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His Name Is Tom Booker His Voice Can Calm Wild Horses, His Touch Can Heal Broken Spirits And Annie Graves Has Traveled Across A Continent To The Booker Ranch In Montana, Desperate To Heal Her Injured Daughter, The Girl S Savage Horse, And Her Own Wounded Heart She Comes For Hope She Comes For Her Child And Beneath The Wide Montana Sky, She Comes To Him For What No One Else Can Give Her A Reason To Believe Short Listed For Romantic Novelists Association Awards Romantic Novel Of The Year

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    Grace was riding her horse Pilgrim in the snow which resulted in an accident a horrible accident that cost someone their life Both Grace and her horse are physically and mentally damaged from the accident and it will take some time for both to heal Her mother, Annie, finds a man by the name of Tom Booker who begins working with Grace and Pilgrim As time moves on, he and Grace s mom, Annie, find an attraction for one another The problem is that Annie is still married to Grace s dad and they are having problems of their own The accident with Pilgrim has now put even strain on their relationships.This is one of my favorite books by Nicholas Evans It s written beautifully with a gripping plot I fell in love with from the very first page I loved the setting in Montana and nearly everything about it There were a few characters that I didn t particularly care for, but it was still good After watching the movie, I d highly recommend the book most.4.5

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    The horse whisperer, Nicholas Evans The Horse Whisperer is a 1995 novel by English author Nicholas Evans The book was his debut novel, and gained significant success, becoming the 10th best selling novel in the United States in 1995, selling over 15 million copies This also makes it one of the best selling books of all time.The novel starts in upstate New York where a teenage girl, Grace Maclean, and her friend, Judith, go riding on their horses, Pilgrim and Gulliver, on a snowy morning As they ride up an icy slope, Gulliver slips and hits Pilgrim Both horses fall, dragging the girls onto a road and into a collision with an eighteen wheeler Judith and Gulliver are killed, while Grace and Pilgrim are severely injured Grace, left with a partially amputated right leg, is bitter and withdrawn Grace s mother, Annie, is a workaholic magazine editor, and her father, Robert, is a lawyer The different approaches taken by each of Grace s parents in dealing with the accident strain relationships within the family Following the accident, Pilgrim is traumatised and uncontrollable, leading the people looking after him to treat him badly and to suggest that he be put down Annie refuses to allow her horse to be put down and hears of a horse whisperer , Tom Booker She undertakes a long cross country journey with Pilgrim and Grace to Montana On the Montana ranch, Tom works with Pilgrim and starts to make progress Both Grace and Annie become happier because the ranch life suits them During the stay, Annie and Tom become close and eventually begin an affair Despite the progress that Tom has made with Pilgrim, Grace is still unable to ride the horse Tom attempts a drastic intervention by forcing the horse to lie down and having Grace stand on him This technique works and horse and rider are reunited At the party marking the end of Grace s and Annie s stay in Montana, Grace finds out about the affair, and she rides recklessly into the countryside Grace unintentionally rides into a herd of wild mustangs that begin a stampede Tom rides after her and finds Pilgrim fighting with the mustang stallion Tom manages to save Grace and Pilgrim, but then deliberately gets himself fatally trampled by the stallion, perhaps because he feels guilty about hurting Grace by having an affair with her mother Grace, Annie, and Pilgrim return to New York to rebuild their lives with Robert, but Annie discovers she is pregnant and eventually gives birth to a baby with Tom s blue eyes 1999 1377 359 9647497237 20 1381 111 9647497237 20 1377

