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For Hutch shortstop has always been home It's where his father once played professionally before injuries relegated him to watching games on TV instead of playing them And it's where Hutch himself has always played and starred Until now The arrival of Darryl 'D Will' Williams the top shortstop prospect from Florida since A Rod means Hutch is displaced in ways than one Second base feels like second fiddle and when he sees his father giving fielding tips to D Will the same father who can't be bothered to show up to watch his son play Hutch feels betrayed With the summer league championship on the line just how far is Hutch willing to bend to be a good teammate? Mike Lupica returns to the big field for the first time since his #1 New York Times bestseller Heat and delivers a feel good home run showing how love of the game is a language fathers and sons speak from the heart

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    Personal ResponseI thought the book The Big Field by Mike Lupica was a very good book I could relate to a lot of this book especially the sportsmanship Also I could relate to the players in the book because they were a team kind of like Weyauwega They were a small legion team PlotIn the book The Big Field Hutch was the star shortstop for his team His team the Cardinals was for kids ages twelve to eighteen Hutch’s team was one of the youngest in their legion conference The Cardinals had been to many World Series and were trying to go for the next year’s title Hutch had entered the season starting at shortstop where he always planned to play Then there came a new kid named Darryl Darryl was an outstanding athlete and he had played shortstop too Hutch and Daryll had not gotten along for most of the regular season As the post season approached Hutch realized he could play second Hutch and Daryll became pretty good friends Then again a problem came up Hutch’s dad started to help Darryl to become better at baseball Hutch was disappointed because his dad never came to any of his games or watched any of them Hutch became very disappointed but that did not stop him During the sectional final game they were all tied up four to four and Hutch hit a bomb that let the cardinals won six to four The cardinals made it to the championship The cardinals won the championship World Series and Hutch’s dad came to watch them play Hutch and Darryl became best friends At the end of the book Darryl and Hutch began to work out and get ready for the Cardinals next seasonCharacterizationThe main character in this book would have been Hutch Hutch was a very good baseball player He had a lot of talent and his dad had helped him with all the skills The reason his dad had been able to help was because he had been in the MLB for four years and had an injury that made him retire Another main character was Darryl He was also very good at baseball because he was one of those kids who was a field rat He always had to be at the baseball diamond Hutch and Darryl were not fans of each other until the second season where they had to like each other Impacts of Setting The setting took place on the baseball field and also at Hutch’s house It took place on the baseball field was because there had been two seasons played in the whole book The book was about their team and how they had to make it to the Junior World Series The reason it was at hutch’s house uite a bit was because the whole team would go to his house to eat dinner before every game The book is very relatable because it had taken place in modern time and everybody knew everybody The book was everybody knew the star athletesThematic ConnectionThe main themes were sportsmanship and do not cheat Sportsmanship was a huge part in the book Hutch did not get along with his team or the other team Hutch would just walk away from everyone after the game and not high five anyone Cheating was another theme Daryll cheated in the beginning of the book He would put pine tar on his bat or take enhancing drugs from his older brother Darryl later on found out that it was not doing him any good to take those drugs or use that pine tar Darryl ended the season being the best player on the team Recommendation I recommend this book to any high schooler or middle schoolers age 13 18 boy or girl I recommend this to high and middle schoolers because there is some content that can be disturbing This book could be for girls because although the main character is a boy he has a mom and a girlfriend in the book that are important in the book too I think the book had a lot of good reasoning for the lessons learned in the book Also I thought the book became a little personal on some parts Overall this was a great lesson to learn about and I would recommend this book

