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'Your rebellion has not gone unnoticed'Anticipating her wedding vows and then breaking off the engagement has left Kate Montague's social status in tatters She hides her hurt at her family's disapproval behind a resolutely optimistic façade but one thing really grates For a fallen woman she knows shockingly little about passionCould Virgil Jackson be the man to teach her? A freed slave turned successful businessman his striking good looks and lethally restrained power throw normally composed Kate into a tailspin She's already scandalised society but succumbing to her craving for Virgil would be the most outrageous thing Kate's done by far

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    A Regency era interracial romance? Sounds intriguing but ultimately I was disappointed in this book The hero is an amazing man who worked his way out of bondage and has become a wealthy businessman in Boston The heroine is the daughter of a duke whose reputation has been ruined She is also a free thinking abolitionist She meets Virgil when he is in England meeting with that country's leading abolitionists The attraction is strong and immediate but In HR there's always a but Here you would expect all sorts of complications relating to racial differences; even abolitionists didn't 'want their daughters to marry one' This topic however is barely mentioned and ultimately the story is not much different from what it would have been if Virgil was a white American businessman wanting to carry off a duke's daughter to America

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    I was particularly looking forward to this book because it's about a relationship between a freed slave and a Duke's daughter I thought that an ambitious and interesting idea and I applaud Marguerite Kaye for attempting it I think overall she succeeded Being a category romance she had only a short space in which to fit the story and she brings in prejudice the famous abolitionists of the period and the horrors of being a slave considered incorrigible Of course I also have problems with it It seems odd to me that the hero could even with the support of his former master turned business partner become a wealthy man in his own right and keep that wealth after his partner's death Virgil the hero says that he is a member of Boston society but not many years after this story is set Boston was the setting for some violent race riots and I have difficulty imagining that the pressures that triggered those riots weren't already extant Of course we are made aware that he is very careful not to offend with the wives and daughters of that society While Virgil mostly socializes with abolitionists in England he doesn't seem to be an abolitionist himself at least not with their fervor He doesn't do public speaking nor does he write poetry or essays on any social issue His focus is on building schools and libraries for freed slaves but it is a uiet ambitionKate has lost her reputation and so is not welcome in polite societyat least until Virgil brings her back into fashion which is a stretch beyond my ability to suspend disbelief They attend a local assembly together with no chaperone and yet by the end of it she's been greeted by most of her neighbors with civility at least The man's rich but his wealth is not coming to anyone in the neighborhood He has no political or social power in their insular community He accompanies a fallen woman He's a former slave I'm pretty sure all those things would have turned the situation ugly rather than otherwise even in a romance novel There's a touch of jungle fever going on in Kate's admiration of Virgil at least at first but the heroine does come to recognize the ualities of the man underneath his physical attributes and skin colorOverall I think the story worked as long as you're willing to visit this other rather nicer world which we often do when reading a regency romance that doesn't bring in these important issues

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    I really loved this It wasn't perfect by any means and yet Kate and Virgil's love story spoke to meAs for whether or not it's realistic I'll just say that who is looking for realism in a Mills Boon book? And that I've not seen any calls of unrealistic for the previous two books a duke's son falling in love with a foundling vicar's daughter and a duke's nephew marrying a maid so I can only think that it has something to do with Virgil's race So Don't

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    I cannot deny that I adore historical romance The beautiful clothes the manners the propriety I love it all I’m not oblivious to the obvious issues with plumbing but I find the idea of literary time travel delicious especially between the covers of a well written book And this is an extremely well written book Lady Katherine Montague Kate is a strong independent woman who has had to weather her fair share of heartbreak and difficulty Maligned by her former fiancé she finds herself firmly outside popular society entertained and welcomed by a small yet loving group of friends who are unafraid of being tainted by association Determined never to marry she pours herself into her philanthropic endeavours determined to carve out a life that has meaning Virgil Jackson was born into slavery Bought freed educated he has worked hard to achieve great success in the States Now on a visit to England to broker a deal with Josiah Wedgewood renowned abolitionist and son of the famous potter Virgil is the talk of society His easy manner and exotic looks have made him a popular dinner guest accepted into all the great houses – a position as far removed from his start in life as he could ever have imagined Both Kate and Virgil are slaves in their own way Virgil uite literally and yet despite his success he is still enslaved by his past Kate is a slave to society to the very propriety which dictates her place as a woman Exchanging ideas revelling in challenging each other they find that they are wonderfully matched but their relationship will shock society The only uestion is will it all be than their love can overcome?The mark of a great romance writer lies for me in the ability to lose myself in the story to believe the characters as they are written and to be able to imagine that I am witnessing something real regardless of the setting Marguerite is an expert at this her attention to detail as she subtly builds an image of the society and geography of the day enables you to really emotionally understand what her heroine has endured without having to “slap you in the face with it” – as it were Her hero obviously scarred is handled just as tenderly His history is captured succinctly without losing any of the power of his experiences and how they have shaped him today and all along we are able to witness as he slowly comes to terms with his past She has taken two characters as different and controversial as they could be and crafted their story into a tale of healing acceptance and romance that transcends all issues A tale that captures your heart and leaves you cheering them on

