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I liked this very real struggle with weight loss amid the pressures of American thinness and especially the media Felt Courtney was very real in addressing the other struggles in life and how they related to her desire to loss weight Life doesn t have a happy ending all the time and women need to realise the role the other stuff plays I enjoyed this book in that it made me feel not so alone in my weight loss food obsession It started out kind of monotonous as Courtney Rubin went through the first few months of her diet binge diet binge routine over and over But isn t that how most of us tend to do dieting Toward the middle end, there was variety in what she was talking about and not the constant berating of herself for her binging and failing at her unrealistic, IMO diet plan I still have a few pages left that I haven t had time to finish up, but I think they will be the best as far as motivating me to exercise and become athletic, even if I continue to fail at the diet part. From Shape Magazine S Popular Weight Loss Diary Columnist Comes A Hilarious, Sometimes Heartwrenching Look At The Daily Struggle Of DietingIn This Frank And Funny Book, Courtney Rubin Shares What She Learned About Dieting And Herself In Than Two Years Of Chronicling Her Battle To Keep Food From Consuming Her Life As Engaging As Her Famous Column, The Weight Loss Diaries Is Part Memoir, Part How To, And Always EntertainingAn Honest And Brave Account Of What It Feels Like, Day In And Day Out, Often Year In And Year Out, To Try To Lose A Significant Amount Of Weight, The Weight Loss Diaries Is An Unashamed Tale Of Binges, Fashion Fiascos, Setbacks, And Ultimate Success A Light Hearted, Laugh Out Loud Look At The Most Ridiculous Excuses For Ending Or Cheating On A Diet A No Holds Barred Account Of The Author S Dark Days Of Flirting With Eating Disorders And Constantly Calculating And Recalculating CaloriesWith Insight, Humor, And Courage, Rubin Explores Diet And Food Issues, As Well As Her Self Sabotaging Habits During Dieting, In Ways That Everyone Struggling With Weight Loss Will Find Both Instructive And Inspiring I m just not into this I love reading about women who loose a bunch of weight, but all the things Rubin says in what I have read so far do not apply to me in the least She talks about starting diets and then going on big binges blaming everyone, but herself in my opinion I have dieted successfully before, and then when my health went down hill I gained it all back I m looking to be inspired not come up with excuses Just so you know I didn t read very far into this one so if it seems like something you would like don t let my review stop you from trying it out Some have liked this book very much, but it s just not for me. I had followed madam Rubin s monthly column in Shape magazine the 18 months or so that it ran and found her to be very charming as well as it was very easy to identify with her The book, though, was not like the Hey Go ME columns A lot of whiny why she didn t succeed while writing for Shape It was almost like the book was written as an excuse I would like to note that this was the first thing I ever ordered from so it does have a little significance I found Courtney Rubin s two year chronicle of trying to lose weight while writing a column about her struggle for a national magazine to be inspiring Not in a let s start dieting right now way, but in an athletic, personal fitness one in the course of the book, Rubin ran two marathons, which is something I d love to do, but and this is a very big but I don t run At all So I ve decided to do a 5k next month, which I probably will not run in its entirety but for which I m planning to work on building my stamina by starting to run and doing other active things. this is the most real book i ve read on eating, dieting living through both the repeats in your mind about your self worth, the sabatoge, the eating to get through, the eating because you got through, the self loathing all of it courtney rubin s lived it and has vividly put it before s a wondeful memoir. The author shows a lot of guts writing about her obsession with food, not to mention her binge eating I just wish she had gotten help to solve WHY she ate Instead, she gets a meal plan and a little moral support Until she stops freaking out about how many calories a peach contains, or how she will be forever known as the fat twin, she s never going to be healthy I wanted her to succeed I m pretty sure I saw the articles that this woman wrote for Shape magazine, so I thought reading her book would be interesting and motivating, as I am in the process of losing weight myself Instead, this book spiraled into nothing but whining and making excuses and constantly acting like the world revolved around her It was grating to read I almost took it back to the library unfinished, but I hate not finishing a book, even if it s awful From the sound of it, she never lost the weight anyway, so what was the point to this book While the author s tone and humor were very enjoyable, I thought that overall the book was not It was not an inspiring or motivational weight loss book It started out with a bit of weight loss through healthy eating and exercise, but then the rest of the book over half view spoiler was about weight gain or bare maintenance failure of successful weight loss, opposite of what the title would have you think you were buying into She demonstrated signs of a binge eating disorder but only touched on talking to a professional about it in the last part of the book, which I found very disappointing I kept hoping she would get the help she needed hide spoiler