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Doctor Rikki Kinn is one of the world's best virus hunters It's for that reason she's in the Congo working for the CDC But when mercenaries attempt to take her life to prevent her from investigating a new and deadly plague her boss calls in a favor from an old friend the only one who can helpAfrica a land of lush veldts and roaring falls untamed splendor and primal fury Amiri's home where he was raised to race as a cheetah to wake with the sun It is also a land of lingering nightmare where he was kidnapped and experimented upon by the evil group named the Consortium Now against his better judgement Amiri has been asked to return to his homeland by his colleagues in Dirk Steele men who are friends and brothers who like himself are than human He must protect a woman who is the target of murderers who has unwittingly involved herself in a conflict that threatens not only the lives of millions but Amiri's own soul and his heart

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    5 Stars I've got jungle feverI've got jungle fever Dr Rikki Kinn; a special opps scientist for the CDC is sent blindly into the Congo Jungle to determine why thousands are dying within hours of each otherAmiri's a shape shifting leopard that's been sent to protect her at all cost even if it means with his life Rikki and Amiri are both cold and scared to the core by circumstances in their past and they trust no one But now that their next breath their very survival is dependent on each other they concede and decide the only way to get out alive is to give in to emotions they long ago swore to never feel againYou all know I rarely hand out a 5 Star but when I do it's gooooood This jungle's temperature rises the minute these two come face to face and I promise you you'll never want this one to endI know I sure didn't

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    I just need to say two things up front regarding this book #1 If you aren't familiar with Liu's 'Dirk Steele' series you will be oh so lost trying to figure out what's going on in this book If it sounds interesting you really need to start with either book 1 or 2 book order to follow at end#2 Can I just say WOW So much was going on in this book The Consortium is still around and getting ever 'badder' and the Dirk Steele operatives are hanging in thereThis book is the story of Amiri a jaguar shifter and Rikki a human doctor for the CDC Center for Disease Control who chases down the cause of viralbacterial outbreaks The story begins with a bang and the action is non stop until the very end Amiri has some serious trust issues as does Rikki They are on the run pretty early on and must learn to trust each other completely or they won't survive very edge of your seat Although this series began with books that had romance there is now suspense I would have liked to have seen just a little regarding the AmiriRikki story thus the 4 rating but still enjoyed it from first to lastA little backstory Dirk Steele is an organization consisting of people with some type of paranormal ability Elena can heal there are shifters of all types fire starters mind readersjust about anything you can think of They step in when normal humans can't or won't OR if the person in trouble is 'special' like them Each of the characters begins life feeling a misfit and their stories of finding a place to call home friends and love are fabulous I'm already waiting for book #8Books#1 Tiger Eye#2 Shadow Touch#3 Red Heart of Jade#4 A Dream of Stone and Shadow in Dark Dreamers#5 Eye of Heaven#6 Soul Song#7 The Last Twilight#8 The Wild Road July08there's also a preuel Where the Heart Lives in the anthology My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon

