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ePUB To the Baltic with BobAuthor Griff Rhys Jones –

This book was great I was laughing out loud in public places reading the antics of this British comic, his friend Bob and their beautiful boat. Who would have known Griff was not only an accomplished comedian comedy writer but what appears to be a gifted amateur sailor He does seem, at times, to have lumbered himself with particularly inept crew If I d had someone who managed to ram some rocks after repeatedly told to steer another course I d be getting rid of them pronto.Also the fact that he was paying what were friends to crew his yacht other than paying all expenses for a holiday that they would all enjoy, makes me wonder whether they were fair weather friends.All in all though, a very enjoyable read.I agree with another reviewer that a few charts would have been a welcome addition, photos as well, although the latter would have increased the price of the book. In The Summer Of , Two Profoundly Amateur Sailors, Griff And Bob, Set Off In An Elderly Yacht For Russia, Because, On The Map, It Looked Easier Than Sailing To Cornwall They Took Baines With Them, As He Knew How To Mend The Engine And This Is Their Story Over Four Long Months Of Applied Bickering In A Vessel No Bigger Than A London Taxi, They Visited Most Of The Geographically Interesting Restaurants On The Baltic Seaboard They Sailed, Over, And, Even At One Point, Onto The Mysterious Heart Of The Nordic World They Pushed Themselves To The Very Limits Of Human Endurance, Before Finally Agreeing To Wash Their Sleeping Bags On A Cool Cycle At Number Six To The Baltic With Bob Is The Full Account Of Their Stirring Journey Through The Longest Heat Wave The Frozen North Has Ever Suffered Of Three Men In Search Of The Answer To A Troubling Question Can You Really Outmanoeuvre A Mid Life Crisis By Running Away To Sea There is no denying it Rhys Jones can write However he does seem perpetually angry This is a great description of a North Sea Baltic cruise in what sounds like an alarmingly damp wooden vessel Ryhs Jones is clearly an experienced sailor and makes light of what must have been some challenging passages However I couldn t shake the feeling that he resented writing the book somewhat I came away feeling that I was intruding on his voyage, rather than being part of it Some of the descriptions are so negative that parts of the Baltic popularly renown for their natural splendor come out sounding like a kind of maritime Slough Worth a read if you are planning on visiting this region, but I d also take the time to read Martin Edge s book Bobbing to the Baltic for a second opinion of some of the same places Having not actually been to them myself, perhaps Rhys Jones is correct and Edge is wrong, who knows Thepositive attitude prevalent in Edge s book made forsatisfying reading. Turgid I mean, I guess the Baltic is a hard place to love, but Jones brings little delight to it And, to quote Chubby Brown, who the f is Bob I could see the point if he was some amazing character, cracking witticisms, shagging women and drinking the Baltic dry during Hell raising ventures ashore But no He remained a grey persona, un illuminated through observation or description, and I wondered what was the bloody point of it all Griff and Bob were about as interesting as a week in the Baltic, frankly. This is a well writte, and reasonably funny book The reason I only gave it three stars is because it is so very full of sailing jargon, and because of this is took me absolutely ages to read I also think it would be improved if it had maps attached detailing the route of the journey Not being familiar with the ins and outs of the Baltic myself I got lost quickly Obviously you could pull out your own map but that makes reading a bit cumbersome I do however know an awful lotabout sailing and the Baltic region now than I did when I started the book I love the sea, I love boats, even those with sails, but I struggled here There were glimpses of humour and I enjoyed that and interesting details, not all of which went over my head I d like to read another book by Griff withof that dry British humour which he is a master of. I enjoted this at first but began to flag towards the end It might be because I don t sail so a lot of the stuff about sailing didn t mean a great deal to me It all sounded pretty uncomfortable to me I was left wondering why anyone would want to sail so far. An epic misadventure was a good subtitle for it Griff has an impressive command of English and uses it beautifully to paint the scene of their adventures Some words such as wan I hadn t heard of before now I know a word that is a short synonym for dreary Nowhere was the book dreary, sorry wan , though the references to sex shops and such like I found a bit unnecessary and puerile at times I am not sure the book has won me over to a love of sailing there is so much that is a pain its slowness, the need for copious and expensive amounts of charts, leaks and repair work, needing to pay crew , bureaucracy at borders and not simply being able to drop down anchor where you fancy, boat envy, cliched yacht clubs, and muchI felt that the journey lost some of its romance, when crew members came and went, flying home on errands Also, I couldn t believe crew hands on a journey of a lifetime expected to be paid for the privilege, what world do we live in Anyway, great book and I could relate to a lot of having cycled a similar route by bicycle see my book To St Petersburg With Love sorry about the plug. Thank goodness I ve finish his has everything I should like on paper, Sailing, Wooden Boats, Exploring new lands, Humour of Griff Rhys Jones, but for me it lacks all the above and I actually still can t day why I didn t enjoy it It certainly doesn t have the At least 3 good jokes on every page as promised by the Mail on Sunday review on the front cover A boat full of grumpy old men, a leaky, wet boat and the description of some very stunning countryside is all I gained from it I would very much like to visit the Scandinavian countries, but have been very much put off St Petersburg, so perhaps all is not lost