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A bottle of teuila 10 lime wedges 1 sexy blonde Add in a crazy Vegas weekendLick and SwallowWhat do you get? A recipe for disaster Titan Last night I got married I think I'm not exactly sure I was drunk off my ass so it's not exactly crystal clear But I woke up with a ring on my finger a marriage certificate and a sneaking suspicion I had a wild wedding night Oh and a bride who is long gone Apparently what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay here Sometimes it takes off running But a runaway bride is the least of my problems Now I’m chasing after my runaway bride with divorce on my mind What could go wrong? Besides everything This is book 3 in the series but is self contained and can be read as a standalone HEA inside and absolutely no cheating of any kind

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    I actually nabbed this one up thinking it was going to be a novella so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a full length book Despite that I decided to give it a go and BOY am I glad I did because this turned out to be one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long while It was freaking HILARIOUS It had the perfect amount of angst It had two fantastic main characters even if Titan was a HUGE bipolar a sometimes It had a great cast of secondary characters There was a bit of OW and OM drama but nothing too bad The sex scenes were SMOKIN I got a little hot every time she called Titan BIG DADDY lol Last it was all wrapped up in a super sweet ending This one was a complete pleasure to read Therefore yours truly is giving to give it two HUGE thumbs up

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    5 ‘Big Daddy’ ⭐️ omg I LOVED this book from the first to last page It was hilarious with just the right amount of angst I don’t have words for how much I loved both TitanBig Daddy and Faithwife That doesn’t happen often for me when I love both eually The secondary characters added so much to this story I’ve read most of this author’s Savage Brother’s MC series and loved it but I remember those being full of drama and angst without the comedic relief I have to go back and read the rest in this series My advice get to one clicking this one

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    ok Big Daddy Yuck Our heroine who is very annoying and crazy nickname the hero of Big Daddy I hate it when it happens daddy creeps me outEach time the expression big daddy appears I roll my eyesTitan Marsh pro football player a hell of a good time in bed and my husband“You’re engaged” “Well not officially” I grumble “Fuck officially You’re all but engaged What do you think you’re doing? This could ruin everything”“Hi Big Daddy”“You had sex with me when you were engaged?” “I was drunk I didn’t know what I was doing Hell you could have been a hooker off the street” he growls“Why in the hell are you acting like we had something when we didn’t? I didn’t keep Jacey the deal or my plans from you woman I hunted you down because of those plans”“We had sex it was really good sex but I woke up alone You were gone with those papers signed That gave me the green light to go ahead with my plans It might suck to hear it but it was just sex Faith It didn’t tie my dick to you”

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    If the stupid fits wear it It wasn't until I started reading Taking It Slow that I realized it was part of a series that I'd already started That just made it even better as I got to catch up with some favorite characters especially Aunt Ida Sue and her cow Hamburger I really dig her kind of crazy she's very entertaining Actually the whole Lucas family has the crazy gene and I laughed my way through the story start to finishAs I got further into the story I realized that I'd already met Titan His two best friends are Aden Gavin who were featured in the first two books in the series Each can be read as a standalone though Titan is a pro football player and has a big beautiful muscled body with lickable abs to show for the hours of practice and exercise And that's not all he's got Get your mind out of the gutter that's not what I meant but he does wink wink I was gonna tell you about his new wife The one that he was too drunk to remember marrying in Vegas until he woke up with a ring on his finger and a marriage license What he didn't wake up with was a wife She fled the scene leaving him to clean up the mess that was his life However; he couldn't fix it until he found her his runaway bride Usually I find myself choosing sides when relationships start out rocky but I couldn't bring myself to dis either of them They are both amazing characters and their chemistry is off the charts Being inside the head of Tristan when he found his missing bride had me in stitches Knowing what he was seeing and thinking before he realized he'd found her was priceless Props to the author for coming up with that uniue situation that makes me giggle snort every time I think about itI wish I could tell you but I noticed that the author chose not to disclose who his absent bride was so I'll leave the mystery for you to discover on your own I guarantee that you will enjoy unwrapping this gift all by yourself one delicious page at a time The excitement of the chase and the anticipation of the sparks flying when they reconnected kept me glued to my kindle way past my bedtime But it was well worth the book hangover I suffered later as I turned the last page with a smile on my face I don't know if this is the end of the series or not but the author teased me at the end of the book with a peek at another story that I can't wait to get my hands on The line forms here

