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[ Free pdf ] Two Brothers, One Tail Author Richard T. Morris –

A Picture Book About The Unending Love Between A Boy And His Dog

Two Brothers, Two Hands
Two Brothers, Four Paws
Two Brothers, Ten Fingers
Two Brother, Ten Claws

A Story About A Boy And His Brother, Who Just Happens To Be A Dog Just a love story to a boy and his dog and their relationship. Nothing sad happens to the dog! (Despite the fact that only the human brother gets a seatbelt in the car? Which, like, the obsessive dog moms I know always harnessed their dogs in the car?) This would be a perfect readaloud for dogloving families and a great gift for kids who have a strong relationship with their dogs. A boy and his dogtheir love story told in verse and pictures. Love the spread of them reading in bed under the covers with a flashlight! Those that have ever enjoyed the close relationship one can have with a pet will definitely enjoy this sweet, rhyming picture book. The little boy and his dog are the subject of rhyming text that will have young readers counting eyes, legs, whiskers, and so on. As young children get practice counting and categorizing the attributes of these two friends, they'll also gain an appreciation of the special relationship these two have. This could also be a good mentor text for young writers that would like to describe their own special friendships with their pets. There is something about the relationship between a child and their dog. This book captures that special bond. Adorable illustrations of a firsttruelove, a boy and his dog (or a dog and his boy!). Some of it is counting body partstwo hands, four paws. Other counts are more experientialone croons, one howls. The bond between a young boy and his dog. 3 stars Cutesy but confusing rhyme make a book that falls a little flat. Super sweet peek at the relationship between a boy and his dog. Highly recommended for dog lovers, grades PreK2.