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Two centuries after the Salem witch trials there’s still one witch left in Massachusetts But she doesn’t even know it Take this as a warning if you are not able or willing to control yourself it will not only be you who suffers the conseuences but those around you as wellNew Oldbury 1821 In the wake of a scandal the Montrose family and their three daughters—Catherine Lydia and Emeline—flee Boston for their new country home Willow Hall The estate seems sleepy and idyllic But a subtle menace creeps into the atmosphere remnants of a dark history that call to Lydia and to the youngest EmelineAll three daughters will be irrevocably changed by what follows but none than Lydia who must draw on a power she never knew she possessed if she wants to protect those she loves For Willow Hall’s secrets will rise in the end

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    The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox is a 2018 Graydon House Publication A fine supernatural Gothic tale This is a book after my own heart I love a good old school Gothic story However the modern versions of Gothic can often leave me feeling frustrated as they rely too heavily on magic and the supernatural to carry the story and less on the slow careful buildup of suspense The creepy spooky elements should reveal themselves at well timed calculated moments for an optimum effect In this case the author captures the essence of true Gothic horror and even adds a romantic element into the mix putting the cherry on the cake The year is 1821 two centuries after the Salem witch trials The Montrose family has fled Boston in the wake of a scandal Settling into New Oldbury the three sisters Catherine Lydia and Emmeline try hard to adjust to their new normal Catherine is a schemer a manipulator using her beauty and charms to attract men hoping to find a husband Lydia’s engagement to Cyrus was broken after the rumors began to fly but she soon meets John and the two find themselves drawn to one another Emmeline is the youngest the most carefree boasting of a mother daughter relationship with Lydia who is very protective of her sister As the story progresses it becomes clear to Lydia that Willow Hall has many secrets and long dormant imprints which her arrival has suddenly awakened The house will force Lydia to face a long buried aspect of her own life the truth she and her family have denied for many years Lydia has certain abilities a power within herself one she loses control of from time to time The she understands the power she will have but will it cost her the one thing she most longs for true love and happiness? I haven’t read a good Gothic Horror novel that combines the magical elements of both witches and ghosts in a long time If I had to complain I would say the author was just a little too cautious with this one at times but overall I must hand it Ms Fox She has written a pure traditional Gothic novel with grace and aplomb while also appealing to a broader audience Before I go I must of course address the romantic elements in the story Love and romance are often at the center of Gothic novels and again the author did a great job of weaving those elements into the story without it becoming the dominate theme Not only that the love story was beneficial in lifting the heavy gloom to reveal the promise of hope and long overdue peace 45 stars

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    Forced to flee Boston in the wake of a scandal the Montrose Family moves into their summer estate Willow Hall in New Oldbury Massachusetts The three sisters Catherine Lydia and Emeline take the move about as well as can be expectedThe setting and language of this novel are both enchanting I was surprised to learn that this is a debut as the writing feels lush and experienced I loved the overriding gothic vibes that extended throughout the story There is always an underlining feeling of menace which is something I always enjoy In regards to witchcraft it is subtle in nature and I felt very well portrayed It is by no means the bulk of the story but hints are sprinkled throughout with it becoming a prominent feature in the second halfThe interactions between the sisters particularly Catherine and Lydia reminded me so much of Downton Abbey's Mary and Edith It is not a warm and fuzzy sisterly relationship by any means In fact their constant battling provides most of the drama in the bookThere is also uite a bit of romance I am so exhausted by the courtship patterns of this time period I just cannot even imagine dealing with all that formality No one ever seems to say what they feel which can be so frustrating Honestly it's a wonder anyone ended up with the person they wanted to be withOverall I was very impressed with this It was a pleasure to read The overarching feeling of suspense the subtle supernatural undertones the hauntings and the domestic drama were all so much fun I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction especially if you enjoy things with a gothic atmosphereThank you so much to the publisher Graydon House Books for providing me with a copy to read and review I very much appreciate the opportunity and and am kicking myself for not having picked this up in October as I had originally planned

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    A very enjoyable creepy fall readI love this period the propriety and all the rules and manners the language the fashion the balls All of it Well not all of it although women’s rights were just starting to take off women were still treated as the lesser sex But I did enjoy how we have some very strong outspoken intelligent leading ladies in this storyWe have a family who has moved to the country from Boston due to a scandal that has occurred however we don’t know what has happened and learn along the wayI love an unlikable character and this book had several including a well drawn villain and a wicked sister I also enjoyed the sweet romanceAs someone who likes my books based in reality this one had just the right amount of “spooky” in it for me enough that it was believable and not super over the topA great atmospheric gothic taleThank you to Harleuin Books for my advance copy this book will be available October 2nd This was a group read with my 6bookbesties Be sure to check out the reviews from Holly Berit Mackenzie Jennifer and Kendall