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    There was death at its beginning as there would be death again at its end Though whether it was some fleeting shadow of this that passed across the girl s dreams and woke her on that least likely of mornings she would never know All she knew, when she opened her eyes, was that the world was somehow altered There was snow The first fall of winter And from the laterals of the fence up by the pond she could tell there must be almost a foot of it With no deflecting wind, it was perfect and driftless When Grace and Pilgrim, her horse, end up riding with her friend and her friend s horse, on this morning of first snow, two will return damaged, and two lives are lost Grace s life is physically forever altered, and Pilgrim s as well, but the physical is easier to see and make plans to manage The mental and emotional toll is harder to see and treat Grace s mother, Annie, is determined to control and fix the situation To her mind Grace will never truly return to her former self until and unless Pilgrim is also healed She can t rest until she finds a way, which ultimately leads to a discovery that there are men and some women although few of them who can soothe these wounded animals For secrets uttered softly into priced and troubled ears, these men were known as Whisperers And so Annie sets out to find, and then convince Tom Booker, a horse whisperer, to help Pilgrim, and by extension help Grace It takes than a little convincing, but she is not a woman who is used to, or willing, to taking no for an answer I loved the setting of this story, I loved Booker s view of boiling things down to the essentials of life, and how easy that seemed I saw the movie many years ago, and loved it, as well, but I no longer remember the details of the movie, only that Robert Redford was the horse whisperer There were such moments, he knew, when the world chose thus to reveal itself not, as it might seem, to mock our plight or our irrelevance but simply to affirm, for us and for all life, the very act of being There is, within this story, a love story, although there are several individual stories which are about love in its many forms A mother s fierce, protective love for her child A father s tender, devoted love for his child A man s love that allows him to let go of those he loves for what he sees as their sake A girl s love for her horse that becomes a burden that she carries with her, unable to see anything but that moment, that day, and the damage to this splendid creature A man s love so great that he would risk all to protect those he loves And she thought, but didn t say, what a perilous commodity love was and that the proper calibration of its giving and taking was too precise by far for mere humans Many thanks to my goodreads friend, Mischenko, whose review prompted me to move this one up

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    This is your classic page turner and bestseller Cliched, predictable both in terms of plot and characters Uninspiring rehashing of themes like overcoming tragedy and adversity the contrast between the ruthless, stress filled corporate environment and the simpler, idealised fulfillment found in a ranching farming life New York magazine editor supermom just has to go over to Wyoming to find meaning and of course end up the arms of our well muscled, handsome cowboy with his homespun philosophy and wisdom The sad fact is that I, along with millions of other people not only bought the book but consumed it not read but consumed and in one four and half hour sitting no less If you have a copy, do yourself a favour save the time and dump the book now, before you too fall prey to this hogwash.

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    I was sucked in for almost the entire book, I have to say Loved both the jilted academic husband and the sensitive, manly cowboy horse guru But the ending was so ridiculously bizarre that it ruined the whole thing for me Am I just a terrible cynic

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    I don t know about others but writing the review of The Horse Whisperer has proved to be immensely difficult What I m writing here is a review about a book that couldn t have been written any better Nicholas Evans spins a heart wrenching epic love story that thrives and dies amid sorrow and pain Tom Booker comes as a healer to a family in grief and heals the wounds that have gone deep into the very souls Buy it, borrow it or steal it But don t miss this gem for anything Sometimes what seems like surrender isn t surrender at all It s about what s going on in our hearts About seeing clearly the way life is and accepting it and being true to it, whatever the pain, because the pain of not being true to it is far, far greater.

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    I read this not long after it came out and had to read the book everyone was talking about While I very much enjoyed the story, it wasn t one I knew I would have to reread at a future point in time If you missed it, then you may want to consider this story The writing was well done, there is a drama which unfolds with some romance If you love horses, this is for you.

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    This book would have gotten one star, except for the fact that I actually enjoyed reading about the slow, tandem recovery of the horse and his rider What I DIDN T enjoy was the main character, Annie I can honestly say I disliked her intensely She drags her family along by the nose, so certain that EVERYTHING SHE DOES is the best solution for everything, and the fact that the author makes her decisions work somehow makes the character even irritating She comes across as self centered, concerned with fixing her daughter and her horse than actually caring for them Okay, that last bit probably isn t fair it s been a while since I read the book, so I may be remembering my annoyance with the character than the character herself Regardless, she runs roughshod over everyone, and then seems willing to throw it all away for someone who struck me as a male fantasy about a female s fantasy version of the ultimate sensitive guy And then The ending Oh dear, the ending I can t believe Annie s family was even speaking to her at that point, but again, she seemed to believe that everyone was just going to go along with what SHE really wanted anyway My sister says the movie is MUCH better It would have to be.

