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I really want to love Gerald Lund s writing, but I just don t This book reads like a clean Vin Diesel movie The plotline is that predictable and the dialoge falls that flat I read it because a friend passed it to me and told me I would love it And then she kept asking me every time I saw her if I had read it or not There is nothing remotely literary about this book Nothing magic or compelling other than another dystopian storyline And it needed a good edit There are typosthan I normally find in a book , places where the author mixes up his characters names, and paragraphs that were clearly pasted in the wrong place The quality waslike a vanity press than Bookcraft Desert Book All that said, there are people who will love this book I m just not one of them. Favorite quote from this book, Even God with all of his incredibly majestic knowledge and infinite wisdom chooses not to force men to do good And the reason is clear If man has no choice but to do good there is no point in calling him moral He can be made to act in good ways, but he cannot be good Man must make that choice for himself Great novel that explores what it means to be free and the cost of sacrificing freedom for security. OK I am going for 3 1 2 Once I got into this book I was fascinated by it and was compelled to keep reading to see what new twist Eric, Travis, Nicole and the Major were going to take This book is based on an interesting idea that after a massive war and chaos, the ruling government resorts to forced compliance, disguised as freedom The most interesting thing of all to me ,is that it was written by Gerald Lund in 1983.I hope we are far away from the end of government as we know it Still, there is room for thought afforded by this book I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in the ending frankly, I expected a little bit .Perhaps after reading THE WORK AND THE GLORY series and THE FIRE AND THE COVENANT, I was hopingfor a less tidy wrap up Anyway, if you like Gerald Lund and his style of writing you will like this book He always does a grand job of pulling you into the characters as well as a lot of research to make certain his facts are consistent and accurate I salute him for that Second time I ve read this book I needed an uplifting overthrow the big bad control freak gov t book after reading Mocking Jay A work less known by Gerald Lund it is definately a glory Set in a futuristic post nuclear WWIII a technology advanced civilization forces survivors to undergo a surgical implantation of a device that uses pain signals to force a person to submit to being good Sounds great right, a city where there is no bad behavior, except the people incontrol are not implanted and are free to manipulate the system and basically keep the people in bondage But one village decides to put up a fight An intense page turner from the start, it kept me in solitude all day Finally, some fantastic fiction The development is morally responsible 166, 329 , and I certainly appreciated that he didn t even reproduce the only profanity referenced in the book 242 Lund makes it apparent, yet universally palatable, that religion is what makes good guys good 33, 127, 298, for example Family values are strongly implicit, as well as placed in an appropriate perspective birthrate s connection with true happiness 67, 86, 104 when aggression is permissible 179 and even that stalwart notion that in dangerous times, one s duty to humanity may exceed though not obviating immediate concern for family 129 130, 300, 313 taught carefully enough with the author s obvious compassion This book is filled with self sacrificing ideals Cliff s valiant and unrelenting stand will now stand alongside my mental picture of Polycarp, no small feat for a fictional character.This contains some powerful storyline about the true battle 80 over agency One may make the case for symbolic confusion about freedom and agency as one character gradually withdraws from the life she had formerly known 163, 167 168, 194, 197 , thinking at first that her liberation was captivity That s why I found it somewhat ironic when, for a particular need, they turned to hypnosis 124 , which is a surrender of the will condemned subtly by Joseph Smith, and as early as 1903 in the Improvement Era I had been thinking that prayer would give them the necessary dampening influence while trying to regain mental freedom, seeing as what was wrong to the Major was not wrong before God a concept verified on 128, 145 146, and pretty effectively on 279.In many ways, he teaches us how even the most fiendish, diabolical torture cannot change the way a man thinks, but can do nothan bring him into line temporarily 78 As Augustine wrote in his essay on freedom of the will, No one can lose truth and wisdom against his will, because no one can be physically separated from them When we speak of a loss of truth we are speaking of a deliberate choice by the perverted will of someone who wants to love inferior things No one ever wills something against his will quoted in L Russ Bush, Classical Readings in Christian Apologetics Grand Rapids, Michigan Academie Books, 1983 , 211 212. This book was one of the first book I ever read cover to cover willingly I was not a reader and this help me become a reader I found that books can be fun If you re looking for a book