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After years of watching couples come to blows over ice sculptures Abby wants no part of the family business She’d rather spend weekends kicking a soccer ball or antagonizing Noah the cute son of a famous pastry chef–not doing the Electric SlideThen Abby’s barely legal sister Carol does the unthinkable–she announces she’s getting married and wants Abby to be her maid of honor Clearly Carol has lost her mind Will Abby soon lose hers?So what if Carol turns into Bridezilla? So what if the dresses are hideous? So what if the invitations get messed up? So what if Noah looks extra hot with frosting in his hair? Abby can handle it After all it’s just one day Right?

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    This was a cute book that wraps up sweetly and perfectly It's kind of like watching a made for TV Disney movie It probably won't win any awards but it's an okay way to spend an evening

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    Reading this book was like breathing fresh air It is very refreshing to read a YA book that doesn’t make me feel “dirty” because of sex scenes and filthy language This was really a fun and hilarious read that I highly recommend The intended audience is YA but adult readers would enjoy it alsoMemorable uotesPg121 “Carol had clearly lost her mind Had she really just threatened never to speak to Abby again gotten half over it a second later and then a second after that uttered the words “mine mine mine”? It was official The girl was a Bridezilla” Pg4 “ Since it was unlikely that all brides were naturally terrible people Abby knew that meant only one thing weddings turned ordinary women into Bridezillas”

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    Book club book of the month down I didn't love it I didn't hate it I was seriously annoyed with the MC a bunch and frustrated at the highly unbelievable plot and twists but you knowit's a contemporary so I have to lower my expectations

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    This is a story about a girl named Abby who's parents run a catering hall that hosts weddings She hates weddings calling most brides Bridezillas and she and hersister Carolo make a pact to never get married After Carol comes home from college with a ring on her finger things start to go a little crazy An Italian exchange program a maybe cheating groom and a possible relationship with a life long friendThis book in my opinion was not very good Sure it had a few jokes it was easy reading and it had a light tone which would appeal to pre teen girls But other than to that demographic it is not something I would recommend The portrayals of teenagers is all wrong with one teen character continually saying yo after every sentence No one does that The main character is also not very likeable She reacts strangely to everything Starting a food fight when she's upset with her sister What the heck? and is extremely abrasive and untrusting and negative The book was not interesting in itself and by the end I just wanted it to be over I really just didn't like the book at all

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    Abby's family has always been in the wedding business and she and her older sister Carol hate it They vow to never become brides When Carol finally graduates from Harvard Abby is so excited to have her sister back home for the summer so it can be us vs them But Carol has a surprise for the family she's engaged Such a cute funny story about how wedding planning can turn a family inside out Just a side note there was swearing in it a LOT of goshes and a few of the other typical ones If half stars were available I would have given it 2 12 stars but I rounded up swearing aside because I really did enjoy the storyline I guess I just expect standards out of a young adult novel and swearing drives me crazy

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    Abby's sister Carol told her she was getting married to some dude named Tucker who hasn't even met Carol's family yet Her parents are excited though because they are in the wedding buisness and are exstatic to plan their own daughters wedding Abby though is not excited about the wedding because she hates weddings because people always go over blows about stupid stuff and brides always become bridezilla's Will Tucker and Carol actually get married? Read this book to find out I loved this book it is absolutely my favorite book of all time now It has romance sadness and everything in between I would definetly recommend this book it was fabulous but I think it is way of a girls book

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    I absolutely LOVED this book It had so many of my favorite elements – a girlie plot fun characters a uniue situation and some romance too What could a book lover ask for?I liked reading about the process of planning a wedding I know that I don’t want to turn into a Bridezilla when my wedding comes around I want to keep a cool head

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    With all of the books I have been reading I am so happy to have read a piece of fluffy grin ear to ear feel good book Loved the characters I connected to all of them Loved it

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    What can I possibly say about this book to show everyone my complete disdain for it? Giving it even one star is being so generous to it it makes me want to just delete the whole thing from my shelves that's how awful it is Awful writing awfuland selfish characters awful plot awful everythingLet's start with the writing It was possibly the most bland annoying boring writing I've read And I've read Twilight and Once in a Full Moon At least those books had interesting words in themlike hate This book was just there was nothing good about it The characters were even worse though The main character Abby is one of the most selfish characters I've ever read about and her sister is just as bad My sister had a wedding last year so I know how wedding are They're stressful time consuming and sometimes the bride gets a little agitated and lashes out But what was in this book was that plus dramatized by a hundred First Carol takes over Abby's computer No Way If my sister changed all the preferences on my computerif I had one I would not accept it like the pansy Abby did I would get her to get the frick out of my room and don't ever touch my computer again I understand using the computer but why on earth did she have to change all the preferences to something she knew Abby hated?And her parents are complete idiots They flip out the most over the wedding and it's not even theirs They too are selfish Too selfish to let the bribe pick out her own wedding They keep imposing their idealist wedding on her and pretty much forcing her to do what they want It's completely out of controlEverything in this book is unrealistic I can't think of one think that I liked about it There's even a character that says yo after every sentence Could you put up with that? Looking at how long it took me to read this I'm very surprised it only took me a month and a half Could it really only have been that long? It felt like it was closer to three monthsI'm ashamed to finally have a book on my shelves that forces me to make a chick lit shelf Where else am I to put this monstrosity?

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    This is a fluffy book aimed at young people in grades 7 10 It is about a girl 16 or 17 named Abby who grows up in the wedding industry – both her parents are wedding planners As such she and her older sister Carol who just graduated from Harvard make a childhood promise NEVER to get married This summer Carol comes home with a fiance and all hell breaks loose Abby is a good protagonist She is a tomboy who loves soccer and has a crush on the boy who works in the bakery She hates weddings with a fiery passion but is a strong believer in love and commitment holding up her happy long married parents as idols Unfortunately her parents' marriage starts to crumble rapidly under the pressure of putting together Carol's wedding Even though a lot of things in this book were unrealistic everything works out just great for every single character in the end I found many crumbs of truth in Abby's pessimistic narration For example women swearing they will never become a 'Bridezilla' and then ending up freaking out over what color a ribbon is feeling like love is true and marriage is fake suddenly understanding how people could act like idiots when you find yourself acting like an idiot when you have your first boyfriend being surprised that your best friend is marrying a man she only met two months ago and not picking up on the fact that two of your friends are secretly crushing on each other Abby in the end manages to support her sister without losing her edge which I appreciated Overall this book is very fluffy and fun and predictable