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I ve been told that it s better to show than to tell, when it comes to writing a story Assume that your readers are intelligent, and that they can indeed glean unsaid details from your well written descriptions, and you ll do better than just flat out telling them.I think that this was definitely one of Abramson s strengths in The Deep End I gave this book a two star rating because while it was what I considered well written all in all, I guess I just don t fit the profile of the probable target audience I admit that I read the dust jacket, figured it was probably a clean read actually, I got the audiobook , and I went ahead.I will say this if you want to read this book, get the book itself, or at least an unabridged version of the audiobook I didn t realise that I d gotten an abridged copy until I pretty much took the dust jacket out of the plastic on the CD case all the library stickers were covering up the word abridged Anyway, the abridgment hurt the story, in my estimation, because there were some large story holes where you were in one scene one moment, and suddenly somewhere very different the next Perhaps I would have enjoyed itif I had heard the entire thing.I did question the plausibility of some of the things that went on, however For instance the FBI seemed a little less informed than I would have expected but then, that s just my expectation it s not reality , and the fact that CJ got to do all the things she got to do just seemed like one big, unnecessary security risk after another While I ll admit that I don t know much about how the Witness Protection Program actually works, all the same, I questioned just how liberal the FBI seemed to be, even though those risks were acknowledged and, supposedly, dealt with in each instance.Anyway, Abramson has definite skills as an author I do wish that things hadn t worked out quite so neatly for CJ in the end, but that s just a personal bias I mean, CJ did have it rough and all. This book is a wonderful ending to the series Undercurrents I am still a little sad that this is the end because it was so good It constantly keeps you entertained If you like a cute romance action novel that is 100% clean This is a great book for you I LOVED IT Even though I generally enjoy Abramson s novels, I was happy to be finished with this one, the 3rd in the series of a young swimmer in the Witness Protection Program I guess I just got tired of the story afterafter reading 3 books Still, this writer is a step above other Mormon fiction authors. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT This is my favorite series ever I loved how it started with her last name Whit Sigh I thought she would hide that And Matt is honestly the best guy everif only all guys could be like him LOVED IT Deep End FilmAlloCin Deep End Est Un Film Ralis Par Jerzy Skolimowski Avec Jane Asher, John Moulder Brown Synopsis Mike Vient De Sortir Du Collge Et Trouve Un Emploi Dans Un Tablissement De Bains Londonien Ruelle Deep End YouTube Deep End Where Can I Go When The Shadows Are Calling Shadows Are Calling Me What Can I Do When It S Pulling Me Under Pulling Me Underneath It S Getting Close I Lose Control It S Taking OverThe Deep EndIMDb THE DEEP END Is An Original And Suspenseful Thriller, Pitting A Mother, Played By Tilda Swinton, Against A Blackmailer, Played By Goran Visnjic Crossfade The Deep End YouTube If You Like This Song Check Outawesome Content This Band Has To Offer In The Link Down Below The Deep End Wikipdia The Deep End Est Une Compilation Album De Gov T Mule Le Premier Volume Est Sorti Leoctobre , Second LeoctobreLa Premire Dition Amricaine De Chacun Des Deux Volumes Comporte Un Disque Bonus Intitul Hidden Treasure Traduction Off The Deep End Franais DictionnaireUtilisez Le Dictionnaire Anglais Franais De Reverso Pour Traduire Off The Deep End Et Beaucoup D Autres Mots Vous Pouvez Complter La Traduction De Off The Deep End Propose Par Le Dictionnaire Collins Anglais Franais En Consultant D Autres Dictionnaires Spcialiss Dans La Traduction Des Mots Et Des Expressions WikipediaDeep End Wikipdia Deep End Ou Grand Bain Est Un Film Britannico Ouest Allemand Ralis Par Jerzy Skolimowski, Sorti Leer Septembrela Mostra De Venise The Deep End Film Wikipedia The Deep End Is AAmerican Thriller Film Written And Directed By David Siegel And Scott McGehee It Stars Tilda Swinton, Goran Visnjic, Jonathan Tucker And Josh Lucas And Was Released By Fox Searchlight Pictures Throw In At The Deep End Idioms By The Free COMMON If You Throw Someone In At The Deep End, You Make Them Learn How To Do A Job Or Task By Starting With The Most Difficult Parts I Believe You Gain Confidence By Being Thrown In At The Deep End Go Off The Deep End Idioms By The Free DictionaryLiterally, To Jump Into The Deep End Of A Pool As Opposed To The Shallow End Don T Let Sally Go Off The Deep End She Doesn T Know How To Swim A satisfying conclusion to the series The opening scene is really something, and the way deep water is used is perfect for showing the danger she s in.Shaye has yet another new identity, CJ, and is hoping to qualify for the Olympics Tension is high throughout the book because of challenges in keeping her identity safe, obstacles to coaching, getting to qualifying swim meets, and outlasting desperate assassins set on taking out the key witness before the court date.I enjoyed the subplot with the FBI agent Doug He s great CJ is dying to have something familiar and wondering if all the trouble is worth it I like the other FBI agents to come in during the Olympic trials And steady Matt A few great surprises in twists and turns, and a good payoff in the ending. A good series but I got the feeling that the author didn t quite have a long enough story for three books so she added a lot of filler Then made the font bigger I think this could actually have been one book and been good I didn t really need to read about swim practice quite so much I would have rather haddetail of her swim events But that s just me I didn t really connect to the characters as much as I d have liked to I felt like I was being told a story rather than being in the story. This was a phenomenal end to the trilogy The suspense was present at every turn, subtle and not overwhelming but steady, especially at the swim meets There was a lotabout swimming in this book as opposed to the other two That was enjoyable to me because my son was part of a swim team a few years ago and I understood some of the lingo and the setting I loved the characters and grew quite attached to them over three books I m sad I won t be able to readabout CJ, Matt, Tara, Doug, and Jill Excellent book from a person who has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I didn t like this book quite as well as the last one I can t quite put my finger on it Some of it may have been the narrator I was listening to, but it was the same narrator in the last two books and I was able to get past her to really enjoy those books Having said that, I LOVE Traci Hunter Abramson s books She is a great author She is able to bring characters and situations to life and make them realistic I m excited to get to the next few books with the Whit family.