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    SPOILER ALERT Details of the novel are revealed in this review.First of all, I saw the film before I read the book With many works, that would prejudice my reaction somewhat, but I believe that this book and movie are so much alike that I can offer an unfiltered opinion.This is the story of a family that has been fractured by a monumental accident Grace Maclean is a twelve year old girl, the daughter of very wealthy New Yorkers Her father, Robert, is a lawyer and her mother Annie is a magazine editor, an Englishwoman Grace s embrace of life is fulsome and the reader is drawn to her immediately Robert Maclean is also an extremely sympathetic character Annie, however is a driven woman After taking over at the magazine, she has instituted a bloodletting by firing old staffers and has alienated not only those she works with, but her husband and daughter as well.The first unfortunate decision Nicholas Evans made was to feature the most despicable character in the book and set her up as the centerpiece of the action.But the book still begins with tremendous promise The writing is excellent, the descriptions so precise as to engender the feeling that one is living in the moments and places he creates Grace is riding her horse, Pilgrim, with her friend Judith at the country estate that the Macleans own Her father has come down from New York with her, while Annie works away in the Big Apple On an icy road, the horses panic as a tractor trailer advances on them, skidding on the ice Grace is thrown off as her horse Pilgrim turns to face the oncoming semi and literally leaps at it trying to protect his rider.Judith and her horse are both killed, Pilgrim is severely wounded, and Grace s leg is mangled so badly that it must be amputated There is severe psychological trauma for both Grace and Pilgrim The horse is crazed and completely uncontrollable While Robert reacts in much the way one would expect a parent to, Annie controls her emotions completely, but becomes obsessed with finding a cure for Pilgrim.That cure comes in the form of Tom Booker, a cowboy and rancher in Montana who is a horse whisperer He has the ability to calm and cure horses with psychological problems At first, he refuses to work with Pilgrim Annie s persistence, which includes driving her daughter and the horse to Montana, finally pays off once Tom meets Grace and sees that the problem runs deeper than just an injured horse He takes on Pilgrim as a project and Annie and Grace move to the spare house at the ranch so that Grace can work with Tom as he slowly brings both horse and girl back to life.At this point, the story has been told so expertly that a reader cannot disengage no matter what The story has been wonderfully drawn as the tale of a family that has fallen apart, a girl and horse painfully and perhaps permanently wounded and the calm man who can supply the solutions to cure them all.Unfortunately, it is also at the point that Evans strays from his story and inserts a romance that has no business being in this book By having Annie fall for Tom, the reader comes to vilify her and see her as the selfish, arrogant bitch that she apparently is Further, the character of Tom, initially so strong and admirable, becomes a parody the cowboy who can t help falling in love with city women Why on earth this calm and centered human being could fall in love with one of the most unlikable characters ever written is a complete mystery that has no answer, except that it adds a level of melodrama that brings the book to a complete halt Maybe it wouldn t have been so bad if it had merely been a flirtation that Tom turned his back on in order to work on the horse, which is what the story is really about , but Evans does not stop when given the chance He creates a little vacation for Tom s ranch family to Disneyland of all places so that Tom can spend a week having sex with Annie.At this point, the story has become so thoroughly disgusting that all of the promise has permanently departed After the week of sex, Grace finds out, of course, and takes Pilgrim out on some kind of crazy ride It says a great deal that the reader finds their own disgust reflected in Grace In rescuing Grace, Tom allows himself to get killed Now, what s going on with that is also a complete mystery.Lost in this tawdry little subplot is the final cure of Pilgrim, which should have been built correctly so that it provided the denouement of the story that Evans so carefully set up during most of the book It becomes almost a little side show as Tom and Annie wallow in lust and self pity.I guess the bottom line is that every author should have an editor with a steady hand who can say, Stop you re going in the wrong direction But with the state of publishing any , it may even have been an editor who said, You need some romance in this book It s a great pity to see a story with so much promise flushed down the drain.

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    4.5 Tragic Stars I will never forget this one, this one gutted me, just the title induces tears butterfliesand yet I Ioved it too