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    5 Stars to Taking It Slow Doing Bad Things Book 3 by Jordan MarieThis book was hysterical Loved itThis is one of the funniest books I've read this year so far I can say with honesty that I loved everything about this book Both characters were fun and likable I felt from the beginning they were perfect for each other Of course there were times that both Titan and Faith got on my nerves because neither could see what was right in front of them Their banter was hysterical I loved them together There were some seriously funny scenes in this book And don't let me get started on the secondary characters Oh My God I couldn't put this book down If you love an eual combination of sexy and funny this book is for youA drunken one night stand turns into a very entertaining book I am not going to go into details because I don't want to spoil anything for you I will guarantee this book will make you swoon and laugh This is a total must read I haven't read the prior two books in this series but I can promise you I will soonThis is my honest and unbiased review Thank you for taking the time to read it

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    This was so good I couldn't stop reading until I finished It was funny sexy and entertaining I loved both Faith and Titan They were a perfect match for each otherI loved to meet Lucas family the crayon gang again Where that family there will be craziness involved And I can't wait to hear from themThis book is absolutely a mustread

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    Sometimes I’ll start a book on a whim without reading many if any reviews and I love itIt was not the case with this book Don’t get me wrong it started out great Both MC where something different the heroine especially and I was uite enjoying it for a little while thereBut then somewhere halfway through the book was completely ruined for me Within just a few pages I instantly hated both main characters although it had already started with the hero since he is a pathetic desperate man who would do anything for money view spoilerSo these 2 meet get very drunk get married and then have tonnes of sex The heroine leaves and the hero is desperate to find her you see he’s supposed to get married to another girl who is a lesbian I guess this was supposed to make the situation palatable so he really needs to get an annulment before anyone finds out and of course before the wedding he actually wants Because moneyThe reason why he’s planning this marriage of convenience is because he’ll get a good job out of it you see he hasn’t really planned for the future and once his football career runs out he’s worried he’ll have to be some second rate commentator to make some money so really what else is there left to do? What a lovely guy Lovely character and principles I can definitely respect someone who is truly desperate and does something like this or has a good reason but this guy didn’t even try to build some career he just jumped in with both feet into an arranged marriage so the girls’ father will give him the job he wants What a spineless wimp Alas He keeps looking for the heroine finds her she keeps running he finds her again he’s a little bitch about getting her to sign the papers she’s having second thoughts about signing the annulment but he is very fucking clear that he doesn’t care about her has no interest being with her and it was all “just sex” when she suggests they should maybe try something because of their chemistry So when she does finally decide to sign the papers she doesn’t tell him but wakes him up with sex and leaves in the morning papers signed Also she leaves an address where he’ll find her Next thing we know a month and a half has passed The hero is getting ready to get married The heroine is moping around and pregnant God how I hate the surprise pregnancy trope I can’t even begin to tell you They had sex without a condom once and she was on the pill And I get it it can happen but god is it improbable Any why? Why use this over used trope? How the hell am I supposed to believe he ever wants her when that child is the only reason he came back to her? Anyway back to the story Someone convinces her that she needs to fly out to California and fight for “her man” Tell him about the kid At least it didn’t turn out into a secret kid trope because I hate that even than the unplanned pregnancy one and that is saying something The heroine finally says yes I’ll do it especially as she is told he is literally about to get married that same day or some such bullshit The hero meanwhile is starting to have second thoughts Maybe he shouldn’t marry a girl he doesn’t even want Or should he? In any case he does call the heroine a bitch and laments about the fact that she just left him again dude you repeatedly told her that all you want from her is those papers signed She signed them and