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    It’s all or nothing This is the most intense game your team has ever faced In order to get to regionals you have to win If you lose you’ll have to wait until next summer A ground ball is hit It feels like it’s coming right at you but it isn’t It’s coming towards your teammate He throws the hitter out and you’re going to regionalsThe sports novel The Big Field by Mike Lupica is a book not only about playing on the big field but life off the park It is like the movie The Blind Side because it does involve the sport the story is based around but discusses the emotional problems that each of the players faces It discusses the personal problems of the captain of the team Hutch It tells of his conflicts with the star of the team Daryl who plays the position Hutch wants to play shortstop As the book progresses they hate each other and both hating each other out of jealousy Daryl hates Hutch because he is captain and steals his fire while Hutch hates Daryl because Daryl gets attention from Hutch’s dad in one instance and Hutch feels he does not Hutch’s conversations with his dad consist of them sitting in front of the tv his dad drinking a beer and saying “hey” to Hutch Soon Hutch learns that his dad doesn’t hate him but he feels empathy knowing that baseball is Hutch’s dream and like him that dream may be broken The Big Field puts out the message of how important it is to work as a team Daryl and Hutch’s conflict almost gets Hutch kicked off the team which could cost them the championship Without a team it is impossible to play a team sport The novel also discusses that one should not be heartbroken by a failed dream Hutch’s dad had tried to pursue his dream of becoming a pro baseball player but he was let down After he failed the pursuit of his dream he never played baseball againThis novel has panache Although I am not into sports books this novel was interesting due to the internal man vs self conflicts Whether one plays a sport or not they should read this book

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    The Big FieldBy Mike LupicaThe book starts out with a boy named Hutch He lives in Miami Florida with his mom and dad He is a huge baseball fan His favorite player is Derek Jeter Hutch is one of the best youth baseball players in Florida He plays on the same team as his best friend Cody Hester Hutch's favorite position is shortstop and he is really good at that position The team they play for is Boynton Beach Post 226 Cardinals They just got a new player and his name is Darryl or D Will He is an even better player than Hutch and plays shortstop Their coach Mr Cullen decides that Darryl is the new shortstop for the team Hutch hates this idea but he cannot do anything about it He gets moved to 2nd base Hutch's dad was a professional baseball player and is a legend throughout the area He uit baseball for a mysterious reason and had many jobs They are not the richest family Hutch goes though his season with his team and constantly fights with his teammate Darryl They get to the championship game of their league in baseball They win it and Hutch's dad shows up His dad doesn't come to his games because baseball crushed him he loved it so much and it crushed him After the game he told Hutch that His dad said that he saw that Hutch loved the game as much as he did and he didn't want his son to get crushed like he did After that Hutch understood why his dad never wanted to be involved in his baseball life Shortly after the championship game Hutch and Darryl made up and be came friendsI rate this book at four stars because it was a really enjoyable book to read and it had a good story I liked that is was about baseball because i like baseball I think a good audience for this book is kids from ages 12 to 18 It is a really good book though and can be enjoyed by a variety of audiences

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    What would you do if you were struggling with your teammate father a new position and with your father? Hutch Hutchinson has to deal with all of these problems in his life He needs to find a way to make it to the Florida state championship for his beloved sport baseball If he doesn't his summer will be over The book The Big Field is a great sports novel written by Mike Lupica with an interesting plot and definitely a must read for baseball lovers from ages eleven to fifteen In The Big Field Hutch is moved from his original position shortstop to second base Hutch feels like he was demoted to second team He was moved over so Darryl Williams the best baseball prospect since Alex Rodriguez could play Hutch also feels that his father has an absence presence in his life All Hutch wants from his dad is to have a catch or talk about baseball And on top of all this Hutch has to find a way to the baseball state finals or baseball is done for the summerI thought that Mike Lupica did do a good way of telling this story The way that he had structured his paragraphs made the story suspenseful and interesting He also did give a good representation of most teenagers relationships with their best friend However I did think that Mike Lupica was a bit cheesy in this novel Also I think that this story was a bit predictableIn conclusion The Big Field is a great sports novel There are interesting plot twists and interesting character relationships Although this book may have been a little bit predictable the story makes it worth it The novel would be a good read to baseball lovers from the ages eleven and fifteen This sports story will leave you thinking

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    I need to say that I love this book even though I'm not a baseball playerIt's actually uite a typical sport's book which is about a teenage boy's growing and dream about his sport life Hutch is exactly this kind of boy He always dreams to be a professional baseball player As the captain of his team he has to lead the team to success But Darryl who is regarded as the best player appears and takes away Hutch's favorite shortstop spot But when they're playing real games it turns out that Hutch is the real star player The conflict between Hutch and Darryl becomes and serious This is about the main theme about this bookI like this book because the story is exciting and attractive Also the author Mike Lupica presents the details about baseball so carefully that the scene of the plays can form in your brain naturallyBut unfortunately just like some other books it also has cliches I would call it a typical sport's book because it includes a boy overcoming barriers looking for acceptance by father etc Those are obviously stories you can see in other booksOverall the book is good and worth reading

