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Prime Undercurrents By Traci Hunter Abramson –

Oh my, what a book I don t normally read mysteries, but this one came highly recommended and was one I couldn t put down It was well written, emotional and such a vibrant story The end wasn t an end and of course I have to read the next one to fulfill my anxieties and questions about these characters I have become friends with. Shaye Kendall, An Olympic Bound Swimmer, Has Been In The Witness Protection Program Ever Since She Witnessed Her Boyfriend S Murder She Now Has A New Name, A New Life, And Strict Orders Not To Reveal Her Secret But Fitting Into A Community Is Hard When You Can T Tell People Anything About Yourself When She Learns That One Of Her New Friends, Matt Whit, Is LDS, She Can T Even Tell Him That She S A Mormon TooShe Doesn T Dare Get Involved The Fact That Matt S Father Is A High Profile Senator Could Give Her The Kind Of Exposure She Doesn T Need How Can You Fall In Love When You Can Never Reveal Who You Really Are But When Someone Almost Takes Her Life, Shaye Recognizes That Whoever Is After Her Knows Exactly Who And Where She Is Can She Trust Matt To Help Her Can She Trust His Family I actually really liked this It was suspenseful and had an intriguing story line I liked the witness protection side of it and the fact that Shaye had to hide but yet tried to be true to herself I think I might slowly be becoming a Traci fan I ll have to give one of her other books a try I really liked this book I have read it twice The characters seem real and it isn t cheesy like some LDS fiction. This book is AWESOME I really enjoyed this book,than I anticipated I would because of it being Abramson s first novel Yes, her skill as an author grew, but she started from a great place The book fits within the romantic suspense genre, withon the romance side than a the thriller But the suspense was the backdrop and was integral for the plot.I found it very intriguing how she explored the witness protection program and its impact on things you hold most dear such as religion I had never considered the complications or changing your identity and what that would do to LDS Church membership Being very active LDS, I enjoyed the insight of this dynamic. This book will keep you up all night, trust me It also includes clean romance and gives different perspectives of several characters, so you know what s going on. I didn t realize that this author s book series had all the same characters It gets a little tedious and simultaneously overwhelming to remember so much about each character I m not a huge fan of that But by itself this book was one of my least favorites by this author And it was even shorter than most of her books Shaye is in the witness protection program for seeing the murder of her boyfriend Matt meets her and falls in love with her Trouble happens and Shaye runs for her life Chris Rush is a judge behind it all but he s not caught in this book You have to read the rest of the books to find out how it all works out But since I ve read other books I know it all works out Matt marries Shaye who goes by CJ Christal Jones is her real name Definitely not my favorite and I don t think I will read anyif this series since I ve already started the others Ages 13 Ok, I loved this book Just the right amount of suspense Just the right amount of romance Just the right amount of spirituality It was not cheesy like so many LDS fiction books are I love Traci s writing style She writes like she actually understands the English language Some authors are incapable of being creative in how they convey messages I got really attached to the characters involved I loved Thanksgiving at Matt s house It made me excited for the holiday season The book made me want to swim, it made me want to fall in love, and it made me want to be a better person That s when I decide a book deserves 5 stars It entertained me and pulled real emotions and desires out of me I m so glad I bought all three books at once I d be dying right now if I did not have the second one to jump into At a GlanceRomance Clean, just rightLanguage NoneCharacters Well developedPlot Fast paced and well defined Religious LDS, Christian non pushy I was captivated with this story It had just the right amount of suspense and romance The religion was a part of their lives and not preached so it was not a distraction to the story It was real and not cheesy The storyline of a young girl in the witness protection program was well defined and felt real as we experience her struggle to blend who she was with who she has to become Even the ending left enough hope though there were still obstacles to overcome.I recommend it highly and can be read by a YA audience without hesitation I will read the next one.