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Psychiatrists And I We Do Not Get On Well They Have Failed To Cure Me I Am Still Damaged And It Is For This Reason That I Am Cheeky And Certainly Not Pleasant I Am Hurting I Just Want Them To Fix Me Fix Me The Third Sunrise Takes The Reader Into A World That Is As Terrifying As It Is Exhilarating It Depicts The Life Of A Young Woman Who, At The Age Of Twelve, Was Diagnosed With Early Onset Bipolar Disorder And Spent Many Years In A Psychiatric Hospital Where She Was Prescribed Cocktails Of Medications Promising Recovery Recovery Never Found Her, And Frightened, She Found Something Else Drugs And Alcohol They Quickly Become Exactly What She Needed A Brilliant, Black, Detour From RealityAt The Age Of Twenty She Had Devoted Her Life To Addiction And It Nearly Killed Her In The Process Escape Wasn T Possible She Bathed In The Darkness Of Cocaine, Shook Hands With Heroin, And Relished In The Comfort Of Alcohol She Ceased To Exist The Seizures She Suffered At The Hands Of Drugs, The Abuse Caused By Those She Invited Into Her Life, And The Pain She Inflicted On Herself And Her Family Were Lost To The Underworld Of DrugsThe Third Sunrise Is A Confessional, Darkly Hud, Account Of Life Through The Eyes Of A Woman Fighting To Find It More Information Is Available At The Book S Web Site Thethirdsunrise An awesome story with a powerful voice Ironic, that a book addressing addiction, so easily becomes one I couldn t put it down. It has been a long time since a book has touched me as much as this one did I was sad when it ended because it meant saying farewell to Natalie, who I grew to respect and adore as the her story unfolded.This was not a book I could read passively I felt a haunting familiarity with some of the issues explored and described and thought There but for the grace of god on than one occasion The writing is so candid, the sharing so raw and authentic, it was impossible for me not to find myself relating to the emotional, physical and psychological torment of the author I cried, I laughed, I willed her on through her horrific experiences, grateful that I had not reached the same dark abyss that she had found herself in on than one occasion.The writing itself was fantastic tight, well paced, littered with interesting references, and accessible down to earth and not at all pretentious I found it such a compelling read, I started to resent the intrusion of everyday life that forced me to ever put it down I am excited to have discovered a new author Not only will I be pushing this book onto everyone I know like some kind of literary Medicine Man but I am really looking forward to adding Natalie s next publication to my bookshelf. This book is an extremely well written narrative of a young woman s battle with early onset Bipolar Disorder and Addiction I found it to be compelling and contemporary It is a biographical journey that takes you through the thought processes of a young woman trying to find her way through mental illness, substance abuse and eating disorders What I like is that it is brutally honest and very introspective It chronicles the feelings of despair, hope and shattered dreams as Natalie tries to overcome her battles with Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse I feel this book would be both beneficial to someone with mental illness as well as a friend or parent whose lives intertwine with those afflicted with either an affective disorder or dual diagnosis I can also appreciate that it does not offer advice or a therapeutic cookbook on how to best deal with these afflictions I think it is an upbeat book that takes a firsthand examination of a very troubled existence I look forward to reading from this articulate young author.