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Free Prime Since You Went Away (Children of the Promise, Volume 2) By Dean Hughes –

I love this series It keeps you wondering what s happening with all the characters I love the pace. Mom, When Are You Going To Add Two Stars To The Banner In Our Window LaRue Asked You Obviously Haven T Looked I Sewed Them On This Morning All Around Salt Lake City And Across The Nation The Banners Were Showing Up Now Each Star Represented A Member Of The Household Who Was Serving In The Military And Already, Gold Stars For Those Who Had Died In Action Were Beginning To Replace Some Of The Blue OnesPicking Up Where The Bestseller Rumors Of War Left Off, Since You Went Away Continues With Wally Thomas S Struggle To Survive As A Prisoner Of War On The Bataan Peninsula While His Family Begin To Disperse Due To The War Bobbi And Alex Thomas Are Leaving For Military Duty At The Infant Stages Of World War II Bobbi As A Naval Nurse At Pearl Harbor And Alex In Army Basic Training A Gripping Novel Filled With Memorable Characters, Since You Went Away Will Draw You Into A Past Charged With Danger, Action, Romance, And The Importance Of Family And Faithtp Deseretbook ItemC This book was greatI liked it better than the first Maybe it s because I already knew all the characters so there wasn t much need for character development Maybe it s because the author just jumped in and got on with the cliff hanging storyline Maybe it was because it took place during the bulk of WWII Probably all of the above I found the characters stories to be so fascinatingWally s in particular as he was a POW of Japan in the Phillipines The whole time I was reading I kept thinkingWOW Major kudos to the author for his extensive research I even googled a few places and events and sure enoughall real The only parts I found a bit tedious was when the author would talk about homelife in SLC for the rest of the familyI was wanting to skip ahead to get back to the chapters about Wally, Gene, Alex, Bobbi, and the Stoltz family This was definitely a great book, one I would highly recommend for fans of historical lit, WWII, and or LDS fiction. One day this week, my husband and I went to breakfast with my family, and then we came home and I settled onto the couch to read I got off the couch when it was time to get some dinner and go back to my parents house to play games That s how much I love Wally and Bobbi and the rest of the Thomas family I ignored the social media posts of people cleaning up their holiday d cor I ate cold cereal for dinner that night I only wanted to hang out with this family, and pretend we were neighbors It was delightful This book will be my last completed book of 2017 Seems a fitting holiday reread to close out my best reading year in ages 61 books is pretty great when you consider how many papers I grade and how much time Seth and I try to spend together Here s to an even better 2018 Happy reading Love this series The characters are so compelling and I cannot put it down I learn so much about history, I love how he takes real events and weaves it into a fictional family so when you learn what really happen, you like the fiction better Cannot get enough This series was educational and entertaining to read I loved it Super Good But I have to admitsad Got a little teary eyed But I love these series The only thing is that these books are massive Worth the read though Allow me to paint a picture for you.I just left Hobby Lobby, and my family and I made our way over to Academy and when I said I ll just wait in the car and when my husband got puppy dog eyes I don t think he really wanted to spend time with me, he just wanted an ally because for some reason Academy makes our four year old go nuts and asked why I said because I need a break I ve been baking and cleaning and laundry all day and I m still not ready for the party tomorrow Because, you see, tonight is Twelfth Night, and we ve invited entirely too many people over to our house Anyway I kind of lied I mean, I DID need a break, buuuut I also snuck in some time with this book Which is why I was in tears when they got back to the car.I knew Gene would die I knew almost from the moment he set foot in the story He was just too good Authors like killing good people to toy with our emotions see Prue, Cedric Diggory, etc So I saw his death coming from a mile away I just didn t expect it to happen his first time out in battle I cried super hard.So my family gets back to the car, and my husband is laughing at me in a sweet way, mind you, right because I m losing it over a fictional character again and my daughter is in her car seat saying it s okay mom, you re fine, you re fine We can go to the library and get you another Harry Potter book and as I m about to tell her how sweet she is, she says and I can play the Grover game So then I realize she s not being sweet, she just wants to play on the library s iPad, and also I realize she thinks the only books I read, besides my scriptures, are Harry Potter.ANYWAY This book was so good It got a lot heavier than the first one, there was a lotdealing with racism in it One of the things I like about the way he writes these books, is that he portrays the violence of war, but not in a super graphic way We get just enough to realize the gruesomeness of it I really appreciate that.In conclusion, this is probably my most non book related review yet. The second in the series is just as good as the first The characters are rounded out and I ve already seen character development through these two books with room for , the history is accurate and written to be so interesting, and there is