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[ Pdf ] The Writing on the Wall (Hearts of the Children, 1)Author Dean Hughes –

In This New Series, Dean Hughes Paints A Fascinating Picture Of The TurbulentS The Berlin Wall The Cold War The Kennedy Assassination The Civil Rights Movement Issues And Events Marked By Prosperity, Unrest, Increasing Global Awareness As Well As Divisiveness Over National Priorities The Babies Who Were Born To Al And Bea Thomas Children At The End Of The Bestselling Children Of The Promise Series Are Young Adults Now And Are All Being Affected In Different Ways

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    WOW I LOVE IT Dean Hughes did an AMAZING job with this book My dad was tiling when I was reading it and I was so close to finishing the book I was worried that I wouldn t be able to get to the second right after My favorite character is Diane, even if she is a little priss I love the characters though Kathy is probably my least favorite or Hans but I still like them both a lot I was a little skeptical on how this would turn out, I have to say I wish that Beverly s story had been told in the other series, The Children of the Promise, or it had been given a summary in The Writing on the Wall I also whish that the author had covered parts of Diane s story liek her first date with Scott, hehe, he was a bad boy It would have been nice if he had also covered Scott s and Diane s break up I think that the author did great with covering all the other character s lives but it seems like Diane s life isn t getting the proper attention it should like the others.All in all I LOVE the book and can t wait to finished the second and get to the third, then the fourth, then the fifth

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    I loved the COTP series and was so intrigued with the idea of their kids and all the crazy events that happened in the 60s This book is slow and I know it ll pick up as history events unfold It seems to follow Gene Alex , Kathy Wally and Diane Bobbi , none of the other kids are mentioned very much I was hoping to get of Beverly since I loved her as a little girl in COTP Hans story is intriguing I will read the others Even Hughes in his forward said it was rushed and not many bets readers went over it Plus I m surprised at the amount of song lyrics Did he get copyright permission for it

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    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.I know I am so going to love this series as much maybe than the first one Children of the Promise I love it Dean Hughes is very talented and masterful at creating emotion in real life issues I can really get into the story and the characters I really like reading from all the points of view I think my least favorite was Hans I really like Gene and Kathy even though she is so radical DWith Diane I would have liked to see the break up with her and Scott I was so glad when she decided to get rid of him, and I wanted to see her DO it Oh well I really suspected Scott as their relationship went along He was just avoiding things and NOT showing the sincerness he claimed Just way obvious And he is a BAD BOY I m glad I can learn from these fictional stories D I do think Diane played a part in their troubles which she admits Good for her But also that Scott was quite the deciever Tsk Tsk Their story was interesting, but one little thing that bugged me, no worries if you laugh, this is VERY trivial is that every chapter that dealt with Diane and Scott began with Diane was with Scott This happened twice in a row and I did not miss it I know Very trivial But it bugged me.Very Original Not Kathy was pretty fun I know that she s very strong minded and radical, but I really liked her POV I could agree with her and though sometimes I didn t agree when she got way out of hand, I still liked her Hans, I wanted to scream at him sometimes I mean I can see how he could fall away from the church, but he had had some VERY real spiritual experiences. I think Dean did amazing with his story though.Gene was Goody Goody Too Shoes But he was still fun to read about I really liked him and Marsha Oh man Marsha was awesome I totally will NOT be happy if they are not together Like not happy I think that they were not right for each other, but Gene will change on his mission, and Marsha while he s gone, and then he ll get back and they ll be right for each other And they had better be, or I ll scream Don t worry, it ll be in my pillow You ll be spared Their romance reminds me of Wally and Lorraine in the first series And Wally and Lorraine were the couple that I felt exactly the same way about D I laughed at the part when Gene got Dear Johnned and the missionaries did the twist as they burned the letter Haha that was just great This book like I said was AMAZING I love it, and am so ready for the next one I am sad that Dean didn t prolong their High school years as much, but I will still really enjoy then next ones as they change and grow.Another asset is that I learn a lot about the history and polotics of the time It s a totally great way to learn

