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Maureen Swanson is the scourge of the neighborhood At age nine she already has a reputation as a hard slapper a loud laugher a liar and a stay after schooler The other kids call her Stinky So sometimes when Maureen passes the crumbling and haunted? Messerman mansion she imagines that she is Maureen Messerman–rich privileged and powerful Then she finds a way into the forbidden boarded up house In the hall are portraits of seven young women wearing elaborate gowns and haughty expressions Maureen has something scathing to say to each one but then she notices that the figures seem to have shifted in their frames So she reaches out her finger to touch the paint–just to make sure–and touches silk These seven daughters of privilege are colder and meaner than Maureen ever thought to be They are wicked wicked ladies and Maureen has something they want

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    The Wicked Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House is such a great story At only just over a hundred pages this gothic middle grade fantasy while written in 1968 as The Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden still holds up very well today Mary Chase's wit and charm helps bring the story to life even and rebellious main character Maureen is both funny and well written While this book is definitely quite bizarre that's just part of its charmMaureen has a reputation for being a bad egg and a troublemaker both at school and in her own neighbourhood Subjected to relentless teasing Maureen finds solace in dreaming of being a member of the creepy old Messerman House a place that may even be haunted Sinister portraits stolen magic and witchcraft all of it comes together very effectively in this little book Giving off the atmosphere of a classic ghost story The Wicked Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House also offers a very unique main character that any child who has ever felt bored and misunderstood can resonate with and relate toAlso serving as a nostalgic book for older readers The Wicked Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House is definitely a good one and I loved the imagery and creative character name choices as well There is some quirky humour in this novel so it's not all creepy and gothic

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    Some people love Christmas The crinkly wrapping paper the many gifts the cookies and hot cocoa the ham dinnerI love Halloween When the slow fog rolled in over the lawns of suburban Detroit and leaves fell as you walked home from school and weekends were spent at the cider mill you knew that Halloween was getting closer There was a creepiness a special feeling in the air that came with the season I loved that special season Not Indian Summer not the frosty November mornings but true Autumn Halloween AutumnSmall things can crawl under your skin as a child For me they were often dark things But I would only retain a little snippet of them in my memory as I grew up Just enough to tease me withA movie about a plague and motorcyle gangs and a woman pretending to be a mannequin in a department storeA book about a rotten little girl who gets trapped in a haunted house filled with ghosts named Ingrid Astrid and the likeA book about an orphaned boy who goes to live with a wizard with a doomsday clock hidden insideThank God for the internet right? It's only through searches online that I found The Omega Man The House with a Clock in its Walls and the lovely Wicked Wicked Ladies It's a fun little read and takes me back to those creepy Autumn days in DetroitI'm gonna go warm up some Vernors and watch my dvd of Ed Wood

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    I prefer the original title The Wicked Pigeon Ladies in the Garden used when Mary Chase’s book was first released in 1968 That said despite it’s being over 50 years old this slender middle grade novel is not dated at all Maureen Swanson is a holy terror; however she soon meets her match when she breaks into the old abandoned Messerman mansion To tell any would be to ruin the fun I loved every single moment of this book that will thrill both kids and adultsBTW Mary Chase is best known as the author of the play Harvey

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    A favorite childhood read An ornry girl dreams of being a member of the family that once lived in the spooky old boarded up Messerman house She runs into a dwarf and some ghostly portraits of some very not nice sisters once she ventures in The portraits are sinister Original ghost story with a spooky atmosphere It really scared me when I was little

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    I read this as a child and the story has stuck with me ever since The creepy portraits of the sisters with the funny names Lucrece Ingrid Maude etc hanging in an abandoned old mansion sucked me right in Even though I didn't remember the title recently through the power of Google I was able to type in a few plot details and voila rediscovered the titles of the book Turns out my library owned a copy so I had to check it out Written in 1968 this came out well before the Harry Potter series but I could totally see this book being enjoyed by those who also enjoyed that story It's a short book which was the norm for kids' books back then but it could easily be developed into a full length film Since the book was re issued in 2003 I wonder if others had the same thought?

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    During one of my various scavenging escapades in my grandparent's basement I came across this flimsy paperback discretely tucked behind a massive heap of Nancy Drews It's abnormally surreal for a children's novel with enticing cover art and numerous ink sketches scattered throughout its pages I remember searching fruitlessly for my own personal Messerman place the instant I flipped the last page It's an enjoyable historical fictionhorrormysteryfantasy romp for any preteen I demand you read it

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    actual rating 25A very quick read but definitely a bit simplistic for adult readers I also didn't realize until I was finished that this was first published in the 60s so I think that adds a lot to the dated feeling of the whole book It is very tame and under developed by today's standards but I think was probably a good book for its time There isn't really much explanation for many of the things that happen but I think it would be a good haunted house story for a kid to read and had a spooky feel in some places without even being actually scary

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    Fun little read for kids A nasty and misbehaving little girl meets seven nasty selfish mean little girls who have stolen some magicfrom a leprechaun and of course used it selfishly They have no care for anyone even their parents who tried to teach them betterbut sadly spoiled them When they return from their magical journey long after their parents are dead they only morn over the state of their nice clothes Through all this our first present day little girl Maureen learns her lessonsNice book

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    A reread of a lost childhood book I hadn't read it in probably twenty or twenty five years Troublemaker Maureen Swanson gets into trouble herself when she trespasses in an old abandoned house and gets mixed up with the seven mysterious sisters who inhabit it It's not as scary as I remembered it what a shock and I wished the plot were a little complex and interestingly worked out but the atmosphere Chase creates is still deliciously creepy and memorable

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    Now titled The Wicked Wicked Ladies of the Haunted House The first scary book I ever read Though about it for years loved it