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Monty Roberts Is A Real Life Horse Whisperer An American Original Whose Gentle Training Methods Reveal The Depth Of Communication Possible Between Man And Animal He Can Take A Wild, High Strung Horse Who Has Never Before Been Handled And Persuade That Horse To Accept A Bridle, Saddle, And Rider In Minutes His Powers May Seem Like Magic, But His Amazing Horse Sense Is Based On A Lifetime Of Experience Roberts Started Riding At The Age Of Two, And At The Age Of He Went Alone Into The High Deserts Of Nevada To Study Mustangs In The Wild What He Learned There Changed His Life Forever In The Man Who Listens To Horses, He Tells About His Early Days As A Rodeo Rider In California, His Violent Horse Trainer Father, Who Was Unwilling To Accept Monty S Unconventional Training Methods, His Friendship With James Dean, His Struggle To Be Accepted In The Professional Horse Training Community, And The Invitation That Changed His Life To Demonstrate His Method Of Join Up To The Queen Of England From His Groundbreaking Work With Horses, Roberts Has Acquired An Unprecedented Understanding Of Nonverbal Communication, An Understanding That Applies To Human Relationships As Well He Has Shown That Between Parent And Child, Employee And Employer He S Worked With Over Corporations, Including General Motors, IBM, Disney, And Merrill Lynch , And Abuser And Abused, There Are Forms Of Communication Far Stronger Than The Spoken Word And That They Are Accessible To All Who Will Learn To Listen

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    As a horse owner, I have a HUGE problem with so called gurus I ve seen to many people who follow one guru this week, the next one next week, all without any regard for what their horse needs and certainly without ever questioning the guru s methods.Roberts is not really one of those people I d call a guru Sure, he sells, but then, everyone s gotta make a living But in everything I read from him and about him, I had the feeling that he cares first of all about the horses unlike gurus , who care mostly about their money and brand.Roberts books and methods may not have been as groundbreaking in Germany as they were in the states, but they mark nonetheless a time where the voice PRO horsemanship started to get stronger No, he isn t the only one, and he isn t the first, but, justified or not, his name is inseparably attached to the horsemanship movement, and because of that alone, I think everyone who is interested in horses should read at least one of his books.As for his method, well, here we come back to the guru thing You are dealing with horses That means, you have to carefully rethink everything you hear or read and see if it applies to your particuar situation and horse If I were to start join up with my horse, I d probably traumatize the poor guy once and for all he has just reached a point where he trusts me implicitely That doesn t mean we can t learn from Roberts, but that s the thing you have to THINK, not just follow No one, not Roberts, not any other expert, guru or not, has THE method that will magically make you and your horse the best team ever But you can probably learn from all of them, if you think about what they are doing.Nonetheless, I found Roberts experiences and perspective interesting and thought provoking, and I certainly learned something from reading it It s one of the few, really important books in horsemanship, and, I m repeating myself, everyone who has a horse or deals with horses should read it.Just, think, before you act on what you read that should go without saying, shouldn t it

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    This is one of those life changing books It s really about 4.8 9 in how I d rate it for readability, but the star system doesn t allow for that.The work of a man clearly of fierce intelligence but minimal formal education, the prose is rough and honest as a cowboy s hands and tells the tale of an extraordinary life and the rediscovery of something as world changing as the internal combustion engine the ability to believe things other than humans have something worthwile to say, and to hear it.To illustrate, this is a man who can break in start , as he terms it a horse in under an hour and is willing to share his methods with everyone, though it took the Queen s favour to bring them to light after decades of derision in his native California Recommended to anyone who s ever fought against institutionalised and or domestic violence and anyone who s been told that s not possible or that their nonhuman friend is just a _____.

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    This book was the catalyst for change in the way in which i rode, handled and understood horses and for that i have to give thanks to Monty Roberts who introduced me into the world of effective communication, natural horsemanship and the proper understanding of these magnificent animals I was gripped from page 1 to page 374 hence being unable to put this book down even for a few minutes i finished reading it in under a week, and being that i am naturally a very slow reader this occourance was testimont to Monty s great writing style that was conversational, down to earth and utterly captivating througout We have all herd of the horse whisperer fictional story or the tales of those who speak to horses but here Monty Roberts demonsrates how this is done in practise, that is effective and not in any way mockery or trickery at work Any experianced horseman can if they so wish demonstrate to an audience tricks that can be done on or with horses, but here is a method that can be used done sucsessfully with anyone and thier horse and this book explains how Monty came to understand the horse so that the horse could then understand him It is an extrordinary read that when Monty speaks , the wisdom born of a tough and immensely varied life comes floating out of him, that is utterly spellbinding, enriching and can change a readers life or at least thier understanding of the horse human relationship Horses are domesticated animals and with todays mechanicalism of the horse in riding school environments one can forget the animals origin history and this book as a concequence brings one back down to earth I saw a film of Monty Roberts taming a wild mustang called Shy Boy which completely transformed me my understanding in so many ways, hence i was not only speechless but my entire view on the horse changed For any equestrian this book is such an insightful read and i urge you to look at it even if you are not into the natural horsemanship way as such, because as an indavidual Monty is an increadible horseman with such an extrordinary life that is filled with highs, lows, ups downs and that will leave you sitting on the egde of your seat thinking wow He is an increadible source of knowlege and experiance that knows everything about horses inside out, and i would not hesitate to pick this little book up again.

