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If you d like to see my full thoughts, you can check out my video review here book is pure magic The writing is poetic and romantic and beautiful The plot is faithful to the fairytale that it s retelling, but it brings new and exciting things to the table The fantasy elements are understated but really enhance the story, and the characters, oh the characters, are spectacular. The Goose Girl The Books of Bayern 1 , Shannon HaleAnidora Kiladra Talianna Isilee, Crown Princess of Kildenree spent the first years of her life listening to her aunt s incredible stories, and learning the language of the birds Little knowing how valuable her aunt s strange knowledge would prove to be when she grew older From the Grimm s fairy tale of the princess who became a goose girl before she could become a queen, Shannon Hale has woven an incredible, original and magical tale of a girl who must understand her own incredible talents before she can overcome those who wish her harm.The Goose Girl by Shannon hale, London, Bloomsbury 2009, 383p 2015 . Anidora Kiladra Talianna Isilee, Crown Princess Of Kildenree Spent The First Years Of Her Life Listening To Her Aunt S Incredible Stories, And Learning The Language Of The Birds Little Knowing How Valuable Her Aunt S Strange Knowledge Would Prove To Be When She Grew Older From The Grimm S Fairy Tale Of The Princess Who Became A Goose Girl Before She Could Become A Queen, Shannon Hale Has Woven An Incredible, Original And Magical Tale Of A Girl Who Must Understand Her Own Incredible Talents Before She Can Overcome Those Who Wish Her Harm December 21 22, 2015This book is sooooo fantastic I love it June 17 19, 2014I freaking love this book December 24, 2010 January 2, 2011Not sure what else to say about this book beyond, Wow It s awesome I mean, I ve read it SEVERAL times now and just bought it for my sister in law for Christmas I love it March 9 10, 2010Errr ditto to what I said before And now I m REALLY excited to read Enna Burning just as soon as it gets here through ILL April 3, 2009In an Austin Powers voice One million stars It s been a really long time since I added a book to my favorites bookshelf It takes quite a special book to earn a spot there, after all thought it may not LOOK like it to the casual observer But I didn t hesitate before adding this one.This is what I think about the book If someone had told me before I read this book, Hey, Sara You should read this book It s about a girl who can talk to birds I would have 1 tried really hard not to roll my eyes, 2 smiled and nodded, and 3 never ever picked up the book Things like that are just CHEESY, you know Oooh Animal whisperer But this book SUCKED me in Like a really powerful vortex that even the Starship Enterprise could never get out of And Captain Janeway got them out of a really bad ass vortexy type thing one time Usually there s kind of a boring part of a book at the beginning somewhere in the middle, when it starts dragging But this book had nonstop suction Wow It sounds like a vacuum cleaner ANYWAY, the book sucked me in It was just so interesting, with its mythology type stories legends at the beginning, and then really quickly, she starts her journey toward Bayern And all along the way CRAP keeps happening to her Usually books that make you tear up do so near the end, you know But this one it was like 50 pages into the book, and I m on the verge of tears The mere fact that I cared enough about the characters only 50 pages in to cry over stuff that s happening to them REALLY speaks highly of the writing, I d say.So ALL THIS CRAP keeps happening to her, and I m like, Uhhh Shannon I read your Austenland book, and it had a happy ending If this book doesn t start turning around, I might go jump off a bridge Nevermind that there aren t any bridges in Bryan other than overpasses Parts were just so sad But it all turned out pretty all right in the end, I d say I can t stop grinning, so that s an understatement I was going to say something else what character development Ani Isi shows REMARKABLE character development through the course of the book, which is fabulous From shy, timid, and with an I ll never be as good as my mother attitude to what she ends up as It s great Just wonderful.Anyway, go read the book The audiobook was AMAZING Produced by Full Cast Audio It had a different reader for every character It was fabulous Like listening to a movie with a narrator The library s copy of Enna Burning is checked in I ll have to go pick it up tomorrow morning Then on to River Secrets and Forest Born EDIT The library copy of Enna was lost, so I STILL haven t been able to get it grrr WrensReads Review Come with me to a magical world of Bayern Where the elements have speech and animals form spoken bonds with a single person.If I EVER lived in one of the worlds I have read about, I would live in this world that Shannon Hale has created.I always say that if I had a super power, I would have power over the elements water, air, fire, earth The world that Hale has created has that, and .Imagine a world where you could learn the speech of different animals You can communicate with them and practically have animal friends No, it isn t like talking animals on TV it s like, for example, you would understand what a certain bark means, or a honk of a goose You would understand their body language And in return, you can talk to them back in their language.Again, imagine that you can hear what the wind is saying The wind talks about what it has seen and where it is going You talk back by telling it where to go IS THAT NOT AMAZING There is a downside, you see.People speaking.This is where a person s words are persuasive to the point that you just agree with them because you know it is right.That is what Anidori Kiladra Talianna Isilee, Crown Princess of Kildenree has to deal with.Her most trusted friend and hand maiden has this tricky speech, and wants to take Ani s crown..And she will do anything to get it I mean it shouldn t be hard since Ani is a little quirky and talks to horses and swans, right What can this little person do compared to someone who s words are like silk to the ears I absolutely love this series This is my sixth time to read them and it is as great as the first time.WrensReads Goodreads Twitter Instagram 4 stars Ani is a young princess with a unique gift, she can speak animal languages From a very young age she learned to speak to the swan s in the pond and forged a beautiful connection with a horse foul, Falada When her father, the king, dies, Ani learns from her mother that she is to be sent off to a neighboring kingdom to be wed to their prince Along the journey, Ani s handmaid Selia leads a coup and gets half of Ani s soldiers to turn against her Ani flees for her life, and when she finally reaches the kingdom she finds that Selia has assumed her identity, and has all of the guards on her side Ani becomes the palace goose girl, and she hides in the castle hoping to earn enough money to return home This book started out very slowly, I had to work