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The Unswept Path is a diverse gathering of American poets who have chosen the haiku as one of the forms in which they write This anthology presents the many faces of the haiku Each poet chosen has worked the territory of the haiku into a personal landscape and they offer a panorama of images and sound joy and sadness recollection and thought The Unswept Path is wonderful introduction to the art of the haiku for the writer and reader alikeContributors include Christopher Herold Elizabeth Searle Lamb William Higginson Penny Harter Margaret Chula Edith Shiffert Michael McClure Diane DiPrima Sonia Sanchez Steve Sanfield Patricia Donegan John Brandi and Cid Corman

10 thoughts on “The Unswept Path: Contemporary American Haiku (Companions for the Journey)

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    This is such a great little anthology Some of the anthologized haikuists open with introductory essays before sharing their work while others just let the poems speak for themselves It's interesting to see the different paths the poets took to find their way into this form Some of my favoritesabout to kill an antbut no it's carryinga corpse John Brandimaple leavesbarely movingin the earthuake Patricia DoneganNew Year's Eve I feed my birthday cardsto the fire Penny Harterfirst lighteverything in this roomwas already here Christopher Herold

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    Each chapter in this anthology is written by a different poet with a short introduction followed by a small collection of their work Each chapter is very firmly written in the voice of its author creating some very diverse styles of thought and subject matter some traditional gentle nature based and seasonal some modern punchy and unusual even The introductions to each poet are also individual and a joy to read We have a couple who lived in a run down house in Japan for many years and wrote poetry about their stay We have a man who had a brief but passionate affair with a mysterious Japanese woman with whom he translated some haiku into English and then wrote his own about her We have an old couple who have lived in Japan for many years writing and walking their way through the landscape they love only now in their eighties find themselves in sheltered accomodation and too ill to go far from home There are many The introductions also include many descriptions of what Haiku means to them why this very distinct form of writing is important to them My particular favourite came from Patricia DoneganHaiku can be the antedote to the speed of post modern culture allowing one to step off the spinning wheel to stop and breathe deeply and slowly To note the birth and death of each moment

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    Worth the time; seems a good introduction into the wildness variety of haiku First anthology I've read of all American haiku writers from such diverse backgrounds writing sensibilities Breaks all the rules follows all the rule A short book extremely well written haibun style both typical travel with also philopsophical introspection uite a find at the half price bookstore All very strong except for Sanfield Shiffert selections last two; Brrandi Corman DiPrima Donegan are exceptional

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    A beautiful collection that explores both traditional and experimental forms of haiku Each author's collection is prefaced by a small essay anecdote or prose to introduce the inspiration andor philosophy regarding his or her writing practice My only complaint is this little book was much too small

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    Haiku seems to be a forgotten art form maybe because writers today have too much to say and want room to say it I liked the crystalline simplicity and imagery of these poems especially those from Cid Corman Though many of these haiku are a departure from the 17 syllable and seasonalnature based poems of their origins they have evolved into a wonderfully succinct art form

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    I like to read as much as I can and enjoyed the trip through this anthology While not all the poets and essays called to me each one challenged me to self define what makes a good haiku a good haiku What could one ask from a book?

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