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    I read this book in a week, in the midst of reading another book and a very hectic work and holiday schedule If I had no other obligations, I would have read it in one sitting Monty Roberts is a gifted story teller who can not only decipher horses body language, but then communicate it in a captivating and clear way to others Roberts regales with vignettes of his relationships with memorable horses like the mustang herds he spent two summers with, his childhood show horses Brownie and Ginger, and Johnny Tivio, his beloved quarter horse He brings to life the essence of why he loved and learned from each, but without any sappy sentimentality or cloying diatribes of affection In short, his autobiography contrasts cruelty and kindness in both humans and animals, and justifies his resolve to find a enlightened way to communicate More than a series of horse stories, he recounts a full life, delving into complex family dynamics, his work experiences, and his tenure in the school of hard knocks His story is the story of an American growing up during the Second World War and coming of age in the fifties Japanese internment camps, James Dean, the sport of kings, and the civil rights movement all play roles in his tale It is so much than a horse story it is the story of how a gifted young man took one of the most ancient cross species relationships and pioneered a whole new way to engage In an ever increasingly urbanized world where the horse has become all but obsolete, Roberts found his niche and made his fortune with man s oldest ally And his fortune has become our fortune.Endorsed by millionaires, Hollywood and the Queen of England, Roberts never knew the approval of his own father His tale is engaging, heartbreaking, inspiring, and above all, enlightening It makes us believe that we can do better than our predecessors and achieve than they ever dared, both for ourselves and those who share this planet.

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    I was out in the country over Christmas and talked to some folks who have owned and or worked with horses.They were very familiar with Monty Roberts and have used his techniques to great advantage.I was afraid that Monty s techniques were too good to be true.It turns out that they are too good and too true I will now start my collection of everything he has written.

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    If you love horses you ll love what this man has done for the horse world He is amazing

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    I found this book by accident because I was looking in the wrong section of the library for another book for someone else I m so glad I did Not only was it an engaging account of an extraordinary life, it was a clear, simple articulation of a method for creating connection and trust with a horse I ve recently taken a course on taming mustangs that was based on Applied Behavioral Analysis ABA principles The aim of this method is the humane training of horses and other animals based on gaining trust and then teaching using the behaviorist methods of Skinner and Pavlov to pair positive stimuli with the training process It s interesting and effective, but I found that when I was studying the process, it seemedconvoluted Like it was complicated than it had to be.When I read Monty Roberts s method, I saw what was missing He speaks to the horses using their own language, not our complex vocabulary of psychological terms Having spent so much time observing mustangs in the wild and understanding how they interact for example, how a matriarch mare disciplines the problematic behavior of a young colt Roberts was able to learn how to make a connection with horses in terms that they understand There s a part where he talks about a tutor he had when he was young, who says that you can t teach someone anything, you can only create an environment where he can learn That is what strikes me as the difference between the ABA approach I studied and Roberts approach Instead of repetitive, scientifically constructed scenarios aimed at getting the horse to do what you want, Roberts method is essentially a conversation It s saying to the horse, Trust me I ll take care of you, when the horse is at his most vulnerable After he trusts you, he ll willingly want to learn Starting a horse from scratch has always been my dream Reading this book makes me long for the opportunity to do that even .

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    Monty Roberts The Man Who Listens to Horses proved to be one of the most exciting additions to the field of equine human inter communication It destroyed the myth that horses need to be forced into submission to get them to do the bidding of humans Through his teachings, Monty Roberts has taught thousands of people that the best way to interact with a horse is to learn its language that the key to a good, stress free relationship between man and horse is to study the communication system of the horse and to use that knowledge in any human equine relationship Monty Roberts helped people understand that dominance is not the answer and that working with a horse through understanding it produces a far happier result for man and animal.This seminal work has helped people better interact with all sorts of animals and, today, we have books, blogs, vlogs and classes given by people almost worldwide on how to improve understanding of, and communication with, dogs, cats, birds and many other creatures The Man Who Listens to Horses proved invaluable reading and couldn t be highly recommended.

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    Very readable memoir by Monty Roberts about his life with horses He grew up with horses, and watched many horses being broken by his father and others He always believed there was a better, humane way, and he invented it It involved communicating with the horse studying, understanding and speaking the horse s body language Using his method which he clearly describes in the book there s no magic here he is able to convince a horse in half an hour to allow itself to be ridden There are a lot of stories in this book about individual horses and their challenges and successes It s entertaining and Monty Roberts has gone far in the world His expertise is sought all over the world The Queen of England invites him to her castle for a week from time to time My only complaint is that the story is so focused on horses, you don t really get a good sense of who Monty Roberts is in any other arena of his life He s got three kids, but he barely mentions them in this book He talks about his wife, but only about who she is as a horsewoman Maybe there isn t to Monty Roberts maybe he is a 24 hour a day horseman, and maybe he doesn t interact with his kids or wife beyond horses I d like to know that he was a better father than his own father was to him, and that fatherhood meant something to him beyond not beating his children.

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    Riveting and instructive tale about a man whose identity and self esteem do not depend on him feeling ascendant, either to other people or the animal kingdom He pays the greatest respect he can by quietly and with reverence observing his subjects behaviour within their natural setting, and learning how to speak their language I kept thinking as I read that Monty s methods would serve human relationships as well as those with horses When I read the Afterward, written by Lawrence Scanlan, I learned that Monty and his wife Pat fostered many children in desperate need of his love, and his light and knowing touch I was struck by Monty s modesty in not mentioning this himself The book met my every yearning for a transformation theme Long may this extraordinary man live and teach.