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    Another book about growing up in the tumultuous 1960s Ah, but that s just it This isn t just another book about growing up in the 60s It s actually one of the best looks at the subject you ll find anywhere in the realms of historical fiction This is the story of a post World War II generation, born to conservative, religious parents, many of whom fought the war This is a dazzlingly well written account of those young people trying to make sense of a world that seemed completely out of control and beyond their control.You meet Gene Thomas, named after an uncle who died in World War II Gene has it all he s good in sports, he can get any girl he wants, he s a born leader, and life generally falls into place nicely for him His dad, Alex, a World War II hero elected to Congress, is his example And yet, Gene is pulled through a refiner s fire as he learns just how superficial he is, and his story is set against the background of the early 60s Kennedy has committed the nation to a moon landing, and he is gradually increasing the nation s involvement in an obscure southeast Asian country in the simplistic hope that the threats of communism and cold war victories can be averted.Diane, Gene s cousin, just wants to go to BYU, marry a nice guy, and essentially be a baby factory She simply can t understand the fervor of her cousin, Cathy, who is clearly uncomfortable with things as they are in conservative Salt Lake City and looks for ways to change the world.The first volume in this three volume series will leave you with much to think about It s far, far better than I ve described it Hughe s writing style takes a real high road in LDS fiction that most authors in the genre never achieve Another branch of the family lives in East Germany, and their story is captivating indeed How do you hold onto your beliefs while the repression of the German Democratic Republic would do all it can to destroy those beliefs and force you to give all your loyalty to the party and the government East Germany is portrayed here as a nation in which no one can trust his friend or neighbor It is a place wherein youthful indiscretions are punished well into adulthood And yet, the family determines to stay on in the country, believing that it can do good within than without.You ll get acquainted with this family in this first book of the series, and their lives will become entwined with yours, so brilliantly does Hughes develop them.

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    I think one of the best things about Dean Hughes authorial style is that it s clean and transparent The story pulls you in, but you re not constantly being reminded that you re in a story that, to me, is a mark of a skilled author.I had to laugh, a little, when I realised that after reading well, listening to several of the Hearts of the Children series that I had become engrossed in what essentially amounts to and LDS literary soap opera But Hughes has definitely done his homework, making the background and historicity of his novels very accurate and believable His characters are also very compelling and 3 dimensional, and I guess there s just something in me that enjoys following the lives of a couple of families across several generations.This is clean, easy reading that doesn t insult the readers intelligence, and doesn t compromise any standards at least not LDS standards It s a good escape, reading wise, and though it has the semi meandering quality of any soap opera, the stories are ones that are good enough that you want to keep following them even across consecutive series.It s not great literature, necessarily hence 4 star vs 5 star , but Hughes makes for good reading that s engaging and entertaining I m going to recommend his books.

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    Sometimes I liked it, sometimes I thought it was boring, and sometimes I thought it was annoying or tedious I really liked some of the stories a lot I liked the stories about Hans I related to the one s about Diane I liked the end better than the beginning, when Gene was brought down to earth And I liked the part about Mississippi, which made me tear up But cousin crushes Weird And it was really cheesy at first.

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    The Thomas family is back in Utah, and their children are now the stars of the novels Gene is the allstar athlete at his high school but must make the decision to serve a mission or to continue on with sports His cousin Kathy is very informed regarding the events of the Civil Rights movement, and must be involved to sooth her conscience Their half german cousin Hans is desperate to go to Utah to see his american family, but things are looking worse and worse in East Germany With the pressures mounting on the United States army, this family must deal with the termoil that comes with the time period It is exceptionally good to know what is going on with the characters who I grew to love so much in the Children of the Promise series I feel like their children are going through the very same things that I am going through The writing is just as good as I remember, and the characters are anything but static I would reccommend this book to anyone I love being able to read about an LDS family facing the problems of that day

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    For those familiar with the author s Children of the Promise series, this book opens up the sequel series where we follow the grandchildren of Alexander and Bea Thomas the Baby Boomers Wonderfully written, this book centers on four teens who are cousins Gene is the most popular guy at his high school whose struggles with being a missionary in West Germany Kathy is passionate about the Civil Rights Movement and travels to the South to serve the cause Diane dates the new boy from California, Scott, but wonders if his new interest in the LDS church is genuine or does he just want to be in a closer relationship with Diane Hans lives behind the Iron Curtain and has to decide how much he will live his religion as it affects his place in school and job prospects for both him and his father.With lots of references to LDS culture, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will especially enjoy this book, but those who read general Christian fiction will also find this series uplifting.

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    Gene Thomas and his trusty cousins are growing up in a difficult world This story follows Gene, Dianne, Kathy, and Hans as they face different challenges in the 60 s Gene is a popular athletic high school boy Dianne is beautiful, but cannot see it in herself Kathy isn t taken seriously because she is a girl Hans is a Mormon is Germany and is receiving religious persecution Will they make it through to the end I really liked this story and the different scenarios that are portrayed I also like the elements from history that are added in This book will help individuals learn about history, and also little bits about themselvesContent Warninghistorical context

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    Like the Children of the Promise series, I loved this book Dean Hughes is brilliant in the way he discusses issues showing the gray of each issue, that they re not just black and white and also creates the most wonderful characters There is so much variety in each of his characters beliefs and life views, it really makes you think about your own life and our own views while at the same time letting you really empathize and understand the characters and understand viewpoints different from your own I also have already learned so much about the sixties that I had never learned before I am so excited to continue this series.