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Will And Summer Meet Online And Strike Up A Friendship Based On Coincidence Summer Lives In Will S Old Hometown, Kettering, A Small Tasmanian Coastal Community Summer Isn T Telling The Whole Truth About Herself, But Figures It Doesn T Matter If They Never See Each Other In Person, Right When Will Returns To Kettering, The Two Finally Meet And Summer Can No Longer Hide Her Secret She Is Deaf Can Summer And Will Find A Way To Be Friends In Person Even Though They Speak A Completely Different Language

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    I love this book Kathryn Lomer s love of nature, her amazing sense of place, the beauty of Tasmamia I feel the wind in my hair, the spray on my face, circumnavigating Bruny Island I don t know why it took me 6 months to finish reading, perhaps I wanted to savour my enjoyment.Will and Summer meet online through their shared love of sailing and Jessica Watson When Will unexpectedly turns up in Summer s home town Kettering, he s in for a shock Summer isn t quite who she said she was, and they don t even share a language We fish together like old friends who have no need of language anyway I enjoyed finding out about Auslan and the differences between communicating through signing as opposed to speaking Will takes a course in Auslan so he can talk with Summer and the reader learns as Will does He seems to pick it up really quickly, but I guess Summer is a good incentive Then Summer s friend Rosemary says his signing sucks and it all becomes clear I was born with my voice in my hands I knew nothing about Auslan and wondered how well Lomer wrote the experience of a deaf girl Teenage reader Ally is fluent in Auslan and English and loved the portrayal At the end of the book are pictures of the fingerspelling alphabet and a list of books to find out We have Deaf poetry Not translations of English The meaning is all in the signing It moves like a dance At the start of their friendship, Will often mentions when they spend time together they aren t communicating Over time he realises there are other ways to communicate without talking signing, gestures, facial expressions, emailing and writing on paper Everything we need to say is right there between us Why do people place so much importance on words anyway I loved when Will tries to describe the sounds of the beach to Summer, translate from sound into signs It looks as though he s the conductor of an orchestra, instructing the waves what sound to make, what rhythm to keep to, how loud a crash to make Summer thinks of Truganini and other Aboriginal inhabitants of what was once Lunawanna alonnah At her memorial, Summer wonders about Truganini s early happier life and the place names we never knew Each headland and bay named by someone white in the past couple of hundred years But when I look up at the coastline, I imagine Aboriginal people standing there watching strange white sailed ships pass Truganini s ancestors perhaps As with What Now, Tilda B there were no quotation marks for speech, including when Will and Summer signed together I didn t mind this as much as with What Now Tilda B, perhaps I don t equate signing with speech But every now and then I got confused and wasn t sure if a sentence was speech or narration I m sure there s some artsy, e e cummings reason Kathryn Lomer eschews quote marks, but I don t get it I think of what that beach must look like from a wedge tailed eagle s point of view a kilometre up in the sky And I think about what life might look like if I became a photographer As Will and Summer become friends, view spoiler each helps the other overcome fears holding them back Will suggests Summer join him at college next year, expanding her horizons past homeschooling Summer encourages Will to forgive his mum for leaving and contact her hide spoiler

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    I saw this book being advertised in my school library, and immediately my eyes caught the words deaf girl I m deaf I m a girl I m Australian Needless to say, this sent me rushing straight to the L section of Senior Fiction to nab the book and then check it out I m a quarter of the way through already and it s barely been four hours I speak both English and Auslan note this does not hold true for all deaf people I am able to speak English due to having a cochlear implant and early intervention from the ages of 1 5 and this was a great read for me I was able to relate incredibly well to Summer, and every new little Deaf mannerism or sign she used had me shoving the book down on the table my lap whatever surface was available and attempting to hold in my screams of joy.True story I m loving the storyline of Will attempting to bridge the gap between him and Summer by learning Auslan I have many friends who do the same, and they respect me as a deaf person and they respect my need to a lip read them and b use sign in a noisy environment I ve really come to respect Will as a character Sure, at first he s rather upset that Summer hasn t told him she was deaf online, but he comes to terms with it and goes to Auslan classes This book, within the first few pages, moved up to 1 on my list of All Time Favourite Books I congratulate Kathryn Lomer on an extremely well done plot and characters I ve spent the last five minutes attempting to dig up an e mail address or something to reach her with, but to no avail Ah well, Kathryn, if you ever read this I hugely admire you and Talk Under the Water made not just my week, but my whole year.

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    Will and Summer meet online and strike up a friendship It starts initially because Summer is living in Will s home town of Kettering in Tasmania Summer has not told Will she is deaf, figuring it will not matter as they are not likely to ever meet But then Will and his Dad move back to Kettering How will and Summer be able to talk to each other and will he still like her when he knows the truth I liked both the characters of Summer and Will and also Summer s mother and Will s dad Tim s friend Cully is an idiot, or maybe just a typical teenage boy who doesn t know how to handle someone who is a bit different or the fact that Will has a new friend Cully causes than his share of trouble in the novel, endangering Will and Summer.This story has obviously involved a lot of research Not only is there a great deal about sign language and being deaf but it is also filled with interesting titbits like the information about Truganini and her people and this shameful story in history.Though the circumstances are different for Will and Summer, the story showed how two teenagers deal with loss of family members The majority of the story was handled really well There were just a couple of examples of the F word and other things that I thought the story could have easily done without and they would not have been missed It s a shame those couple of things spoilt was is otherwise a really good read that raises lots of issues about friendship, bullying, disabilities, jealousy and boy girl relationships.