that has action, love, not overly intense graphic images, and no foul language, this is one for you I would give it a PG 13 ratting due to fighting This is a great book I would love to see this become a movie but then hate them for messing it all up. I really liked this book I would recommend this book to anyone who loves futuristic utopia type books, and if you are looking for a good clean book this would be a great book to read I liked this book because the point of view was the one when the author knows everyone s thoughts, actions, and feelings It was really fun to read because during the book he would switch to different characters It didn t follow the same character the whole time and I really liked that One time in the book two of the characters did something to another character while they were unconscious, so then during the book I knew that something happened to this character, but they didn t This made the story a lotinteresting to read I also really liked the idea of the story The main part of the story is about after the end of the world there are few survivors and a guy creates and alliance of cities, and basically invents a utopia Well they caught a village and brought them to the utopia, but the people of that village don t like the utopia A man in that village named Eric Lloyd decides he doesn t like the utopia and so he tries to destroy it This idea is awesome because a lot of people think that a utopia is like a perfect thing, but this book shows the idea that a utopia can be bad My favorite quote in the whole book is this A really inventive mind can bring about the most effective tyranny in the history of the world I think this quote is saying that smart people can give great ideas, but if there motives are wrong it could destroy people That is why I love this quote For those of you looking for another great book to read I would choose this one. Morals There is no magic something that I detest with a passion , there is not rude or crass language, there is a romance but no sexual innuendo, and though there is action it s written well so there is little or no violence Style The main characters are honorable, moral, and worthy of emulation The villains, though not spine chilling, are evil and have evil motives There is a slight imbalance of dialog and action, but that is the only thing that I would have changed Value The book is thought provoking, fast passed, and gripping within the first few chapters It makes you consider if you re taking your freedom and agency for granted.Just Enough of the Plot The USA has been devastated by atomic bombs leaving the few survivors in scattered colonies Eric, a young man from one of these colonies, has been assigned to spy on a set of vehicles that have been spotted approaching the settlement Vehicles are things that most have only heard about and people from different colonies are things that most fear because it s always uncertain whether they re friendly or hostile When the newcomers arrive they invite Eric s group to join them in their city of Shalev When the invitation is refused Eric s entire community is abducted and taken to the glittering city if Shalev where, though an implanted computer chip and a mechanical wristwatch, there is no violence, no anger, no unkindness, and no choice in the matter Eric, who escapes the brain implantation, battles against the evil system and wicked leaders, determined to return the gift of agency to his family and the people of Shalev. It SYears After The Nuclear Holocaust And The End Of Civilization, As We Know It Survivors Are Being Relocated To A New Society Known As The Alliance It Seems Like A Dream Come True For Many Of The New Citizens Crime, As Well As Harmful Emotions, Such As Anger And Prejudice Have Been Eliminated, Because The Alliance Has Computerized Control Over It S Citizens From A Computer Chip That Has Been Implanted In Everyone Eric Lloyd Discovers The Alliance S Corrupt Power Structure And Vows To Destroy It But Can One Person Change The World Our one successful office book club book The club unofficially ended when I was the only person to finish the book You d think library workers would read a lot , but alas we re in college I know Lund from his work in the Work the Glory series I ve never read them, but they looked imposing on my aunt s bookshelf Unfortunately I m very late on this review, so I can t remember my exact reasons for the 3 stars The plot dipped into the predictable at times, but I liked the subtle undertone of agency Lund is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Mormons and so am I This is not in any way a Mormon book Although the characters generally believe in God, they profess no specific religion However agency is a critical tenant to LDS doctrine that we have control over our own actions In fact Latter day Saints believe that before we were born Satan tried to take that freedom of choice away from us by forcing everybody to always choose the right Our Father in Heaven rejected Satan s plan in favor of us making mistakes but learning and progressing Satan got a little bitter about i and ended up being cast out of heaven and thus embraced his role as the devil Lund s characters face a similar dilemma Which do we favor , safety or freedom Anyways I wasn t planning on explaining doctrine, but overall I liked how Lund handled the issue of free choice vs security.