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    4 this was the perfect Halloween read stars Full review featured on my blog Recipe and a ReadWelcome fellow readers to 1800's Boston Massachusetts two centuries after the Salem Witch Trials Meet Lydia Montrose she is the daughter of a wealthy businessman and a prim AF lady of the house She does not shine uite as bright or as boldly as her elder sister Catherine and she is not as imaginative and carefree as her younger sister Emeline As a prominent family in the large city of Boston we enter our story with the devastation of having to leave their established society due to the rumor mill churning on about Lydia's sister Catherine They've left Boston in the wake of scandal for what was intended to be a summer home in the uiet countryside town of New Oldsberry to make Willow Hall their home Yet at the same time I want to untether my heart toss it up into the sky and let it take wing There's a wildness here that if nothing else holds promise possibilityWhile Catherine and her mother lament this move Emeline is too young to care about much except for the prospect of mermaids in a nearby pond Lydia having recently had her engagement broken off wants nothing than to care for her younger sister and avoid any scandal befalling her family However Lydia has past secrets buried deep within her that she must keep bottled up but that Willow Hall seems to want to bring to the surfaceAs the family settles into their new home strange happenings seem to follow in Lydia's wake She hears the deep painful wails of a woman in mourning she sees pale faced little boys roaming the grounds and their tinkling laughter fill the halls As Lydia continues to ignore these signs tragedy befalls the Montrose family and these dark secrets about her familial past come bubbling to the surface A witch has a third eye that she may use to see the world not as it is but as it may be See what you want to see bend the vision to your willIn addition to the historical fictionfantasy that Fox has constructed here there is a bit of romance thrown in Based on the synopsis I didn't see this coming and while I haven't been reading a lot of romance recently I'm honestly a sucker for a good love story I love getting swept up in the excitement that goes along with romance and I'm a bit of a cheese ball so I loved seeing that pop up here However I think that even if you aren't a big romance fan that it wouldn't sway you from enjoying this story The romance isn't overwhelming or insta love the way many are these days It feels genuine and my heart soared and sank as the romance ebbed and flowed and I was absolutely on the edge of my seat to see how it all played outLydia Montrose he said his sea storm eyes dancing with light you are an exuisite little mystery and I have never wanted anything or anyone so badly in my life I mean COME ON swooningWhat left me wanting a bit with this one however was that it got a bit bogged down on weaving what felt like less necessary plot points I was left wanting a bit witchy ness and development into the history of the Montrose family The first uarter of this moved fairly slowly for me and it did start to pick up but didn't really get moving to me personally until the second half While I enjoyed the ending and my overall takeaway was pure enjoyment and entertainment I wish I knew about what felt like the basis of this novel witches and history and little less about the MCs feelings about the scandals that will ultimately be forgotten Despite a few misgivings I absolutely adored this novel and I'd suggest it to anyone to pick up and read It has a little bit of everything in it and I think anyone who loves a good October read would really enjoy this It was expertly written well paced and had developed and likable characters throughout I read this with the Traveling Sisters and we had a great time discussing all of our feelings We've ultimately ended up all enjoying this read so far which doesn't happen too often Thank you to Harleuin Books and Edelwiess for a copy of this ARC

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    Beautiful atmospheric and haunting this was an exuisitely told debutHester Fox has wovin together this Gothic story of heartbreak and hope effortlessly as soon as I opened the cover of this book I found myself transported into the lives of the Montrose Family finding myself in the middle of A scandal and the gloom and magic of Willow HallThis was not the story of a witch but rather the story of Lydia Who just so happens to be a witch The witchcraft in this book was very under played and subtle something I felt worked extremely well Lydia was such a remarkable and charming character Believe me I love hocus pocus and spells as much as the next person but I think that would have overshadowed the uiet beauty of Lydia she just was one of those characters that reaches inside you and grabs a little piece of your heart you just feel everything she feels because she is so authentic and worthy any book that can evoke feelings in me about a character is an absolute bonus in my bookLydia along with her parents and two sisters Catherine and Emeline leave Boston in the wake of a scandal Willow Hall is where they find refuge but is the house haunted? There is definitely an eerie air of mystery about the placeThis truly was a story of family and The complexities within Catherine Lydia’s older sister was a extremely colorful character she was definitely a worthy villain the sister nobody wants to have I was fortunate enough to have an author A with Hester Fox One of my uestions was who is your favorite character in this book? and her answer was Catherine and I can see that she would be fun to writeThis truly was a magical book not in the way of the supernatural but in the way of storytelling there really is a little bit of everything in this book a little romance A little witchcraft a little taboo a little haunting A little tragedy a little scandal A book with a beautiful ending that will leave you heartbroken and yet still hopefulAbsolutely recommend to fans of Gothic historical fiction who love character driven stories with a bit of a slow burn many thanks to Graydon House for my copy of this book

