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10 thoughts on “Tennis Shoes: The Lost Scrolls (Tennis Shoes, #6)

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    I find that Heimerdinger’s formula is starting to tire me. A significant number of the decisions that the characters make seem to have no other reason than to place them in the best position to observe some recorded historical event or meet some famous person.

    Meagan now sounds exactly like Melody did in the previous books. She even says things like “the good part… that is the part about me,” which is annoying and totally out of character for the mouthy, rebellious, Goth girl of the previous book.

    People in Heimerdinger’s books seem incapable of meeting a person of the opposite sex without falling hopelessly in love. Meagan meets a Centurion named Apollus Brutus Severillus (a really cool name), who happens to be the only Roman soldier who is competent, and is immediately convinced that he is the man of her dreams. In fact two days later she laments that it might tear her heart in two to leave him. At least Harry spends more than two days with Mary before he is willing to declare his undying love. This wouldn’t be so unrealistic – teenagers develop crushes on people quite frequently – if any of them ever got over it. Sometimes years will pass without any of the characters seeing or hearing from each other and they will still spend their days pining away in the hopes that they will see each other again.

    I guess the whole thing just starts to feel really melodramatic and contrived to me. Nobody ever sees their old boy/girlfriend after x number of years to discover that they have moved on. Much hijinx ensue but in the end the character that is telling the story always ends up with the person whom they most obsess over.

    This is getting into uncharted territory here – I really don’t remember the books from here out and the next one is the last one that I’ve read before – but it feels to me that Heimerdinger is slipping a little. The stories are still full of grand adventure and great historical and scriptural detail. This book was fun but frustrating. That frustrating bit of saccharine tidiness that puts every character where they are the happiest in the end is what I find to be the biggest detriment to these books being really good rather than generally entertaining.

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    OK, let me get this straight. Harry at the age of 15 goes back in time and gets stuck in ancient Greece for three years. But only 6 months has passed in modern time. So, Harry comes back after being gone for 6 months and is suddenly three years older. This doesn’t raise any eyebrows? He than decides to go serve his mission. Hold on, even though he has aged 3 years he is still only legally 15 or 16. Shouldn’t his Bishop be a little confused? Oh, and what ever happened to high school? I guess Harry has decided that he doesn’t need to go to high school. I mean, maybe his girlfriend from ancient Israel who has no education, job skills or any papers allowing her to legally work in this country can support them when they decide to get married. Come on Heimerdinger; you could drive a tank through some of these plot holes.
    This book proves once and for all that Covenant Communication will publish any piece of dreck as long as it is LDS based no matter how badly written it is.

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    As always, Chris Heimerdinger does it again. I am really enjoying this series.

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    I would suggest this book to anyone who has started the series. Even if they didn’t like the ones before, they need to read this one. It changes it up a lot by doing it from Jim’s son’s perspective. I really like how the prologue started with Harry finding his dad and then disappearing again. This book moves really fast compared by the others ones because of the dire situation the characters are in. Chris Heimerdinger does a great job of splitting this story into two books. He ended it right when it seemed like it was just the beginning of the main part of the story, which it was. But Heimerdinger keeps you engaged all the way through even though the adventure was just beginning. He also really captures the attitude fo a 15 year old when he writes from Harry’s perspective. I really felt like I could relate to him and that really made the book enjoyable. The book also makes you feel like your a part of the situation too. You feel the urgency of Harry’s quest. You feel relieved when he is relieved. You feel annoyed when he is annoyed. This book really brings the excitement back to the series. It kinda renewed the series with its page turning storyline. I recommend this book to anyone who loves this series and wants to continue reading it.

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    This is another great story in the Tennis Shoes series. Harry and Meagan wrap up their work in the Holy Land and surrounding provinces. They learn about and preserve ancient scripture. They also increase the strength of their testimonies.

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    Definitely the best of the three I've read. It's fun to have Meagan's perspective.

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    He’s are all entertaining but none of them are as good as the first one.

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    Excellent way of learning about post resurrection Israel and the Roman Empire. Phenomenal storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to stop.

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    My family and I are reading theses books together and we are loving them. This was another great book in the series.

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    Megan's story at made the one worth reading. She's really the strongest character in the series.