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[[ download Audiobooks ]] The Work and the Glory, Volume 8: So Great a CauseAuthor Gerald N. Lund –

loved this series Gerald Lund put his characters in the various key trek s for the migration of the Saints including, the pioneer trek from Nauvoo, the Donner Party trek, and the sailing of the Brooklyn ship from New York to yerba buena San Francisco The pioneer trek was most interesting as the difficulties faced by the Saints were well portrayed by Lund In addition, the difficulty Brigham Young must have had with the organization and administration of the entire affair is well penned The details about the Brooklyn are interesting I think many are aware of the voyage but this is the first time I have read any details of where the ship went and what it must have been like. I was somewhat resistant to the idea of reading these books I didn t take the time to really see what they were all about, I just assumed that since they seemed so trendy at the time, they would probably be light reading or even corny I was SO wrong and I m SO glad that I realized that if my mom was enjoying them so much and recommending them to me, they must be worthwhile.This series, along with the Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes, about the United States , made me fall in love with historical fiction In this case, it was not only my knowledge of Church history events that was increased, but my understanding of those events When I read about all of the people and events in story form, chronological order, and in a cultural and historical context, I felt that I had a much clearer big picture than ever before Reading this series was such a wonderful way to increase both my knowledge of the Church and my testimony of the gospel. Spoilers This installment in the series was as mired as the saints crossing Iowa with regards to portions of the plot having to do with the history of the church Token sections featuring the three couples separated from the main body of the Steed family Will and Alice, Peter and Catherine, and Melissa and Carl did little to help other than show Will and Alice s journey the sea isfun than mud , Catherine s recovery when will the cannibals be revealed , and Melissa s reconciliation with the Church at least in her heart The main feature which spoke to me strongly was Joshua s conversion which he did on the sly The Holy Ghost testifies that even the most hardened of hearts can be softened. I ve really enjoyed all these historical fiction novels in this series I ve learned so much about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints through these novels They are pretty good stories, too A little cheesy and sappy at times, but the research is well done. All throughout this book and the struggles of the trail, I found myself wondering what is the rush Just get to Winter Quarters, that s all you need to do Then, as the book clearly reminded, that wasn t the original plan The original plan was to go straight to the Salt Lake Valley This book was a great refresher about the decisions that were made at the time and without the vantage point of the future.As with all these books, the writing is okay The characters are not well rounded But, the history is fabulous I enjoy reading the history from the perspective of a fictional family It makes a history bookenjoyable. This is a great story My only complaints the e book formatting is awful and takes away from reading this has been the case for the whole series and Mr Lund is verbose in his writing to the point of irritation It also takes away from the story and reading. Great series I wish they would continue to make the movies of these books. I think this may be my favorite so far I felt I connected with thisthan any in the series, yet Kind of sad, considering there is only one book left I wondered how the trek west would be handled in the series I m glad Lund decided not to squish it all into one book And reaching the Missouri River was a perfect stopping point Interesting to see the family in different situations making their way west I am quite intrigued to see if there was a particular reason why Lund chose the ill fated Donner Party instead of making up some other group perhaps to show the different outcomes with one migration halting for the winter and the other not Guess I ll see However, I think my favorite part was view spoiler seeing Josh s conversion I, unfortunately, already knew it was going to come But I m very grateful for its realism and how his progress was very characteristic to him I found myself, like Nathan and Caroline, thinking of how I would answer the questions he had Did I miss Nathan s answer to Josh s Haun s Mill question Because I had that answer but I may have been distracted at my desk and not heard Nathan talk about following the prophet I also liked how their trek played such a role in his conversion hide spoiler Gerald Lund S Magnificent Historical Novels Have Sold Millions Of Copies And Stand As A Monument To The Struggles And The Trials Of The Early Saints The Reader Will Follow And Fall In Love With The Fictional Steed Family As The Wonderful Characters Come Vividly To Life In Volume , The Pioneer Trek Begins The Steed Family Is Scattered Among The Different Groups Heading To Zion