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[read online Best] Simply ScandalousAuthor Carly Phillips –

Normally, I d have probably enjoyed this bookThe story was a bit rote, but nothing that couldn t have been saved with a little nuance or individualism Unfortunately, the tension in this story revolves around a deeply ingrained classism and unquestioning political tropes that are just a little too intrusive to be tolerable Logan is a plastic, one dimensional strawman, at best A lawyer from a well to do family who chooses to live off his earnings and ignore his trust fund His earnings, mind, as a public defender where he works because he wants to protect people, not corporations If that s not mindlessly dogmatic enough, his father is a conservative judge pushing his son into a political career, even though Logan has repeatedly told him he doesn t want that.I suppose if I were a liberal woman, I d be drooling, but there s just no hint of nuance here It wouldn t have taken much to improve, either Maybe admitting that Logan represents the occasional criminal He can even be torn up about it, but at least give this pronounced aspect of his life some depth Or let his dad soften up even just a little bit, ever But no, we re meant to take these tropes as shorthand for how wonderful Logan is and how much he doesn t partake of the presumably evil heart of his class.And did I mention the classism The worst aspect of the book s classist attitude is how often Cat expresses the blind assertion that they couldn t possibly make it because they re from different classes Even though Logan eschews every trapping of his upbringing Even though his lifestyle is barely different from her own And even though he is so eager to make compromises for her to make her feel comfortable in the life he has chosen a life, remember, that is middle class to the core.And Cat s no great catch, either She s so damaged from growing up without a father that several times she walks away from a shared relationship with the man she acknowledges that she loves, and who she knows loves her, just because it might not work out Yeah, daddy issues can be complex and deeply ingrained, but I thought this went on way past where you could reasonably be expected to have sympathy with it Grew up without a father and resent it Then make sure you don t marry a bum Again, this might have worked better if the author had cared enough to give a littledepth to Cat s neurosis If a former boyfriend hurt her, maybe Or a friend with a husband who walked away after producing children It s not like there wasn t room in this already short book for a little added detail.The book isn t a complete disaster The writing is competent, at any rate But while not a complete disaster, this book just left me cold I really wish it hasn t been my first experience of Carly Phillips I m not sure I want to chance another, even as I hope and suspect they aren t all so very shallow. 2nd in the Simply series Sweet little romance between a possible candidate for mayor and a woman from the wrong side of the tracks Could it ever work between them I really enjoyed this story of a couple who was brought together by a very sneaky grandmother Emma to Logan She wants to see him married off before she dies Off course she healthy as an ox now after a mild heart attack which she uses to her advantag She meets Cat likes her instantly knows with her shady background that she could kill two birds with one stone Get her grandson off the fast track that his father want Logan on to be mayor give him a scandal at the same time by falling for Cat Things go hay wire because Cat has trust issues when they are by themselves all is good but when the outside world gets in Prince Charming does not seem to meet her fears with the press jumping into the mix during a touchy moment This is a good book I recommend. As for the previous one, it s rather poor in terms of plot, of characters study.The hero and heroine are once again supposed to fall in love with each other, with a great depth of feeling, because they really understood who the other is beneath his deceptive appearance and fa ade, all that while they have not talked yet or notthan 50 words, but have just looked at each other There were however some better moments than expected later on in the story.1.5 stars only Hot romance insues between two least likely persons Fairly tale like thanks to a grandmothers love for her grandson Leads a woman to love she never thought possible. Just finished this one I think the first was my favorite of the two, but still a good, quick read LOVED it Emma was awesome I get a huge kick out of the way Carly adds an eccentric, busybody old person to her books Gives them a comical edge. Wealthy Assistant DA Logan Montgomery Needs To Ruin His Reputation Fast That S The Only Way He Ll Be Able To Convince His Father That He S Not Cut Out To Follow The Family Tradition Of Going Into Politics His Plan To Indulge In A Very Public Fling With A Woman Whose Family Is A Scandal In Itself It Should Have Been The Perfect Solution Only, The Time Logan Spends With Catherine Luck, The He Realizes He D Give Up His Reputation And Everything Else For Just One Night In Her Bed My first Carly novel, and I LOVED it This book made me and instant fan and I wanted to go out and buy every Carly book I saw Simply Scandalous is number two of Simply series by Carly Phillips Another funny, romantic book by Carly Phillips District Attorney Logan Montgomery s family has money His day wants him to run for Mayor Logan doesn t want to He wants to open his own law office Emma, his grandmother hires Catherine Luck to cater a party she was having Emma is a busybody and wants her grandchildren married before she dies Emma locked Catherine and Logan in a closet There was chemistry between the two Catherine doesn t have money Very interesting story line A good read.