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Just finished rereading this again I love this story I first discovered it in my city library when I was just a kid and would recheck it from time to time to read it again Finally found a copy as an adult at the Tattered Cover in Denver several years back.I really enjoy this story of an Australian brumby from his birth to his undisputed reign as king of the Cascade brumbies Thowra is named for the wind, since he will have to be as swift as the wind to escape men, who will want him for his unusual color a pale creamy with silver mane and tail The exploits of Thowra and his best friend Storm, born the same night of the storm as he was, are wonderful reading Thowra and Storm have both been trained by their mothers to read all the signs of the earth and sky, to travel trackless and to know well the country they are going through or find themselves in Then Thowra steals Golden from the men who bring the cattle in the summer and everyone is looking for him The Brolga to take Golden from him and the men to capture Golden and Thowra This may be my comfort book Whenever I m restless or agitated, I seem to go to this book to relax. More deserving review for this book to come. A Silver Brumby Is Special, But He Will Be Hunted By Man And Horse Alike, And Must Be Stronger Than Both Thowra, The Magnificent Silver Stallion, Is King Of The Brumbies But He Must Defend His Herd From The Mighty Horse, The Brolga, In The Most Savage Of Struggles But That Is Not The Only Danger Thowra Needs All His Speed And Cunning To Save His Herd From Capture By Man In A Desperate Chase Through The Mountains, It Seems There Is No Longer Anywhere For Him To Run To Once there was a dark, stormy night in spring On this night, Thowra, the silver brumby is born His mother Bel Bel, herself a cream colour, knows that Thowra named for the wind will be sought by man because of his colour and trains him well Never go near Man, nor his huts, nor his yards where he fences in cattle and his own tame horse In this, the first book of the Silver Brumby Series, we follow the life of Thowra from birth to legend He grows from colt to a magnificent stallion, using the mountains to look after his herd and to escape from man.I first read this book over fifty years ago and was transported to a magical world I still think of the Snowy Mountains as silver brumby country and imagine the offspring of Thowra roaming freely through their domain It s risky to reread a book I loved as a child Sometimes the magic has evaporated, leaving behind a less imaginative cold hard reality And brumbies are not universally loved in the Snowy Mountains.The magic had not evaporated for me with this novel I could still imagine Thowra and his herd, I could still imagine Thowra eluding capture because of the lessons Bel Bel had taught him I think that there are two reasons why I love this book The first is that Ms Mitchell did such a wonderful job of describing the country and the creatures which inhabit it The second is that the story ends in a way which enables me to imagine Thowra living on outside the pages of the novel.Jennifer Cameron Smith This whole series was such a vivid childhood favourite for me I don t think I could bring myself to ever read the books again for that reason Perfect Musical Pairing Touch The Sky by Julie Fowlis from Disney Pixar s Brave Don t let the flowery looking Saddle Club bait cover of this particular edition fool you This is xenofiction cut from the same cloth as The Call of the Wild and White Fang, with the only noteworthy difference being besides the fact that this book is about feral horses in Australia rather than dogs and wolves in Alaska that the horses speak to one another in actual dialogue Big badass feral horses battle each other for kingship, find mates, raise foals, brave the harsh reality of life in the wild, protect their herds, and evade the ropes of the stockmen who seek to tame them in this atmospheric thrill ride of a book At the center of all this is a young stallion of an unusual color, a color that makes him a target for both rival stallions and thrill seeking humans In order to survive this crucible existence, he must become stronger, faster, and cunning than either man or beast Horse books are a dime a dozen, but horse books actually told from the perspective of a horse with a minimal believable amount of anthropomorphism are not nearly as easy to find Pick this up if you re a fan of horses or of animals in general , and you re looking for something a little different from your average Pony Pals type horse book.I suppose if I was to nitpick, I would be miffed by the inaccurate portrayal of horse herd hierarchy Real horse herds are matriarchal societies, not patriarchal It s the mares who call the shots But I suppose Elyne Mitchell gets a Free Pass on this one because this was written before the Google Age, and the plot would have been entirely different if this had been written entirely accurate to horse behavior. Ahhh the Silver Brumby who stole my heart all those years ago I got to reread this classic Australian novel for uni and its made me fall in love all over again I have had the chance to drive through the Snowy Mountains and it feels like magic when you are there, just how the book by Mitchell describes it in so many ways Sadly, I was never one of those girls who fall in love with horses in elementary school Apparently, my fourth grade teacher was that year, she read aloud every Marguerite Henry horse book ever written, to my dismay.I wish Mrs McKinnis had read aloud The Silver Brumby I don t know if it would have had the same effect on me at ten as it did when I read it last month at fifty six, but suddenly I m in love with horses At least Australian horses Thowra eludes capture time and time again and has to fight bad horses and seeks out the wild parts of the land and leads a herd of other beautiful wild horses Yes, a great story. HONEST TO GOD THIS SERIES IS MY ENTIRE CHILDHOODI loved these books so much, the writing was good and I was mesmerized by this story of Thowra, a beautiful silver stallion I plagiarised this book so much when we had to write stories in class whoops I went through my horse stage because of this bookI WANT TO REREAD IT TBH .The Silver Brumby was the first book i ever read that belonged to a series, i first read it when i was a horse crazy 9 year old, and was over the moon when i realized there were books after this one and i didn t have to say goodbye to all the new friends i had made throghout the storyElyne is an amazing writer, she draws you into this amazing wild and free worldon bush walks i would find myself studying animal tracks the way Thowra wouldGreat series to grow up withi dont think i will ever get tired of my silver brumby collection.