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A Newcomer To The Tiny Village Of Tocurra Befriends A Young Man Whose Deafness Has Left Him Isolated From His Fellow Villagers Marnie And Raver Learn To Communicate Through A Series Of Hand Gestures, But When A Death Shakes The Village, Their Special, Silent Bond Causes The Two To Fall Under Suspicion Of Witchcraft A Compelling, Romantic, And Revealing Story For Young Readers, Sherryl Jordan SThe Raging Quiet Is An Ideal Kids Feature For A Month Of Romance

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    4.5 stars I never imagined I would enjoy this as much as I did This book has been on my mental TBR list since long before I even had a goodreads account, because it seems that everyone who reads it recommends it to me and yet it s taken me so long to get around to it I would guess The Raging Quiet struggles to find an audience when historical fiction is not very popular in YA, and especially the ones that don t feature corsets and dramatic love affairs.Possibly the first thing I noticed and loved about this novel was the setting It s a very cold, dark, pastoral and gothically beautiful place It reminded me a lot of Wuthering Heights with that sense of isolation and wilderness The author captures the lonely, eerie atmosphere of her story s setting perfectly The tale is about two outsiders Marnie and Raven and how they come to develop an understanding of one another Marnie arrives in Tocurra with her new and much older husband who she has married to save her family from poverty and who also tells her she will learn to like it after he rapes her Raven is the village madman believed so because he is deaf and the locals attempt to beat the demons out of him Marnie first comes under suspicion of withcraft when her husband falls to his death a suspicion that only grows when her and Raven develop a sign language to communicate with each other And trust me, this isn t the time or place to be suspected of witchcraft.This is an extremely powerful novel that creeps up one you You don t realise how emotionally invested you are until your heart is suddenly pounding and your emotions are in overdrive I ve always found it particularly horrifying to read some of the things done to young women who were accused of being witches and this book may be labelled fantasy , but the rituals are entirely real But, in the end, this is also a very sweet and touching novel about two people who don t fit in finding their own little world together, their own way of living that suits them both, others be damned I was moved by it and I think it will be hard to find a reader who isn t.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    It isn t often that I begin writing a review with trepidation and insecurities, thinking that my thoughts and feelings can t possibly do the book justice This isn t because I have a great esteem for myself no, it is because, while a lot of what I read I enjoy, I m not fooling myself into thinking that the majority of it is what most would consider quality literature It is with those kinds of books that I figure that whatever I type should suffice But there are those times, like when I reviewed Emma and Jellicoe Road not so long ago, that I get nervous This is another of those times.I ve always had a fascination with books and things set in this era And I won t lie that had a large influence in me loving this book This is the kind of book that I can slip into like a warm fleece on a cold winter s night and feel cozy and comforted in But I think most would agree that there is something special about this diamond in the rough The Raging Quiet is a true hidden gem It snared my attention from the first chapter and surpassed any level of expectations I could ve had going in The characters are so rich and real and believable in their pain and love and loss and joy that I know I shall never forget them I wept for Marnie, I was grateful for the priest s charity and kindness to two lost souls, and the boy without the blessing of sound stole my heart The subject of religion is handled perfectly IMO it doesn t preach to non believers, nor does it offend believers Marnie is religious, but she has her struggles with God because of the terrible things she goes through in such a short time The priest that helps Marnie and Raven isn t portrayed as a saint, but merely a spiritually faithful man with faults And there isn t any explicit content, but the author doesn t refrain from dealing with tough subjects, either.Sadly, this book doesn t seem to be receiving much recognition around these parts But it is twelve years old and, although to me it is simple yet beautiful and fits the story perfectly, the cover is no longer in vogue it is not flashy and bedazzled enough to catch the eye of most readers in today s market It is my hope that I can bring this book at least a small portion of the attention it deserves.

