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{Free ePUB} The Black Stallion Returns (The Black Stallion, #2)Author Walter Farley –

A much shorter read than I would like, but still a good, fast paced story. The Black Stallion Returns is every bit as riveting as the first novel in the series Here we find Alec and The Black resting on their laurels after their big win against Cyclone and Sun Raider Their happily ever after is soon shattered, though, when The Black s rightful owner comes to the U.S to claim him That might have been the end of it, but Sun Raider s owner, Mr Volence, appears to appeal one last time for a chance at the Black, only to find he has returned to the world he was stolen from Not daunted, Mr Volence, Henry, and Alec depart on an epic journey to reunite Alec with his horse and discover the secret behind his breeding They travel into dangerous territory and soon find themselves embroiled in a tribal war and the race of the century.Farley writes in such great detail about this epic journey that you feel you are there yourself As our heroes overcome one calamity after the next, there is a palpable tension because the mystery is still not solved This continues until the end, and keeps you riveted page after page It is a stunning sequel and a great continuation of the saga of The Black. Some kids books I can come back to, but not this one, alas.Seventy years on, there ve been than a few societal changes in regards how members of non mainstream culture are portrayed Not completely perfect, mind Even today, sadly, I m sure there are people who d wonder about the propriety of offering an Arab cold ham salad though in fairness, Farley didn t specify the character s religion He might not be an observant Muslim There s a minor character in The Black Stallion who is a missionary in pre Partition India I m not sure that would fly in a modern novel, but I m not going to twit Farley about that We know nothing about Alec s uncle, only that Alec spent the summer with him and is returning home to Flushing, NY, as The Black Stallion begins The Italian fruit cart owner I can t believe no one got pissy about that, though Accent you could cut with a knife, bambinos all over the place shudders Oddly, it s a comparatively minor error that started me giggling helplessly In The Black Stallion Returns, Alec ends up traveling to Arabia in order to attempt to reclaim The Black from the horse s rightful owner This involves a flight from La Guardia to northern Africa I ll take Farley s word about the details of the flight I ll take his word about the overgrown seaplanes Alec rides, but I know that trans Atlantic flights did involve stopping overnight at several points along the way in the Forties No, I was thrown completely out of the story when one of the flight attendants tells Alec that their flight the next day will depart at six a.m., last for fifteen hours, and they ll arriveat nine p.m., having flown across the Atlantic.Anyone notice a potential problem with that flight BRED FOR BATTLE OR FOR RACINGAfter a mysterious attempt on the Black s life by an unknown one armed assassin, Alec is shocked to meet an Arab sheik who claims to be the true owner Regretfully surrendering the horse he has trained and loves dearly, Alec expects to spend a gloomy summer before his senior year Conveniently for all concerned racing owner, Mr Volence, agrees to take both trainer, Henry and the devoted youth abroad to seek better bloodlines for his stables and incidentally search for the Black in distant Arabia.Plunged into an exotic world of desert, treachery and bloodlust Alec and his party set out for a remote mountainous region where the Sheik reigns Alec soon learns the price of betrayal, where blood demands blood, and the great race held every 5 years will soon be run Befriended by a local orphan youth named Raj, Alec s party is abandoned to their fate in the desert, then rescued by a young but suspicious chieftain How can Alex reach the elusive Sheik and convince him to sell or gift him the magnificent Black What will it take to end the bitter feud between rival sheiks How can an American boy acquire the desert skills necessary to survive and win respect in a hostile environment This sequel is every bit as exciting as the first book in the series, with hope for future stories, as it explores the wonderful and unique bond between boy and horse September 10, 2011 I welcome dialogue with teachers Was this review helpful to you This book developed too slowly for me until 3 4 of the way through when the danger increased Then it actually became a page turner.Pet peeve How many times did I have to say Abu Ja Kub Ben Ishak Could this man not have an acceptable last name A nickname In the very beginning, it seems to be okay to call him Abu Ishak But then every single mention is a five word name that one must pronounce in one s headuntilSuddenly his name is shortened THREE PAGES BEFORE THE END Painful simply painful. The Black Stallion Returns is probably the BEST book in the Black Stallion Series I would very much recommend this book to anyone who is a lover of the equines, or loves mystery and suspense I think there was a movie of this book, and I know that there is a movie of the 1st book in the Black Stallion Series Here is a short summary of this AMAZING book After Alec and the Black The Black Stallion win the match race against Cyclone and Sunraider, Alec and The Black become VERY famous Some people are not happy with all of this fame to this Rags to Riches Horse So one night, the Black is kidnapped More like horse napped Will Alec ever be able to find the Black ever again This one was kind of depressing The Black s rightful owner comes to claim him, and in the end, view spoiler he keeps him hide spoiler I think this is where I ll stop rereading this series, as it s just become much too dated and Boys Own to be much fun It s still a good classic horse adventure story but all the casual sexism, racism, colonialism and assorted other isms of the time diminish its enjoyment a lot. In This, The Second Book In The Series, The Heart Stopping Adventures Of The Black Stallion Continue As Alec Discovers That Two Men Are After The Black One Claims To Be The Black S Rightful Owner And One Is Trying To Kill The Beautiful Steed An Arab Chieftain Proves His Ownership Of The Black And Takes Him Away, But Alec Is Determined To Find His Horse Again Following The Pair To Arabia, Alec Encounters Great Evil And Intrigue, As Only A Horse As Spectacular As The Black Could Inspire Continuation of the Black and Alec s adventures.