hard to get to the point where the plot was moving quickly It took about 100 pages in until the plot became clear as to where it was going Once Ani reaches her new kingdom is where the story gets really interesting She is placed in a new land without any allies and must figure out how to survive Through the kindness of others, Ani manages to get healthy again, and find a job where she makes new friends This is a heroine who perseveres when bad things kept happening to her instead of falling apart Ani is a great role model for young girls because she learned from her experiences and did not give up, she was kind to other people even when they weren t that nice to her When finding herself destitute she got a job and earned money instead of turning to others to do it for her or by other less honorable means This story is a classic case of the good girl wins and the spoiled misbehaving girl loses, a message meant to teach children to be kind and tell the truth and good things will come to you The romance was sweet and very clean, but not the central point of the story The most important factor was Ani s journey of self discovery and how she became her own person once her princess title was stripped from her A great fantasy book, and perfect for tween girls.Thanks again to Feifei for all of the great tween recs It s a good one. This isn t a romance book and it isn t a singing in the rain or the sound of music fairytale.It is about a young girl who ve been told all her life that she was a failure, that she couldn t claim her rightfull place, that she was found lacking basic endowments and was kept apart from her siblings in order not to infect them with her witchcraft But Anidori Kiladra Talianna Isilee, Crown Princess of Kildenree knew her place in the world and even though her family let her down, she accepted her given destiny standing tall, even though it killed her to be sent away from her beloved country.And even though her path took an unexpected turn and she met misery and deception and loss and the hurt of traitorous friends, she was rewarded with new friendships, kindness among people who saw her for who she really was and found her inner self and claimed her rightfull position for the love of the ones who loved her She met amazing people who stood by her side and offered comfort And when you get tired of worrying and mournigh for your horse and trying not to be afraid, tell me and I ll do it for you a while so you can shut your eyes and sleep peaceful She found a loving new country who needed a strong Queen eventhan her birth country and she found herself loving her new fellow citizens evenand for their shake she fought hard to be the Queen they deserved and went against her emotions and feelings and renounced her right to love in order to be their Queen But in a country where you hang your dead up on walls and pride whether or not a man bears a javelinthan his character, how am I to persuade you out of war It would be suicide for Kildenree to war on Bayern and butchery for Bayern to attack Kilenree If you don t believe me, then send me back Or if you don t trust me to leave, I ll return to my little room on the west wall and tend your geese, and you can be sure that on my watch no thieves will touch my flock If you want evidence, explain why a mother would send her first daughter into her enemy s camp I ll be your evidence So after all her struggles and near death experiences view spoiler it was a bonus to find her prince charming in the end Growing up, I tried to imagine what my mysterious betrothed princess would be like, and I d think, I hope she s clever, and I hope we have things to say to each other, and I wouldn t cry if she was a beauty as well But I never imagined that I could marry a girl who was all those things and knew Bayern s needs better than I, who would truly be a partner on the throne What this Kingdom sorely misses is a queen, and you are exactly what they, and I, what we all need After all what fairytale would it be without and they lived happily ever after hide spoiler What a sweet story, it s one you can transport yourself into another world where things like communicating with animals and controlling the wind seem entirely feasible The characters are really likeable esp Geric I don t think there was enough of him Every word he said would make a girl smile I m classifying this book as strong female because I loved the fact that when Geric wrote Ani off, she was upset and angry, but her world did not collapse contrast that to Bella in New Moon who did not want to live after Edward left her because that was her sole purpose for being on this earth, please I loved that Ani was upset, but hadimportant things to do than sulk over a guy that didn t work out like save the Bayern kingdom from a dishonest queen and the Kilendrean kingdom from an impending war I think she wasupset about losing her horse than losing Geric This book has a little bit of everything suspense, adventure,self discovery,romance, friendship, loyalty, magic, and a happy ending Ani discovers how powerful she really is, and that she has been all along My favorite line in the book is a statement about true friendship When Ani confides to her friend Enna about her true identity, Enna says When you get tired of worrying and mourning your horse and trying not to be afraid, tell me and I ll do it for you a while so you can shut your eyes and sleep peaceful. I ve always loved fairy tale novelizations, and The Goose Girl is right up at the top for me It absolutely pushes all of the right buttons for me one of those books that I love beyond reason It s a lovely adaptation of the old Goose Girl fairy tale Anidori insert several additional royal names here Isilee is a shy, quiet crown princess of her kingdom, Kildenree The Queen, her capable and no nonsense mother, doesn t understand or appreciate Ani, but Ani finds solace in her relationship with her aunt, who teaches her how to understand the language of birds and some other animals, including her horse Falada As Ani grows older, the Queen decides to make Ani s brother the crown prince instead, sending Ani off to the neighboring country of Bayern to marry their crown prince instead of inheriting her own kingdom Deeply disappointed but obedient, Ani leaves on the weeks long journey with an entire entourage, including a large group of soldiers and her enigmatic lady in waiting Selia But there are forces at play here that Ani doesn t initially recognize, ambitions and passions of others that will upend all plans and send Ani down a path she d never anticipated The Goose Girl is a delightful and well thought out take on the old fairy tale, and is one of my favorite fairy tale novels Shannon Hale has created a detailed world in which some of the odd details of the original fairy tale are reworked dead talking horse heads, anyone and make muchsense Hale has made the story into a strong coming of age tale with heart and humor and a subtle romance that hit me right in the heartstrings This book shouldn t be missed by anyone who likes novelizations of fairy tales.