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Epub ✓ Surrender A Little Harmless Military Romance #3 MOBI

Navy Seal Malachai Dupree has everything a man could want Well not everything The one woman he wants is too innocent for his Dominant needs so he plays the role of supportive friend even if it kills himAmanda Forrester is tired of being treated as if she were fragile She might have been through a rough patch losing her husband in the line of duty but she is not a wimp Her feelings for Mal have grown and she is than ready to be the woman he needs in and out of the bedroomOne night she pushes him too far and the result is than either of them ever expected Mal wants forever but after losing one husband commitment isn’t in Amanda’s vocabulary What she doesn’t realize is that Mal is one Seal who isn’t backing down until he gets exactly what he wants Amanda’s total submissionWARNING the following book contains Sexy Navy Seals a stubborn woman and of course a little submission This book has one of those hot Duprees so you know that you will need a glass of water to cool off Every Addict will tell you that reading a Harmless book is anything BUT harmless—so read at your own risk

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    If the cover can tell you how SEXY the book is this one is a winner all around First off this book is in a series so to truly understand the characters I would advise anyone to start with the first book in the series If you don't you can be a little lost and not agree with some of the things happening Also if you do not like interracial romances this is not the book for you Malachai Dupree Mal is a Navy Seal who has been there for everyone he cares about He has a strong family background which you learn in other parts of the series and this has molded him into the person he is today Amanda Forrester is the widow of one of Mal's friends that was killed in combat The death of her husband has affected all those around her The affects on her were due to things she found out after his death and this is where the story begins When Amanda's husband was killed in a mission that went wrong Mal took it upon himself to make sure she was ok And when his job took him to DC it gave Mal of an opportunity to see Amanda Amanda was heartbroken and hurt and while Mal was her friend she begun to feel a stronger connection to him And Mal was also feeling the same but he didn't want to overstep his boundaries When Mal found Amanda in a BDSM club with her friend he nearly lost it The tension and emotions were enough to burn the pages And Amanda pushed Mal in just the right way to get his walls down But while Amanda was feeling this strong attraction to Mal she still couldn't let go of the emotional baggage that causes her to doubt all men The two have to decide if they are going to fight to be together or walk away from what could be what they both need I personally waited for this book ever since Mal was mentioned in the series And it was definitely played into the storyline well The only thing wrong with it was that it was too short But since the characters are all intertwined I am sure we will see Mal and Amanda again The chemistry the two had was brought to the forefront by Amanda going to the club but she wasn't prepared for what she unleashed in Mal That made the story fun and suspenseful Trying to figure out if she would be able to overcome the boundaries was refreshing

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    Another great read by Melissa Schroeder She's my go to author for eroticsmut D

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    Malachi has been attracted to Amanda but has not acted on it because she lost her husband Amanda has been dealing with the mess her husband left behind after he died One night she challenges Malachi and as a Dom he does not back down He spends all the time he can with her When he wants to take it further she backs off Can he prove to her he is not like any of the men she has been with?

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    Mal and AmandaFriends to lovers sort of since she is the widow of a SEAL on his team And she doesn’t want to get involved with another military man especially with her father being a general So they have issues to work through They are realistically portrayed overall I think given that you know there will be an HEA

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    I have been trying to find the #4 and 5 to purchase but I can't Any suggestions?

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    Finally this is the book about sexy Malachai Dupree that has been waiting to be told since the beginning of the excellent A Little Harmless Military seriesMalachai Dupree is currently stationed at the Pentagon tied to a desk he is missing being out in the field but during his spare time he makes sure he looks out for Amanda Forrester the widow of one of his friends who died in combat Malachai is a true Dom and for the past six months has started to see Amanda in a different way that he believes he shouldn't be doing Although he dreams of her as his submissive she is too young and innocent and he believes she would not want to be part of his worldAmanda knows that Malachai Dupree is a Dom and that if she was ever lucky to get past his friendliness and pity towards her and make him aware that she is all woman she is going to have to up her game and become a player Is she prepared to throw caution to the wind and possibly loose the friendship they currently share? Only one way to find out and that is to enter the world of BDSM and see if the big Dom has what it takes to make her feel lovedThis as everything you would expect from Ms Schroeder and the Harmless series This is a really uick read because you just don't want to put the book down It is funny emotional and extremely sexy Mal is so hot like all the Dupree family that have been introduced of the two series with the fact that he is a SEAL and his sexy friends are there to help him find love – what's not to love about him? My only problem is that this book is not long enough and kept me panting for Every time a new book comes out it's like coming home to the family and I just love hearing all the news be it in Hawaii New Orleans or Washington Already looking forward to the next instalment it can't come uick enough