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    Yes I bought it and finished it the first day it was out I am not ashamed; Virgil and Kate are great characters who work together to overcome the demons in their pasts

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    Review originally posted here HarleuinPublish Date Out NowHow I got this book Purchased Failed to reuest it via NetGalley when it was availableCastonbury Park Autumn 1816Shunned by society since she ended her disastrous engagement Lady Katherine Montague is determined never to allow any man to hurt her again Instead Kate invests all her energy and emotions in philanthropy building a village school rescuing fallen women and supporting the abolitionist causeVirgil Jackson was born into slavery in Virginia but sold into the north when he led a rebellion which had tragic conseuences Hard work a brilliant mind and a fierce determination to succeed have earned him freedom power and wealth but it seems nothing will ever be enough to satisfy Virgil’s need to pay penance for his pastKate and Virgil meet at the house of the abolitionist Josiah Wedgewood the son of the famous potter Two outcasts two rebels they are instantly drawn to each other But the past for each of them has taken a heavy emotional toll Can they cut themselves free from its fetters and take a chance on a love so shocking that even the most liberal of Kate’s aristocratic family will find it impossible to accept?This is the third in the Castonbury Park series Kate and Virgil’s story is set almost entirely in and around Castonbury Park where the mysterious woman claiming to be the wife of the missing heir finally arrives ‘on stage’ and readers of the earlier books will meet the familiar cast of family and servantsThis blurb came from the author’s website hereI have read and enjoyed Kaye’s work in the past so when she sent me a review reuest and included the link providing information about the series I was intrigued When I read the theme of the series see the Castonbury Park link above I decided that I had to give it a try Even though I have not read the previous books in this series and I must fix that I thoroughly enjoyed this third installment The combination of supporting cast time in history the underlying story and the extremely vivid hero and heroine made The Lady Who Broke the Rules very entertainingThe introduction to Virgil certainly sets the stage for his character It makes it plain the horrific things people can do to those they think of as sub human His treatment would have broken most and the fact that he not only survives but becomes an extremely wealthy man determined to make life better for others is a testament to his strength of will and determination Even with that he was still tortured and mentally punishing himself for the aftermath of his rebellion I especially loved his mental description of the fit cut and style of his clothing – not to mention his description of the food He also had an incredible strength of personality and charm so instead of being ostracized or treated like the nth wonder of the world after his initial meetings with most people he was mostly accepted regardless of their statusKate was also very interesting She was a contradiction On the one had she seemed to be completely accepting of her shunning from polite society and while not exactly flaunting it not hiding from it either On the other hand sometimes her mask of acceptance would crack and some of the cost of her past would slip out One of the things I admired about her is that perhaps because of her circumstances she has decided to do what she can to improve the life and plight of others From her maid Polly a former streetwalker to the primary instructor at the village school and the village children Kate was making a difference She also hadn’t dealt with her feelings regarding the events that “ruined” her and the lack of support from her family since then She really wanted acceptance and support but she wasn’t going to lose herself to gain them which was something else I really admired about her characterWatching Virgil and Kate interact with each other as well as the others in and around the estate was engrossing Their slow friendship and attraction grew as Kate tried to deal with her family upheaval regarding the central theme of the series Both Kate and Virgil would manage to inadvertently touch one of their other’s sore spots as they go to know each other during their conversations I liked how the instant reaction didn’t result in rejection or a refusal to continue their friendship but instead generated healing I also really liked how there was time between their initial meeting with attraction at first encounter and actually acting on that attraction The development of an emotional relationship between them made their eventual physical encounters worth that much While the relationship between Kate and Virgil was the center point of this story it was set against the overall backdrop of the greater issue regarding determining the heir to Castonbury Park Things continue to move forward regarding that concern as the stakes continue to get higher I am very interested in seeing what happens next because the actions of the mysterious woman are well mysterious grin I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Lady Who Broke the Rules even though I didn’t start the series in the beginning Kaye provides her typical well fleshed out characterization with a touch of the unusual that makes her work enjoyableI give The Lady Who Broke the Rules a B

