Talking About You Behind Your Back Or If A Boy Likes You They Could Act Innocent, But You D Know From The Rumours You D Hear The Whispers But What If You Couldn T Hear Those Whispers Any What If Everything You Took For Granted Was Gone Being A Teenager Is Hard EnoughBut Being A Deaf Teenager It doesn t matter if she s deaf, he says My aunty Demi can listen with her eyes, and whisper with her hands Damn Australian writers and their heart wrenching contemporary fiction It never fails It s an automatic instant love syndrome but in this case, I m the one falling in love and not the characters in the book Not that I m complaining, it s justI have a difficult time reviewing them because I sound like a broken record with each review see AUSSOME shelf on Goodreads And this book was no exception.Whisper is about a teen girl adjusting to being deaf She hasn t always been deaf but a recent bout of meningitis plunged her to a silent world Our words are most often misconstrued for no apparent reason than we re sometimes unable to find the right things to say Friendships can be ruined and family relationships can be strained just because we can t get our points across Being deaf affects a person s speech capabilities, hence thechances that you can be misunderstood This is pretty much the dictates of Demi s life Her family s pretty supportive for the most part but she found it hard to acclimate to her mother s new suffocating worries This book was beautiful and thoughful in a simple way that it talked about the mundane things of life But mundane could be relative to a person who s lost her hearing Things like Giving up her iPod because it s become useless to someone like her or the beauty of swimming under water because everybody else is deaf to some degree under there It made me think about how I would cope How painful it would be to never hear my kids laughters again or how I d probably miss my husband s jet engine snores while he sleeps It s an unimaginable loss that s hard to endure Within Demi s story is a lesson about AUDISM It s discrimination against the deaf It s the horrible reality that I m made aware of but not forcefully fed by the author It also showed how it s always possible, albeit a bit difficult at first to form relationships with those who can hear For me, I found an incredible sweetness in the way Demi would always have to look at Ethan s face and read his lips so she could get a grasp at what he was saying There s this bubble around them when they re communicating the need to be closer than most to understand each other better VERDICT There s a lot we could all learn from Demi acceptance of our frailties, courage to face the world with the abilities we re given and to constantly fight for what s right and what we believe in This book was poignant, funny and real with strong characters who d burry a hole in your heart This is such a lovely book with some pretty valuable lessons we deaf and hears, alike could use. 3.5 stars I give this book a 3 star review It was interesting but not at the extent that I was hoping for as it had such a good synopsis.Don t get me wrong, it was nice The plot of the story was not the best but pretty nice and light I liked how they made their book from the perspective of someone that is deaf They made a book on someone who has a disability or as said in the book an audism It was also nice to see how it had changed the view set of someone entirely I wished they could have made the characters in the book relatable or have a littleconnection to the reader As I read this book, I didn t feel any relationship towards the characters as I was hoping for.I would recommend this book to people that want a quick easy read People that don t want to read books too emotional and kind of light, I would recommend this to DON T READ ON BECAUSE I MIGHT BE GIVING A SPOILER AS I WRITE MY FAVORITE PART IN MY BOOK READ IF YOU WANT TO THOUGH My favorite part was the very last sentence in the book which was It doesn t matter if she s deaf, he says My aunty Demi can listen with her eyes, and whisper with her hands Just because someone has an ability superior than yours, doesn t mean your not as great as them You are capable of doing anything as you put risk and you fight for it. Demi loses her hearing as a result of meningitus when she was 14 The story starts 2 years later whan Demi and her family have been through a full cycle of emotions, from optimism that her hearing will return, to realisation that it isn t going to, determination to stay on in her mainstream school and the final resignation that going to a school for the deaf would be better Demi has made this final decision although her mother remains convinced that she shouldn t distance herself from her hearing friends and normal life But life hasn t been normal for Demi since her illness and whilst she doesn t want to give up on her old friends she feels constantly excluded and out of place.This story was refreshing read, partly because it isn t yet another American High School drama It s actually set in Australia although this isn t obvious at first It doesn t have a fast paced plot and