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At first Barbara isn't sure how she feels about her older sister getting married Then once the wedding planning goes into high gear it becomes almost impossible for her not to imagine a wedding for herself But as the big day approaches family arguments abound and Barbara's fun loving sister turns into a very practical grown up person Barbara begins to wonder if this is what weddings are really about If so she may put off a romance of her own for just a little bit longer

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    I was given this book to read by my mom since I'm getting married this June When I held it I thought the cover was very cute but I didn't have much faith that this book would be super good I'm happy to say that I was wrong as I read this book in 1 2 daysThis book is told from the perspective of 16 year old Barbara MacLane She's a girl who hasn't given much thought to her future and tends to live in the now When her impractical sister Rosemary shares a secret about her being engaged a whole new time period starts up Barbara has always felt she's in her older sister's shadow as she does everything first including fall in love Now Barbara feels that her life needs love and to plan a great wedding for Rosemary and for her future selfThe restlessness of youth definitely resignated with me early on as I remember feeling that way at times What teenager hasn't felt that way? The issues of Rosemary wanting to have a wedding her way and not others is definitely something I understood Everyone wants a wedding to be special and they have different ways of trying to ensure it happens I loved how the book showed hardships and joyous moments of being engaged being a college student and planning a wedding as these are all things that I currently am Unlike Rosemary I'll love married after I graduate as I couldn't imagine trying to get married as a freshman in college and trying to figure out all the things that go into being a married coupleThis book came out in the early 1960s 63 to be exact so I thought everything would be dated There were some dated moments like saddle shoes and hooped skirts being in fashion but I found this book relevant to me There were issues with siblings feeling embarrassed and out of place trying to impress a crush and many incidents that everyone faces in their life Everyone though this book deals with wedding planning it isn't all about that plotline and I think it makes this book very enjoyable for any female Just goes to show that some things never change especially when it comes to wedding planning

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    Although I have found the time and place specific datedness of Beverly Cleary's First Love series of teenage romance novels both interesting and an enlightening sojourn into and through 1950s and with the fourth instalment with her 1963 Sister of the Bride early 1960s American culture and life especially with regard to school romance and family I do have to admit that I have not really all that much enjoyed Sister of the Bride as a reading experience in and of itself For one sorry but I have never been all that much of a fan of novels of stories that focus too much if not entirely on weddings and that Sister of the Bride is basically and in my opinion mainly about Rosemary's upcoming nuptials just does not with regard to my personal tastes enamour me all that much of Sister of the Bride on a thematics and content based point of view And for two and indeed much problematically I in particular have found main protagonist Barbara's total obsession with her sister's wedding and that she basically turns Rosemary's upcoming marriage ceremony totally onto herself at best rather strange and at worst totally self centred to the extreme that Barbara basically in my opinion does not really think of her sister as a bride and whether Rosemary will be happy both as Greg's bride and later as Greg's wife but that to and for Barbara the only thing that seems to matter in Sister of the Bride is her own future wedding and that she frustratingly also wants Rosemary to have a traditional wedding mostly because well that is what Barbara wants and desires for herself in the future And while Sister of the Bride has not been in any manner a terrible reading experience for me between the to and for my personal reading tastes too many and too in my face wedding details and Barbara's constant selfishness and basically making everything about herself than about Rosemary who since she is getting married should really be front and centre I just cannot consider Sister of the Bride with than two stars and to indeed only recommend it with personal reservations and yes indeed I definitely have enjoyed the other three novels of Beverly Cleary's First Love series considerably than Sister of the Bride and am really also kind of glad to leave especially Barbara and her often jealous selfishness permanently behind

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    I can't choose a favorite Cleary YA book but I'd bet that Cleary had the most fun while writing this one Really wish I could have stayed in the room while Rosemary had it out with her parents And what about children? Mr MacLane was demanding as Barbara and Gordy were leaving the house Have you thought about them?Of course we have thought about children was Rosemary's heated answerJust how detailed a response did Rosemary provide?01 24 10With every re read this book gets better and better It's a perfect blend of funny meets thoughtful and it shows the joys and mundane realities and struggles of married life Re read 10 12 08 in honor of my sister's engagement 4 22 08 reviewIf she was going to get married in seven hundred days she should think about falling in love and the sooner the betterMammoth thanks to Kate for mailing me a copy Why did I resist Cleary's YA novels for so long? I'm liking them and This one is just plain fun probably because Barbara never gets all that angsty about boys And I really like a girl who throws a shirt into a boy's face albeit after weeks of making him cookies and who irons her skirt WHILE WEARING IT I love the Amys They remind me of a certain internet group of Betsy Tacy fans Also Tootie Bodger I don't have much to say about him; I just wanted to write his nameAnd wouldn't you like to see what Gordy is like in the next ten years? By the time he goes to Berkeley it'll be 196768 and he probably will have traded in those guitar folk songs for something

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    I am so sad I finished the series They were so perfect for summer I wish I found these when I was a teenager In any case I enjoyed them as much as I would back at schoolSister of the Bride was for mature audience than the other threeMiss Cleary has become so dear to me as if I've known her whole my life Dear Miss Cleary thank you for letting me be part of your made up but so realistic world