left what the fuck do you want from her? It made 0 sense that he was this pissed at her when he is the one who was an asshole to her in every interaction we saw Sure she left but wtf was there to say? When he told her he couldn’t care less about her and that he is GETTING MARRIED? He clearly point blank told her that she was just sex for him that she could’ve been “any hooker off the street” for how drunk he was the night they got married and that she shouldn’t act like they ever had anything Why should she stay so she can be his dirty little secret or beg him to be with her what did he want? Just because they had sex once when they weren’t drunk? And this was a grown ass man not a 20 year old I’m honestly baffled by his thoughts and actions I just don’t understand what he wanted from her He constantly claimed the only thing he wants is the divorce so wtf dude?Finally just as he decides to stop the wedding the song starts so he goes to the altar anyway The priest starts talking and everything Only then does he say something like ‘wait can I talk to you for a sec?” to the bride just as of course the heroine also arrives at the church The hero and heroine talk he is an absolute piece of shit to her just a huge asshole telling her he doesn’t have time for her shit but she finally tells him about the baby Next thing we know heroine is leaving because he left first hero finds her at the airport a couple of days later he’s a little bitch again because how dare she leave again even though I repeat he left first and not to mention she does not live there and promises in his thoughts that this will not be the last she’ll see of him And that is where I reached my limit and soon after I stopped Am I supposed to believe that he will actually end up loving her or believe in this relationship? Considering how he acted what he did what a coward and an asshole he is? Considering the only reason their relationship will continue is because she is pregnant with his kid? Like I care that he found a job and is moving to Texas to be with her Fuck off Too little too late Especially since even then when he’s trying to get her forgiveness he is still an asshole to her And she forgives him pretty much instantly And maybe it’s OK to forgive him maybe I’m too harsh but how can you not have of a problem with a man who was ready to marry a woman he didn’t know or care for so he could he could get a job? That to me shows horrible character And the heroine went from uniue interesting and carefree to the same desperate woman I always read about in CR Because this is a romance so she will forgive him and get her HEA and I have no interest in reading about that happening I lost all respect for her the second she went to his wedding she should’ve told him about the baby of course but there are such things as phones and emails flying to a different state to catch him at his wedding is just desperate and pathetic considering how he acted and treated her Not to mention I just can’t imagine wanting to be with a man who has no principles and is ok to marry someone for money And I can’t enjoy romance books when I can’t respect or even understand the MC’s choices And i really can’t enjoy it when I don’t want the main couple to get together hide spoiler

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    5 STARS What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there Sometimes it takes off running Jordan Marie earned a spot as one of my favorite authors because of her amazing storytelling abilities in her gritty gripping emotional MC romances She has written several books that have become all time top favorite books with stories that have moved me and will stay with me forever When she announced that she was branching out into romantic comedies I was very excited If she could make that big an impression on me with those brutally beautiful MC romances I couldn't wait to see what she'd do to me with a romcom Spoiler alert no surprise but she's a naturalI've loved all the books in this series of romcoms a spin off of her Lucas Brothers romcom series but Taking It Slow has been my favorite Titan and Faith were absolutely hilarious I loved Faith's coin flipping sassy brand of crazy and there was a lot a whole lot to love about Titan Taking It Slow was sweet and romantic very sexy and the humor was well timed and had me laughing audibly often Cover to cover Taking It Slow by Jordan Marie was an absolute pleasure to read Five stars from me

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    This was a crazy entertaining read I really liked Faith and Titan I finished this book really uick because I kept reading and reading I didn't know where this book would take me and that was half the fun Now I want to go back and read the first two books in this series

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    Opened the book Skimmed Dnf It was that silly Seriously who publishes this stuff?