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    The Raging Quiet is without doubt a Rey The Teen Years book Which is not to say it is not a Rey Now book, it is , but this is the sort of novel I would have adored without reservation in high school As a teenager that read almost exclusively classics and historical literature of any kind, and possibly had somewhat overly romantic ideas about life, I would have been completely enamoured with Jordan s sweeping story of love triumphing over evil.The deliberate ambiguity of the setting and time period in which The Raging Quiet takes place allows the story to straddle a line between historical fiction and fantasy, and frees it from some of the rigidity a straight historical fiction novel would demand Jordan has created a world that borrows heavily from our own past and is told in a traditional style, yet allows the plot to unfold in a manner that resonates with its contemporary audience.While The Raging Quiet could be classified as a romance, its central themes are prejudice and injustice the hate bred from fear and ignorance, fostered by close mindedness In the small, withdrawn community of Torcurra, difference is perceived as an evil, and those who do not fit neatly within its social norms are shunned or outright abused The characters of Marnie and Raver n are distrusted by the villagers, though for different reasons Marnie for her rumoured complicity in her husband s death, and Raven for his unrealised deafness and subsequent inability to communicate or conduct himself in a manner they deem acceptable But for the local priest, Father Brannan, Marnie and Raven find themselves ostracised from society, living in almost complete isolation.Jordan walks a fine line here by creating main characters that are almost uniformly sympathetic amid a cast of narrow minded fear mongers Even Father Brannan s eventual willingness to bend his moral principles somewhat where they concern Marnie s choices seems dangerously close to making him of an idealised concept than a flawed and realistic character However, Jordan manages to sidestep the problem of too much polarity and too little dimension amid her cast of characters by imbuing her protagonists with the emotional and physical scars of their pasts These are two characters who desperately deserve a measure of happiness, having suffered so much at the hands an unjust society Where Jordan really excels as a storyteller is in her crafting of the relationship that develops between Raven and Marnie While their closeness grows as a by product of their ability to communicate with each other, there s also something to be said for the capacity to empathise that seems inherent in both of them This mutual affinity, a deep understanding of each other s pain, is the tie that really binds Marnie and Raven together The progression of this relationship is handled delicately, and Jordan does not overlook the obstacles that stand in their way, not just in the form of societal opposition, but their own doubts and fears This is particularly so in the case of Marnie, a young woman who suffered emotionally and sexually during her short marriage The role of intimacy based on trust and respect is beautifully explored, the scenes between Marnie and Raven all the poignant for their healing, profound nature Interestingly, while the novel is deliberately vague on its time and location particulars, Jordan bases her portrayal of witch trials and rituals on historical fact These are among the most powerful scenes in the book, such cruelty levied against a young woman simply for being different Despite the message based content of The Raging Quiet, it is not a didactic or overtly moralising novel Rather, Jordan has written a compelling story that speaks eloquently about the effects of prejudice, the transformative power of empathy, and the simple, human need to be heard.

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    The Raging Quiet is a teen oriented mix of The Scarlet Letter, Tess of the D Urbervilles and The Crucible A story of a woman who dares to be different and has to be punished for it.Marnie has had it coming First, she marries a wealthy older man who cares if she does it only to save her family from poverty and moves with him into his decrepit and allegedly cursed house in a seaside village populated by ignorant bigots When Marnie s husband suddenly and accidentally dies, all attention focuses on her You see, she makes a mistake of blaming herself publicly for his death because in a moment of weakness she prayed that her rapy, you will learn to enjoy it husband would leave her alone Marnie s problems only become bigger when she befriends a local devil possessed madman a young fellow who, the young widow learns, is deaf and not crazy She feels compassion towards him and invents a sign language to help him communicate This sign language makes the villagers even suspicious The rumors about the young woman run rampant, especially when her neighbors find out she allows the mad young man live in her home A little push from Marnie s brother in law who has an eye on her inheritance, and all hell breaks loose She is a witch, she is a fallen woman Burn her It is a sad, beautiful, infuriating and surprisingly sensuous story Beauty of the nature and beauty of the budding love between two lonely, peculiar, misunderstood souls are tarnished by intolerance, baseless hatred and cruelty Of course, I cried.