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    My reading this year seems to go in pendulum swings from the horrific to the sublime After the punch in the solar plexus that was The Power I went to this sweet story of two sisters in the early 1960s one of whom Rosemary has just gotten engaged and the other Barbara who is a junior in high school trying to find a boyfriend I loved Beverly Cleary's The Luckiest Girl when I was in middle school That was the book that started my dream of living in California and even gave me some decent pointers about boys and romance that helped me get through high school Somehow I missed Judy Blume back then and boy could I have used her books so Cleary had to be my mentorBecause this book was published in 1963 and because Cleary always had a sharp eye it is actually pretty hip Rosemary is in college at what seems to be Berkley and has strong ideas about being a woman Though she is determined to marry her somewhat older boyfriend she is just as determined to finish college and have her own careerThis is however Barbara's story She dreams of being a bridesmaid As she watches all the drama in her family around her parents accepting the idea of the marriage and her sister's grownup ideas she also navigates between two boys who seem to like her She feels increasingly left out of the wedding plans She misses her former close relationship with Rosemary Oh my it is all so real and portrayed with the author's generous sense of humor and compassion for kidsOf course it feels uite outdated now There is not a hint of sex except when Barbara's little brother teases her about kissing one of the two boys But those two sisters are wonderful examples of what we were dealing with in those years The story has a happy happy ending

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    First sentence I guess this is just one of those days thought Barbara MacLane on her way home from school one bright afternoon late in April She was not alone She was walking beside a boy a very tall boy but their thoughts were like those famous parallel lines that lie in the same plane but never meetPremiseplot Barbara a junior in high school is always playing catch up with her older sister Rosemary who is a freshman in college One day Barbara gets a phone call from her sister Can she keep a secret?? She's coming home that weekend PLEASE TELL MOM NOT TO SERVE MEAT LOAF and by the way I'M GETTING MARRIED Barbara has to keep the secret a day or two It won't be easyIt doesn't take Barbara long to get swept up up and away in a daydreaming frenzy She's thinking about Rosemary's wedding the dress the flowers the reception the cake the attendants Will Rosemary's dress one day be her own? Will she get to help choose her sister's dress? Will she be the maid of honor or a bridesmaid? What will her dress look like? Will the reception be at their house or at a club? Will her sister wear a dress with a long veil and a cathedral train?But she's also thinking about her own wedding If she does everything two years roughly behind Rosemary should she focus on picking out her would be groom this year? When does she need to start going steady with a guy if she wants a year long engagement? How many weeks does she have to meet her one true love? She is certain that she'll fall in love by her sister's weddingWill she fall in love with the nice boy with a horrible horrible nickname of TOOTIE Or will she fall in love with the boy who gives her rides home from school that expects COOKIES and MILK in return? His name is Bill One boy keeps asking her out the other is content to hang out with her after school She thinks she knows how she feels about both boys but does she really?Gordy their brother is NOT daydreaming about the wedding He has dreams that he's focused on just not romantic ones He and two of his friends are going to be the NEXT BIG THING A trio of folk singers He's a bit disappointed that his sister's wedding will not be a gigMy thoughts I enjoyed this one For modern readers it might seem an eual blend of SWEET and SILLY But I enjoyed both elements The book can serve as a time capsule of sorts for the time in which it was written In much the same way as FATHER OF THE BRIDE does both movie versions For example the price of groceries eight cans of pork and beans for a dollarOne of the things I loved most were the family scenes I loved spending time with this family the father mother Rosemary Barbara and Gordy It felt like a real family for better or worse I loved the give and take of it There's also a mischievous cat that plays an integral role in the novelThe narrative was also well doneuotes Greg made the mistake of mentioning the poet EE Cummings who did not use capital letters or punctuation and often ran words together for effect Of course this provoked an argument from Mr MacLane What if every author took it in his head to throw away the rules? What kind of books would we have then? Books that no one would read that's what we would have Greg felt that the printer's job was to print the text not criticize the author's art 18 Wouldn't it be nice if people purred as charmingly as cats when they are hungry? Half the uarrels in the world would never take place 22 I would hate to see any daughter of mine throw herself away on someone who approved of writers who did not use punctuation or capitals This fellow Greg probably likes archy and mehitabel too So do I Dad said Barbara And the reason there aren't any capitals in archy and mehitabel is that it was supposed to be typed by a cockroach who couldn't jump on the capital key and a letter key at the same time The author wasn't just being lazy He had a good reason Mr MacLane chuckled A book written by a cockroach is just about what I would expect this fellow to like 29 And can he afford to pay the orthodontist twenty five dollars a month? Mr MacLane demanded Have you thought of that little expense? NoI haven't Crestfallen Rosemary faltered How awful thought Barbara as she poured out the dishwater To want to get married when you are still having your teeth straightened It must be humiliating to have part of your childhood left over 43 Two short years were not much over seven hundred days Thinking in terms of days instead of years made Barbara feel as if she had not much time left If she was going to get married in seven hundred days she should think about falling in love and the sooner the better Right now Today Until this minute she had thought of falling in love as something else that would happen a long time from now 55 Barbara watched the umbrella disappear around a bend in the road and still smiling she turned and walked into the house Bill Cunningham The last boy she had ever expected to notice her She liked him She really did She liked him the way she liked the fizz in ginger ale and the cherry on the sundae 64 It seems to me said Mr MacLane that ever since Rosemary has been going to the University she has been talking like someone who has read a book on psychology I don't know why puzzled Mrs MacLane She isn't even taking psychology Barbara had the explanation But her roommate is Millie is majoring in psychology Rosemary learns a lot from her How nice said Mrs MacLane dryly I am so glad we are to share the benefits of Millie's college education 69 Mr MacLane exhaled a large blue cloud of smoke Well let me tell you something Someday some mother is going to rebel against her children and when she does I will be the first to contribute to a statue in her honor to be placed downtown in the center of the plaza A bronze statue And each year on Mother's Day I shall personally lay a wreat at her feet 69 Millions of footnotes when all I want to do is think about Greg 91 Your grandfather always liked a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast reminisced Gramma He said it stuck to his ribs Rosemary looked doubtful I don't know whether Greg likes oatmeal or not but I'm sure I could learn to cook it Barbara admired her sister for tactfully not telling her grandmother she herself detested oatmeal Or maybe it wasn't tact at all Maybe it was love Maybe Rosemary really would learn to cook oatmeal if Greg wanted it Rosemary cooking oatmeal of all things and early in the morning too Rosemary who always had such a hard time waking up Barbara smiled to herself She wondered if Rosemary would learn to eat oatmeal to keep Greg company That would be the test of love Rosemary eating oatmeal 96

