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After four years Matt finally finds his stepbrother His mother made Denny leave once already Anna, Matt s mother, is not done with Denny though Matt is there to warn him.Anna made this story ridiculous She is depicted as a cartoon villain and the woman doesn t even appear on page How believable it is to take the inheritance from a twenty one or twenty two year old If this were a historical, it would probably work better I found it pretty boring view spoiler It seems I should stick to K.J Charles, Alexis Hall, Jordan L Hawk, Jordan Castillo Price and a few others hide spoiler Kari Gregg s The Importance of Being Denny pulls readers into a family and love torn apart Matt and Denny are stepbrothers, who lusted after and fell in love with each other as teens, but were forced apart by a bitch of a mother stepmother with shame and pain Now four years later, Matt shows up at Denny s door hoping to convince him to trust and love again But can Denny open his heart to Matt again Shall we get right to the elephant in the review stepbrothers o Yeah Stepbrothers A forbidden love, but damn hot D These pages merely hint and glimpse at the smoldering, pent up, We shouldn t do this forbidden relationship as teens The younger brother, Matt, going after his older stepbrother adds a very sexy ingredient to the couple s captivating chemistry whistles Very hot Matt knew what he wanted at 15 and went after him I longed for of their history and struggle as teenagers, but that is not Ms Gregg s style This short story is focused on the characters here and now Plus the longing does add a delicious degree of mystery and suspense to the heat Nothing wrong with leaving readers wanting There s nothing sexier than you on your hands and knees, shaking with how much you want me Matt s cocky confidence, lust, and guilt paired with Denny s vulnerability, hurt, and sweetness create an extremely potent, sharp, sexy chemistry With quick banter, humor, attitude, and sparks, Matt and Denny set these pages on fire Kari Gregg, once again, introduces readers to two strong, sexy characters to love, root for, and drool over D Her characters are unforgettable Hope you jump into this free short story Kari Gregg has a fun can t put it down style and way with words that makes me smile p.s Favorite word here dumbfuckery D This was a short, hot, free novella that fulfilled my smutty desires The downside is that there wasn t much in the way of substance I would have liked to know the characters and get a real feel for them It felt one dimensional to me However, it was nicely written and got my heart racing Time better spent doing grocery shopping. Official Description Matt Appears On Denny S Doorstep Four Years After Matt S Mother Denny S Stepmother Put Denny On The First Bus Out Of California Loving His Very Closeted Stepbrother Cost Denny Everything Once His Home, His Family, The Safety Net Of His Trust Fund Everything Denny Built A New Life Matt Finally Coming Out Has Stirred His Stepmother S Wrath, Though, And Four Years Of Not Loving Matt Is About To Cost Denny Everything AgainOr Is It Original Prompt Dear Author,Sometimes You Can Find The Love In The Most Unexpected Places He Was Younger And So Full Of Himself That I Couldn T Even Stand The Sight Of Him Unfortunately, We Ve Know Each Other Our Whole Life, So I Couldn T Ignore Him And Then He Decided To Prepare A SurpriseI Ve Fallen In Love With This Picture And I D Be Really Grateful If Someone Wrote A Story About These Handsome Men It Could Be About Close Neighbours Or Even Brothers But Not Friends When I Look At This Picture I See Sparks Of Love, Passion And Admiration Flying Between Both Men And The Story Should Be The SamePhoto Description Two Dark Haired Jean Clad Young Men Stand Chest To Chest, Faces Angled Together, Eyes Closed Bare Muscular Abdomens Touch Their Mouths Hover A Breath Away From Each Other The Taller, His Back Pressed To A Rough Wall, Has A Finger Tucked In The Other Man S Waistband, Pulling Him CloseDownload The Story, Read It Online Or Find It In Don T Read In The Closet, Volume Genre ContemporaryTags Gay M M, Brothers, Stepbrothers, Family, Drama, AngstWarnings Brothercest Stepbrothers Word Count , shivers Some serious chemistry between these guys I loved the nickname Mateo just something very intimate about it I also loved that it was the younger stepbrother as the aggressor I would love, love, love a longer version of their story with about the guys, but also the demise of the wicked witch Wow, I couldn t gobble this one up fast enough awesome Spectacular story 3.75 Rounded up Emotionally charged sexy short dealing with the attraction and lust love between two stepbrothers, forced apart by a very bitchy money grabbing step mother, who reconnect 4 years after a traumatic event forces Denny the elder of the two to run Matt, the youngest, and son of Anna the Bitch from hell finally finds Denny and the two of them escape to Matts cabin where they thrash out the past and the effects it s still having on both their lives Needless to say the love and sexual pull is as strong between them as it ever was and the obvious happens A good story that would probably have been even enjoyable if the story had been expanded as there are quite a few threads that felt unfinished in the story and the ending does leave you wondering what will happen to the two of them as Anna is still on the warpath, but that can be put down to the length For a free story though its well worth picking up Part of the Don t Read In The Closet anthology. Oh man i don t know what to say i hated Matt and what he did and he didn t redeem himself IMO but i loved the writing and couldn t stop reading it Too many questions left unanswered At what age did Denny and Matt become stepbrothers Why did the stepmother hate Denny so How did she find Denny with cum dripping from his ass but Matt was nowhere in sight Why would Matt think Denny thought it was rape if Denny explained how he kissed Matt s shoulders, neck, etc I didn t find anything sweet about this story as some reviewers claim The story was confusing at best I didn t care for Denny or Matt And if you re gonna name your character Mateo but call him Matt, why not just name him Matt in the first place Are nicknames really necessary Heya Kari This was definately one I have been eagerly waiting for and BOY HOWDY did you deliver I love the use of The Importance of Being Earnest , it tied everything together perfectly with a big bright shiny bow You are so full of incredible awesomeness and so is this one of a kindness story of love lost and found I love YOUR boys and thanks so much for playing nice and sharing.