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    An intriguing and sexy tale Taken from my review at RomanceJunkiescomA slave Virgil Jackson’s latest attempt at a strike had resulted in another whipping for him and being imprisoned As long as he had been confined he knew that Master Booth was going to sell him He should rejoice at this news but instead he is filled with guilt as he would be leaving behind Millie who meant everything to him At nineteen his body was well built muscled after all the years he had spent laboring He knew how to read and write and one day he would get his freedom and come back for Millie That would be his revenge He was not interested in getting back at those who had treated him badly After all bloodshed only led to bloodshed But he would prove to all of them that he could be better and he would do it on his own terms Millie just had to keep herself safe until he could return for her But the master’s last evil act before Virgil was taken to be sold was punishing Millie in a public and brutal manner Although Virgil had tried to come to her rescue he had been hit on the head and knocked unconsciousIt has been than a year since Lady Katherine Montague the daughter of the Duke of Rothermere lost her two brothers; Ned was killed at Waterloo and James disappeared in Spain They had been buried in the lands where they had fallen Now her father seems to be out of touch with the world living in the past So she had been happy to accept her friend Sarah Wedgewood’s invitation to dinner and get out of the house for a while Sarah’s abolitionist father was the son of the famous potter and owner of Maer Hall To the duke he was a mere tradesman The guest of honor at the dinner was a man Katherine had never met Mr Virgil Jackson who was different from any man she had ever met and she could not deny her attraction to him After being used by a man selected for her by her father and her aunt years ago she believed she was frigid but in Virgil’s arms she finds a passion she never expectedEleven years since that fateful day and now in England dressed in fine clothes and doing business with English society Virgil who is now a wealthy freed man realizes that although the chains of slavery had been cut he still is not free After the business was concluded he would have preferred to have avoided the dinner party but the Wedgewoods are trying to show their support of him He and Josiah Wedgewood are going into business together Virgil’s factories will ensure that the pottery will be within the means of the average American rather than importing the pottery and making it subject to the Protective Tariff For the last eleven years he has not been interested in love and romance but he cannot deny his attraction to Katherine who is not only unusual for a duke’s daughter she also supports the abolitionist movement and educating the less fortunate They know there is no possibility of a future for the two of them as this is scandalous liaison is one that not even their most understanding family and friends will accept Will their love lives once result in tragedy and scandal?THE LADY WHO BROKE THE RULES the third book in talented author Marguerite Kaye’s CASTONBURY PARK series is a scandalous passionate historical romance that will captivate you from the very beginning Both Virgil and Katherine are outcasts and rebels which has caused them problems in the past even among those who should love them the most Now they have found understanding and passion in each other’s arms but a future together for the two of them may come at too high of a price Packed with tragedy intrigue slavery secrets unresolved issues understanding romance and love this unusual and stimulating story is one you will not want to miss Readers will find themselves eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to reading of Ms Kaye’s works In the meantime be sure to pick up your own copy of THE LADY WHO BROKE THE RULES Dottie RomanceJunkiescom

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    This is a long review but there is a lot to love about this bookNote this book can stand alone you don't have to read the first two but you will want toKate the heroine of this tale is not your average Regency heroine in that as the title states she breaks the rules Her reputation is she thinks in shambles thanks to events and people in her past so she goes forth and does what is in her heart This doesn't mean she doesn't care what people think about her; I think she cares a great deal and is hurt by this but she doesn't let it control her life to the extent that she is a complete shut away and does whatever is asked of her in order to gain approval She is her own person I found Kate to be very much a multi dimensional character and I found her to be very refreshingVirgil is our hero and he is a freed African American slave with a painful past One of my favorite things about this book is how yes of course this guy has baggage and pain from his past and he has some issues he needs to move past but the story doesn't just linger on this in order to have the reader feel sympathy Virgil is a strong character He has moved beyond slavery to become a powerful businessman who uses his influence and money to help others He's a genuinely good person who doesn't whine about his pastThe love story is once again refreshing We have a white English woman and an African American man but this is not a story merely about racial difficulties It's about overcoming obstacles in the past to find true love and happiness in the future I found the descriptions of the characters to be sensual and enough I felt like I was there; there were just enough details to know what these people looked like and enough sensations to really be there in the story but the balance was so carefully kept; I didn't feel like someone was being described to me like I was on the outside Detail came out through action as characters noticed things which kept me fully engaged almost like watching a movieI can't express how much I love the direction some of the Harleuin novels have been taking and this is the second of Kaye's books I've seen this in as far as dealing with social issues These issues of course were relevant in the Regency times but they are also just as important to think about today Both the hero and heroine of this book have causes close to their hearts and it really warmed me to see them working for them So often I've read Regencies and other historical romances where as a friend of mine so aptly put there's nothing going on but balls and duke screwing I'm sorry I had to There is to Kaye's characters they aren't just thinking about having heirs and keeping their reputations intact; they are bigger people because they focus on bigger thingsI'm trying not to give anything away because I think this book was superb Many aspects of the book could have swiftly fallen down the tunnel of cliche with another author but in the hands of a master these aspects proved to strengthen the story and make its message powerful This is a true love storyPS Love Aunt Wilhelmina LOVE her especially the turbans Wonderful example of secondary character who is very endearing and gosh I want to know about her but who does not take over the story Her actions toward the end of the story made me cry

