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Eric didn't ask to be a vampire In fact he didn't even believe in them Then he hooks up with a hot babe wakes up with a hangover and bites his tongue with his own fangs Which pretty much settles the uestion Now he's trying to hold down his day job while learning the rules of the Undead the most important being that bloodthirsty urges and predatory instincts are a real bitch Upside; Eric has the beautiful Sasha to teach him the ropes including the magic he'll need to survive Downside; they're being hunted by members of the Church of Light who are determined to rid the world of vampires Then Sasha is killed and Eric is thrust into an alternate world in his uest to avenge her death There he becomes a Nightlord fights a dragon with the help of his magical steed Bronze and upchucks a sword named Firebrand But things get really interesting when Eric finally finds Tobias head of the Church of Light Soon Eric finds himself at the center of an epic battle at the literal edge of the world in a fight to keep a terrible darkness at bay In other words just another day in the life of the Nightlord When you fall off the Edge of the World into hordes of demonic Things from the Outer Darkness you really start to wonder about your life choices Eric part time undead expectant father and short term astronaut

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    While this book had its good points they are outnumbered by its flawsMorality The protagonist's morals make no sense In the first 30 pages or so he learns that he has been turned into a vampire and must eat the soul of a person a year this turns out to be a far far larger numberHe decides only to pick evil peoplelike a hardworking rich man who is nice to children and dogs but is somewhat arrogant And a man who has been divorced three times who has kids he wants to raise with each pays child support and pays his maid twice what she's worth because he likes her and is lonely The fiend He spends half the book agonizing over whether to kill the evil insane leader of his enemies but has zero problems killing the low level henchmenPower His power shifts all over the board with no real rhyme or reason Especially animal sacrifice which can essentially make any spell he can conceptualize work through brute force regardless of his talent He has no problems killing animals Why not become a god by killing a whole herd or at the very least kill his antagonist from afar?As a vampire he has superhuman hearing smell sight etcand is routinely knocked out by people sneaking up on him when he is awake and alert Even if he magically didn't hear them how do regular humans knock out a superhuman vampire in one blow?The Rest There is uite a bit of filler the dialogue is cheesy and the other characters are 2d and have no agency of their ownDon't bother reading there is nothing new here

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    The first in the Nightlord series we see that Eric is a pretty decent guy He can be as dumb as a post which is a source of much frustration but also shows surprising areas of cleverness I think I did pretty well with thatHowever I have to admit writing a book means that I will never ever be completely happy with it Writers are often also their own worst critics If I listened only to what I think you would never have the chance to read it Other people however seem to think it's worth a readI choose to believe them

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    This is one of the books that every time I try to suggest I end up sounding like a complete foolWhy? It's not that it isn't good far from it it's really really good but the fact that its plot is a long epic journey Think of it like trying to explain the entire plot of your favorite book series to someone who doesn't even know the main characters It gets confusing because both the setting and the characters change radically from the beginning to the end of the series right? Now imagine all the changes that happen in a 5 novel series and try compressing it in just oneAs a result every time I mention the plot I get these odd looks so I'm not even going to tryI will however say this I Loved it I Savored it I was an original fascinating story that I didn't want to finish because there are no seuels A story that I ended up kicking myself for not having discovered sooner

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    Amazing the book I'm guessing is 1200 1800 pages long and I'm really hoping the author continues writing the seuel The main character in this book reminds me of the main character in Demon Accords except its mostly a medieval setting while at the same time taking place in present day sucked into an alt world A lot of people cry out when the MC is considered OP in this book the MC is definitely OP but has huge vulnerabilities aka vulnerabilities of vampiresundeath whose enemies try to take advantage of I definitely recommend one of the best books I've read

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    SWEET BLOODY FUCKING HELL This book is just a little above breathtakingly amazing The blurb of this book makes this sound like a modern Anne Rice novel but really vampirism seems like such a small part of the story NIGHTLORD SUNRISE is like a modern adult Narnia but instead of British siblings we get an American half vampire with a penchant for wizardry a sarcastic dragon sword and a golem stallion as a main character Still not convinced?SUNRISE is written as a journal and thus is very conversational and rather easy to digest Despite this it is a complex and amazing adventure story that had me wrapped around it's finger almost immediately This is hands down the best book I've read this year which is saying a lot as I've read two Robin Hobb books in 2017I don't just recommend that you pick this up immediately I DEMAND IT Read this bookHIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    Off the cuff without thinking about a review I can say that I love this book and hope for If you are looking for a vampire story filled with blood gore the lust for power or even senseless sex and then this isn’t the book for you Eric the reluctant vampire is some hero A normal guy one day and a party later he’s a vampire He takes this revelation well much better than I would He returns to his Vampire mother and falls deeply for her only to have her torn away from him Eric wants retribution for the death of his vampire motherwife chasing down the culprits Newly born he has little knowledgeskill except what she has taught him But Eric is skilled in the art of acuiring knowledge and he does just that; traveling to another world to avenge her inadvertently becoming so much than the human he once was Being a vampire is the best thing that ever happened to him and to those that are lucky enough to cross paths with him He touches the life of so many people in a positive way not the normal type of paranormalfantasy vampire story Tamara the last of the red haired Fire Priestesses falls in love with him and soon we have babies on the way I love their relationship It’s cozy and cuddly just what a hero would need when he returns to home hearth Friends and people willing to serve him in abundance turning him not just into a hero of lore but into a king with a willing kingdom at his beck and call Eric is a teacher a father a friend a man or in his case a vampire to admire and he is a hero The narrator I thought had an average voice the type you could imagine a professor having so he ends up perfect for the role This was a hidden gem I found on audible

