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Sixteen year old Holly wants to remember her Grandpa forever but she’d rather forget what he left her in his will his wedding chapel on the Las Vegas strip Whatever happened to gold watches savings bonds or some normal inheritance? And then there's Grandpa's letter Not only is Holly running the business with her recently divorced parents but she needs to make some serious money—fast Grandpa also insists Holly reach out to Dax the grandson of her family's mortal enemy and owner of the cheesy chapel next door No matter how cute Dax is Holly needs to stay focused on her group of guy friends her disjointed family work school and Dax No wait not Dax Holly’s chapel represents everything she’s ever loved in her past Dax might be everything she could ever love in the future But as for right now there's a wedding chapel to save

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    A special thanks to Racuel The Book Barbies for lending me her ARC copy However this did not influence my review in any way The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt is yet another Contemporary YA book published this year that can sit proudly on my favorites shelf I don’t know what’s in the water these authors are drinking but I hope they keep refilling their glasses This genre has stood out to me than any other so far in 2014 Whether it’s a serious gritty contemporary or a fun and fluffy one it’s been success after success The Chapel Wars falls mostly under the latter category although there are serious undertones as well With complex endearing and at times frustrating family dynamics a romance that is eual parts witty banter and couple y conversations not often found in YA and a Shakespearean style feud between neighboring businesses complete with competing Elvis zombie and Cupid costumes among others The Chapel Wars is a book I’ll gladly buy for myself and read again and again The narrator sixteen year old Holly Nolan has just lost her beloved grandfather who before his death organized a rather uirky rambunctious funeral for himself In his will he leaves the family wedding chapel to Holly Unfortunately the business is in danger of going under and the odds are almost impossible to overcome Holly in all of her type A glory decides to do whatever it takes to keep the chapel afloat even if that means going outside the classy lines her grandfather always drew and becoming like the chapels you imagine when you picture a rushed wedding in Las Vegas Along with the chapel Holly’s grandfather instructs her to pass along a letter to Dax Cranston the grandson of the man who owns the chapel they share their parking lot with – the man who her grandfather had a hate filled feud with for years It’s ultimately a story about growing up discovering what you want for yourself and a story about learning to accept change in a city that never remains the same Holly’s voice and personality grabbed me right away Maybe it’s the zany way the story begins but her commentary and internal thoughts are hilarious The way she views the world her family and her friends is very matter of fact and she has a dry sense of humor paired with a sober demeanor She’s the girl who wears the “Are you for real?” face on a daily basis Holly is super intelligent too but than that she’s witty and clever Poor girl has trouble expressing emotions mostly because she doesn’t want to open herself up to a world of hurt but she’s also just not the type of girl to wear her heart on her sleeve Holly would much rather deal in numbers and figures and she has a tendency to count whenever she needs to soothe herself There’s a reason Dax nicknames her “numbers girl” When Holly becomes the owner of the chapel she immediately suares her shoulders and lets the weight settle over her Her determination to fix things is all encompassing and that includes her family Her parents are recently divorced yet to Holly’s eyes they act and communicate as if they are still married She doesn’t detect a glimmer of bitterness or discord between them and that confuses her than anything She doesn’t get the why of it Her brother James is also struggling but he expresses it so differently than her He’s angry prone to outbursts and sometimes he gets so worked up that his only outlet is to express himself physically The dynamic between James and Holly is one of my favorites in the book; my heart constantly went out to the both of them Holly doesn’t know how to help her brother but she’s always there for him even when he’s mean and James feels as if all his parents do is ignore him This is a family dynamic that is messy and confusing but at least fully present in Holly’s life Her grandfather too is always between the lines and in Holly’s thoughts They obviously had a really close relationship and it’s easy to see where her uirky personality traits come from There’s a group of guys that Holly is close to as well and I enjoyed all the different personalities among them When Dax enters the fold things definitely change for Holly Oh man you guys I adored Dax He’s eighteen at that stage right between boy and man He has this scruff that Holly can’t help but stare at and he’s the type of guy comfortable enough in his own skin to wear salmon colored pants and a Cupid costume the kind with just the diaper and bow and arrow Partly why he and Holly connect right away is that he lost someone important to him too his father and it’s still a day to day trial for him The way they communicate is my favorite because they’re able to lob witty one liners back and forth like it’s nobody’s business It’s their perfect way to get to know each other Of course things are majorly complicated because their two families are supposed to hate each other Romeo and Juliet style – but Leavitt keeps the drama to a minimum It’s about them finding a way to hold onto each other in all the chaos I think their relationship felt very solid lasting even though they had their doubts and insecurities Dax had me swooning too Here’s a teaser uote Really numbers girl You couldn't count all the ways you have my heart The Chapel Wars is a fresh memorable story made all the exciting by its Las Vegas setting I’ve never been but now I want to see all the different places Holly shows Dax I can’t wait to get my own copy and re read all my favorite bits Cute funny at times light and at others serious I highly recommend this one This review can also be found at Love at First Page