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    This book was an action packed thrilling read The first chapter started the book out with a bang and easily captured my attention Rikki the heroine is a virus hunter for the CDC She's sent to Zaire on a hush hush mission to identify an extremely dangerous virus She goes in blind with no clue about the particulars of the disease She's just told that she must reach that village Dangers are already high because of the worry of the rebels but Rikki is given even to worry about when she receives vague warnings about the mission she's assigned to Amiri Eddie and Max find themselves sent to protect Rikki after their boss Roland has a friend call in a favor Amiri is uneasy about returning to a place so similar to his home Kenya but he goes anyway None of them expected to find themselves on the run in the Congo The Last Twilight brings back a lot of familiar faces from the second book in the series Shadow Touch Amiri escaped the Consortium alongside Elena Artur and Rictor in that book and it's interesting to see the effects of that storyline bleed into this one I wouldn't say that this book would be impossible to read on its own but I firmly believe that the Dirk Steele books are best read in order If you skip around you'll miss out on seeing a lot of the character motivations worldbuilding and story arc complexity Rikki and Amiri were great protagonists One of the things I love about this author is how real she makes her characters She gives them a nice balance of strengths and vulnerabilities and although she doesn't make them superheroes impervious from harm she gifts them with a viscous will to survive Rikki stays true to her human nature being slower than Amiri and less capable in a fight but she is not afraid to get her hands dirty Just like Amiri she has been a captive and she will do anything to keep from going back to that The romance between Rikki and Amiri had a dreamy romanticism to it that I enjoyed It built uietly without any Big Misunderstandings or dramatic scenes to take away from the slow sweet journey they took toward trust and acceptance The uncertainty of their situation as they ran from danger added enough drama on its own Anything else would have felt like too much They both feared trusting each other and struggled to overcome their hesitance I loved how natural it all felt Their fear was understandable and that made their determination to overcome it all the sweeter They didn't push each other to get over it they both made the personal decision that they had to find a way to open themselves up As Amiri saidFor us both it is hard We are too used to hiding But we cannot hide from each other I could not live that way and neither could youI really loved what the author did with Eddie and Rictor Eddie has always seemed like the most vulnerable member of Dirk Steele so it was nice to see of his personality here I am curious but worried about what will be on the horizon for him after this Rictor is a constant favorite of mine in this series He walks a fine line between good guy and bad guy and I'm never uite sure which side he falls on on any given day I find him fascinating and continually try to guess what exactly he is We finally got a peek inside him as he revealed a rarely seen vulnerable side I'm sure it won't last for long but I can't wait to see where the events of this book will leave him The pace of the book moves uickly but the romance never suffers for it Liu skillfully weaves the growing bond between Rikki and Amiri with the intense action without making the reader feel shortchanged on either The plot will keep your attention glued to the pages as you sweat over the safety of the characters right alongside them Amiri Eddie and Rikki uickly find themselves on the run and between the danger of the virus the rebels and the Consortium you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat wondering how they're going to get out of the situation alive If you haven't read this series you're missing out Liu combines the worldbuilding of a UF and the romance of a PNR What's not to love? Favorite uoteRictor grunted I can't believe you just uoted Shakespeare at meIt seemed appropriateHe was a mouth breather and his farts smelled like onionsAmiri closed his eyes You just ruined meMy pleasure

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    The 7th Dirk Steele novel published in 2008 has Amiri a shape shifter who runs as a cheetah and is a well liked character that appears in several of the previous books in this series finding love But he certainly has a lot of trouble with it Dr Rikki Kinn doesn’t know anything about the fantastic side of the agents of Dirk Steele that have been sent to protect her The Consortium are still doing their evil deeds and this time she’s one of their targets “The Last Twilight” is a well crafted story that explores of what The Consortium are up to and tells a nice love story at the same time

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    This book follows Amiri and Dr RikkiShe is studying a virus in the Congo but he is tasked with her protectionEvents threaten them and Eddie is put in dangerRickor helps by at a great costBroker reveals that he is immortal but perhaps a beheading plus cremation might stop himWe meet Amiri’s father and discover he has a daughter whom Broker had stolen after killing her mother as a way of controlling himThe creation of a massive national park with only a few rangers ensures that a facility deep in the jungle is secureDean assists help to arriveMore offspring from the Magi creating trouble and falling in loveEven though the stories contain elements that are fantasy there is just enough plausibility in some scenarios that keep me coming back for in this series

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    Amiri the cheetah shapeshifter’s story He Max and Eddie are sent to Zaire to protect and a help CDC doctor discover the cause of a mysterious plague which just happens to be happening in the middle of a war zoneA love to hate member of the Consortium shows up again along with a very unexpected family member In fact the relationships both by family and affiliation become very confusingFootnote 1 These stories go all over not like others that stick close to one country or two They’re Zaire this timeFave scenes escaping the crocodile the explosion of fire discovering Rictor’s sacrifice and the little cheetah cub

