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I should have just left this as something I loved as a child I have always loved the Marguerite Henry horse books, and one of the first Breyer horses I ever bought as a young girl was of Stormy, Misty s foal probably because it was small so it was less expensive and I could afford it, but also because I just loved it So now I have read this lovely horse story to my daughter, and relived the terrible storm, and all of the ponies that died, and Misty living and surviving in the Beebe s kitchen before being taken to the vet where she has lovely baby Stormy Great story, right But now that I have finished I just went on line to find some real photos of Misty and Stormy, and while googling I have learned that most of this is total fiction I was surprised to learn that Marguerite Henry in fact OWNED Misty for 11 years, having bought her as a foal she was foaled on the Beebe farm, and was not a wild pony Misty went back to live with the Beebe s in her older life and Stormy was one of her foals, but Clarence, Ida and Paul Beebe were all DEAD before Stormy was born, so that whole part was fictionalized The storm that is described was the Ash Wednesday Storm that hit the Eastern Seaboard March 6, 1962, several years after the deaths of Clarence, Ida and Paul, and Misty was actually then living with Ralph and Jeanette Beebe and three of their children Denny, Billy, and Lee.And while searching I did find photos of Misty and Stormy, but they are not what I was expectingthey are in fact photos of the taxidermy bodies of Misty and Stormy on display at the Beebe Ranch Museum on Chincoteague Yes, they stuffed Misty and Stormy. I love the Beebe s, but only in small doses It s so cute how the strongest support in times of stress is peppermint candy, and next is bacon or ham no spirits here Fans of the horses themselves won t find much to satisfy, here, at least until the end It really is mostly an adventure tale of the storm And it s a bit of feminist manifesto, as the reader is likely to empathize with Maureen s frustrations rather than Grandma s faith in God s plan for gender roles.Btw, I do wish I d read an earlier version, as I cannot believe that the reproductions for Aladdin of Dennis art are well done, and the cover is just wrong. A Raging Storm Slashes Across Assateague And Chincoteague Islands Water Is Everywhere The Wild Ponies And The People Must Battle For Their LivesIn The Midst Of The Storm, Misty The Famous Mare Of Chincoteague Is About To Give Birth Paul And Maureen Are Frantic With Worry As The Storm Rages On Will Misty And Her Colt Survive This Is The Thrilling Story Of The Hurricane That Destroyed The Wild Herds Of Assateague, And How Strength And Love Helped Rebuild Them I adored Misty of Chincoteague, but I just didn t like Story, Misty s Foal as much It was okay, yes, but it wasn t amazing I found it pretty sad and seemed to have no actual plot. Marguerite Henry s one weakness series What I mean is, there is hardly any continuity between Sea Star and this one Sea Star doesn t even seem to exist in this book he s never mentioned The family as also gained a collie, Skipper, and a cat, Wait a Minute, with no explanation They even mention a puppy they used to have which was not there in either of the previous books and don t explain why that one s gone And it isn t explained how or why Misty is back from her tour around the world.Other than those faults, the book holds the same quality as the others, so I couldn t rate it too low the only reason I went as low as I did was because it was jarring to come into the next book with no connection to the last one Still, if you read it on its own, I think it holds up well and it s quite a touching story of how the boys and girls of America came together, in a way, to help Chincoteague and Assateague. Reread 2019 Another happy re read Despite the horror of the devastating storm that struck the little islands, which really happened in 1962, I really respond to all the hopefulness in this story The closeness of the Beebe family, the children who are so concerned for Misty and her unborn foal, the letters that pour in after Stormy s birth, the response to Misty and Stormy s theatrical visits I will, however, comment on a hopefully unintentional bit of humor that I couldn t stop laughing at Young Maureen tells her brother, Oh, Paul, I wish I could read critters mind the way you do To which Paul, in all his again, hopefully , young brotherly ignorance and not anti feminism says, That s easy, Maureen You just got to be as smart as them Basically, telling his sister she s dumber than animals LOL Read for National Children s Book Week in 2009 Misty of Chincoteague and Stormy, Misty s Foal and King of the Wind, by Marguerite Henry Obviously, I read these books over and over as a girl, having been a horse lover since I can remember I hadn t read any of them in a while despite owning a lovely color illustrated hardback copy of the last , so it was a great joy to reread them again Henry has a lovely gift for putting you right in the place and time of the story. We bought this book at the Beebe Ranch in Chincoteague Island when we were there back in July The book is even signed by Billy King Beebe, who even though he is not named in the story because Marguerite Henry kept the names Paul and Maureen from her first book about the island, is the boy who these events happened to in real life Pretty cool We got to walk up the stairs Misty walked up into the house and see the kitchen where she stayed during the storm We also got to see the real Misty and Stormy that have been stuffed and preserved for all posterity rather creepy in a way but we can say we really saw them and touched them too oops saw the sign after we petted them As we read the story, I kept thinking of our vacation I think having been there helped my daughter to envision it all too Love when fiction and the real world collide in that way Molly says we should give this five stars, but I m gonna stick with four We are enjoying this series so much. I love the Chincoteague stories as much as when I read them as a young child I long to live there and watch the wild ponies running free. I am currently reading Stormy, Misty s Foal with one of my tutoring students We make the perfect pair, as she can explain the horse y elements of the plot and I can explain life in the 1960 s.As Grandpa Beebe and Paul travel up to Deep Hole with their neighbor, the author refers to the fabric scraps that the neighbor has brought along to make flags I know exactly what a bag of fabric scraps looks like, and why a woman would have one.One of the scraps, the neighbor tells us, was from his wife s pretty petticoat I could explain the mysterious petticoat Luckily, she d seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers I am also able to translate all the countrified expressions used by Grandma and Grandpa, though a couple have mystified me.We both love this book, as we loved Misty of Chincoteague These books offer a unique slice of Americana to children who ve been raised a bit farther from the earth than the Beebe kids, who rely on the earth to feed themselves and their horses and to supply a full morning of chores.