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    I ve been trying to remember the title of this one for years Today I bought a copy of another book by the author, The Anger of Angels, and it mentioned this book on the cover While I had to check to be sure, I knew that I had finally found it I read it it at least 10 years ago, loved it, and clearly it meant enough to me that my inability to remember the title so I could buy my own copy was a persistent bother to me I ll have to find a copy and reread it, but for now I m just so excited to know just what book it is I m looking for

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    Chapter One The afternoon Marnie came to Torcurra, the villagers were whipping the devils out of a mad boy She knew he was mad by the way he cried, his voice high and unnatural, with no words but only strange, wild sounds.Witnessed by the sixteen year old, there was nothing she could do After all, it was her wedding day Her new husband, the much older Isake, stopped their wagon to purchase an ale before heading to their cottage on the beach Marnie watched at a distance while a priest came running to disburse the crowd and untie the young man s hands When I first read The Raging Quiet in 2011, I fell passionately in love with the earthy yet haunting setting, the cautionary Marnie and guarded but playful Raven Both of the young people were outsiders in the small religious community but for different reasons Taking place during medieval times, Ms Jordan balanced this YA tale with toxic suspicions locked into one way of thinking, the repressive views of the sheltered townspeople and a patriarchal philosophy to master women s liberties A priest provided balance All Marnie wanted was for people to accept her After discovering that Raven was not mad, she made it her mission to help him overcome his lack of hearing It wasn t easy and no pun intended, but it fell on deaf ears I am finished with The Raging Quiet and this time I would rate it a solid 4 stars rather than 5 Even though it is not Christian fiction, the religious overtones are felt in each chapter It was the guiding force that shaped the characters I sensed a heartbeat of tangled perspectives I was highly aware of Marnie s youth with her strong opinions and rashness I empathized with Father Brennan s fragility trying to cope as a priest He had no wife or other support but he was expected to fix everyone s problems And Raven I can t imagine what it must have been like for someone with a physical disability to live survive during those tenuous years.

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    I think this book was moon good beautiful The characters grabbed me from the first page and kept my interest all the way through I thought they were well developed and grew in lots of great ways during the course of the story I couldn t read it fast enough, wanting to know what happened next.The characters of Raven and Marnie, both injured in different ways from the world they live in, each struggling to make a life, are people you want to see succeed All the various threads are pulled together by the final pages and the ending was just right.I would recommend this story for adults as well as older teens I know this says it is for children 12 and over but I think it has some very adult themes and situations which would not be suitable for younger teens, in my opinion.I enjoyed this book so much that I didn t want it to end and will look for from Sherryl Jordan I loved it.

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    What a beautiful book I thank my goodreads pals for recommending this gem of a book which takes place a very long time ago, when people believed in witchcraft and faeries.Marnie is a young woman of sixteen years who is forced into marriage with an older man to save her family from certain poverty when her father is struck down by illness and can no longer perform his duties as overseer on their lord s estate.Luke Isherwood, Marnie s husband, is one of the lord s sons and his inheritance is an old, rundown cabin by the sea He is happy with this arrangement because the cabin holds a hidden treasure that will make him richer than a king, and it is to this place that he brings Marnie to start their new life Marnie, young and inexperienced, soon finds marriage to Luke an ordeal and though he is not a cruel man, Luke is neither interterested in making his wife happy nor willing to ease her distress, as he is consumed with the search for treasure.When a horrible fall removes Luke from Marnie s life, it seems that all will be well with Marnie, but for the suspicions of the villagers who believe that Marnie is responsible for Luke s death The fact that she has befriended the town madman, Raver, and has taken him into her home doesn t help Marnie s situation.Sheryl Jordan writes a beautiful story of love and innocence, in the face of hatred, prejudice and ignorance It is a timeless tale that is still relevant as it describes the consequences that arise from gossip, false witness, and a desire to unwittingly commit evil for the sake of justice.This is one little book that you just can t put down Ms Jordan is an exceptionally talented writer who effortlessly draws you into her story, making you care instantly for Marnie, Father Brannan and, most of all, for Raver lovingly renamed Raven by Marnie because she is able to look beyond the obvious into the beauty within unlike her hateful neighbors.A read.