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    Too long since I read the other Dirk and Steele I don’t remember who Rictor is who Blue is Any of the business from Russia Otherwise this book is hella slow for a book with so much speedy running around

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    This was certainly a wild ride of a book I enjoyed it uite a bit

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    Just when I think this series can't get any better Liu puts one out like this This was an action packed thriller that had me sitting at the edge of my seat several timesRikki is a virus hunter doing work in the Congo because of her past she unknowingly becomes the target of two men who want information from her Both want her alive and are willing to go to extreme measures to ensure that she's taken captive Rikki was a pretty kick ass character She's emotionally and psychically scarred which has caused her to take a rather jaded outlook on life But despite her pragmatic approach to things you can still tell she's a rather compassionate person She's also no slouch in a pinch despite being a human character among the supernatural This is one of the things that I adore about Liu's books Her heroines come across as real people They have issues but they're willing to do what they have to in order to survive For instance when Rikki is cornered by a bad guy in the beginning she stabs him in the eye with a freakin syringe in order to get away That's ballsy manBecause a bunch of men want Rikki her boss has hired Dirke Steele to be her body guards Amiri a cheetah shifter and Eddie a guy who can light things on fire with his mind are dispatched for the job Amiri and Rikki both have some interesting pasts and as they get to know each other you know exactly why feel a connection with each other They know how to relate to what has happened to the other and its wonderful to see a relationship in a romance where you completely understand why the two characters are drawn to each other One of the things that made this story so compelling for me was the Congo setting The majority of the action is our heroes running for their lives through the jungle with two different pursuers on their tail It really added to the suspense because they were isolated with not way of contacting anyone who might be able to help them The jungle also added a level of creepiness in the forest has eyes kind of way I just loved it My only regret about this book is that I haven't read the series in order I was all over the place with these books reading the ones that sounded the most interesting to me first While these can be read as stand alones there's a story arc that runs through the whole series Some of the nuances of that arc were lost on me as I've read the stories out of order I usually have to stop and think about what's happened or has yet to happen in the story in order to center myself So I would say if you can read these books in orderI would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for an action packed urban fantasy with a strong love story threaded through it

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    Marjorie M Liu's 'The Last Twilight' is the 7th instalment in her successful Dirk Steele paranormal series This book covers the story of Doctor Rikki Kinn – a virus hunter in the Congo – and Amiri a shapeshifter sent to protect her as she investigates the outbreak of a new and virulent plagueWorking in a camp where everyone is dead is bad enough but things go from bad to worse when mercenaries descend on the camp to kidnap RikkiRikki and Amiri escape into the jungle; discover the plague may not be what they'd first thought and then get captured by the Consortium an organisation dedicated to preying on anyone who can further their evil agendaThis is an excellent addition to the Dirk Steele series Liu ratchets up the tension chapter by chapter right up to the showdown at the end The tension draws you along making it a difficult to put the book down as you know that any happy ending will not be easily achieved and you want to read 'just one chapter' to find out what happens nextRikki's character is a compelling mix of strength and fragility as she tries to deal with events around her Her determination to keep going really comes through in Liu's vivid descriptions and I found myself rooting for her bravado in the face of overwhelming oppositionI also enjoyed learning of Amiri's past – before he joined the Dirk Steele agency – as it gave insight into the basis for his contained character and highlighted the struggle he went through in opening up to Rikki The relationship between Amiri and Rikki was immensely satisfying Two lost souls neither as broken as they think they are each refusing to give up on the other even when the odds seem so far against them that they can't possibly win freeThe individual storyline is resolved but there are enough threads left hanging in the series' story arc to be carried forward to the next novel so readers will have a satisfying conclusion as well as being left with teasing thoughts as to what will happen next – and to whomI thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal shapeshifter romances where good triumphs after a hard won battle and love wins out in the end If you haven't read any of the Dirk Steele books I would recommend starting with the first 'Tiger Eye' and working your way through the series It's well worth it