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This book started off great, Crispin in trying to escape unwanted attention from a socialite, kisses a woman he does not know He enjoyed himself until interrupted by an unhappy guardian He has a hasty accidental marriage I loved the beginning.The middle was a little frustrating The couple were indecisive and given to a lot of self doubt Add in the evil uncle and I was slightly frustrated Fortunately, for me, the book was written by Sarah Eden and she is an amazing author I love her quick whit and the banter that she has perfected There was quite a bit of smiling at the silliness.There is some dramatic moments and some danger in the book I did like how Crispin and Catherine were able to gradually have feelings for each other I just wish they didn t take so much time figuring it out This was not my favorite Sarah Eden book I did enjoy it and I will continue reading everything that she writes She s that good. On an intellectual level, I understand that this book has many failings There s not quite as much plot as there are pages the author could have gotten rid of about fifty pages and had the same or a better story I don t even read romance novels, and I know the forced to get married plot is overdone and cliche Parts get repetitive Some bits are just advertisements for the author s other books it s fun that all of Eden s novels take place in the same universe, but if you haven t read her other works, it s quite tiresome that she keeps strongly hinting that SOMETHING is going on with Phillip but she s not going to tell you what until you read the novel he stars in And much of the characterization is quite baffling At no point did I understand her uncle s motivations, real or feigned The same goes for Finleyand Miss and Mrs Glaffordand Miss Bowerin fact, any character who is remotely villainous is completely unreadable It s like the author knew she needed to create conflict so she created antagonists but never thought about their motives even villains usually have reasons for what they do, purposes they re trying to accomplish, but these characters just do mean things just because they re mean people The heroes fare better, but they re not brilliantly written sometimes either halfway through the book, the hero s sister tells him that he s a terribly gloomy, cynical person, and I was genuinely startled because nothing he had done, said or thought up to that point had indicated that this might be the case Saying a character is a certain way doesn t make it true.And yet I loved it A ridiculous amount I read the whole thing in one sitting and then have gone back several times to re read favorite parts The main characters are quite likable and I genuinely cared about whether things were going to work out for them Many writers have struggled with the whole they both like each other but circumstances and their own lack of communication keep them from doing anything about it plot, which can get ridiculous and irritating Bones, anyone Or pretty much any other TV show , but this one is handled reasonably well you usually buy her reasons for them not just saying Hey, I like you The period details are nice and don t slow down the story, and having the heroine grow up in an abusive household was a twist that you don t see a lot in stories set in this time period it added an interesting layer to her character and to the proceedings And most of all, it was ridiculously romantic I may have giggled in parts, which is unusual for me And for me that overcame the book s failings. When Crispin, Lord Cavratt, Thoroughly And Scandalously Kisses A Serving Woman In The Garden Of A Country Inn, He Assumes The Encounter Will Be Of No Consequence But He Couldn T Be Mistaken The Maid Is Not Only A Lady Of Birth, She S The Niece Of A Very Large, Exceptionally Angry Gentlemen, Who Claims Crispin Has Compromised His Niece Beyond Redemption The Dismayed Young Lord Has No Choice But To Marry Miss Catherine Thorndale, Who Lacks Both Money And Refinement And Assumes All Men Are As Vicious As Her Guardian UncleTrapped Between An Unwanted Marriage And A Hasty Annulment, Which Would Leave His Reputation Tainted And Catherine S Utterly Ruined, Crispin Begins Guiding His Wife S Transformation From A Socially Petrified Country Girl To A Lady Of Society Their Unfolding Relationship Reveals Encouraging Surprises For Both Of Them, And Privately Each Of Them Wonders If Theirs May Become A True Marriage Of The Heart But Their Hopes Are Dashed When Forces Conspire To Split Asunder What Fate Has Granted As A Battle Of Wits Escalates Into A Life Threatening Confrontation, Will It Be Possible For Crispin And Catherine To Live Happily Ever After Insanely sweet Regency romance between an honorable hero and a sweet heroine and some nice low key banter. In trying to escape an extremely annoying young stalker