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    Yet another underrated Aussie gem I feel like there are quite a lot of Australian YA novels which aren t widely recognised by the general YA readership, and it s a bit of a pity, because a lot of them are pretty great Talk Under Water was an interesting look into how deaf people communicate, and the difficulties in developing a friendship with someone who can t speak to you.Starting off with a small negative something that slightly annoyed me was that there aren t any speech marks in the book, which was done for a relatively justifiable reason i.e because one of the characters is deaf However, this did confuse me at times, where I wasn t really sure whether the characters were speaking or thinking etc.On the other hand, that minor annoyance was basically nothing in the scheme of things While I have to admit the book didn t have too much in terms of actual things happening in the plot, the relationship development between Will and Summer was than enough to keep me interested in reading It was just a very down to earth sort of book, where there weren t any huge dramas or overarching mysteries, but in turn there was a very realistic and relateable tone.Definitely recommended to those who want a quieter, realistic novel.RatingsOverall 8 10Plot 4 5Romance 4.5 5Writing 4 5Characters 3.5 5Cover 3.5 5

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    This was a cute book about contemporary romance with a deaf MC and a guy who doesn t let obstacles get in the way of love I couldn t get enough of this book and read it in one sitting It was very adorable and the pick me up I needed.Summer and Will meet online and start chatting regularly Summer doesn t tell Will she is deaf because she is so caught up in him and she doesn t really think she will ever see him face to face He likes her for who she is and she doesn t want to spoil anything They start officially dating and things are great, until Will and his dad move back to Kettering where Summer also lives Summer can t avoid Will, especially with how much she cares for him and they arrange to meet Will is understandably upset when he finds out she can t hear and gets frustrated When he calms down he realizes she is still the same person and he takes classes to learn how to sign with her They go on sailing adventures and I learned a lot about sailing since I ve never been before I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to anyone needing a HEA moment.

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    I ve always wanted to read Kathryn Lomer s books, I ve had What Now, Tilda B on my shelf for a while now, but still haven t read it So I was thrilled to see her new release, Talk Under Water Will and his dad left Keft the small town of Kettering, Tasmania after his mum left them They sailed to Sydney on their yacht and Will has been home schooled by his dad He and Summer strike up a conversation online, and soon Will and his dad are heading home so he can return to high school, and so his dad can start a new job in his field of marine biology.What Summer decided not to to share is the face that she is deaf and has been since birth Her father taught her sign language and how to read from an early age, but he died a couple of years ago Summer tried out high school but after being bullied, returned to being home schooled by her mother.At first Will is angry that Summer hid this aspect of her life from him, but eventually they become friends This sparks an interest in sign language, he enrols in a course and starts teaching himself by watching videos online The relationship that develops between the two teens is beautiful, and Summer conveys this development in letters that she writes to her deceased father.I loved how instructional and descriptive the narrative was when it came to sign language, I could easily picture the conversations Summer and Will had I have a cousin who is deaf and I think when she first visited us during my primary school years, I found sign language fascinating and there was a period where my group of friends sign spelled everything to each other Looking at the Auslan alphabet now I can see our signs were very similar, but I never took it further Talk Under Water is a beautiful story of friendship and first love and would be a great read for teens and adults as a great conversation starter on acceptance and tolerance.Thank you to the publisher for the review copy.

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    Talk Under Water by Kathryn LomerThis book is so cleverly subtle Summer is a deaf girl Will is a hearing boy They meet via email and at first Will doesn t realise that Summer is deaf This is a story of a diverse couple trying to have a relationship It is a gentle story that is quiet for a purpose Summer is deaf so the book has a silence that is supported not only by a lack of quote marks in dialogue, but even Summer s spelling and grammar in her emails supports the way a person deaf from birth speaks and writes English is her second language I learned so much and felt so much while reading this book Every choice Lomer has made about the story, content, voice, tone, punctuation, POV and plot has been determined by the character of Summer I love it when this happens in a story.Will enters Summer s world learns Auslan They find they can talk underwater in sign The deaf community is also portrayed with sensitivity The setting is hauntingly evoked The sailing references to Jessica Watson are interesting I looked up a map of Keetering in Tasmania to see where Will and Summer sailed A finger spelling alphabet is included The story has inspired me to start learning it again This is a very needful book for schools and individuals of any age Yes, we need this kind of diversity.

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    Absolutely amazing Loved this Talk Under Water was a really cute book Summer and Will s relationship puts friendship first and going out second this book had almost no conflict besides Cully sending that nasty email to Summer from Will s account, but besides that it was pretty hey ho everyone gets along.My only pet peeve was that there were no speech marks which is reasonable because Summer is deaf but it made it really difficult to separate thinking from speech Just a small thing but how they always signed off on emails like Summer x or will xo was so sweet.I was rooting for them the whole book and I really hoped Will worked it out with his mum

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    Catching up on books I haven t had access to, while I look after someone else s library I found this gentle and engaging Summer s voice is distinct from Will s and I really liked how the relationship stayed primarily in the friend range Will doesn t push Summer at all In fact, she initiates some of the flirting.Lovely read.

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    3.75 starsCute story