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Sable a slave on the run to escape the cruel man she's been sold to is forced to betray the charming Union officer Raimond LeVe who had romanced her and championed her Brought together again by fate and an arranged marriage she must try and win the trust of LeVe the man she truly loves

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestLOOK AT THAT COVER I swoon Beverly Jenkins is one of my favorite romance authors I love that she writes historical romance from the perspectives of Black men and women in history and that all of her books are filled with historical factoids that are true that I never learned about in school For example in this book I learned about contraband camps or the refugee camps that slaves fled to during the Civil WarTHROUGH THE STORM is about Sable who is Rhine's sister from FORBIDDEN Characters from INDIGO also make a cameo and the rest of the LeVe brothers have their own love stories in subseuent novels so those Easter eggs are also something you can pretty much count on in Jenkins's books THROUGH THE STORM opens with a bang with Sable's aunt telling her about her heritage as an African ueen and the prophecy of fate before setting the house and their master ablaze Sable escapes in the chaos heading North where she meets Harriet Tubman WOOHOOOOTubman takes her to one of those aforementioned camps where she meets a man named Raimand who is a charming Haitian officer of high rank The attraction between them is instantaneous but he wants her as his mistress and Sable with her new freedom doesn't want any sort of ties or obligations to bind her anew With the threat of her previous master pursuing her like a shadow Sable finds a path for herself in the camp before she's forced to flee again even further NorthI liked THROUGH THE STORM a lot although I think the beginning is better than the last 25% I would give the beginning 4 stars the middle 35 stars and the end 3 stars I didn't like Raimand as much as I liked some of Jenkins's other heroes specifically Griffin and Rhine He's a bit too alpha for my tastes and it was a bit off putting that he had a mistress even though I understand that this was pretty typical for the age and it did happen while he and the heroine were separated The sex scenes in this book were also pretty cheesy with love gentled bites and talk of swollen gates EekFor those who don't like mistresses and OWs she's basically the chillest mistress ever When Raimand goes to break things off she's just like Oh okay that's cool My jaw just about dropped I guess I've been reading too many bodice rippers with crazy OWs who are willing to move heaven and earth to wreak vengeance upon the heroine I must say that was pretty refreshingAs always Sable was a great heroine I thought it was interesting that she had tribal tattoos burned in her skin by her aunt and I loved that she was willing to shove the hero aside the moment he became an impediment to her own well being Even if I don't love all of Jenkins's books eually I can always count on the heroine being strong and competent and full of agencyAlso the villain in this book was AWFUL I like that he got his comeuppance although it wasn't as satisfying as in the books when the heroine gets to deliver that comeuppance herselfOverall THROUGH THE STORM was a pretty good book It's not my favorite Jenkins book and I did skim a little towards the end but it had everything about her books that keeps me coming back strong heroine caring alpha hero fast paced action lovable side characters Even the cheesy sex scenes have their charm because they are preceded by steamy banter and prompted by loveIf you're tired of wallpaper regency novels give Beverly Jenkins a try3 to 35 stars

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    An early Ms Bev and a classic with Raimond and Sable whose siblings' love stories I have been consuming for months so it's a bit funny to come to this one completely out of order As ever a powerful love story with swoony but deep down sensible people fantastic informative setting wide scope and a refusal to shy away from the deep wells of hatred and racism that underlie America's history of white supremacy She remains the ueen

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    I love listening to Kim Staunton narrate these books She brings those old time periods to life The author always adds history in a way that isn’t preachy instead I feel educated while enjoying a love story Sable was a great heroine and I really loved her strength and compassion Especially with the injured soldiers and the orphans The Le Ve family also seemed like an honorable lot This story was well written and kept my attention from page 1 to the last page I can’t wait to try book 2

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    Through the Storm is next and Raimond LeVe is the hero and if you read Indigo that is where he is first introduced along with the Black Daniel Galen Vachon who also makes an appearance in this book The heroine in this book is Sable Fontaine which if you know me personally then you know that I use that name as my email address so that should tell you how much I loved this book Also it is set in New Orleans and everyone knows that I love my city Sable is a slave or has to make two great escapes to save her own life She is the daughter of a african ueen and the master who owned them There is a beautiful story here as well as the history

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    I loved this book so much Not only was it a delectable romance but it had some interesting issues of that day Rhine Sable’s brother dealt with the struggle his whole life about passing for white He said he was tired of being 35 a man and just wanted to live to survive This is one of the many reasons why I love black historical romance I always learn and understand things a little clearly Sable’s character was strong regal and a ueen Born a biracial black women Sable knew what struggle and life as a slave was like I love the rich ancestry that she had and the foretellings that came to pass I loved that we meet Araminta and Sable learned that the rest of the world knew her as Harriet Tubman and that she was very famous I loved Sable’s beautiful description “Her mysterious eyes were as green as the sea In spite of her obvious mixed race parentage her rich dark hair knotted at her nape bore the wave and thickness of its African ancestry One could also see her tribal roots in her proud nose and lush mouth”Major Raimond LeVeg met his match indeed when he laid his eyes upon Sable What a twisty unconventional path we took for this HEA I absolutely loved it