constant tension and a theme of religion and God throughout I have learned so much and fallen in love with the families I feel their pain and can empathize with them and the struggles they faced during the war better than I ever have before Hughes has a way of bringing up things about WWII that I ve never thought about before and give me a new perspective on today s issues. I am enjoying this series of historical fiction about life during World War II I m inspired by the examples of courage and faithfulness during trials and heartache, and the important reminder to be steadfast in righteousness, even in the midst of wickedness and worldliness I am also touched by the message of hope and strength passed on by previous generations The blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ and strong family relationships are such a blessing during times of trial.Here are a few quotes I likedWally knew this was his test, and the worst part of it was to have no finish line not to know how much longer he had to hold out He kept telling himself he could keep going a little longer and then he would be allowed to rest, even if it was out in the hot sun p 17 There are different kinds of missions in lifebut for now, we have a mission to stop what s happening in the world.God can only work through good people We, the members of the Church, have to help lead the world back to purity p 39 When hardship visited them in the early days of the Church, they got stronger, not weaker, and they passed their strength on to the next generation I hope you ll never forget who you are like the hymn says, you are children of the promise p 41 If both of you keep waiting for the other to say something or do something he ll be gone, and neither one of you will know how the other one feels p 225 There were so many ways to be a casualty of this war p 231 She wanted to say everything, express all her feelings, and then someday share it all with Alex But the trouble was and her father had warned her about this she had to be very careful what she recorded If someone where to get a hold of it somehow, a document of that sort could be dangerous for all of them She couldn t tell who she really was or where she had come from She couldn t record her genuine fears and worries, even her hopes for the future And so she wrote about her testimony of the gospel without explaining why she couldn t go to church and she wrote about the man she loved, without saying who he was and where he lived She tried to say as much as possible, in hidden, careful ways, but she was soon frustrated, and she set the diary down The Nazis had a way of controlling everything they were not even allowing Anna to be Anna p 271 We re all brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God, no matter who we are.All we ask is respect and the right to believe as we choose So why shouldn t we accord the same respect to people who believe differently from us p 296 We ask that we all might live and return to our families, but we realize that some of us may be asked to offer the ultimate sacrifice Please, Father, accept this gift if we are called upon to give it, and bring us to our heavenly home, to dwell with thee p 372 Early in the trek across Iowa, he had buried a little baby boy, and now he had buried his only other child, his firstborn son So he took that one day off, and that s when he wrote that he felt such great despair But here s the point I want to make The following day, he wrote just one sentence in his journal Worked on the bridge todayThat is who we are My grandparents grieved for a day, and then they went back to work And things didn t get any easier.They passed on to you not only their stories but also the strength to live through times of great difficulty We are in one of those times now, and we can sit down and despair, or we can build the bridge that needs to be built Today is my day to mourn tomorrow, I must be about my Father s business.We must recommit ourselves to goodness, to the struggle against Satan Victory on land and sea is not enough we must win a victory in the hearts of all mankind Guns will never carry the day only the gospel of Jesus Christ can save the people of this world p 452 We must pull each other s wagons when they get stuck in the mud, and call upon the Spirit to give us collective strength.We must win our own private battles the ones raging in our hearts and souls p 458 I m reminded of another of our brothers whose life was also taken at an early age And I m reminded of the women who wept for him outside the sepulchre Christ chose to visit these women first after he arose from the dead It was they he chose to comfort and then to send forth to spread the good news that he had risen.Sisters, Christ is with you now He wants to comfort you Don t wrestle too much with the realities just yet, but open your hearts and give Christ the chance to heal your pain p 459 The women will have to be the strong ones.It s all about keeping the clothes washed and the floors swept, when it gets right down to it p 461 After all the research, the ultimate source for understanding another time is the empathy we can call upon as we attempt to place ourselves in another circumstance However different humans may be in many ways, there is fundamental sameness in our emotions, our needs, our fears I try to work my way into the time by experiencing what my characters feel That may seem a circular process since I made the characters up but this is the power of empathy to know someone else s feelings by knowing one s own That s why we tell stories to create a life to look at, and then, in response, to reflect upon our own experiences p 507