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From The Outside, Year Old Alberta Bird Looks Like A Typical Teenager She Spends Her Days Attending School, Riding Horses, And Helping Out On The Farm Where She Lives With Her Aunt Hannah But Bird Is Anything But Typical For One, She Hears Things That No One Else Hears, Like The Thoughts Of The Various Animals She Befriends For Another, She Doesn T Talk Although It Causes Some Problems At School, And With The Kids Who Come To The Farm To Train, Bird S Unwillingness To Speak Isn T A Big Issue For Her Aunt In Fact, When A New Problem Horse Arrives At The Farm, Hannah Realizes That The Strange And Silent Bird Is The Only One Who Can Break Through His Defenses But When Bird S Mother Eva Decides To Pay A Visit With A New Boyfriend And Bird S Younger Sister In Tow Old Wounds Are Opened And Everything Changes Shelley Peterson S Sundancer Is A Remarkable Story About The Damage That People Can Do To Each Other And To The Creatures That Live With Us And The Many Ways That We Can Heal

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    My daughter was disgusted by my 4 star review, so she has decided to review it herself here we goSundancer is a really good book I wish I could give it than 5 stars because it s about a horse who has been treated really badly and a girl who doesn t talk any She decides to take care of him The horse and the girl change The girl can talk but she decides not to, but she can hear what animals are thinking and talks to them If you like animals this is a very good book and I would recommend it to you.

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    5 Stars I have been wanting to read this book for a really long time and I finally got a chance to read this book I love this book so much It is one of those books that I can relate to because it is about horses and I love horses and I have horses so it is easy for me to relate to this book I have read some books from Shelley Peterson before in the past and I really loved those books so I thought I would give this book a try and I am glad that I gave this book a try Shelley Peterson is one of my favorite writers because her writing is really good I would read this book again and again because this book will never get old I would recommend this book to anyone that has or loves horses because I feel like they would relate to this book but I would also recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a good book to read from Shelley Peterson.

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    It was a cute story It does a great job of showing the bond and communication of The horse and the girl

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    People never look up I never really thought of this before reading this novel but ever since I have made a point of looking up Bird is a young but very smart and interesting girl She depends on her animals, communicating with them than she does the people around her whom she communicates with only when necessary after all the animals are happy to have a human to talk to This is a book that I have read countless times and is definitely one of my favorites Bird is relatable without being predictable and time and again I find myself intrigued, thinking of Sundancer with his proud spirit It makes me wonder if all the other hard cases we once gave up on could have been saved If renegade horses truly exist or just a lack of understanding It s a good book that may get you thinking but mostly it s filled with moments that will make you chuckle and a horse with lots of sass I especially love the quotes that begin each chapter that are Sundancers words thoughts.

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    I loved this book I had so much fun reading it While it was sad in some ways it was a great story of a girl who could communicate in her own way, while she may not have wanted to speak normally she found her way to speak a different language, one that many people will not know or have the pleasure of knowing.

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    This is a GREAT book It is very explanatory and Shelley Peterson is an awesome writer Defenitly recommend it

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    SO sweet.

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    Really Inspiring I enjoyed reading about the connection between Bird and the animals One of my favorite books

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    I don t like horses and I don t usually like horse books , but this one is a very sweet and creative piece of magical realism.

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    What is even up with this book I seriously have problems with horse books in general, it might be a disease This one was no different But I thoroughly enjoyed it.FIRST OFF The summary of this book is in entirety BAD It doesn t even cover the main conflict of the book and leaves out several important details Summarizing Department, YOU FAILED As a side note, the summary I am referring to is the one on the back of the book, not the one featured on this website NOTES What kind of person names their horse Sundancer I mean honestly, is there no such thing as originality in this world The summarization is incorrect in stating that Bird can hear the thoughts of the animals she befriends Haha, Bird can hear the thoughts of ANY animals, folks She actually talks to a corrupted little dog that is trying to ruin her life in a sense This book is entirely unrealistic Coyotes don t follow people around because of their devotion to the wonderful human Special mute little girls cannot talk to horses 13 year old girls don t train insane, dangerous horses in a matter of days especially with the horse as the teacher and go on to win huge championships Horses do not display behavior encountered in the whimsical nature of this book This book is purely fantasy in nearly every way this does not simply happen in real life that I know of.Haha yeah when her mother pays an unexpected visit doesn t cover the half of it SPOILER The grandpa is rich and evil and dating a woman half his age HE CORRUPTS AND CHEATS EVERYONE LASTLY For reasons unfathomable to me, I love this book.