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This book told the story of a deaf man who worked at a newspaper factory There were other deaf workers, but there were also hearing ones and they couldn t communicate with each other One day, a fire started and the deaf workers ran to the hearing ones to get their attention so they could get the others out In the end, the hearing ones put forth an effort to communicate with the deaf workers and told them thank you It was a really cute story that had my mom crying at the end. This was a real life story of a deaf printer who was able to save his coworkers from a fire that started in the printing press The printer s coworkers didn t treat the printer as kindly as they should have, except after he was able to alert everyone of the fire This book features disability but portrays it as a strength, showing how the printer overcame his challenges with his coworkers The author describes his father being deaf but being able to feel vibrations and thumps This is a great addition to your library to show diversity and inclusion. As A Boy, My Father Learned To Speak With His Hands As A Man, He Learned How To Turn Lead Type Letters Into Words And Sentences My Father Loved Being A Printer Each Day In S New York A Young Boy Watches As His Father Goes To Work In The Noisy Newspaper Printing Factory But The Boy S Father Only Feels The Machines Loud Pounding And Rumbling As Vibrations Through The Soles Of His Shoes He Is Deaf Although His Father Communicates With A Few Other Deaf Printers Through His Hands, He Feels Largely Ignored By His Hearing Co Workers But When A Silent Deadly Fire Erupts, It Is Up To The Father To Warn And Save His Coworkers, Even When They Cannot Hear Him Over The PrintersMyron Uhlberg Draws On His Own Experiences As The Hearing Son Of Deaf Parents To Create This Dramatic, Evocative Story That Reflects A Respect For Deaf Culture And The Unique Gifts Each Individual Possesses Historical Details Are Deftly Rendered And Brought To Life In Henri S Renson S Extraordinary Paintings That Dramatize And Illuminate The Powerful Text This is picture book was written by a CODA which means Child Of a Deaf Adult, the child usually can hear This is a story about his father and has bits of his connection to him This depicts a loving father and successful Deaf man It shows his courage, bravery, and loyalty to his fellow workers I will not spoil why.Printing newspapers has been one of the most popular professions for Deaf people especially during World War two when most hearing men went overseas to fight Also, before that during the Great Depression printing was one of the highest paid professions at the time despite the slumped economy I liked learning about why printers wore these newspaper hats I didn t know that there was a functional purpose to this hat Apparently, it protected the worker s hair from the particles of ink sprayed into the air. This is a good story about a deaf mute printer who notices that the building is on fire but does not know how to alert everyone to get out of the building Apparently there are other deaf mutes there, so he jumps up on top of some big piece of machinery and signs to them to alert everyone around them Then all the deaf people make sure everyone else is out, and they leave last It was a great story except this part seemed a bit awkward Maybe I m sheltered but I ve just never been around so many deaf people at one time that they could come together and save the day like that not to mention that the sign for fire is pretty freakin obvious and all he had to do once he got everyone s attention was point, so why is this all Chain of Deaf Dudes Save The Day Anyway, so everyone gets out alive, and once the printer is reopened, all the coworkers who formerly ignored or made fun of him greet him warmly with sign language that they ve learned in his honor.I give it four stars because it s a good story and I m all about breaking down barriers, but this one felt a little too staged. Superb book, Its is very infromative for all the reader.I can also refer this link This book is quite diverse in many ways The only round characters in the book are the little boy and his father His father happens to be deaf and it shows the struggle of living without the ability to hear or speak This book is touching and unique because there are not many like it This would be appropriate for grade levels 3 5 for a read aloud This would be a great book to read during teaching about dissabilities and how people deal with them in everyday situations The book doesn t have much thought provoking vocabulary but does have compound sentence structure. This slice of history is worth reading on many levels it reveals a time when printing presses ruled the media, when they were often run by those profoundly deaf due to the massive sound they produced, and a time when normal and handicapped were not politically incorrect terms This offers readers of any age an insight into the blatant bullying that adults can and did display, as well as the integrity and courage that makes people rise above abuse to do what is right. Main character has to literally save all of their lives before his coworkers will bother to learn how to say the most basic things in ASL, like thank you. The author writes a realistic story of a child whose father is deaf The deaf father works to support the family at the local large town newspaper as a printer Printing presses are very large and very loud machines The father is not the only deaf employee working the printing presses It is a good job for the deaf since the machines are so loud But the deaf can feel the rumbling of the machines vibrating in the floors of the building.The son is obviously very proud of his father and the fact that his father prints the newspaper He describes the hat that his father creates daily out of the day s newsprint It is called a four corner hat and all the printers wear them.The day of the story involves the dad discovering a fire has broken out in the building He must alert the others but he can not speak or shout to alert them this is indicative of many totally deaf because their lack of hearing has impaired their speaking ability He speaks with his hands to other deaf workers who eventually get the message conveyed along to the hearing workers Much is lost in the building but all escape with their lives The story is fiction but is based on a real newspaper fire and is written based on experiences of the author s own The author Myron Uhlberg is the child of two non hearing parents.There are End notes at the end of the book that give insight into the real life of the deaf and the world of printing There are even instructions for folding your own four corner hat out of newspaper.This story is good for introducing young readers to the world of the deaf individuals with whom they might someday interact It will give a foundation of understanding and respect for them as constructive members of society who contribute to the world in which we live.The illustrations are boldly painted in subtle tones and beautifully illustrate the people, the place, and the pivotal action of the story Author Illustrator Myron Uhlberg is the author of several picture books A retired businessman, he lives in California Henri Sorensen has illustrated over twenty books for children, including The Yellow Star, The Printer, and Christmas in the Trenches He is also the author illustrator of two children s books, New Hope and Your First Step Sorensen lives in Denmark.DISCLOSURE I was provided a complimentary copy of The Printer by Peachtree Publishing on behalf of the author to facilitate an honest review.