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For fifteen year old Haven life is changing too uickly She's nearly six feet tall her father is getting remarried and her sister—the always perfect Ashley—is planning a wedding of her own Haven wishes things could just go back to the way they were Then an old boyfriend of Ashley's reenters the picture and through him Haven sees the past for what it really was and comes to grips with the future

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    I am certain That Summer isn’t one of Ms Sarah Dessen’s finest but I also know that this is one of her realistic stories and despite the simplicity of the plot and the plainness of the narration it was a relatable read It was easy sympathizing with Haven a too tall fifteen year old who is trying to adapt to all the changes going on around her and the people she loves Many parts dragged a bit and I could easily point out flaws in the plot and in the characterization but I would do no such thing owing it to the little detail that this was the first book written by the author Thankfully the entire story took less than 200 pages to finish and I have to admit the last few pages were beautiful If it weren’t for those concluding paragraphs I wouldn’t have fully appreciated the essence of the entire novel Thank you so much to my awesome buddy Neil or bleed for gifting me the book Thank you for your endless generosity pal You're awesome^^

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    A typical feel good Sarah Dessen novel I didn't realize this was her very first novel until after I'd finished it actually The novel spans a summer in the life of a girl learning to love herself in her own skin and emotionally deal with the turmoil surrounding her It was beautiful to watch her her mom and her sister learning to get along and show love to each other While nothing especially thrilling happened in the novel it was about the emotional journey As a side note I have read several of Sarah Dessen's novels and plan to continue to read them whenever I need a good uick pick me up so I clearly have an appreciation for her That being said I must admit that once I realized this was her first novel I had to admit to myself that it was exactly the same as the other books I've read by her I don't see where she has had much growth as an author through the years Harsh I know but true and what is a proper Goodreads review without honesty? Perhaps she is an abider of the mantra if it ain't broke don't fix it?

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    I decided to not finish this book because of too many reasons I could not avoidFirst The storyline was boringSecond The characters were boring Third The writing wasn't all that great Very repetitiveFourth I found no story progression and only 80 pages in I was just skimming through the pages hoping it would end soonYou can definitely tell this was Sarah's first book because I have really liked all her other books and this one just put me to sleep as sad as I am to say that I do no recommend this book unless you need something to make you fall asleep then this book is for you

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    The very first book I read by Sarah Dessen was Dreamland By the time I’d finished that book she was automatically catapulted to the top of my list of favorite authors I started this book of hers with such high expectations but sadly they were dashed I am still in love with Sarah Dessen’s writing I am still captivated by the way she expertly weaves strings of words together in a way that not only is utterly enchanting but also incites emotion in the reader She has undeniable ability to tell a gripping story in deceptively simple words something that few authors can pull off and yet she has done it multiple times in her many bestselling booksBut there was almost no plot in this book The word I would use to describe it is empty like a pastry with a delicious crust but hollow inside On the surface Sarah’s language prowess kept me riveted to the pages; I actually did to some extent care about Haven her sister Ashley and Ashley’s ex boyfriend Sumner as well as other important side characters such as Ashley’s fiancé their mother and Lydia Catrell I genuinely cared about these characters I did But as I read on I started to notice a significant lack of plot in the entire story Nothing major happened from the very first page to the end None of the characters were spectacular memorable or particularly endearing Several relationships in the story weren’t well developed enough or in some cases glossed over and not developed at all There was no character development and neither was there any significant message to take away from the story And Haven the main character blindly clung to a time when Sumner Ashley’s ex was around because when he was around he brought light and laughter and everyone in the house gravitated towards him She believed her life was perfect back then with a complete family and her big sister being nice towards her and somehow she thought that if she could get Ashley to talk to Sumner again things would return to what they once was I get that her life was in such a wreck she was lost and pretty desperate but her naiveté annoyed me at times And there wasn’t really any resolution to the book Even Haven herself didn’t get any closure let alone the rest of the characters God I don't even know how to classify this book at all because it's tagged as contemporary romance but honestly nothing of that sort happens to Haven Unless her sister's coming marriage only a side story counts?I've noticed that Sarah Dessen’s books always have an event that happens which changes the main character’s worldview But in this book I’m not even sure what really happened It seemed like Haven just heard another side to the story of Ashley’s breakup with her previous boyfriend which altered the way she saw some things but it didn’t come off as something to write an entire book about I wouldn’t say this book was terribly written because I am absolutely in love with Sarah Dessen’s writing and somehow she’s managed to save a book with no redeeming ualities using just her amazing writing prowess This is her debut novel and I’m confident that her talent has only shown itself and blossomed since then But That Summer felt to me like a sketch it had potential so much potential interesting plot workings characters I could root for but in the end it fell short anyway because it just wasn’t fully fleshed out enough

