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epub The Work and the Glory, Vol. 4: Thy Gold to RefineAuthor Gerald N. Lund –

The Lord Said He Would Raise Up A Pure People For What, Benjamin Why Does The Lord Need A Pure People Benjamin Stared Into Joseph S Steady Gaze For Several Seconds, Then Understanding Came With Absolute Clarity Because There Is Yet Work To Be Done, He Said In AweJoseph Laughed Softly That Is Exactly What I Concluded There Is Still Much To Be Done We Have To Establish The Kingdom Of God On The Earth So That The Kingdom Of Heaven May Come That Takes Men And Women Who Have Iron Faith And Steel In Their Commitment To The Lord He Put Both Hands On Benjamin S Shoulders And If The Lord Has To Take Us Through The Fires To Find Enough Metal To Do The Job, Then I Say, Let The Fires Begin I, For One, Am Ready In Thy Gold To Refine, VolumeIn The Series The Work And The Glory, The Story Of The Fictional Steed Family Enters One Of The Stormiest And Yet Most Inspiring Periods In Church HistoryPicking Up Where VolumeLeft Off In The Summer Of , This Book Finds The Steeds, All But Daughter Melissa And Her Family Happily Reunited In Far West, Missouri, Only To Be Thrown Into A Maelstrom Of Intense And Tragic Events The Election Day Battle At Gallatin The Siege Of DeWitt The Battle Of Crooked River The Issuing Of Governor Bogg S Extermination Order The Haun S Mill Massacre The Fall Of Far West The Incarceration Of The Prophet Joseph Smith And The Expulsion From Missouri Characters Whom Readers Have Come To Know And Love From Previous Volumes Return Here, Including Joshua Steed, Who, Although Reconciled To His Family Now, Finds That His Commission In The Missouri State Militia Forces Him To Be Alighted With Those Opposing The MormonsOnce Again Author Gerald Lund Skillfully Recreates Dramatic Scenes From Latter Day Saint History, Transporting Readers Back In Time To Witness Soul Stirring Events And To Meet Unforgettable People Readers Of The Work And The Glory May Well Find That This New Volume With Its Powerful Account Of Endurance And Faith Refined By The Fires Of Affliction Is The Most Engaging And Moving Installment In The Series So Far

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    Although this book showed me a harsh reality that I wasn t prepared or particulary enjoyed reading about, I still have to give the book five stars I have often heard of the persucution the early saints endured, and have even heard of some of the stories that were re told in this book But this time reading it was a completely different experice I now feel connected to the events because of reading about the prior books, and some of the scenes and situations depicted were so hard to read about, and even harder to realize that most of the events were very true.I love how the author switches who is narrating throughout the book I appreciated in this book than in the previous ones To see the different views of each character, and then ultimately see how in the end no matter how different their views are and may stay, they work together It really shows true love These books are truly incredible because they show you the faith, strength, and love that these choice people had during the times when they were facing so much persecution After I finished reading the book, I was left with a strong urge to do and do complain less And any book that leaves you with enough emotion to change your habits and attitudes definately deserves a 5 star on my list I highly recommend it and I am exited to read the next one

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    This one made me really teary a rarity for me while reading two times during the account of what happened at Haun s Mill It is so devastating to realize how awful things were for the early saints Seeing the faith and goodness of the Smith family, Brigham Young, John Taylor, and so many others is just inspiring Seeing the hated directed at the saints is just so disheartening.I m really glad I m reading this series it is really reminding me of my love for Joseph Smith Knowing my ancestors were in the middle of all of these stories is just unreal.

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    This book was definitely the darkest in the series so far, but not surprising as it recounts some of the most horrible scenes in early Church history, including the persecution against the saints in Misourri and the horrible massacre at Haun s Mill A good portion of this book left me feeling quite depressed, especially knowing it s all based on true accounts Some scenes were very graphic for my taste, but perhaps necessarily so I am grateful for the perspective this series is giving me It is always beneficial for me to study church history, particularly to help me increase in gratitude This book had a lasting impact on me in that regard One segment was especially touching to me I wept as I read of the frequency of babies lost to pneumonia, having just returned a few days prior from a hospital stay with my own little one suffering from pneumonia Had we lived just a century earlier, my son likely would not have lived I loved re reading the account of Amanda Smith s healing of her son s shattered hip socket a true story and the inspiration she received as to how to heal and repair it So inspiring My heart fills with gratitude for the pioneers sacrifice and their faith Not my favorite book because of the bleakness, but necessary to truly appreciate the full story of the saints experience.

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    Thy Gold to Refine written by Gerald N Lund is a great book The Steed family has moved out to the Far west, except for Melissa and her family, and they are all united again But when things look good there is always trouble around the corner for the Mormons Governor Boggs sends out an extermination order for the Mormons The state militia is called to come and carry out Boggs s order Joshua is in the militia and does not know what to do And the Mormons, where will they go I like this book a lot It has the excitement I want from every book I read This is the fourth book in The Work and the Glory series and they just keep getting better and better They do get bigger too I am not a huge fan of big books but they are worth reading There is nothing in this book that is slow or unnecessary Every detail in this book is needed to make this book what it is I like the way that Gerald made the perspective of the story It is inside everyone You now what they are thinking or what they are feeling This book shows the love of a family living together and sticking together no matter what happens This book make me feel part of the family All of the books made me feel that way This is an amazing book The theme for this book is Always have faith.