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    ALL THE STARS AN INFINITY OF THEMThis book takes cute to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL It's so much than that The dialogue between Holly and Dax is probably hands down and I don't say this lightly THE BEST I'VE EVER READ IN A YA BOOK No Joke It's spectacular Add in the awesome Las Vegas setting and the wedding chapel business Great family dynamics especially with a younger brother Friendship dynamics that I've been wanting to read haveFINALLY been delivered I could not have loved this even if I triedThis is a book you want to be dying to read

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    I really wanted to like this book I’ve had my eye on it for a few months prior to publication and it sounded so cute and I was really interested to see how the Vegas setting would function from the perspectives of locals rather than tourists especially locals that are behind the business of notorious Vegas wedding chapels I thought it would be the perfect summer read Unfortunately this book really disappointed me despite the fact that its setting seemed uniue for the YA contemporary genreMy primary issue with this book is that the characters were all very stereotypical Holly the protagonist finds it hard to relate to girls and is a bit of an alternative girl or tomboy super short hair only wears dark colors eyebrow ring etc and her group of guy friends come off as really macho and annoying For instance she explicitly states how she likes hanging out with them because they never talk about feelings and learned sports statistics so she could better “fit in with the guys” On the opposite end of the spectrum there are few female characters aside form Holly and they are also rather negatively stereotypically portrayed as they are all someone’s exwifelovergirlfriend and Camille the only other teenage female character aside from Holly is a stereotypical girly girl who jumps at the chance for “girl talk” and gives Holly advice about fashion and boys None of these characteristics are inherently wrong it’s just disappointing to see each character so constrained by their gender stereotypesMy secondary issue with the book was in my opinion a bad case of “insta love” Mild spoilers ahead So going into this book readers know that this is a romance between two teenagers from rival chapels It’s also a relatively short book So obviously their courtship is not going to be the longest or the most drawn out But by the second time Holly meets Dax she is already mooning over him and internally dialoguing about how hot he is which is really out of character for her in the first place since so much time is spent establishing how non girly she is and how she’s never been in serious “like” or love how she likes his facial hair stubble etc She shows almost no reluctance and is making out with him by their first “date” which was mainly accidental and says things like Dax’s kisses make her forget that she even cares about saving her deceased grandfather’s chapel in the first place It really annoys me when protagonists say think such thoughts in which nothing else matters besides the male even if they’re describing a fleeting moment especially when they’ve only known said guy a few days or weeks tops It almost turned the book into a DNF for meI gave this book two stars because I liked Holly’s role as an entrepreneur and I liked reading about the history of the chapels and the back stories of the couples who chose to be married in them it was nice to see some people have non tacky drive through weddings in Vegas and actually have cute uaint meaningful ceremonies It’s also interesting to see Holly struggle with the integrity of her grandfather’s traditional chapel over the Vegas gimmicks and the fate of the chapel takes a truly surprising turn at the end I’ve seen a lot of readers compare Leavitt’s writing to Sarah Dessen but to me the comparison is not an accurate one However I’ve heard good things about Leavitt’s Going Vintage which I picked up at the Scholastic Warehouse Sale and am willing to give her another chanceWhat I Liked Learning about historical Vegas landmarks and about the Vegas wedding industryWhat I Didn’t Care For The stereotypical and polarized portrayal of gender roles Insta loveWould I Recommend This Book NoOverall This book has an interesting setting and what could be a uniue plot but falls short of the mark by succumbing to insta love stereotypical characters and underwhelming writing