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    The Big Field by Mike Lupica was a really good I got attached to this book I really liked it It is about a kid named Hutch Hutchinson His dad was a really good baseball and the best in his area But when he got to the minors he realized that he was like all the other players he faked that he had a am injury to get out of baseball Hutch's dad grew up one of the best players in his area and he wasn't ready for him to be up there with all the other good players Now everybody expects Hutch to be as good as his dad I would recommend this book to people who like baseball and have to live to a lot of expectations

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    The book was ok at the beginning but then it got good towards the end

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    PLOT In this book Hutch is the main character He starts out as a skilled shortstop but soon an even talented 14 year old comes to take over his position and he gets moved second base The baseball team that Hutch is on is one of the youngest in the state for Legion ball It is a league for 12 18 year olds Hutch's team is made up of two 12 year olds a handful of 14 year olds and the rest are all 13 years old They are on their way to play in the Sectionals if they can beat the last team in their conference The game is on the line when the batter for the other team hits a grounder to Hutch and he rifles it to first to get the last out and win the game Hutch is a very solid baseball player he makes very few errors and has a high batting average Daryl is also a solid player He has a higher batting average and makes even fewer errors but he isn't a good team player He only plays to become rich and famous and play professional ball someday He only cares about himself not his team Hutch cares about his team than himself and plays for the love of the game Every single player on the team votes Hutch as captain except for Daryl who seems upset that he wasn't chosen to lead the team Cody Hutch's best friend tells Hutch to just ignore Daryl Cody and Hutch have been best friends as long as they can remember They both love baseball although Hutch does so They practice all the time not just in their daily baseball practice Hutch's dad Carl also used to love baseball He was a very good shortstop who lived for baseball and did well in the minor leagues until he had a knee injury He used his injury as an excuse not to make it into the pros Later in the book he tells his son that it wasn't his injury that caused him to not make it any further in his career but the fact that he just wasn't good enough He is afraid that the same thing is going to happen to Hutch I think that he was very depressed about not making it into the pros and Carl knows that Hutch cares about baseball even than he did Carl doesn't talk to Hutch very much as a result and he doesn't come to many of his games because it hurts him to watch He watches it occasionally on TV while drinking a beer or two Now the Cardinals Hutch's team are playing in the Sectionals The score isn't even close and the Cardinals are moving on to Regionals This next game they decide to throw their best pitcher and it is a good thing they did because this team puts up a fight The score is tied 4 4 in the ninth inning when Daryl hits a bomb over center with a man on base so they win 6 4 They are ualified for state The State Championship is like a mini World Series It is best two out of three against a team that is made of mostly 17 and 18 year olds In the first game it is going very close Both teams are pitching their best to start and it is a hard matchup The pitcher for the other team throws an average of 90 miles per hour which is faster than anyone on the Cardinals have seen They keep it tied all the way to the bottom of the ninth inning when someone hits a grounder to Hutch and the ball shoots right under his glove which let the runner on third base score and end the game The next game is also very close until the ninth inning when Daryl hits a double right after Hutch to drive him in as the winning run The third game is going the same exact way tied up and in the ninth With two outs and a runner on third base Hutch's dad yells his name while Hutch is up to bat Hutch looks over and realizes that his dad is telling him to bunt Hutch thinks it is crazy but decides that he can trust his dad He lays down a perfect bunt to bring in the last run to win the State Championship Daryl who of course does not like Hutch congratulates him and is very nice to him Daryl leaves to give a television interview and become famousMY RESPONSE I enjoyed reading this novel Baseball is one of my favorite sports and this book is about a baseball team that succeeds in attaining every baseball player’s dream making it to the State Championship and coming out victorious I like that it doesn’t just deal with the game but the player’s family lives Being on a Little League or Middle League team since I was 4 years old I was able to relate to all of the issues that the players had to deal with I also like the fact that the main character Hutch is not the best baseball player or star of the team which is a twist from other books I’ve read in the sports fieldCHARACTERIZATION In The Big Field Mike Lupica develops characterization using the indirect method There are five main characters and several others The main character is Hutch He is a 14 year old boy from Boynton Florida He plays for the Cardinals He absolutely loves baseball and wants to play shortstop in the Big Leagues someday Unfortunately he only plays second base under Daryl who took his position They do not get along well at all because Daryl has a rotten attitude and took Hutch's position Hutch really wants his dad who was almost a professional to play ball with him He has a good personality and is a nice kid and has a bright future Daryl is one of the best players to come out of this area in a while He is a great player although a bad team player with a poor attitude and he doesn't care about anything except his future in professional baseball Unlike Hutch who plays for the love of the game Daryl plays because it promises him a future His dad left when he was a baby and he has had a rough life Hutch's parents Carl and Connie are good parents who are loved by Hutch Carl's dreams were shattered when he found out he wasn't good enough to go on to play Major League Baseball His mom gets both Carl and Hutch through happily Cody Hutch's best friend is always there for Hutch They have always been best friends and plan to keep it that way despite the fact that Hutch took his position as second baseman He now plays in left fieldRECOMMENDATIONI would recommend this book to middle school children ages 10 13 years old of both genders who love baseball I don’t think that it matters if it is a boy or girl as long as the reader has the love for baseball or softball It was an easy and uick read Again I appreciated the fact that the main character was not the star of the team and I feel it is important for children to realize that they do not have to be number one in everything they do They need to find something they like give it their all and be true to themselves I am in high school and I would recommend it to middle schoolers because the book is written below the high school reading level