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    I've tried reading books by this author in the past Sadly my experiences haven't been all that great I've come to a short conclusion that Sarah's writing style just isn't for me That Summer was a short fast paced YA Romance told over the course of a summer holiday and following a fifteen year old girl called Haven She witnesses family drama such as her Dad re marrying to a TV weather reporter and her sister Ashley getting into strops about her wedding preparations It isn't until a guy called Sumner arrives back in town and connects with Haven Only issue is that he is Ashley's ex boyfriend I didn't like Haven as a character she was uite stroppy and bratty and reminded me of someone I used to know The amount of crying and shouting matches included in this short novel I found to be rather unpleasant Sumner as a character was not bad however if the tensions weren't so heavily featured then I might have liked the storyline and characters Overall uite disappointed I won't be re reading

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    What happened with this book The beginning middle and end were exactly the same NOTHING HAPPENED It was soooo boring but I forced myself to finish it to guarantee no suprises were coming nope The big drama on what happened when Sumner and Ashley was nothing I was so disappointed in Sarah Dessen I'm glad this wasn't the first book of hers I read or else it would be the last

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    Many of my friends on Goodreads didn't like this book and it's because they just don't get it I can connect with Haven completely and I felt her pain about all of the issues in her life This book if you can relate was so sad and made me cry It was just really painful for some people who can relate I'm not going to go into detail but if you think you might like it then read a little if you don't start to connect then dump it I loved this book in a different way than the others I've loved It meant something to me and it helped me I'll never forget what That Summer meant to me It was a wonderful book

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    who would like this book???? bored people who want to listen to boring stuff? okay i know a lot A LOT of people who enjoyed this book but it doesn't speak at all to me this is not my style of book and type sorry

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    What a crazy book I'm so regretting picking this up That Summer wasn’t what I expected at all The only character I really got to know was the protagonist Haven and I didn’t like her very much I felt bad for her in the circumstances she was in but there was something about her that just rubbed me the wrong way I was also disappointed in the ending I felt like I had waited for something very anti climactic and didn’t seem true to the characters portrayed in the book It was extremely boring There wasn't much of a plot at all Haven was very annoying She is upset because she's tall and thin like a walking straw her parents got divorced and her sister is getting married to the wrong guy as she sees it She wants her sister to be with Sumner but doesn't realize her sister had a very valid reason for breaking up with him The book was short thank goodness and I did not see any growth from the main characterI kept hoping the book would get better and that the story andor characters would grab me at some point But none of that happened I was so happy when I finished because I knew I wouldn’t have to pick it up again Sorry Dessen sweetieLastly the ending was a big let down With a book like this there is no gasp worthy event or anything I could say that would make you feel like you were spoiled but if there had to be one I guess this would be it READ AT YOUR OWN RISK view spoilerAshley finds Haven in the woods while it's raining and tells her the true reason she broke up with Sumner was because he cheated as if it were obvious All in one blow Then we move on to the wedding as if nothing happened and we never see Sumner again after that The end Bow hide spoiler

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    I am astounded at how much I didn't like this Dessen book I think the other one that brought out similar feelings in me was This Lullaby This Summer is about 15 year old Haven dealing with the upheaval in her life over the course of a summer It's also about her looking back with rose colored glasses on the last summer she sees her family as being happy Without much ado in the first few pages we find out that Haven is going to her father's wedding to a woman he had an affair with Her mother is now obsessed with gardening and hanging out with her new friend on the block And her older sister Ashley is preparing to wed in about two months after her father's wedding Haven longs for a time when her father was all together And weirdly starts obsessing about her sister's ex boyfriend named Sumner not a misspelling who she believes was the key to her family all being happy I am sorry you can't see my face right now but I am cracking up I think that if Haven had been younger maybe I could have been sympathetic But the fact of the matter is she's 15 going on 16 now that song is going to be in my head all day and acts like she's 12 for most of this story She sneaks around privately listening to conversations between her mother and sister Judges her sister for getting married to someone she finds boring and not as exciting as Sumner was And she doesn't confront her father for being a lousy parent and an even worse husband to her mother She just flails around for most of the book before acting like a total ass to her mother and sister and then gets woken up to the fact that people are not what they appear to be Yep that's the lesson The other characters in this one stay pretty flat from beginning to end though and don't stay consistent the whole through either For example we are told that Ashley doesn't like to think negatively of their father defends him etc but we see that out of the two of them Ashley is upset about what happened with her family and that she does blame their father for her parents marriage ending Same thing when Ashley and Haven finally have a big talk not really at the end and then we are supposed to think of Sisters Honestly this book had me wishing to re watch the tv show Sisters cause that to me was a realistic look at sisters who love and also want to strangle each other sometimes I felt bad for the short look at Haven's supposed best friend Haven calls her friend a slut but everything in name and made me cringe for how disdainful she was being towards herSumner was an empty shell and didn't even make sense as a character I don't think he shows up in any other Dessen works but don't uote me on thatThere's also a neighborhood girl now a woman gone good she became a model who is now home and is wandering around not really there I don't even know why she was included as character The writing was so so and repetitive in most cases The flow was not that great I thought there was a lot of show and not tell happening and the book moved so slowly that I was happy to get to the end