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    There are a few things you can always count on in a Lindsey Leavitt novel a fun light but not cheesy romance a main character who is a real girl not just a collection of interests a family and a group of friends that are present and just as great as the main character a story that is appealing to grown ups but could still be read by an actual teenagerThis book has all those things plus it takes place in VEGAS

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    Lindsey Leavitt's novel Going Vintage last year was one of my favorite YA contemporaries I was absolutely smitten by the book and by how well the themes of family and friendship were handled by the author So there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was going to read The Chapel Wars and I'm so glad I did What a delightfully charming read this wasHolly has just lost her grandfather who leaves behind his chapel in Las Vegas to her Unfortunately for Holly the chapel is drowning in debt and if Holly doesn't manage to pay off the loan to the bank in a few months her dear chapel will be taken away from her Holly was a main character I instantly clicked with She's sweet down to earth and very much relateable Her bond with her grandfather was one of the strongest points of this book for me You could tell that Holly and her grandpa shared a deep relationship that was full of love Holly's love for him was palpable throughout the pages Things weren't easy for Holly She was not only dealing with having to manage a chapel by herself but she was also grieving the loss of someone near and dear to her Through it all though Holly remained strong and fought for what she loved Her willingness to work hard to achieve her goals was an admirable uality in her and I grew to really love her over the course of the book Watching her mature and become an even braver person made me really proud of herHolly also had a great support system around her She was surrounded by her friends and family who were all very uirky but who made up a loveable team When she makes mistakes they are there to tell her that she's wrong but they also stand by her side and help to guide her I especially enjoyed her friendship with Sam It's refreshing to see a YA novel where the main character is friends with a guy without having their relationship step out of that platonic boundary We also have a lovely and swoon worthy romance in The Chapel Wars Holly meets Dax the grandson of a rival chapel owner at her grandpa's funeral and their moments together were super adorable The banter between the two of them was so much fun and I had a permanent grin on face the entire time I was reading scenes between the two of them And you know what made the romance even perfect? The fact that these two love birds didn't have a continuously blissful relationship but that they did argue from time to time about important thingsLindsey Leavitt's writing was as charming as ever She is an author that I can't recommend enough Peppered with humor strong characterizations and themes of friendship family loss and learning to overcome obstacles The Chapel Wars is so much than just a cute contemporary novel If you're a fan of the genre do give it a shot I promise you will not regret it

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    Wavering between two or three stars Some good things some bad things Pretty much didn't like Holly and Dax's relationship but liked Holly's journey as a businesswoman God knows I wouldn't know what to do with a failing chapel This is why I dropped my Business major y'all