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    I was somewhat resistant to the idea of reading these books I didn t take the time to really see what they were all about, I just assumed that since they seemed so trendy at the time, they would probably be light reading or even corny I was SO wrong and I m SO glad that I realized that if my mom was enjoying them so much and recommending them to me, they must be worthwhile.This series, along with the Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes, about the United States , made me fall in love with historical fiction In this case, it was not only my knowledge of Church history events that was increased, but my understanding of those events When I read about all of the people and events in story form, chronological order, and in a cultural and historical context, I felt that I had a much clearer big picture than ever before Reading this series was such a wonderful way to increase both my knowledge of the Church and my testimony of the gospel.

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    This one was very hard to read I love my country but am finding myself feeling a little angry as July 4th is just around the corner How could American citizens treat their fellow countrymen in such a manner The pure evil nature of the mobs related in this book, with the full blessing of their government leaders who are supposed to uphold the rights of all of its citizens, is appalling to me Let us hope we will not be faced with such evil again for a long time You can see the father of lies and hate hard at work trying to stop the important work the early saints were starting I m very grateful to those who would not deny their faith to escape such horror.

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    This was such a great book, it contained a lot of history in it I really enjoyed how the author brought this other family to life in those hard times.

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    This is easily the best volume in the series so far It is significantly longer than the previous three, and Lund states in the introduction that he did not originally intend to focus so much time on one short period of history When I read that, I worried that the book would spend too much time on fictional character backstories like the last volume That was not the case This book gives a detailed accounts of the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri It is written in a way that is fast paced, engaging, and quite accurate.The greatest strength of these books is their ability to tell a real history through the eyes of fictional characters Reading the historical accounts of the Hawn s Mill Massacre and the Mormon exodus would be heartbreaking, but feeling like you personally know the characters makes you feel their emotions deeply Even the fictional subplots at the beginning and end of the novel were exciting enough to keep you reading.To help my understanding of the history and check Lund s research, I read Alexander Baugh s 1996 dissertation, A Call to Arms The 1838 Mormon Defense of Northern Missouri I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to further investigate these historical events Comparing that dissertation to this book, it is surprising how accurate Lund s research is He covers the election brawl in Gallatin, the harassment of Mormons in Daviess county, the DeWitt siege, the Battle of Crooked River, and the final surrender at Far West All the horrible things described in this book really did happen.There was only one major gap I could find in the story, which is explained in Baugh s research After the DeWitt siege, many Mormons, most of which were Danites , decided to retaliate in Daviess county by attacking homes of suspected mob members or those related to the recent violence They stole property and occasionally burned down homes Some of these attacks were led by Lyman Wight and Joseph Smith, though it is a matter of historical debate how much they approved of the violence Several Mormons disagreed with these tactics, which led to some of them leaving the Church.Reading Baugh s paper, it is clear that the Mormons had been pursuing legal avenues for a relief from persecution since 1833, and in all cases they were told to go through the very same officers, judges, and governors who were leading the persecution Every time they gave up their arms and peacefully surrendered, they were treated horribly, from pillaging and rape to all out massacre and winter exile I can understand why Mormons today are still hostile to the idea of governments taking their weapons away They had every right to defend themselves, their women, and children, and nothing these Mormons did was ever as bad as the persecutions they had received, nor did it justify the inhumane response from the militia mob.As far as the Danites, Lund writes them off simply as rebels and ruffians who acted outside the direction of Church leaders There is some historical basis for this view, especially with respect to Sampson Avard, who turned on the Church as soon as the conflict was over Even though we do not fully understand questions about the number of Danites and their relation to Church leadership, I can understand why Lund chose to portray them this way I just wish he had been a little clearer about the role Mormon retaliation played in the escalating conflicts Besides that, I think it is an excellent telling of historical events I would even recommend this to those who had not read the other books in the series, though it will be meaningful if they do.

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    Book 15 In the beginning of this book, Mary Ann woke up early and she was looking at the sunrise Then, Rebecca gets married and she moves away Next, Joseph gets captured and is put into jail After that, Joshua gets shot The biggest thing that happened was that the Steed family figure out that Joshua is still alive Then they go and get Joshua And then they get back Finally, most of the Steed family is reunited again Some figures of speech that I found include some Simile s She s as lovely as a flower page 78 This is when Matthew first met Jenny for the first time when he went to get Joshua He s as strong as a lion page 106 This was when the Steeds were building a barn and the girls were watching as they were putting it up Next comes Metaphors They are wild beasts page 245 This was when the Di Ahman attack was going on and the men were acting like wild beasts He s the devil page 337 This was when the order went out to exterminate all of the Mormons and take the leaders to jail Lastly, we have the alliteration The saints suffered sufficiently page 345 This was when the Mormons fell apart because all the leaders were in jail I really liked how much information and truth was given I also enjoyed how there was always things to keep me on my toes I didn t really like all of the killing I also didn t like how sad this book made me feel But, this DEFINITELY gets a five star rating I would recommend this to everyone who likes adventure and excitement