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    I just found this on my Goodreads shelf with NO STARS I don't know why but I can assure you that it was some terrible mistake on my part A slip of the finger on the keyboard I love everything Beverly Cleary ever wrote and this is no exception Completely different from her Ramona books intended for teens back in the day but suitable for older middle readers now this is the story of a girl whose sister is getting married As usual with Cleary she takes such a simple premise and makes it fascinating I remember thinking this is what it would be like when my older sister got married the showers the gifts the dress fittings all told in the usual plain but engaging style you'd expect from Beverly Cleary There's an accident with grandmother's antiue veil some jealousy arises etc No one is murdered there are no talking dragons but I probably read this book five times in grade school because it's just good

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    What a cute little book It was fun seeing all the wedding preparations from a younger sister of the bride’s perspective

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    This review also appears on my blog Read at Home MomBarbara Maclane is sixteen years old and has barely begun to have an interest in boys She sometimes walks home with Tootie Bodger a trombone player in the school band but her kindness toward him is sympathetic than romantic and her thirteen year old brother's disgusting eating habits and poor manners don't exactly do anything to improve her opinion of the opposite sex Still when her older sister Rosemary who is only 18 comes home from college to announce she is marrying a 24 year old graduate student named Greg Barbara is enad of the prospect of this wedding Suddenly she's considering not just Tootie but another boy Bill Cunningham who gives her rides on his Vespa and enjoys the cookies she bakes for him But Barbara has a lot to learn about true love and as the wedding plans unfold she gains important knowledge from her sister from her mother's social club The Amys and from her own life experiences doing favors for a boy who doesn't appreciate themThere is a lot in this book that contemporary readers will find fault with The idea of an eighteen year old college freshman marrying a much older graduate student and becoming the landlady of a dingy apartment building didn't really sit well with me and though Barbara's parents were briefly upset by it in the story I felt like they should have been upset and gone to greater lengths to prevent it But I think this book and the others in this series are not intended to be how to books for growing up female They do teach some lessons about interacting with boys but they also take a very rose colored view of the world and indulge the fantasies that young tween and teen girls sometimes have about what it will be like to grow up fall in love and get married And no life isn't really like what we imagine at fourteen but I don't think there's any harm in reading these books than in adults reading Harleuin romances It's all in good funThis book is less of a romance novel than The Luckiest Girl or Jean and Johnny and seemed to focus on family relationships which is what Cleary wrote so brilliantly in the Ramona books I loved Gordy the younger brother and thought Barbara's annoyance with him was very reminiscent of Beezus's behavior toward Ramona I also liked Tootie despite his ridiculous name and thought Bill's brazen disregard for Barbara's feelings was very reminiscent of so many teenage boys who just don't know how to act around girls And while Barbara's obsession with her sister's wedding did seem a bit strange to me it did remind me of The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers as well as That Summer by Sarah Dessen Barbara's behavior was like that of a twelve year old than a sixteen year old but I think changes in the world account for that than any fault in Beverly Cleary's writingAll in all I really enjoyed this book and I liked that it was almost entirely about Barbara's thoughts and feelings and not just about impressing some boy For Barbara impressing the boys will come later when this story is over and that was perfectly fine with me

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    More sueaky clean teen romance At least that's the way I remember it