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    Originally posted here at Random Musings of a BibliophileLindsey Leavitt is an auto buy author for me If she writes it I will read it No one does uite what she does in the realm of contemporary fiction writing realistic stories that deal with hard issues but manage to maintain a lighter tone and feel The Chapel Wars tackles some harder topics than her previous work but is still a light uick read and is full of the little snatches of wisdom I have come to appreciate in her books She is eminently uotableThis review is of an ARC received from the publisher in exchange for a fair reviewHolly is a fascinating main character She is a math whiz and worked hard to get into a special magnet school where she could concentrate on business management even in high school Her friends are all guys with the exception of her best friend Sam's girlfriend who Holly mostly just tolerates Her family life is not optimal Her parents are recently divorced leaving her brother in a constant state of angry rebellion and Holly confused But Holly finds feelings messy She pushes them down and doesn't face them or release them They are not neat and controlled like math euations When her grandfather dies she inherits an almost bankrupt business and meets an attractive boy who happens to be from the enemy chapel across the parking lot Holly finds her tightly controlled existence spiraling out of her control I liked how this affected her She makes some choices and responds in some ways that are not healthy and won't make a lot of sense to people who thrive on emotion but her responses are highly realistic Dax is even flawed than Holly I don't think Leavitt has ever written a hero as deeply flawed as Dax He has experienced a lot of tragedy in the past year Tragedy he is responsible for He is working out a lot of his issues over this still and on than one occasion chooses to drown them in alcohol He isn't drinking enough to have a problem yet but it's obvious he's on his way if he doesn't change something up There are many aspects to Holly and Dax's interactions that would indicate she should be wary yet there are eually as many aspects that point to Dax being exactly what Holly needs Again I enjoyed the realism in this Holly is wary but she also sees the good in him and is willing to give him a chance This is by far the most complicated relationship dynamic Leavitt has written and I think it works well for the story she is telling I enjoyed how their relationship developed over time but there was a definite irresistible attraction between the two of them I particularly love how Holly assessed their situation on their second dateWe glowed at each other Beamed Radiated I did not know that like could be like this Like love just not fully realized I did not love this boy because to love someone is to know them But every moment I was with him made me happy and every moment I wasn't with him a small piece of me wondered where he was and what he was doing like there was a satellite in our heartsAs in all Leavitt's books family dynamics play a large role in the story Holly was incredibly close to her grandfather and is devastated by his death She then has to jump into running his business much to the irritation of her father and her grandfather's assistant And she is fighting a losing battle They owe money than they have and could possibly earn in the three months Holly has to turn things around Grieving someone under such circumstances is not the best of scenarios Holly must also contend with her family's fractured dynamics Again Leavitt excels at writing a great sibling story here between Holly and her younger brother James James is angry and not hiding it His behavior is moving rapidly toward delinuent in order to get attention He is also fiercely loyal and protective of his sister and a piano prodigy I adored every interaction between James and Holly and the interactions between James and Dax Holly's best friend Sam and his girlfriend Camille are also important characters Camille and Holly grow closer as the story unfolds Camille helping Holly and becoming a confidant At the same time Camille and Sam have their own problems There are a lot of characters and much is happening to all of them and yet Leavitt managed to make them all feel so real Everything that occurs makes perfect sense and the story never feels weighed down or too much My one uibble with the story is that Dax's drinking wasn't taken uite seriously enough like it was excusable because he is a nice guy even when drunk However Holly's reactions are believable and her siblings and friends do caution her so I can't see this as a major problemI think this is Leavitt's most ambitious novel yet in terms of character development and realistic hard situations While I didn't enjoy it uite as much as Going Vintage it is very close Anyone who loves Leavitt's other books should definitely check this one out And if you haven't experienced her uniue brand of contemporary fiction this is a wonderful novel to start withI read an ARC provided by the publisher Bloomsbury Children US at ALA Midwinter The Chapel Wars is available for purchase May 6

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    An advance copy of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue The Chapel Wars was everything I expected it to be sweet funny and clever Basically everything I thought about Going Vintage Except where Going Vintage was on the fluffier side I enjoyed that The Chapel Wars took a slightly serious approach in its exploration of grief and loss and expectations But only slightlyThis book takes the dueling family aspect to another level Forget the Montagues and Capulets Move over Hatfields and McCoys This story features two rival families the Nolans and the Cranstons with competing wedding chapels in Las Vegas that share a parking lot And as crazy as that sounds things get even crazier when Grandpa Jim passes away and leaves the family chapel to Holly his like minded granddaughterI loved how Vegas kind of became its own character in this story I've personally never been to Vegas never had any desire to do so but the wacky and detailed way it's portrayed in this story the history of the city as it's described makes me feel like maybe I'm missing out Like maybe I judged the town too harshly before I knew what it was all about sort of like DaxThe wedding chapel business sort of takes on a life of its own too And I was really impressed with the family dynamic in this story as well Some YA novels fail to deliver a realistic family that's actually in the picture that actually makes a difference in the main character's life but The Chapel Wars is not one of those Holly's family is by no means perfect The parents are no longer together They all fight and bicker But they're there for each other when it countsI also appreciated that Holly Numbers Girl Nolan isn't your typical protagonist She's so Type A it's endearing Holly takes running the Rose of Sharon chapel very seriously and she'll do everything in her power to keep it from failing But I also like that she doesn't take everything at face value that along the way she begins to uestion her own goals and dreams whether she really wants to run the chapel after she graduates or if that was just because it's all she's ever knownAnd Dax helps her to discover what she really wants Namely him even if it was hard for her to admit that but I liked how that relationship progressed how she also made him feel at home in a place he didn't want to be Both Dax and Holly were a little messed up both affected by grief and the feud that had fueled their grandfathers' hate fire for years But it was nice to see them overcome their losses together and to move past their families' prejudices and do so in normal teenager ways I shipped them as soon as I read that summary and with good reasonI adored that cover the moment I saw it and the story is just as cute It definitely had its moments alternating between funny and heartbreaking and it has solidified me as a fan of Lindsey Leavitt I definitely recommend The Chapel Wars for fans of YA contemporary who are looking for something that falls in between fluffy and gritty It's like baby bear's porridgeGIF it to me straight