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    Tommy O’Halloran10518Mr Schleifer 9HPeriod 3 A sports novel’s purpose is to teach a lesson or make the reader feel a certain way through the power of sports Mike Lupica’s The Big Field does exactly that through fourteen year old Keith “Hutch” Hutchinson This book made me wish that everyone accepted their talent level The book has helped me see this through Hutch being forced to play second base instead of shortstop his favorite position This happened because a young baseball prodigy named Darryl Williams also a shortstop joined the team bumping Hutch over to second base Though Hutch was not happy with this he still dealt with it his team ended up winning the championship and he actually became friends with Darryl I wish that people were like Hutch people that accept their skill level and adapt to their circumstancesThis book made me realize that I don’t have to be the best I have realized this through Hutch not even starting at the position that he normally plays and still playing a big role on the team To prove this him and Darryl both work together very well throughout the season and their team ultimately won the Florida state championship In this scenario Hutch was not the best at what he did yet he still contributed heavily to the team that he was on People often get too caught up in how they are not the best at something when they really just need to see that they are actually contributing This book made me wonder about other people’s feelings towards me My reason for this is Darryl not really realizing that he was making Hutch feel very bad at first that he was taking his spot Luckily for Darryl though Hutch didn’t actually get mad at him for it instead Hutch worked with him and became his friend However in most real life case scenarios the person getting started over would probably think negative thoughts about the person that is starting This leads me to wonder how other kids think of me when I play longer in a game than them in sports or even just do better than someone on anything This book made me see that a lot of kids don’t have the same relationship with their parents as I do The book showed me this through Hutch’s encounter at the end of the championship game with his father After they’d already won the game Hutch ran to his dad and they hugged each other This may not sound like anything special but to Hutch it meant the world His father didn’t usually support him or come to any if his games because of his disliking of the sport His father disliked baseball because of a shoulder injury ending his baseball career in the minors I couldn’t imagine my dad never showing up to any of my games to support meThis book made me believe that the a person is willing to sacrifice for you the they are your friend The book led me to believe this through Cody one of Hutch’s life long friends This is shown when Cody sacrifices his spot at second base so that Hutch can still play in the infield This was a really nice move by Cody because he gave up his own position forcing himself to play outfield which is completely different from second base I sure do believe that my closest friends would do the most for me of out of anyone else in the entire world besides my family This book made me feel that I judge people too fast The book demonstrates this through Hutch’s early relationship with Darryl and his father At first Darryl and Hutch do not get along too well considering that they are fighting over who will get to play shortstop for the team However as the book progresses their relationship becomes and friendly Also in the beginning of the book Hutch’s dad was completely unsupportive towards baseball to the point where he didn’t even want to step on a field Then at the end he finally shows some support for his son by hugging him If I was Hutch in either of these situations I would’ve assumed that neither of them were changingThis book made me hope that I will not give up at anything I do Hutch and his team winning it all has caused me to hope this Hutch Darryl Cody and the rest of his team were not uitters and being that the game was very close the whole way through each and every one of them had to have not given up Additionally when Hutch didn’t get to play his favorite position he was really bummed out but he didn’t give up on trying to win all those games Throughout the book Hutch really inspired me to not give up on whatever it is I am trying to do even if it is something super small

