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The seuel to the #1 New York Times bestseller Travel Team When you’re the smallest kid playing a big man’s game the challenges never stop—especially when your name is Danny Walker Leading your travel team to the national championship may seem like a dream come true but for Danny being at the top just means the competition tries that much harder to knock him off Now Danny’s leaving Middletown for the summer and heading to Right Way basketball camp where he’s out of his element and maybe out of his league The country’s best ballers are in attendance and Danny will need to raise his game if he wants to match up But it won’t be easy Old rivals and new battles leave Danny wondering if he really has what it takes to stand tall

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    It all takes place in a city called Morrisville a small city in Maine were there are 4 friends Tess Hewitt who plays tennis and her and Danny kind of have a relationship were its than just friends and Danny Walker’s mom and dad finally got back together His dad was a former NBA player but a car accident forced him into an early retirement Ty is a tall guy that is very good at basketball all around Will is kind of short but is a lights out three point shooter There is a camp called Right away where the best players in the Northeastern part of the US come to show college coaches and scouts what they can do Danny Ty Will met a guy named Tarik who talks a lot of different language than the others are used to using Will tries to adopt this new language but there were too many words When Danny and his friends arrive at Right away Coach Ed Powers says something that Danny thinks is funny and he tells Will and he laughs out loud and to start camp they run About a month into camp Danny is having seconds thoughts about camp so he fakes a n injury and in the medical office Nick Pinto knows he faking and he swears he won’t tell anyone he’ll just let him deal with the thought that he uit set in his mind Danny later figures out that Tess is just across the river so Danny Will Ty Will Tarik and Zach Danny’s roommate steal a row boat in the middle of the night to go see Tess While they are there Tess convinces him not to leave When they get back Danny get playing time and makes the most out of it and leads his team to the championship

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    The book Summer Ball is a realistic fiction by Mike Lupica It is about a thirteen year old boy who is the son of a former NBA player that goes to a summer basketball camp The boy Danny has one of his dads old coaches coaching him But this coach hated Danny's dad and is really hard on Danny and he makes the camp miserable Danny also runs into a kid named Rasheed who he had played against in the national championship the year before This made matters worse because Rasheed hated Danny and made camp even harder for him I really liked this book because i can connect with the main character Danny is really short for his age but has always been one of the best basketball players on the court This reminds me of my brother Chris Chris and Danny play the same position and from Mike Lupica's description they look alike as well Another reason that this is a good book is because the author really seems to capture the emotions of Danny this whole time You can really understand what or why he does somethingI have read this book than once and it always makes me want to go out and play basketball But you do not have to like basketball if you want to read this book it is an all around good book and it is a pretty uick read I hope you will consider reading it

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    This book was so boring had really no good parts to it and it was so predictable He finally got his revenge at the end but it was just so easy to figure out what was going to happen

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    In the book Summer Ball by Mike Lupica a kid named Danny Walker is the smallest kid out there playing basketball He play's travel basketball and is trying to get his team to the National Championships but he has many challenges from getting there His travel team has people two years ahead of him so it makes it really hard for him to play the game he loves I really liked this book because it's a great adventure It is a great adventure because danny the smallest guy on the team leads his team to the National Championship In the book Danny compares himself to a lot of pro basketball players His dad was a pro basketball player and he wants to do the same thing his dad did His dad helped him get through the challenges he needed It makes you believe that you can do anything no matter what size you areI recommend this book to people who like sports People who like getting through challenges Also People who like a fast paced book This was one of the best books I have ever read

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    This book was a pretty interesting book overall I loved to see Danny start getting harder and tougher competition He started off as a win all type of person and later changed to a don't be a cocky person This gives me a reminder when a kid was the #1 ranked in his class and challenged Michael Jordan The kid got too cocky and he lost badly to Jordan This proves later when Danny starts to lose in the season he makes a huge jump and starts to have a humble mind But unfortunately for the guy who challenged Jordan he got all his college offers removed because he got too cocky Overall great book

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    I think this book was really good mainly because I luv sports books Even if u don't like sports books you shuld still like this book

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    Summer BallMike Lupica “A ball in his hands always made him feel smarter” Ali Walker Danny’s dad Summer Ball by Mike Lupica is about a kid called Danny who is very tiny but still has a very big talent and dream Basketball He goes to a basketball camp where there are players just like him who have very big goals to become great basketball players when they grow up During the camp Danny goes through many ups and downs to play the game of big men Before Danny goes to camp he persuades his friends to come with him who are not as good at basketball as he was but it is still good to have friends with you Danny also talks to a girl called Tess who have been really good friends when they were younger but have drifted apart lately but still he has a crush on her When Danny gets to camp things already went bad He did not get to room with his friends and his worst enemy also went to camp During the camp people thought that he is just someone who came to the camp to just have fun but Danny keeps proving himself One of the coaches even advised him to start playing soccer not basketball One of his goals for the camp was to prove everyone wrong and to show them the player he really is But that did not work out so well At one point things went so bad that he pretended be be injured because he felt like he needed to rest Also Tess was in her vacation house right across the lake so Danny and his friends snuck out to see her But Danny is very special No matter what happened to him he never gives up He decided to try his best and then ended up playing like he never did before This has been one of my favourite books because I am a very big basketball fan The things that make the book so interesting is that during the read there are many intense points Also the book always puts you at the edge of your chair because you really want to know what happens next I would recommend this book to people who are in middle school and to like this book you have to know a lot about basketball and if you don't like basketball you also won't like the book

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    Summer Ball by Mike Lupica is the second book in the Danny Walker series Danny is a basketball obsessed 13 year old point guard who has to face the same problem over and over again Danny is too short In the time between first book of the series Travel Team Danny leads his town’s Middletown team to the national championship But on the way Danny made a few rivals such as Rasheed Rasheed was the point guard of the team that Danny’s team played Rasheed never let go of that game after losing on National TV So when Danny goes to Right Way basketball camp and ends up on the same team as Rasheed Rasheed decides to make up for losing the National Championship by making Danny Walker look horrible Then Danny gets placed in the bunk house for the younger group On top of that Ed Powers the former head coach at Providence College for his coach Coach Powers doesn’t like Danny because Danny’s dad Richie Was going to providence on a basketball scholarship when at the last second he backed out and went to Syracuse With everything going against he starts to think about uitting the game that he loved so much But Danny has always been the underdog and Danny also meets Zach a younger version of himself Summer Ball was a good seuel to Travel Team I would recommend this book to any one who has read Travel Team or anyone who likes basketball 246 words

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    Summer Ball was a great seuel to Travel Team in my opinion It does a great job of showing how people might seem one way but if you just take the time to get to know them you'll see that they might not be the person you imagined I also really liked seeing Danny having his perspective change about basketball camp just because of one person Because of that one person he was able to stop looking at all the bad things that had happened to him and turn to look at the good things and it showed later in future games

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    I thought this was a good book because it had a good storyline and plot It followed that and I think the book proved a point You down have to be tall to be good for basketball Overall the book was great and you should read it