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    A Raging Quiet by Sherryl Jordon is such a flawlessly written novel I was truly captivated by the characters, plot and setting Despite the setting of the novel being historical, the message resonates to any time and place This book is about people s prejudices and ignorance, and about a girl being wrongly accused, where her only crime is being different than others.Marnie is a newlywed girl of sixteen who is taken to a seaside cottage by her husband, Isake, who is than twice her age and a lord s middle son Married for a brief two days, she is left shocked, alone and accused of casting a curse that caused her husband s death Rumors begin to circulate in the village that Marnie is a witch and suspicion grows as she befriends the village mad boy named Raven As Marnie and Raven foster a relationship, she learns that he is not mad at all, but rather unable to communicate because he is deaf Marnie begins to develop a means of communication with him through a series of hand gestures, which the villagers interpret as witchcraft and casting curses As the villagers become unsettled, Marnie is persecuted and wrongly accused.This story was truly magical and enchanting, as the characters and story came to life for me in such a vivid, energetic way The love and friendship between Marnie and Raven was innocent and absolutely beautiful I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages Great read

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    The Raging Quiet is a book I never would have read The cover is juvenile at best, cheesy at worst It s a romance and I m a tomboy Yes sometimes I have girly moments Archer Cross, Peeta Mellark, I m looking at you but I didn t think I could read a straight up romance My friends on goodreads told me to read this book They said it was a romance, but it wasn t that type of romance.They were right.The Raging Quiet is not like the romances I ve avoided The characters are well developed and the romance takes time The story is a historical romance without a specific time period, something that adds to the timeless fairytale feel The story lacks the magic that s normally associated with such myths, relying on realistic events and the chemistry between the two main characters to push the story forward instead of devices like fairy godmothers and cursed apples I like that.The book starts with Marnie leaving her home, wed to Sir William Isherwood s son She s only 16 and he s twice her age She marries for the pragmatic reasons of the past to protect her families livelihood after her father falls ill and to escape the rumors circulating about her This is not glorified or turned into a horror, the book appropriately shows the fears of a reluctant bride without making her husband Isake fully hero or bad guy Her face was striking, with astonishing blue eyes and forthright look that got her into trouble on the farm Various youths, reading her boldness as brazenness had at different times tried to grab her in the hay barn or behind the stables, and been soundly walloped for their trouble Description of Marnie When Marnie arrives at her new home Torcurra they re beating the devils out of the local mad boy It s a chilling image of the times and the town Marnie lives in Two days after her arrival her husband dies and the town, leery of anyone different or unknown, becomes suspicious.Facing a town that doesn t like or understand her, Marnie doesn t cower but continues to do what she thinks is right regardless of the consequences She befriends the local madman, a young man who grunts and rages, but is unable to communicate The villagers think he s possessed by demons but he reminds Marnie of her sick father In some ways Marnie is too good to be true, too good for the world that she lives in, but that s part of what makes her such a lovable heroine She s sweet and kind, with a rare empathetic heart that she always follows That s why she helps the madman and it s one of the truest examples of Christian love I ve ever seen in a novel This isn t a Christian novel but it s set in a Christian time period village Even the town priest learns from Marnie s example Though the madman scares her, she also pities him, understands his isolation and eventually tries to find ways to communicate with him.I worry that talking much about Raven would be considered spoilers But this is as much his story as Marnie s and I really admire what the author has done with his character She s created a believable character with a disability and plopped him into a time period that is unwilling to accept him Once you understand Raven, his fits of anger and confusion are completely understandable I ll leave it at that and let you discover Raven on your own.Calling The Raging Quiet a romance doesn t seem to do this book justice Yes there is a love story at it s center But for me romance has become a dirty word in books This book isn t about love at first site or long overwrought crushes It s about the friendship that blossoms between two people and over time becomes something To me that s what love is It s not this flashy, sparkly, mopey or otherwise unbelievable stuff we normally see in books It s friendship that grows until it s so big there aren t words to describe it any.In some ways this book is as much about friendship and kindness as love That s what I feel like most romances are lacking That s what pulled me in and made this book different It s a simple story, but a believable story The relationship builds naturally and nothing ever feels forced.I m glad that people pushed me to read this book I ll probably always be leery of romance novels, but this book proves that sometimes a story can surpass it s label This book worked because it gave me what I want from EVERY book likable main characters, believable character development and a story that deserves to be told Hope you guys like the expanded review I hope it does the book justice Original review because people liked it Yes everyone was right This book was very good I apparently can read a romance But this is romance was sweet genuine, not forced, mopey or love at first sight It built from pity, to friendship to something Why don t people try to write stories like that I will try to give this a proper review It deserves that But it was a lovely read Thanks Catie for telling me to read it