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[[ Download pdf ]] Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites (Tennis Shoes, #1)Author Chris Heimerdinger –

This was MUCH better than I thought it was going to be I had avoided it for years because it looked like horrible Mormon fiction The story is mostly well done, and I loved the little politics and bringing to life of Nephite life The 2nd book was pretty over the top and unrealistic As in characters acting cheesy and stupid not as in time traveling Book of Mormon characters So I don t know if I ll continue reading after Silver Sword. read this to my kids at night, they loved it My fourth time listening to this book as we did it for our book club this month all the other women who read it also liked it so I ll be starting the series again I usually do every few years so since it s been 1 1 2 years I can t read them any because they re too addicting Listening I still can clean and do things Here s my review before if anyone s interested You have to read this series VERY ADDICTING After staying up all night to read the first three in a few days time I had to get the rest on audio so I could still have a life There are 10 so far withto come They re fiction but the characters are going through events in the Book of Mormon so you feel you re there and you get adventure, suspense and spirituality all in one The first one may seem for younger readers as it starts out when he s 13 but you have to read it and everyone I know who s read them has loved them Even my Dad and husband All Chris Heimerdinger s books are worth reading as he has a lot of others not in this series and his first movie based from his other book is out on DVD now Passage to Zarahemla. My wife loves these books so I thought I would give them a try I have to admit that I have always thought that Mormon fiction was a little weird The author uses a lot of creative liberty to make the characters in the Book of Mormon come to life I am not sure how I feel about that, I am pretty sure if we needed to knowabout their personal lives Mormon would have added it to the plates Heimerdinger also sneaks in his personal viewpoints on different subjects, for example, when girls should start wearing make up The main character, Jim, becomes the mouthpiece for Heimerdinger and the book almost seems like he is trying to teach Sunday School throughout the book. This book was highly recommended to me with no doubt that I would really like it, and I did It is a story about a Mormon boy named Jim who is making a hard time for himself, hanging out with the wrong friends and such That is until he meets and hangs out with Garth who is almost the exact opposite of him Garth being studious, openly friendly, and patient The two, along with Jim s sister, are somehow transported into a different place and time as the cover suggests its back in the time of the Nephites With a character like Jim I would ve enjoyed almost any sort of adventure that would come his way He is funny, sarcastic, but also caring The journey was really well done I m pretty sure that the author did research about how the life of the Niphites might ve been like, from their build, and house structures to the way they might ve ate and even their personalities seemed well thought out There was lots of description but not overbearingly so that I could appreciate because their must ve been a lot of effort put into it As for Jim, his sister and Garth s adventure, I was surprised at how significant of a role they played without it seeming to change the way of the original Book of Mormon But I guess it makes sense since the Lamanites and Nephites weren t just made up of the big names like Amalaki, Moroni and Helamen It has its adventure and excitement, though I wish I would ve seenof Jim s sister And I didn t like how it ended I didn t seem fair to Garth, Jim and Jenny They are young kids I guess but after all that It makes sense and guess it was for the best but I m still mopping. I ve started reading this book several.times and found it so boring I couldn t continue it My dad and I went on a road trip and we listened to the novel on tape We skipped the first CD because neither of us wanted to listen to it again The part of the Book of Mormon this story retells is full of intrigue and scandal if you are unfamiliar with those events, this book is likely going to be really, really confusing This novel puts a lot of thought into imagining what life was like in mesoamerica as seen through the eyes of an average mormon kid Written in the style of a first person memoir This novel renewed my hatred for that narriative form Every character, interaction, and plot twist every aspect of this ancent world is communicated through this really irritating and ignorant character.The moments that could have given soul to the story are glazed over Maybe the author thought they would be too deep for his target audience, or sound to phoney coming from such a superficial character The plot itself did start to become.intriguing, right before it was resolved I think the concept behind this story was a good one I liked the idea of bringing ancient south america to life in this way However, I didn t get enough out of it to warant reading the sequel I don t care what happens to Jim Hawkins, I care what happens to Alma, Pahoran, and Moroni And I can read that in the Book of Mormon Edit I listened to this on CD and the guy who reads it varries the volume of.his voice instead of the tone or pitch So the dialogue WILL BE REALLY LOUD, and the narriative will be really, really low We had to adjust the volume frequently. I absolutely love this series I have read them several times and I never get bored with the story The narration is both humorous and adventurous at the same time I haven t read these since before I was in college and myadvanced literary eye noticed some things this most recent reading Heimerdinger has a great voice It s as if the main character is your friend talking to you about his adventures, rather than you reading a narrative Heimerdinger s story concepts are original, but I feel the endings are rushed He approaches the fantastic climax with a lot of foundation of imagery and character development, but afterwards proceeds to the denouement with almost the minimum amount of words to get there The series is still one of my favorites that I am sure I will read severaltimes. I m sorry but I just didn t like it It was really dark and the kid was my age in the beginning of the book I am LDS but this book was just to much for me I mean he DRANK I thought that was a little much because me, being 12, know a bunch of kids who would NEVER EVER do that So I am sorry to the author and those who liked the book but this just wasn t my favorite It was a little dark for me. it makes you think how lucky we are to have the book of mormon. Jim Hawkins Has A Bad Attitude What S , He Enjoys Having A Bad Attitude About Everything Especially About Church Garth Plimpton Is A Fanatic He S Spent So Much Time Studying The Scriptures And Thick Books On Archaeology That That He Can T Carry On A Normal Conversation With Other Kids That S Why They Consider Him A Nerd Through An Unusual Chain Of Events, These Two Opposites Become Fast Friends It All Began When Garth Told Jim A Simple Truth They Really Existed Once, You Know Who Jim Asked Nephites, Garth Replied Every Character In The Book Of Mormon Ate, Slept, Died, Was Buried That Statement, Taken For Granted Before, Would Soon Echo Deeply In The Two Boys Minds Because They Were On The Trail Of A Chilling Secret