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    Amanda Forrester is in need of some lovin’ but the one man she wants doesn’t seem to want to take advantage of her as she would like Well she is ready to push his every button to change his mind Malachai Dupree is a Navy Seal with an excellent career His latest assignment has him working near his only weakness Amanda was the wife of a fallen friend He has tried to watch out for her but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for him to keep his hands off her Will Amanda be able to handle Mal’s dominant nature?Will Amanda and Mal find love or heartbreak in D C?Malachai Dupree is Hawt And you will definitely want to Surrender to him before you finish this Fab story Mal and Amanda thaw out D C in Surrender These two pack uite a punch Their need for each other is fierce and blistering I couldn’t wait for both of them to tell each other how they truly feel about one another But before they do that both characters must face the truths that have been staring them in the eyes for a while Amanda’s pain has been holding her back for too long and Mal has been using many excuses to force himself to stay away from Amanda Mal is of course the sexy hero you would expect to find in one of Ms Schroeder’s Harmless books but it’s Amanda that pulled at my heart She’s worked hard to get to the point where she is now and I respect her for it I wanted her to get her man so badly My favorite moment comes when both characters realize they can no longer avoid the sinfully sexy sexual tension between them Surrender is another Little Harmless Military Romance that you absolutely do not want to missReviewed by Miranda for Joyfully Reviewed

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    For most of this book I was interested in the side characters Abby and her Larry lol than the main ones While Mal seemed like a cool guy judging by the previous books here we find out what a little pussy he is don't get me wrong he was in love sure guys are supposed to be like that when in love right? lol no I don't know honestly but what he did in this book? naah he had feelings for Amanda I get that then they fall in bed after a while of trying not to jump each other for like half a year And then they're so in love that he gets drunk off his ass when they have a little fight because of a very stupid move he pulls on poor damaged Amanda Oh yes because she is broken for her late husband and every other partner of hers cheated on her so obviously there must be something wrong with her right? Nope But it's just one of those things that females in books tend to think so she goes on and on about how she isn't worthy and blah blah and they make it all up and live hea ugh? But I'm giving it 3 stars It's not bad it's not good it's something in betweenSo I guess this was it for me I understand that this author has lots of fans who enjoy her books but I don't belong to them It was okay for a uickie but it was rushed and that's just not my style Not going to read any of the series or from the author

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    Sexy uick read Malachi Dupree is a Marine assigned to the Pentagon which he doesn't like except that he gets to keep an eye on Amanda Forrester the widow of a fellow Marine that Mal has been helping out He's really into her but she's off limits both because she's his buddy's widow and also Mal is a Dom and he feels he would be too much for her It's been 18 months since Amanda lost her husband the guy everyone thought was terrific and that they think she's still grieving for Amanda has been getting over the betrayal she found out about after her husband was killed and is determined not to get married again In fact every guy she's been with has cheated on her so she doesn't trust her judgment any longer But that Mal is really fine And a girl can fantasize can't she? One night her BFF and co owner of their flower biz drags her to the premier BDSM club in DC which Mal is a member of And as expected she sees him there Mal isn't letting any other guy get his hands on Amanda so he drags her home and starts to introduce her to the lifestyle Things are going great but then go downhill when Mal wants Amanda isn't going there again

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    The 3rd installment of Melissa Schroeder’s ALH Military Romance series may just be the sweetest one yet That’s not to say it doesn’t have the steam factor that the rest of the ALH books do it’s just that at the end rather than say whew I wanted to say aww Nothing wrong with that Amanda Forrester is the young widow of a Navy Seal Navy Seal Malachai Dupree has been watching and lusting over her since her husband’s death Amanda is ready to rejoin the living but wants nothing to do with a military man despite her attraction to Malachai Malachai lusts after Amanda but doesn’t think she’d go for the kinky sex he likes Imagine his surprise when she shows up at his club This story has a strong sexy woman taking back her life who makes a smoking hot sailor weak in the knees