could easily have slipped into a series of cliches and set up scenes exploring what it s like to be deaf It s true that all the steriotypes are in there, from the prejudiced school bullies to the over sympathetic teacher, the mother in denial, the gorgous un deaf love interest, the angry militant deaf friend etc But the author manages to weave this all into an interesting and very enlightening story without it sounding too clunky or preachy It also describes a lot of signing symbols, which was very useful I gave this 3 stars because of the lack of page turning plot, but it s a book that makes you think and was definitely worth the read. This is such an amasing, inspiring dtory of courage, hope and Well life I read this by a complete coincidence as it was just a random book my boyfriend grabbed to get me out of the bookstore Since reading this I ve becomeaware of the world around me I ve started learning sign language and did my work experience at a primary hearing impared school This book has changed my life, inspired me to aspire to bigger, better things Above all else Chrissie Keighery has changed my world Giving me hope in the face of a hard world that can take down people with the smallest thing.I ve blocked off my sense of hearing multiple times and it is hard It was challenging and it took all that I had just to imagine what it would be like to be that way 24 7.Read whisper It has changed my world and I pronise, it will change yours too.Rebecca Xx I m always trying to figure out what s really going on Always having to fill in the gaps, but never getting all the details It s like trying to do a jigsaw when I don t even know what the picture is, and I m missing one of the vital middle pieces On my morning commute to work, the first thing I usually do is put my earphones in I choose to block out the tram rumble and the overly loud mobile phone conversations and the high school gossip with music I don t think I fully realised until reading this book how much I took this simple act for granted In the opening scene of Whisper, sixteen year old Demi gets on a tram to go to her new school She thinks about her iPod, and how she used to scroll through it for the perfect song for a particular moment And she thinks about how she gave it away, because eighteen months ago, she became profoundly deaf Whisper is full of small, quiet, powerful moments like this where Chrissie Keighery plunges us into Demi s silent world, confronting us with the daily realities of being deaf, showing us life through Demi s eyes There were times when mentally sharing in Demi s experiences made me feel like I couldn t breathe, panic clawing up my chest, closing my throat view spoiler There is a particular scene where Demi attends a party and her friends turn off the lights, forgetting that she needs to be able see to lip read, that made me cry hide spoiler THIS WAS SUPER WONDERFUL I admit I read it for selfish reasons thoughI m writing a book with a deaf character and I m gobbling all the research I can What I particularly loved about this book was how it was all about Deaf culture, too, and I loved how it talked about audism discrimination to non hearing people and Deaf communities And I loooved how it contrasted the narrator, Demi, who lives in a hearing family but is now deaf, and Stella, who is SO FIERCELY proud of her deaf heritage that she s actually very cruel to hearing people See Completely interesting and absorbing book.The characterswell, I did feel meh towards them sometimes But I definitely warmed up to Demi as it went along At the beginning she s mean and bitterbUT I gET THAT She got meningitis and went deaf, which is very rare the book says and how this just destroyed her life When the book takes off, she s been deaf for 2 years and still loathes it The book is about her realising deafness isn t a disability And she really truly gets nicer as she accepts she s who she is and THAT S OKAY It s so important to accept yourself Omg, I m getting all misty here sniffles I think this is a super important quote too I look her in the eyes and point to my ears I m deaf I say, and for the first time it doesn t feel awful to say it It s a reason, not an excuse.It s got a lot of family focuses too, which is EPIC Like Demi has an older sister who I think is suffering with depression and Demi can t really communicate perfectly with her family And then she feels like she s losing her old friends but she wants new friends AND THEN THERE S A CUTE BOY Omg Cute boys are so dangerous But Ethan really is a sweetie SO YEAH There s a lot of frustrating miscommunication, though Which makes me grind my teeth, and I don t think ALL of it can be blamed on lack of hearing for some parties But that s humans for you So dysfunctional when it comes to assuming things Hmmphf.ALSO THIS BOOK IS AUSTRALIAN YAY.If you want to learnabout Deaf culture and what it s like to be deaf this is your book I feel like it was exceptionally well researched and really let me bop around in Demi s shoes and understandabout her life OTHER EXCELLENT BOOKS ABOUT DEAFNESS Five Flavors of DumbThere Will Be LiesTalk Under Water