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary  Sable a slave on a plantation in the south has reached her age of maturity But when her mistress sells her to a horrible man that has been known to kill his slaves and accuse them unjustly she knows she must find a way to escape But when her only family a beloved aunt is killed in a fire and she learns the truth of her heritage that she is part of a family of ueens Now through the help of her ancestors and her faith she flees and manages to reach a freedman camp and meets the charming Raymond LeVe She does laundry writes letters for other ex slaves and aids in the medical tent and falls in love with Raymond However she is forced to flee when the man she fears the most comes for her to take ownership of her She ends up in New Orleans and through a series of events ends up married to Raymond who believes her to be a betrayer But soon Raymond and Sable reconnect their love affair but there is danger lurking around the corner that could tear them apart forever Plot and Story Line  In Through The Storm we get the continued story that began with Indigo Now technically it is considered a single title but I personally place it in this series because it is connected to this family We even get some interaction between Hester and Galen with this story and boy was that fun to see Through The Storm takes place a few years later from Indigo Its at the end of the Civil War and we get to the beginning of the transition to the reconstruction era This was a time period I haven't read too much of but boy does Beverly Jenkins spin a historical tale with fabulous historical detail As I was listening to this narration I was swept away by this story and seeing certain historical events come into play with a mix of a powerful love storyI was simply in love with this book in every moment I couldn't help but get excited by the play of events I found uite a few surprises and twists and what an entertaining read Reconnecting with this author has been so fun and I had forgotten how much I enjoy her writing I loved the elements of two opposite people honestly they are like oil and water One is charismatic charming and has no trouble finding women to bed at a crook of his finger and has money aplenty Now Sable has never had the chance to be flirty or charming She has lived a life as a house slave kept away from men We see some growth in these characters but most especially in Sable She really comes into herself through her journey I admired her strength and the ways that she stands up to Raymond She is true to herself and her values and I loved that she didn't just give into the seduction that Raymond wanted for her She makes him work for it and yeah Raymond so deserved that But after they are separated and come back together they have to rebuild the trust they lost But thankfully it doesn't take long and we also get of the delightful LeVe brothers Now they are all so entertaining and I loved how this family stands together There were serious moments many fun and silly moments fascinating moments and some tear jerking moments that bring about a well balanced romance I couldn't get enough of The Narration  I really loved this narrator at first I wasn't too impressed she seems to be just a average one however I was really delighted in how she portrayed the accents Her voice was pleasant and engaging and I couldn't wait to put my ear buds in to listen to her narrate this delightful story I believe this narrator really made this story even better and I am so glad I was able to get it in narration form The Cover  WHAT a cover I just love it because it portrays these two so well I love how tender and sweet their pose is with the warm colors displayed Overall View  Through The Storm is a stimulating romance that takes you through the Civil War Era and a couple finding a beautiful love in this tension filled time MAJESTIC foogallery id21376

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    Through the StormAfter reading Indigo and learning about Raimond and his brothers I was hoping to read about them I enjoyed reading about the budding romance and attraction between Sable and Raimond I tell you Ms Jenkins' really knows how to make a story come to life She makes you feel like you're right there in the heat of all the action and the drama She entertains as well as educates I can't say I've ever enjoyed a history lesson so much as when I'm reading one of her historical fictions Also while reading this particular story my heart ached for the characters And the trials they had to go through in order to maintain their freedom Once again the worst thing about a Beverly Jenkins' book is that you never want them to end Keep 'em coming Ms Jenkins

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    I love reading books about women with a purpose and men who are sensible enough to not be pompous Beverly Jenkins can never do wrong in my book so I have nothing bad to say about this book I was actually trying to find something bad about her books and see if I could come up with a pattern for her stories and it was a fail I learned a lot about the civil war in this book and the romance was very swoony

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    We first meet Raimond in Indigo as he helps his best friend Galen out He laughed hard and enjoyed the merry chase Hester inadvertently led Galen on so of course Galen hoped Raimond would meet a similar fate Raimond has never met a woman he hasn’t won over until he meets Sable And boy howdy it was a doozie of a rideThere’s sooo many things about this one Harriet Tubman the “contrabands” camp guerrilla Rebel warfare land seizing and of course the slavery issue domestic and political The romance is always an extra but I admit I devour these books because of the history It’s a completely different perspective on events and really personalizes things to a level you would have to blind not to empathize with If you’re looking for strong minded females Ms Bev writes some of the best I’ve come across and any book of hers you pick up you won’t be disappointed

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    Cute historical romance novelA slave finding love as she runs to become free but her past seems to follow herIntriguing love story