the H gets caught in a MOC with a meek and abused young woman Sweet and slow romance with the two H and h head over heels for each other but too stupid blind to see it Throw in a perfectly VILE guardian who abused and abuses the heroine and a couple of evil other women wannabes that pop in to spice things up The OW getof a comeuppance than usual, but I would have liked to have seen .What keeps this from being a 4 star is the H and h relentless refusal to acknowledge their attraction and love for each other I mean, COME ON Still a sweet and charming read with no sex but a few passionate kisses for those readers who like a little less skin in your romance. If I was 12 16 years old I would have given this 4 or 5 stars Actually I can t believe I read it but here is what happened There was a very charming review in last Sunday s DN paper The next day I decided to see if it was at the library It was written by a local girl and published by a Utah publisher Covenant I was 121 in line for the book at the library Wow, this must be good The next day on a shopping trip I stopped in at Seagull and a hundred books were stacked in the entry on sale, even So, I plunked down my money and took it home Maybe it would be fun, I thought, Austeneske, regency, I am weak when you say that The plot was a bit unbelievable A handsome Lord kisses a young woman in a garden, he presumes is a serving girl, only to find that she is a lady of birth with a very mean, angry uncle who is looking for a way to get her off his hands Lord Cavratt is forced to marry the maiden, pretty much on the spot and takes her home to his opulent London residence where he plans to pursue an immediate annulment There is a Pygmalion transformation in the heroine, Catherine, as Lord Crispin and his sister do an immediate makeover Her evil uncle has kept her a captor in her father s home after her parents are dead and he inherits their manor She has been direly abused and neglected in his care for 8 years Thus, she is nothing like the ladies of the ton that Crispin despises and he becomes increasingly infatuated with her freshness The miss communication between the two gets tedious midway through the book It needed a little adventure that only happens in the last chapter This is the kind of book that young girls should be reading instead of vampire books Mine is available. This entire book was based on the couple never actually talking to each other and on perpetuating misunderstandings by guessing what each other were thinking Despite that being one of my least favorite Romance plot devices, I still enjoyed it quite a bit It was a good escape. This review may be SPOILERISH Yes, this is a clean and wholesome I guess story and that is admirable I guess , but it s very lightweight, repetitive and somewhat nonsensical In addition, the characters are not fully fleshed out and most seem to be caricatures And there is not one original plot point in this.Hero Crispin, Lord Cavratt, kisses a badly dressed young woman whom he mistakes for a maid His motivation for this is to annoy a certain Miss Bower, whose flirting with him is getting out of hand Naturally, he is forced by the young woman s uncle to marry her So they marry, saying, well, we can always get an annulment later Like that s as easy as returning a purchase to a store is nowadays Not To her credit, eventually the author has Crispin realize that an annulment is not that easy to obtain But to my puzzlement, at the same time, Crispin and his new wife Catherine are out and about, going to society gatherings, pretending an affectionate marriage If an annulment is the ultimate goal, shouldn t Catherine be shuffled off somewhere and not show her face until it comes through The next problem for me is the heroine Catherine She s a victim of abuse and, as such, lacks much personality Always anxious to please and not disappoint, she opts for being unnoticeable in society That s understandable What s not understandable is her sly way of unexpectedly showing some personality or spunkiness when least expected For example, with a rather cutting riposte at a dinner party, or surreptitiously adding cream to a lactose intolerant person s tea, or showing off her musical ability by playing the same piano piece as the well regarded but not that great pianist who exhibited before her and humiliating the other woman by doing it so much better I did not like Catherine, nor did I think she was developed correctly by the author.And then there s Catherine s evil uncle He s a nasty piece of work but doesn t appear to be very astute First he adamantly insists that Crispin and Catherine marry, even whipping out a special license for the event Who, BTW, has special licenses lying around just on the off chance you might need one They weren t that easy to come by And then just weeks later he s back claiming the marriage is fraudulent