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    I listened to this entire book and its seuels totaling over 24 hours and I want to like it I really do but I just can't get past its flaws There is a good story here even if it's just a Mary Jane but it's buried in hours and hours of fluff and misdirection One of the other reviewers said that this story needed a brutal editor and I couldn't agree There is just so much stuff that we're left with holes in the story that are never explained For example view spoilerafter Sasha is killed Eric says that he had been put under a spell to make him love her This is never explained This type of mistake is repeated several times in the series hide spoiler

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    Rating 45 stars This was a very intellectual story That's about the only way that I can describe it It is narrated as if being read from a journal By doing this it gives a lot of detail to the story There were also times when the narrator would mention what was happening in the moment but say if I knew better at the time I would have done things differently The downside of this type of narration is that it is lacking in emotional connection The story follows Eric who finds himself waking up in a strange place after being taken out to get drunk by his friends The person that took him home Sasha was a vampire and she turned him into one as well The reason she turned him into a vampire is because she thinks that he is her reincarnated previous masterlove that turned her centuries before She was told that she would meet him again and that he would come back into her life She teaches him the rules of being a vampireNight Lord and how to survive It also turns out that vampires each have different abilities and Eric has the ability to use magic There are people called the hand that hunt the Night Lords and then end up killing Sasha Eric loved her and wants to make those people pay They are part of a religious sect of some church known as the hand of god Eric opens a portal to sneak into their home base and kill them and finds the portal has lead to an entire new world The first couple of hours of the story were pretty slow and it is a very long book so I wasn't sure if I was going to like it Again due to the narration type I didn't feel any emotional connection to the story or the characters This is a thinking person's story People who want to know how things work or who love world building It just so happens that I am one of those people Once Eric finds himself in the knew world is when I started to get really interested There are too many things that happened that would make it impossible for me to describe The gist of it though is that Eric now known as Halar learns about this new world learns about his role as a Night Lord and his powers and tries to get back at the Hand of God while protecting himself There are many different places that Halar visits in this book Every time I think Halar was going to settle down and plant roots in an area something happens and he moves on It kept me on my toes the whole time I did enjoy this book and am looking forward to the next one

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    Where to begin? I would like to say that I usually love fantasy reads and a good number of vampire stories I also enjoy when there is a new twist to a vampire read because let’s be honest they can get kind of repetitiveThis one in particular does bring a certain new element to the vampire world Along with needing to feed off of humans Eric can perform magic Oftentimes he performs magic to heal and help others which then in turn makes his character likable However and this is the toughest thing for me to say this is when I stopped enjoying this readFirst and foremost I found this book too long for what it could have been in order to get the message across Because of the length I felt lost and forgot what the point of the story was Yes it starts off with Eric wanted revenge for his ‘love’ Sasha However when Eric enters a new world all of a sudden a whole slew of events take place He realizes he’s a nightlord Then Eric who is known as Halar in this new world becomes a wizard who then becomes a lord Then finally he becomes a teacher of magic He seemed to have forgotten the reason for entering the new worldAlong with this appearances from demons dragons goblins elves and a whole crew of people that were easily forgettable comes into play In reality I didn’t really connect or feel for many of the supportingsecondary characters because I felt many had come in and out of Eric’s life so uickly that I didn’t have the chance toOverall this could have been a much better read if it was concise and focused Unfortunately it wasn’t and I do not plan on continuing the serieshttpsbookloverblogscom20161201

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    I picked up Nightlord and put it down uite a few times I saw such great reviews and I really wanted to get into it This book is extremely detailed but not in the right areas The characters in here are two dimensional I don’t “feel” anyone going through anything The dialogue feels so casual through out that there is no weight in the story no darkness and there are some serious dark situations going on Its like having a movie on in another room; you can here the dialogue so you know whats going on but your missing a lot