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    The United States of America is the country founded by seekers of freedom from oppressive governments But did you know the Mormon Church, born on April 6th, 1830 in New York State, was forced with violence from New York, to Ohio, to Missouri, to Illinois, and ultimately west across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains because of their beliefs The governor of Missouri actually issued an official declaration that all Mormons were to be driven from the state or exterminated It has always been ironic to me that the first Mormons actually had to leave the United States the country founded on freedom and travel 1300 miles before they were able find a place where they could peacefully worship.This is the story found in the 9 volume series The Work and the Glory, by Gerald Lund.5600 pages exactly in 32 days That s what it took for me to read all 9 volumes of The Work and the Glory Along the way I kept promising a grand review of the entire series once I finished book 9 Now that I ve closed the cover on the last page of the last book, I feel a bit lost for words I want to share what I learned, how I felt, what I liked, what annoyed me, what brought on the happy tears, and what caused the sad tears I m quite certain no one wants to read a review as long as the series itself, but I m afraid that s what it s going to take.So how do I do this What do I say How do I squeeze all these thoughts and feelings into a book review I dunno Let s find out The Work and the Glory is historical fiction The historical part is thorough, accurate, well researched, and well documented The books chronicle the incredible, inspiring, often tragic, always miraculous, and to us Mormons deeply meaningful first 20 years of existence of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Book one begins in 1827, just before Joseph Smith is to retrieve the Golden Plates that will become The Book of Mormon Book nine ends in 1847, a few months after Brigham Young leads 12,000 Mormon Pioneers from Nauvoo, IL to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.The fiction part is engaging, well written, and breathes life into the historical events Through the eyes of the fictional but representative of the time Steed Family, we become first hand witnesses to all of the major events surrounding the Restoration as it s known within the Church The Steeds meet Joseph Smith shortly after moving to Palmyra, New York in 1927, and soon they find themselves involved with all the peoples, places, and events those familiar with the history of the LDS Church will quickly recognize Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdry, the Whitmer s, Brigham Young, Parly P Pratt, Herber C Kimball, Emma Smith, Hyrum Smith April 6th, 1830, the Grandin Press, the Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, the Kirtland Temple, Haun s Mill, Liberty Jail, the Nauvoo Temple, Carthage Jail Mission calls, the law of consecration, plural marriage, the Kirtland Safety Society, extermination order, martyrdom, the trek West, the Donnor Party, the Mormon Battalion Palmyra, Kirtland, Independence, Far West, Nauvoo, Carthage, Winter Quarters, the Salt Lake Valley Conversion, apostasy, persecution, miracles, revelations, visitations, resilience, tragedy, joy, and finally, peace and rest The Steeds are part of it all For me, the best part of The Work and the Glory is the way becoming invested in the lives of the Steed Family makes history personal Now, instead of just knowing the facts surrounding a historical event, I have an idea of what it was like to actually be a part of that event What did it feel like to hear Joseph s testimony straight from his own mouth What was it like to be told to leave your lives in Palmyra and follow the Church to Kirtland Can I really imagine the terror of the hateful mobs driving us from every place we worked to start a new life How about the joy of being there when the Kirtland Temple was dedicated Cutting stone for the Nauvoo Temple What would I have thought on the great day of healing when Joseph rose from his sick bed of malaria and healed so many others who were sick What was it like to ride in a wagon across Iowa and Wyoming How did it feel to watch your children leave bloody footprints in the snow after being forced at gunpoint from Far West What about when Joseph was killed What did it feel like to witness Brigham Young suddenly look and sound like Joseph on that day in Nauvoo And on and on After all the trials, I feel like I caught a glimpse of their joy and relief to finally reach the Salt Lake Valley, where they would be out of reach of their enemies.I m a firm believer that the best books are the ones that make you feel, and there is a lot of feeling to be felt in reading The Work and the Glory.As literature, the books are engaging and well written but packed full of Mormon cheesiness The cheesiness wasn t too distracting for me, however, thanks to the strength of the characters I really cared about the Steeds and I loved watching their family grow through both sorrow and joy over the course of 20 years.It was also fun to read about my own pioneer ancestors as the Steeds even interacted with some of those that I am actually descended from.Mostly, I feel proud of my heritage The first members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints had the faith and courage to do and endure impossible things I feel steeled up than ever before to carry on with the work they started and to live my life with as much faith and courage as I can find in myself I want them to look down on me from heaven and be proud that I am carrying on their legacy.See, now I m caught up in Mormon cheesiness But, what can I say It s how I feel after reading The Work and the Glory.I recommend these books to everyone, especially lovers of American History and members or friends of the LDS Church For non Mormons especially, I think reading a detailed history of the LDS church such as this would go a long way in helping you understand better what makes us tick.Happy Reading Dan