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eBook When We Meet Again (Children of the Promise, Vol. 4)Author Dean Hughes –

The Thomas Family Members Face Ongoing Challenges In The Dark Years At The Close Of WW Alex S Values Are Tested As He Works To Complete An Intelligence Assignment In Germany While Wondering If He Ll Ever See His Beloved Anna And Their Son Again Wally Struggles To Survive The Torture He Endures As A POW, And Bobbi Has To Make A Difficult Choice Between The Men In Her Life Back Home In Utah, LaRue And Her Father, President Alexander Thomas, Have Drawn Their Own Battle Lines

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    I really like this series and this was probably my favorite book in the series so far Again, it s interesting and heartbreaking to learn the history, but I think the author does a good job of helping us picture what life really would have been like for these characters and the cultural challenges and moral dilemmas they faced, as well as the struggles of faith and endurance Many of the stories and examples are very inspiring for us to apply in our lives.I am inspired by the examples of endurance one day at a time , encouragement, and forgiveness in POW camps I m inspired by the selfless examples of soldiers, medical teams, and peasants putting their lives in danger to help save someone else The selflessness in the midst of the horrible despair and destruction is incredible It s interesting to think about all the ways that the war changed the individuals and society as a whole Life really would never be the same Many had grown and changed for the better and others longed for the purity of life before the war The circumstances are different today, but we still face challenges and moral dilemmas and trials that we can also choose to face with faith and love.Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book I do believe that what we re doing is right and necessary I hesitate to say that the war is a struggle of good against evil, there s too much evil in all of us to make that kind of claim.American troops are mostly a bunch of civilians who got pulled into this thing, not trained warriors, but what we believe turns out to run pretty deep in us..What I m thinking about tonight is the cost of everything we have gone through I know I m not the same man I was, and I don t like some of the changes p 167 When this war is over, evil will still be with us It will be forever, no matter how many wars we fight I want to find a place where we can make a family and we can try not to be evil ourselves That s the only war we have a chance to win p 169 He had never seen courage manifested so tangibly on such a grand scale p 193 So what do you believe in Really p 195 She had felt her own lack of spirituality and longed to have the Lord touch her, maybe shake her shoulder when she needed it But today, the idea took on a new perspective She was so far from home and the things she found comfort in, and she was about to do something sacred offer her healing touch She wanted to bring her spirit to this act, so that these boys, some taking their final breaths, would know that life wasn t only ugliness and hatred She wanted them to know that nobility also existed goodness and kindness She didn t want to get caught up in all the bandaging and tugging bodies here and there and forget that it was Easter p 214 She knew the Lord would restore the boy s vision, that in the next life this young face would be made whole, and the boy would be as handsome as he ever had been But right now his skin was gone, his nose and ears What mercy he would receive would come later, but for a long time now, he was going to suffer She told herself that life was a learning experience, and that suffering was actually a kind of sacrament, a holy experience to lift a person to a higher plane, but when she looked at the boy, she could only wonder what he would think when he finally saw himself p 215 What if they had fought this battle without an Easter, without any promise at all p 221 The German people knew how to endureHe loved their dogged determination to survive.He had felt like a man without a country for quite some time, but this loss seemed to teach him the truth Every German was an orphan now with the country so devastated but the fact was, the homeland wasn t in the buildings It was in that little girl s spirit the one who had clung to her little brother And in the people s will He felt hope tonight than he had in a long time p 257 He couldn t help them allbut he would help this family p 298 There were lots of different kinds of victims of this war When you re out there in the battle, you don t realize how many of them are back at home p 314 We need you Some of what you say sounds like self pity, and there s no time for that We have to put things behind us and get the Church going again p 329 I m certain that no one here got through this war without wondering at times whether God had given up on us But we created the war, not God, and now I know that he is waiting to welcome us back to him I have seen horrifying things in these last two years You have seen far , and I know you are suffering now But God is waiting for us to return to him We must give him back our hearts p 331 Wally fought the impulse He didn t want to let Hisitake off the hook that easily What he had done to them men to Wally personally was inexcusable But then Wally saw that Hisitake was cryingA kind of tingling passed through Wally s body, and he hardly knew what to make of it It was a spiritual feeling, a change coming over him Some weight seemed to lift from inside his chest Wally actually fought it, told himself he didn t want this He wanted to hate this man, always But what had started as a hint, an idea, began to build into a powerful emotion, as though his spirit were being altered He felt calm and right, and the thought that began to fill his head was that he never wanted to hate anyone again p 397 You re the best man I ve ever knownI figure I ll never again have a friend as good as you guys p 418 He would never be thankful for the things that had been done to him, but he was thankful for the result He hoped he would cling to what he had gained p 426 Most of the faith she had possessed, she had learned here at this navy base, or in her ward in Honolulu She would always be thankful for that So she said a prayer She thanked the Lord for the things she had learned, and she prayed that she might not ever lose what she had gained during the war p 437 All these years, all we talked about was the war ending We didn t take into account all the ways the war would come home with the warriors p 440 How long are we going to feel this way like everything we get is just too great to believe I don t want to complain about anything, ever again.He hadn t slept on a bed yet, with sheets, and he hadn t seen his family, but he was almost sure he would always appreciate such simple pleasures for the rest of his life p 451 Through all of these years he had been too intent on surviving to devote much of his mental energy to grieving p 473.