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    The review is also posted on my blog The Rambling ReaderistaThe rating is like 45 Have you ever wondered what it would have been to live and love at a certain point in human history Well if you did I would recommend this book It was really a mind opener for me It brought me closer to the slavery of American 19th century South and the still aristocratic England I have absolutely loved reading about the clash of tradition newer ages coming and how it could have possibly influenced the people of that timeWhat is the best part of this book is the fact that the author has written such incredible characters a former slave who has inherited the fortune of the man who set him free and a young woman disparaged by most of her family for not marrying a man her father chose for her Those two put together will make you want to read of these books since it is the third book in the Castonbury Park Series but I do not feel as if I had lost anything for not reading the previous two because this book contains every facet of information you will need to understand the story This only indicates the proficiency of the author's words I have enjoyed the language and the story in eual measure not wanting to put this book down The characters are excellently portrayed the setting and scenery are colourful the sentences uick and uirky The Lady Who Broke the Rules can be taken as an example of feminist movement in its making and the ending of the slavery From the historical point there are some educating historical fact to be found and the romance is suspenseful and strong Considering that even today in some countries the love match between a Caucasian and an African American is considered awkward it is left to imagination how it must have seemed to go against everything known and acceptable to people of the 19th century and the author makes the story uniue and interesting with tendrils of personal histories involved From that point also this book is an eye opener The main characters? Both Virgil and Kate are multidimensional and complicated characters that will grab your attention and won't let you rest until you discover what the future brings for them Though let me confess this I had my doubts about the happy ending But Marguerite Kay did deliver eventually after few toss' and turns Not to forget the secondary characters that are intriguing in their own way this book is a real love storyTo sum up I have really enjoyed reading this book my first by Marguerite Kaye for now at least and would recommend it to anyone interested in a great love story with a little historical lesson on the side Marguerite Kaye's knowledge of history speaks from every page and it took me to a world of high society passion protocol and heartache

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    I’m not sure which surprises me a Harleuin Historical featuring an interracial romance or a Harleuin Historical featuring juicy sex The language isn’t graphic — we’re still in the land of potent manhoods here — but it’s definitely steamier than I’m used toVirgil a fiercely determined and intelligent plantation slave was sold after a failed rebellion His buyer chose him for those same ualities freed him and gave him opportunities which have led to Virgil becoming an extraordinarily successful businessman in Boston His goals in life are to help others who are shackled or downtrodden fueled less by his own experiences than by a need to make reparation to his former lover Millie who was punished for his crimesOn a business visit to England he meets Kate a “ruined” duke’s daughter who is also a progressive free thinker And astonishingly not obnoxious about it They’re both attracted to each other though at first Virgil uestions her motives “I hope Lady Kate that you are not thinking of using me as a weapon in some private war Are you perhaps eager to prove your reputation for being a revolutionary to your father and your aunt?” Kate can’t deny the charge entirely but her interest is mostly sincere — and she’s sincerely hot for him Which is a tremendous relief to her since her “ruination” by her louse of former fiance left her fearing that she’s frigidI don’t know enough to comment on the historical plausibility or authenticity of this novel though I suspect they’re iffy Race issues aside it seemed surprisingly easy for the characters to find private places to have trysts — although according to the author’s note the house and grounds for the series were designed with that in mind The book is part of a multi author continuity series but stands fine on its own In any event the overall tone felt appropriate and that’s generally good enough for meI did find it odd how little race is addressed in the story Virgil encounters very little hostility and when he does it’s not shown as a race issue For example here are Kate’s father’s thoughts on their proposed match “That the man was an America albeit one of that country’s richest inhabitants was bad enough That he was a commoner and ex slave with a lineage that could be traced back precisely one generation and only on one side made the marriage as far as the duke was concerned simply impossible” This comes off as somewhat disingenuous And except for one mention of his discomfort at being the only black person in a room Virgil himself seems as color blind as everyone else and surprisingly detached from his former slave statusAside from its unusual premise this wasn’t particularly groundbreaking or original but it was an absorbing story with appealing characters