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    This novel caught my eye because I am a baseball player and any book written by Mike Lupica is bound to be a good one I know this from experience having read books like Million Dollar Arm Heavy Hitters and No Slam Dunk All of those books were entertaining to read and all told lesson learning stories This was no different in The Big Field this book not only had you on the edge of your seat during every single elimination playoff game but it also illustrated to you how a game can bring people together This book is a third person limited narration that goes through a journey with a kid named Keith Hutchinson better known as Hutch Hutch is the second basemen for one of the best American Legion teams in the state of Florida the Cardinals The thing is that he is not a second baseman he is a shortstop by heart The only thing keeping him at second base is the kid who is the shortstop and is the best player Hutch has ever played with his name is Darryl This sparks some tension between the two that just grew as Darryl began arrogant and selfish Their tension tops when Hutch goes to the practice field to play with his best friend Cody and he sees Darryl taking infield with his father Carl Hutchinson Hutch and his father’s relationship has also been very rocky since a very young age They have been distant ever since Hutch got into baseball because his dad put all of his eggs into one basket on going to the MLB and he did not want the same to happen to his son Hutch would usually just catch his dad watching the games and drinking beers without his son He did not even show up to Hutch’s games at first and that hurt Hutch Hutch sees his dad and Darryl taking infield and that gets him mad because he knows that his dad has never done that for him before Darryl says some words that get under Hutch’s skin about his him and his dad’s relationship and it provoked Hutch to push Darryl This got Hutch suspended for one game in the playoffs and since the playoffs are do or die that is a huge hit for the team This also got Hutch a talking to with his father His dad takes him to where he caddies and has a long conversation on why Hutch should not be so invested in baseball because of how it backstabbed him The Cardinals end up winning even without their captain and Hutch is eager to return to play The Cardinals end up going on a winning streak thanks to the heroics of Hutch such as walk off home runs and great defensive plays The end up winning to the finals because of their great play Before game 1 of the finals best of three series Hutch finds a scrapbook of his father playing baseball He was smiling in these photos Hutch wondered why he never smiled any The finals were played on Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium and Hutch is surprised to see his dad there This is easily the biggest game of Hutch’s life and he has no room for error The game is tied the bottom of the ninth with two outs and a man on third A sharply hit ground ball is hit to Hutch and it goes right through the five hole What do you think the team's response is going to be after this error? How is Darryl going to feel? How is Carl Hutchinson going to feel about this? Will the Cardinals be able to come back from a 1 0 series deficit and will it all 2 1 or will they get swept on live television? What will Hutch do differently in preparation for the next game? Find all this out by reading The Big Field by Mike Lupica The main thing that worked in this book was the way that the author could have the reader feel connected to the relationships that Hutch is in Hutch’s relationships with two important shortstops in his life are the main conflict in the book Baseball seems to be just beneath that even though most of the stuff between Darryl and Hutch happens on the field It also did a good job presenting how Hutch felt some of the time it said it through dialogue but other times it through the action that he did or how he reacted to things The author should have included Hutch’s best friend Cody throughout the book He is important because sticks with Hutch threw the whole rollercoaster but does not do anything significant besides tell Hutch he was on TV or in the paper or hit him ground balls He does give a heartwarming speech at the end when Hutch needed it the most but I think he could have been used better in the story