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    American history is my absolute favorite school subject This is the reason Historical Fiction is my favorite book genre WWII, however, has always been the part of our history that I only learned what was needed to pass the tests this being because of all the things that happened to the Jews It was always a very hard thing for me to think about I have owned the Children of the Promise book series for over 5 years now and finally brought myself to read them THANKS to my father in law This book series was absolutely profound to me I cannot really put into words all the feelings I had while reading these books There was so many spiritual feelings throughout So many times I cried for good and for bad Dean Hughes touches on so many areas of the war all around the world He stayed as close to the real thing as I think was possible So many movies romantisize this war, the biggest war in history but Hughes told it like it was But at the same time it is not a series that was to hard to read as far as the gore of it all He gives a very real look into a fictional family and all that they experienced during the duration I could go on and on This book series is now and will always be my favorite book series I would recommend this series to all.

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    I have now finished the entire series and loved all of the books The parts I liked the most was the historical detail on the war I learned alot from the descriptions of what each character went through in the war I really felt like I was there The other part I liked was that each of the characters were fully developed and I saw myself in some of them or I saw people I knew I could really relate to their personalities Great series, I highly recommend.

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    Such a great series I m grateful to have discovered it after all the books have been released It would have been hard to wait for books to come out because each book ends in such a way that I want to hear The war comes to an end in this book and I m anxious to hear about the reuniting of the Thomas family The war has obviously changed their lives forever.

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    Loved this book I put 4 stars though because I briefly read the synopsis in the jacket cover inside and felt it gave away a huge spoiler so as I was reading, I would hesitantly read if I thought that moment was coming Again, joy and heartache I cried multiple times at this because I have come to care so much for these characters.

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    I love this series When I think of WWII, I think of the Jews and the concentration camps I love this series because it focuses on a whole different aspect of the war It gives great detail to fighting on the front line as well as the POW camps in Japan I m amazed at some of the conditions the American Soldiers dealt with when fighting in Europe I m excited to see how the series ends

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    Oh my goodness I seriously can t stop with this series and they are all 300 books Tim tries to hide them whenever he is home because he knows I m only half paying any attention to him I love the characters in these books I seriously get so wrapped up in their lives It s a powerful story and I love the history that comes in the book too How little I knew know.

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    I loved this series couldn t put it down I love the way the chapters weave through the different family members lives It s like reading several novels in one Despite the length of these books, I was captivated from the start and just kept reading I really love the author s writing style.

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    Wally s experiences bring tears to my eyes and I ve read this book about 4 times now I am so grateful for my freedom

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    The final stages of World War Two impacted people all over the world Near the end of 1944, the Allied troops were beginning to invade Germany, but German troops responded with a vicious, unexpected counterattack People in America and other countries soon realized that the war was far from over The following months included battles, but eventually the Allies got ahead and Germany unconditionally surrendered Not too long afterwards, the atomic bomb was developed and Japan surrendered as well But this did not solve all the problems caused by the war Even at the end of the war, there were many difficulties as families and individuals adjusted to a changed world The end of World War Two was a stressful and emotional time for those both on the battlefields and the home front This book, When We Meet Again, gave an excellent view of the end of World War Two from the point of view of a family from Salt Lake City, Utah It also showed the war from the viewpoint of a soldier in Germany, a prisoner of war in Japan, a nurse in Hawaii, and a family split between England and Germany I thought it gave a lot of historical information about World War Two It helped me to see how the people involved in the war felt and what they might have gone through I thought it did a great job of blending relatable characters with history and an understanding of World War Two There was a lot of character development throughout the story and it was written in a very personal style Overall, I thought it was a great unique WWII historical fiction book, and it was relatively well written I rate it 4 stars out of 5.