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There are some great comic book memoirs out there Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, Epileptic by David B., Stitches by David Small, the work of Harvey Pekar, James Kochalka, Jeffrey Brown, Julia Wertz, and on and on They are books about discovering your sexuality, dealing with life changing diseases, finding humour in a bleak world and struggling with addiction And then there s The Big Skinny by Carol Lay, a book about how the author lost 35 pounds.Lay talks about how she has always been overweight for most of her life and been unhappy about it, and how she came to lose it by obsessively counting calories That s it It s Lay overhyping in very unfunny ways her eating she was 160 pounds, hardly mammoth and then ending with, and then I realised you have to count your calories if you re going to lose weight Alright Still super bored Uh oh, here comes crazy She literally writes down every single thing she eats then works out the calories it contains then adds it up in her food journal she buys scales that calculates weight to 1 10th of an ounce Does anyone need to know their weight to that precise a measurement It just seems an excessive and scarily obsessive method of losing weight or maintaining it I suppose it works for Lay but what a crappy way to live.The worst part of all is the lack of variation in the book I thought it d contain wry, funny anecdotes and it doesn t The artwork is appealing but Lay herself isn t and it s no wonder when she introduces a man into the story she does so by calling him my future ex husband or my future ex boyfriend Who would want to be around a woman staring at a dish of carrots on scales pondering how many calories it contains with a pad and pencil as if it were the cure to cancer I gave up on the book around page 30, I couldn t take any of Lay s irritating personality I flicked through the rest of the book to see if it improved or whether I missed anything important but it s just the same crap over and over The book is dull as dishwater, and over half of it is recipes that Lay likes yup, half of this comic memoir is fucking recipes Here s the opening scene of the book in which Lay goes to a dinner party, thin, greets the hostess who remarks on her appearance How did you lose the weight Lay By calorie counting and exercising Hostess smiles in silence and then dashes off Lay presents this as if the hostess were afraid of the pure honesty of her answer but I think that having read some of the book that she ran away because Lay is so insufferably boring she went off to find someone with a personality The Big Skinny may be the most trivial and least interesting comic book memoir I ve ever come across Do not bother. You gotta love a diet book that is also a graphic novel I picked this one up at the library, not really realizing what it was Since I just recently lost 30 pounds, it wasn t all that helpful as a diet book for myself However, if you have been having trouble dieting, I definitely suggest you pick this one up It s a lighthearted and funny way of looking at food.Loved the panel A simple rule for processed food is this if it contains than five ingredients and if any of those are unpronounceable, don t eat it I have been trying to cook , not only is it less expensive, but it tastes better and is better for your body Now, if only the summer heat would co operate She also says that carbonated drinks leach calcium and minerals from bones and tissues, which can lead to osteoporosis I m definitely giving them up totally after reading this book Now, I have to work on dairy products, which she says there is osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer in countries where the most dairy products are consumed..The end part of the book contains calorie charts and lots of low calorie recipes Definitely recommended Carol Lay s technique for losing weight and keeping it off is simple She practices rigorous calorie management, and she doesn t slack off from it But the LA based cartoonist tells her story as a graphic novel, and that makes a huge difference and keeps this from turning into a typical diet book Her lessons feel like conversations, and the humorous illustrations keep the pitch low pressure Having a cartoon version of Lay telling the story also emphasizes the personal perspective aspect of the story she s simply talking about what worked for her, and why.There s some calorie charts in the back and several pages of recipes that are simple to make but look delicious roast fennel with garlic, for example, or steamed vegetables with a red Thai curry sauce. Confession I m the author Thank you for all the kind words and stars, especially Ron, who concisely nailed it I ve been drawing comics for over 30 years, but this is the first time I ve put something out there that has already started helping people I received an email from an extremely overweight woman who became inspired to change her habits, hopefully to improve her life and health That was SO gratifying If any readers live in So Cal, i ll be doing some signings locally, and hopefully in northern parts of the state Anyhow, thanks for taking a look and indulging me with a 5 star vote for myself carol lay I ve passed this by so many times but I really like Carol Lay s exuberant illustration style and I couldn t resist Alas, it was pretty lame.So here s the deal I m a fat person I don t actually have a lot of hang ups about food or eating and I like both healthy food and bad for you food I don t really like to exercise all that much, but it sjust meh Not particularly psychological pathological Pretty much nothing in this book rang true for me, and Lay came off looking like just a super obsessive calorie counter self weigher party pooper Which I don t think she meant to do.Basically my complaint is that she thought she could just make her own experience universal just by writing it down That doesn t really work yo She just spent a book making herself look pretty neurotic and entirely unaware of that fact I d love to read a book about weight struggles that was honest and talked about successful ways of dealing with them, but this was not that I did totally enjoy her exuberant illustration style though but it made me hungry for the food she drew P I love the idea of this book formerly fat Carol Lay documents her path to skinnyness in comics There s a lot I and I bet other people can relate to in here, embarrassing though it is I had high hopes for some insights into permanent weight loss, so have to admit I was a little disappointed by what worked for Carol counting calories And exercise of course, which always seems like well duh, no one is going to lose weight sitting around on the sofa Counting calories worked wonders for Lay but for me, obsessing over the calorie content of every single thing I eat or drink all day long hmmm, is this a 60 calorie cup of cubed cantelope or a 100 calorie cup just sends me right into the arms of the nearest donut shop Which unfortunately is less than one block from where I work Still, I loved the illustrations, there are handy calorie charts in the back if you need to know how many calories are in 17 cashew nuts 160 for example, and sample menus and recipes for anyone eager to get started It s a lot fun than the average diet book that s for sure. problematic Carol Lay details her numerous techniques for remaining a size 2 she obsessively counts calories, weighing herself every morning and writing down the calorie value of every morsel of food to pass her lips in a notebook she carries around with her all day every day Her eating habits also strike me as disordered a typical day involves eating a 1 2 banana for breakfast Call me crazy, but I d rather be a larger size if it meant I could eat the entire banana for breakfast.I did like the illustration work, and I appreciated her honesty, which is why I m giving this book than one star But I don t really see this book as being useful to me in my own weight management efforts. Here S The Skinny After A Lifetime Of Yo Yo Dieting With Pills, Hypnosis, And Ill Informed Half Measures, Carol Lay Finally Shed Her Excess Pounds And Kept Them Off Now This California Cartoonist Shares Her Experiences In A Funny, Genuine, And Eye Popping Graphic Memoir That Tells Carol S Story And Shows You How You Can Do It, Too Was curious about this one after Talia and Tamara s reviews I really liked the graphic novel format and the basic philosophy of this weight loss success story It s definitely true that you can t make a lifestyle change until a switch flips in your brain and you decide to be honest and diligent about it, and start thinking how you get to make changes rather than have to I also liked her artist s approach to food if your diet was a painting, would it be all browns, beiges, and whites, or a rainbow of colors Colorful is better This book made me want to eat a lot veggies, and that s an accomplishment. This would be decent overview of calorie counting if you knew nothing abut the topic at all There isn t any deep introspection here, and the whole thing is pretty dull, actually, and many sections are repetitive However, if someone really wanted to know the basics, willpower, calorie counting, saying no to food, weighing daily and needed to have that reiterated every three pages, well this book would provide just that.