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PDF/EPUB Laura Dower ☆ ☆ From the Files of Madison Finn Super Edition To Have and

Madison is about to have a Texas sized adventure Madison is a junior bridesmaid at her dad and Stephanie's wedding which means a walk down the aisle for her too Plus she has to do a reading at the ceremony in front of a zillion strangers Madison is feeling way overloaded It's shaping up to be a trip full of surprises and new experiences

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    I thought this was an AMAZING book It tells a story of a girl named Madison Finn Her parents had gotten divorced last year Now her dad is taking her to Texas to get REMARRIED Find out Madison gets through all the stress of finding the perfect dress being the junior maid of honor read a poem at the ceremony AND watch her dad get remarried By using a diary on her orange laptop of course Duh But this book also teaches girls who's parents are divorced how to stay calm and realize everything will be alright in the end

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    To Have and To HoldTo Have and To Hold

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    This book is a re read for me and a blast from the past I originally had this book bought for me on a holiday in 2009 to Canada when I was 10 and loved it so much and it's safe to say that I loved it just as much reading it at 16 Although I have never experienced a parent's divorce I feel like I really connected with Madison throughout this book and loved seeing how her opinion on her dad's remarriage changed throughout the book and seeing her friendships with her new family members grow

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    This series needs to be popular I am in love with all the Madison Finn books The books are short but amazing Anyone in middle school can relate to these books I love every single character

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    my parents gave this to me as a birthday gift when i was 10 as this is the last book of the madison finn series that i haven't read it was then that i first started asking for books on my birthdays and christmases

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    I read it a while a go and I do not really remember much except that i liked it

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    wen i went to china i brought this book and another i re read this book about 5 times and i lik it a lot i want to read other books by this other

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    It was awesome in the beginning but then it got boring at the end

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    Ok its was fun and awardMadisons dad gets remarried and i dont like the stepmom that much