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    Two centuries after the Salem Witch Trials there's still one witch left in Massachusetts But she doesn't even know itIt was the year of 1811 and it was the Bishop boy that started it all He pelted stones at passing carriages He lurked around every corner responsible for every terrible thing in the world that Lydia's mind could not comprehend Her Pa brought home a black cat for her and her sister Catherine It was an outdoor cat The cat's name was Bartholomew and would sueak in greeting before she got to the straw filled crate That day when she entered the barn the cat did not greet her She peeked into the crate the cat was dead and the straw had blood on it Things got hazy for Lydia She went storming into the street in a rage She had a purpose of what needed to be done But she still did not know how she was going to do it The Bishop boy was found and didn't hide the fact that there was fur on his cuffs and his brown shoe was splattered with blood Then he turned to the stash of pebbles he was collecting There was a dozen people gathered around the cobblestones by the time Tommy Bishop was crying for his mother That was when Lydia came back to herself and realized how many eyes were on her and what she had done Her mother snatched Lydia up More than anything else she was afraid of what was going to happen to her She was afraid that she would be sent away Her mother sat her on a bench She braced herself for her sentencing She was never punished Her mother told her if anyone asked about it they would say that it was only a scuffle Her mother then told her that she must never show the world what it is inside of her She told her not to tell anyone what happened Her mother also made it clear that should it come out again that they could find themselves turned out of their home or worse She never thought that they might be turned out for other reasons and and certainly not for the rumors that surround them now which are that rumors This is a spooky gothic novel It is just perfect for the fall Halloween season I loved the gothic atmosphere and even enjoyed the romance that fitted into the story The book had everything in it A witch ghosts spookiness suspense and some dark secrets There was some magic but there wasn't any witch spells which made it realisticThe estate they live in seems sleepy and idyllic But a subtle menace creeps into the atmosphere remnants of a dark history that call to Lydia and to the youngest Emmeline I loved the characters and there were some unlikable characters too I loved Lydia the best John was a very likable character too Cyrus was an unlikable character too Another unlikable character was Catherine She was just so selfish and just cared about herself She was so jealous I loved the ghosts too which I am not going to name them because it could spoil the story This was a Traveling Sister read and I think we all enjoyed it and I enjoyed reading this and discussing it with themII want to thank Edelweiss Hester Fox and Grayson HouseHarleuin for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Spooky suspenseful a little bit witchyThis book reminded me so much of the gothic romantic suspense novels that I used to love reading growing up They were my absolute favourite stories and this tale just made me feel all nostalgic and reminded me of my fondness for these types of stories THE WITCH OF WILLOW HALL by HESTER FOX is a dark haunting romantic and an excellent debut novel that had me totally absorbed entertained and interested throughout this entire bookI wouldn’t necessarily say that this story was all that gripping or suspenseful for me though but it definitely had an ominous feel to it that I found uite appealingHESTER FOX delivers an atmospheric intriguing and beautifully written gothic romantic tale of suspense and mystery here with wonderful character development a captivating setting and an extremely spellbinding storyline I really enjoyed the creepy dark vibe and the supernatural aspect to this novel even if it was a little subtle the real magic here was in Lydia's characterIt was one of those books that definitely cast its spell on me and I wanted to savour every single page Traveling Sisters ReadNorma’s StatsCover Beautiful alluring eye catching intriguing and a fitting representation to storylineTitle Appealing suspenseful intriguing and a fitting representation to storyline My interest is always piued when the word witch is in a title and I’m usually all over itWritingProse Well written engaging captivating and fluidPlot Foreboding menacing engrossing leisurely paced enjoyable and extremely entertaining I adored this storylineEnding A lovely ending that I was extremely satisfied with and left me feeling hopeful Overall A fascinating read that had me totally engrossed within this gothic romance tale from start to finish I absolutely loved the creepy and menacing feel that subtly emanated throughout this wonderful atmospheric tale Would highly recommendThank you so much to NetGalley Harleuin and Hester Fox for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a reviewReview can also be found on our Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog