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    45 StarsMy first introduction to Lindsey Leavitt was Going Vintage which I read a year ago It was cover love at first sight I loved the concept of that story as well so I eagerly jumped right in Annnnnnnd it was a hit I really enjoyed her writing style and the uniue concept of her story So after finishing that book I was uickly on the lookout for from Lindsey Leavitt Chapel Wars I can say happily had the same fun cover and uniue concept I knew from reading the synopsis mixed with what I knew about Lindsey’s writing style that this would be a super fun and enjoyable readThe Chapel Wars takes place in Vegas the wedding capital of the world Upon the death of her grandfather Holly finds out he’s left her his most prized possession his wedding chapel She’s only 17 and now the proud owner of struggling under water financially wedding chapel And to make matters worse it’s immediately next door to another chapel that is forever in a war to see who can get customers But this chapel plays outside the rules that Holly’s grandfather has always stuck to They have theme weddings gasp and even dress like Elvis The horror P Holly takes on the challenge of keeping this chapel alive thus keeping her grandfather’s memory alive and making him proud It’s not a easy venture though The chapel next door owned by a super cute boy’s mean grandfather is a constant thorn in the family’s side They hate that chapel the evil She must compromise her original beliefs regarding the chapel put aside her feelings for the adorable boy next door and try her best to keep the chapel above waterThis group of characters is not without their flaws They struggle with the right thing to do versus what is the best for their immediately family and family businesses I loved the battle between Holly’s family and the chapel next door owned by the adorable Dax and his evil grandfather The adorable teenage romance that accompanied this story was so sweet and exactly how teenage love should be portrayed Innocent and goodhearted Another A for Leavitt If you’re looking for a super sweet fun innocent love story this is one that will give you all the feels The perfect beach read one sitting read with a smile kind of book Thanks to Bloomsbury USA Childrens and Netgalley for the review copyFind this review and others like it at Lost in Literature

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    This will probably not surprise you but I don't have much to say Everything was so mehThe writingThe charactersAnd the chemistry was almost non existentIt wasn't truly bad I have read books a lot worse but somehow I couldn't bring myself to give this book anything other than two starsI have nothing to speak about in that sense Nothing was too eye twitchy and neither was it rage inducing Just a bitbland And boring Holly was a decent protagonist She wants to save her grandfather's chapel and takes the help of Dax the grandson of her grandfather's rival to bring back its former glory I think my main problem with Holly is that she was too lack luster She didn't really do anything to make me think of her differently nor did she do anything that made me dislike her Again mehDax though is a disappointment because he had potential He is sweet and is willing to help Holly with her dream even if it means going against his grandfather We need sweet and nice guys because they are fast running out with the increase of testosterone driven alpha males so popular today But dammit he isn't even characterized well At thirteen James’s angst had the pubescent power to crack the bridge in half Not that we would drown—the only thing under the bridge was concrete And can someone please tell me what the heck this means?