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Download Best The Black Stallion RevoltsAuthor Walter Farley –

I first read as many of the Black Stallion books as I could get my hands on when I was a horse crazy girl They are every bit as good today as they were then Found it at the opshop and had to read it again What a memory I loved these books. After The Black Attacks Another Horse, Alec Realizes That The Once Wild Horse Needs Space And Freedom, So They Head Out West To A Huge Ranch But A Terrible Accident Separates The Two, Leaving Alec With Amnesia And The Black Alone To Reclaim The Wild Life To Which He Was Born As The Black Struggles To Survive, And As Alec Struggles To Remember Who He Is And His Connection To The Magnificent Stallion In The Canyon, A Gripping Adventure Story Unfolds One of the weaker entries in the canon In this ninth book in the series, Farley hits cliche after cliche, starting with plane crash, moving through amnesia, heartless truckers, good hearted rich guys who gave it all up, clueless cattle ranchers Not that I didn t read every word breathless plotting was one of Farley s gifts, and the ability to make one care despite the ludicrous situation And nobody, but nobody, can write a race scene like him. It s hard for me to choose, but if someone asked me which one of this series was my favorite, I would probably answer, this one.The Black has been getting aggressive and out of control When a fight between the Black and Satan nearly ends up with Henry being seriously injured, Alec decides to fly out to a friend s ranch and give his horse some room to run free But before they reach their destination, the airplane crashes Alec wakes up a complete stranger to himself, money in his pocket and no memory of how it came to be there, and no memory of the Black Hitchhiking doesn t end well for him, but eventually a good Samaritan on a donkey finds him and patches him up He even finds a job for the frustrated amnesiac But things begin to become difficult when a wild black stallion is noticed stealing mares and running with the mustangs A horse that seems to know the confused boy, even if the boy doesn t know him. I love this book I loved it as a child and I still love it This book hits so many of my H C buttons Alec losing his memory, being left for dead, fleeing, taken in by strangers, finding friends, finding a friend again big happy sigh I love that in this book the injures Alec receives are treated as such No magical healing or jumping around again a day later It takes time to heal and there are some long lingering after effects The book isn t perfect but reading it makes me very happy and it s as if I m reading it for the first time again. I read this years ago It s the book that kind of throws a wrench in the timeline since based on the plot and references, this happened in the timeframe between The Black Stallion s Filly ends on Kentucky Derby Day and TBS Courage begins before the Preakness which is generally 2 weeks after the Derby If you can get past that, it s one of the better entries in the series as far as the plotline and what have you. You can t blame people for loving any kind of race, no matter how long or how short, and for loving their horses regardless of their type or breed A really interesting Black Stallion adventure in that it doesn t have anything to do with the racing world I like this one, because it proves again the love the Black has for Alec. Adventure stories are just that adventure They are stories that take you out into the jungle, deep into the desert, or out into the wild unknown Adventure stories aren t based on reality, they are designed to pick you up onto their shoulders and race off with you into uncharted territory, make you feel the wind in your hair and the excitement in your heart, all without making you leave your chair This is what Farley does so well You pick up a book about the Black Stallion because you want to know what kind of trouble he and Alec are going to get out of this time or you want to live through another race of the century from a time when racing was the sport of the century It doesn t matter that everything works out perfectly in the end, that s the beauty of the era the books came from And in all honesty, does anyone ever feel this good about picking the one that came in second place I think not. Alec and The Black return to the wild in The Black Stallion Revolts, in an adventure that rivals the action and excitement captured in the first two books of the series When Henry decides that Alec and The Black need a vacation, he sends them west Little does he realize the danger that awaits them When the duo disappears, only they can find their way back to each other and to the people they left behind.The Black Stallion Revolts starts off slow, there s quite a bit of recapping that takes place in the first 30 pages But once the story really gets started, it s a nail biter to the end.