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    A Gothic tale just perfect for October A terrfic blend of romance and ghostly happenings Set in 1821 New England two centuries after the infamous witch trials we come to a creepy house with a family whose lineage holds many secrets So incredibly atmospheric this was a sisters read and some of us were reminded of the atmosphere rnvoked in past Gothic reads Rebecca Jsne Eyre and Wuthering Heights The chilling kind of old fashioned read where one can use words like torrid and sordid If you read this you will see how well they fitCharacters to like especially Lydia one to find reprehensible Catherine and a mysterious stranger John What they mean to each other what the house wants from them will be revealed to the reader exactly when it is time Although chilling suspenseful it never gets uncomfortably dark I thought it was just right Not a big fan of romantic novels but this story would not have worked without which I don't often say The writing the descriptions are very well done and the atmosphere created just perfect A wonderful rest for a dark rainy eveningARC from Edelweiss

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    Woo hoo witchy womanshe got the moon in her eye 🎶 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 It is the 1800s in Boston Massachusetts some two hundred years after the Salem witch trials One member of the Montrose family is a witch but she has no knowledge of this There is a scandal that causes the Montrose family to flee from Boston to New Oldbury Their new home is the gothic eerie but stately Willow Hall It holds its own secrets within its walls Will the Montroses be able to outrun their past or is their family destined to be outcasts?While there is a main character witch The Witch of Willow Hall is not chock filled with sorcery or witchcraft so you should know that going in What it is instead is an exceptionally atmospheric well told historical drama centered on family secrets romance betrayal and tragedy I adored Lydia and found her story interesting and engaging This is a slower building story where not much happens until the end of the book and that’s ok because the story is about the people the Gothic feel of ominous foreboding and the richly cinematic atmosphere Thank you to Harleuin for the physical copy All opinions are my own I was fortunate to read this atmospheric book with five beautiful friends ♥️ My reviews can also be found on my blog with pictures 🤓 wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

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    35 starsTake this as a warning if you are not able or willing to control yourself it will not only be you who suffers the conseuences but those around you as wellA witch who doesn't know she is a witch A family who flees Boston amidst scandal moves to the town of New Oldbury in 1821 Looking to start over will they find happiness or will the past haunt them?The Montrose Family was once a prominent family living in Boston until they were enveloped in a mysterious Scandal Deciding to leave the city and rumors behind Mr Montrose along with his wife and three daughters Catherine Lydia and Emeline moves into a summer home known as Willow Hall in New Oldbury MA The reader knows that the is a son but he does not make the move with the rest of the family Why? Mr Montrose will be a partner in the local Mill owned by a young man by the name of John Barrett Lydia meets John Barrett as he helps her find her younger sisters lost dog and she feels an instant attraction to him Lydia is not the most confident person and is often put down and somewhat bullied by her older sister Catherine While the older two sister often clash both adore their younger sister Emeline Young Emeline is full of adventure and years to find mermaids in the pond on the property and speaks of a boy at the pond who speaks to herLydia has not felt comfortable in Willow Hall or the surrounding woods She doesn't sleep well and begins to see and hear things that no one else in the family can She knows that something isn't uite right at their home and has uestions about one of her descendants When tragedy strikes Lydia begins to see ghosts and learns about her abilities I loved the Gothic feel of this book Plus the premise is interesting a family driven from Boston due to a scandal a young woman who is a witch but doesn't know it or how to control her powers a residence with a past ghosts tragedy and a young man with ties to the property If you come into this book thinking it is going to be all about witchcraft you will be disappointed Yes there is a witch in this story but you will not see lots of spells being cast or black magic This book touches on several things ghosts witches mystery some romance scandal family secrets a little magic and tragedy As the book moves along the reader learns about the scandal which caused the family to leave Boston and the history of Willow Hall This book does have a sense of dread and foreboding throughout It's not a fast moving book in the action sense not a lot of action happens until closer to the end of the book Having said that the story is interesting and as the truth comes out secrets are revealed and several characters show their true colors Lydia is a likable character and I was invested in what would happen to her would she find answers would she find happiness would she find a way to harness the powers she doesn't uite understand etc This book is a slow burn where the story builds along with the sense of foreboding until the end when revelations take place I would have liked a little magic thrown in but overall an enjoyable readI received a copy of this book from Graydon House and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions in this review are my ownRead all my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom