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Singing Hands This book is about a girl named Gussie Davis, she is the the daughter of two deaf parents Gussies parents are proud owners of Saint Jude s Church for the deaf in Birmingham, Alabama One day a hearing girl comes to Gussie s church and discovers that Gussie pretends that she can t hear at church sometimes, so the other hearing visitor goes and alerts Gussie s father and he wasn t angry with Gussie he just thought she wanted to be around other hearing children so he sent her to a church in Downtown Burmingham Gussie goes to the church once and she is scared that someone might find out that her parents are deaf So she starts to skip church, Gussie takes her offering money and spends it at a drug store Reverend Davis takes Gussie to a church for the deaf and blind and there Gussie can learns to relate to different people and how to respect the fact that her parents are deaf. Ray, Delia Singing Hands ISBN 13 978 0 618 65762 9.Rating.Summary Gussie and her sisters Nell and Margret are hearing children born to deaf parents Their dad is the preacher at the local church Gussie experiences several adventures that help her come to accept her parent s world Main characters Gussie Davis is a twelve year old girl who has troubles finding where she belongs in life She wants to fit in.She is an adeventorus girl who thinks everyone is giving up on her.Mrs Fernley rents a room in the Davis house She offered help to Mr and Mrs Davis when Gussie gets in trouble Abe is a little boy who is deaf Reverend Davis takes him under his wing The family works with Abe to get him to attend the ASD Alabama School for the Deaf.Key issues family, deafness, religion.Other interesting information This story takes place in the late 1940s where schools down south were still seperate based on color. Because of my fascination with sign language, I decided to read Singing Hands by Delia Ray this August In Ray s novel, a young hearing girl born of deaf parents, Gussie, struggles to find her place in the world between the deaf culture she grew up in and the hearing culture that becomesapparent the older she grows.There were many reasons I found this book an unpleasant read For one, the summary on the back didn t explain the story well I expected a completely different story line After beginning, I figured I would still read the book, but as I progressed, the story moved slowly Also, there were many characters, and I found it difficult to keep track of where everyone belonged in the story There were also many parts of the story setting, conflict, etc that simply weren t clear I expected deaf culture to be mentioned , as well That was a disappointment for me.I wouldn t recommend this book for most people because of the reasons above and also the subject While I m sure many people can relate to feeling a bit confused in their world, the specific story itself is likely to not be relatable for many readers. Well, it was good in that there were a lot of deaf characters More than two It takes place in the 50 s and we get a glimpse of how it was harder to be a deaf person if you were also black Not that the main character is black, of course She s a white hearing girl.And the main character is most of the problem with this book She does some really uncaring, unthinking, wrong things and I have trouble understanding why she s doing them when she s doing them She sneaks into a tenant s locked rock to rummage through and steal the woman s dead husband s clothes so she can pull a prank on her sister And instead finds love letters from some other guy and takes one of those And that s not the only wrong thing she does, but it s the one that rubbed me completely the wrong way Skip Sunday school Fine Hum during church I don t care But violating someone s privacy like that For no good reason Almost wish the book had been about her father rather than her He s a deaf minister who travels around all over the place to preach and minister in deaf churches all over the state and out of it. As One Of Three Hearing Daughters Of Deaf Parents,Year Old Gussie Davis Is Expected To Be A Proper Representative Of Saint Jude S Church For The Deaf In Birmingham, Alabama, Which Is Run By Her Father So When Gussie Starts To Hum Through Signed Services In The Summer Of , Reverend Davis Assumes She Merely Wants To Sing Out Loud And Sends Her To A Regular Church Downtown But Gussie S Behavior Worsens, And She Is Not Allowed To Go On A Much Anticipated Trip Instead, She Must Help Her Father At The Alabama School For The DeafRebelling Against The Strict Rules Of The School, Gussie Finally Confronts The Difficulties And Prejudices Encountered By The Deaf Community, All While Still Trying To Find Her Own Identity In The Worlds Of Both The Hearing And The DeafDrawing On Firsthand Accounts Of Her Mother S Own Childhood With Deaf Parents, Delia Ray Provides An Inside Look At The South In The S Lively Humor, Unforgettable Characters, And Meticulous Research Combine To Make This A Standout Novel That Offers Keen Insight Into What It Means To Be Hearing In A Deaf World Author S Note This is one of those you can t judge a book by its cover kind of books Honestly, of the stack of books I took with me on my vacation, this was the last one I read The cover absolutely did not appeal to me at all and I wasn t in the mood for another one of those stories with a lesson Happily, the book is delightful and many young readers will like Gussie Davis, the main character Gussie, short for Augusta, is a twelve year old girl with a penchant for mischievous pranks She is the daughter of deaf parents and her father is a minister to boot It is set in 1948 which lends a historical context to the story but it is never heavy handed And though Gussie does indeed learn some valuable lessons over that summer, the story does not come across as corny or preachy Students who know sign language or are interested in learning sign language will appreciate the chapter titles. I started reading this book for my Literature for Children class It features Augusta Gussie Davis She is the hearing child of two death parents, and doesn t really know where she fits The book opens with her getting into trouble for humming songs during services at one of the many death churches her father pastors Her father sends her to the hearing church on the other side of town She doesn t fit in there either The book follows Gussie as she gets intoscrapes, some hilarious and some that make you really disappointed in her In the end, Gussie discovers herself and her place in the world It s a really beautiful book and I enjoyed it. I almost quit reading this, cause at first it wasn t grabbing my attention, but I pesevered and I m glad I did It turned out to be a nice story, and in the end I really liked and was proud of the main character Gussie Through the events of the book most specifically the trip she takes with her father to the Alabama School for the Deaf the reader watches Gussie who s parents are both deaf, but she is NOT grow up and find her place and becomecomfortable in the deaf society, which although she has grown up with, up to this point, she hasn t necessarily felt like she fit into. It s the summer 1948 in Alabama, and twelve year old Gussie, the hearing daughter of deaf parents, is bored This is Gussie s journey through doing things she knows she shouldn t, making them right again, and coming out the other side a littlemature The setting makes the story What s also quite lovely is that the author based a lot of the story on her own mother s experiences as a hearing daughter of deaf parents Do read the author s note in the back. Gussie Davis is one of 3 hearing sisters born to deaf parents Her father is a busy preacher trying to serve several congreations of hearing impaired Gussie is a real character hummin during his services where no one buy her sisters can hear and playing a trick on her older sister that backfires With the help of 2 boarders living in her home and assisting at a school for the deaf, Gusssie finally develops into a wonderful young lady and finds out what integrity means Great