and should be annulled Well, we know why he wants the annulment but what I didn t understand is why he hadn t knownabout Catherine s inheritance all along and, thus, would never have insisted on the hasty marriage in the first place It made no sense to me.Lastly, Crispin is a dithering dunce He goes around kinda sorta trying to get an annulment, kinda sorta romancing his new wife and kinda sorta being cool and distant to her at times What does he want and why doesn t he ever communicate anything of importance I dislike that old Failure to Communicate and Misunderstanding trope and it s used ever so annoyingly here.So don t be comparing this author to Jane Austen Austen would not have had this ridiculous plot and, even if she had, the development of it and the characters dialogue would have been so much wittier and sharper. 3.45 stars pg13 physically verbally, violent, abusive relative So. I may be about to lose all my GR friends. Sarah Eden is one of my all time favorite authors And I love all the other books in this series But, I strongly recommend that anyone new to her writings should start with book 1 Friends Foes If I didn t already love Crispin the hero from his appearance in books 1 3, I probably would have rated this book even lower I adore him in the other books, but this booknot so much In the other books he has the same sense of honor toward women as his close friends, the Jonquil brothers, but it sure doesn t show up all that much in this book It feels like the author couldn t decide how to write his character, or who he really was it was conflicted This book feels a bit less polished to me.Somenegatives from my second read through The whole kiss in the garden and instant marriage premise for someone of Crispin s stature, seemed a bit implausible The uncle was too over the top and we never fully understood just why he was so evil Also, I can t stand melodrama, and there s definitely a melodramatic undercurrent here There were contrived plot obstacles that had me rolling my eyes There s just too much constant misunderstanding and non communication between hero and heroine The story starts out as an overblown misunderstanding and continues in that vein, with small and large misunderstandings throughout It painfully, frustratingly carries on with the same nonsense pretty much chapter after chapter I cringed throughout much of it While reading the book, I read someone else s review can t remember whose and copied down these words that I totally agreed withPersistent misinterpretations of the other s statements, despite actions that could speak louder than words He she wanted to say, but he she just couldn t The device grows wearymy sentiments exactly Having said all that horrible stuff, and having now lost all my GR friends, I must say that I still liked the book, and there were even some parts I loved I ve read it twice although I almost stopped reading the second time through All of her other books I plan to read many times again in the future, but probably not this one I love Crispin and Catherine in the other books, but in my opinion, this one just wasn t up to the standard of Sarah Eden s others.The first time I read it I rated it 3.80 4.40 stars.The second time I read it I rated it 3.00 3.80 stars and had a hard time finishing it. Given the fact that one of my biggest pet peeves in plot devices is H h drowning in misunderstandings that threaten to destroy them while refusing to SPEAK to each other and clear them up, four stars is actually a miracle for me Understanding others may not have the same prejudices, however, Ms Eden s quality won t be penalized.Aside from said fact that the characters spend the entire book angst ridden by their own stupidity the not talking thing, this is a very sweet, well written story One that delivers a nice escape without added steam. This book actually wasnt that good I should give itcredit, it wasnt that bad, and i actually quite enjoyed the book in it s earlier stages It was cute, and i loved the hilarity the author added Brilliant I also loved the pianoforte scene That was lovely However, as the book went on, i became slightly tired of the repetitive cycle of im mad at you, oh im sorry, misunderstanding, la la la my slight feelings of contempt escalated as the book went on I found it annoying how the author put in so many arguments and fights and misunderstandings Oh, the misunderstandings So many misunderstandings I began to tire immensely of the storyline as the book went oni felt like Catherine should have been less dramatic, and Crispinintelligent, though in my opinion, they were both pretty slow They had their cute moments, butwow, am i the only one who felt like Crispin suffered the whole book He was always the one who made the mistake, who had to apologize That aggravated me Overall, this book could have been better with a different twist of events.