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[[ Free Prime ]] TUNA BREATH: A 275-Pound Teenager's Coming Of Age StoryAuthor Doug Pedersen –

GOODREADS GIVEAWAY I love the philosophy behind why this book was written The author starts out so strong and has amazing inspirational quotes from his own life that are uplifting and all readers could relate to He gets a little long winded and off track for awhile in the middle with the detailed description of his military experience I much preferred the writing when he was trying to reach out to his readers He has a stronger writing style when he is trying to motivate others For me, a good book makes me laugh, cry and think about myself in a whole different light I did all three with this book.Wow What an amazing story of self actualization First, I have to say a huge thank you Doug Pedersen and the Goodreads First Reads Giveaways which allowed me to receive an autographed copy of this book SPOILERY PARAGRAPH I wasn t an overweight teenager but I did have a lot of adversity happen to me in my teen years which caused me to turn to food as a comfort and I became overweight as an adult Like Doug, it wasn t until I identified the source of my real issues that I was able to help myself, move on and live a fuller life Doug s story began with his tales of just trying to fit in as the odd kid out and hiding his personal demons by binge eating Then he traded one vice for another when he joined the military The story of Hannibal , the scale, was so funny, I kept recapping that part to my co worker who also a great laugh I have a brother Army and good friend Marine in the military and it was really funny to hear about Doug s time in the core Their stories were similar but definitely not as funny When Doug wrote about his grandfather and then about his near death experience with his mother I cried like a baby I loved the ending where Doug gives us his acronym for the word LIFE I couldn t have put it better myself Again, what a wonderful story of personal redemption that I hope makes it to the NY Times Bestseller List I received this book for free in a Goodreads giveaway In this story we meet Doug He is an insecure, angry, and overweight teen because of his binge eating After graduating highschool he decides to make a change and lose weight so he can fulfill one of his dreams and join the marines There were many times I could relate to what Doug was feeling Especially with his encounters with the scale, who he refers to as Hannibal We ve all been there We have all heard the scale telling us ugly things when we don t see the number we think we should see We can all relate to feeling like we don t fit in because we don t look a certain way I applaud Doug for making the necessary changes to becoming a healthier person and I hope this book will encourage others to help themselves as well. Although not wowed by this book I didn t hate it honestly I didn t feel all that inspired but I appreciated Pedersen s honesty and how he put himself out there, even when he came off as an ass at times. I won this book from Goodreads.Doug Pederson was a 275 pound teenager who realized that he could lose weight by walking a lot and eating less Well, duh.Apparently this had not occurred to him he discovered this accidentally while working as a security guard and trying to please his boss.This book isn t meant to be a diet guide tuna, soda crackers and water or a training guide join the MARINES It is a memoir of one man s story of seeking and finding his own inner strengths.I m not jumping up and down about this book, but it did make me consider some of my own abilities and perhaps some hidden motivators. While brutally honest, bittersweet, poignant, and also hilarious at times, I feel truly moved by this book by Doug Pederson Tuna Breath is a glimpse into this man s soul that we all have things in common with I think in this society, we all are a little too hard on ourselves, we judge others by our own insecurities, our fear of failure, and by our own self loathing Everyone I know is like this to some extent, myself included.Doug s grandfather Andy lived as we all should, in the moment and present at all times As Doug learned this, so should we all Listening to our hearts, instead of what logic tells us may just be what is needed to survive and flourish in this crazy world.Thank you, Doug for helping me to open my eyes just a little bit further How do we live our lives With what world perspective do we move forward Tuna Breath is a look into one individual s important journey in finding self and purpose The anecdotes are satisfyingly amusing, and the overall story inspiring The first part of this short memoir pales in comparison to the last third of the book, as it takes this long to become acquainted with the narrator, but the reader is rewarded with a profoundly beautiful conclusion heartfelt sentiments and pure wisdom I enjoyed reading Pederson s story, all the ups and the downs. I won this book through goodreads first look and was pretty sure I knew what to expect When I started reading I was pleasantly surprised that the content was very unexpected Tuna Breath is real, raw, emotional, and very hilarious It gives an in depth look at parts of life that many people choose to ignore While I was reading I felt like Doug s story was being told to me in person He has a wonderful way of connecting with readers on new levels I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others. I RECEIVED THIS BOOK FOR FREE THROUGH THE GOODREADS FIRST READS GIVEAWAY The title and cover art led me to believe that this book was mainly about Doug s weight loss journey Yes, I know the title says coming of Age Story The first third of the book, kept on the mark I was a little annoyed that he lost the weight the wrong way starvation and things seemed to just happen for him I am personally overweight, and reading this gave me less hope for my own loss, and left me aggravated.The second third of the book, went on a tangent about his stint in the Marines That part pulled me away from the book, but I pushed through.The last third of the book, went back into finding himself and tied in the weightloss and other aspects of his earlier years That part I enjoyed This would have been a 4 star read had the military portion been left out, and of his life s challenges would have been left in The military wasn t a challenge for him so it feel way left out of the book for me. Written From The Unique Experiences Of Doug Pedersen, This Self Improvement Book Disguised As A Memoir Is At Once Funny, Poignant, And Generous, While Offering Genuine Advice Providing Intimate Insights Into Being A Super Fat Kid, An Insecure Teenager, And An Over Aggressive, Angry, And Ironically Arrogant Marine Who Was Full Of Self Pity, Doug Shares The Negative Emotional Drivers And Responses That Drove Him Through A Binge Eating Life Before Finding Physical Health, Emotional Balance, And Spiritual Wholeness Tuna Breath Invites Us To Intimately Observe A Troubling Life Journey In Which The Lessons To Be Learned Are Truly Visceral And Inspirational