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Reading Rainbow SSilent Lotus Video Reading Rainbow SSilent Lotus Cartoons Followyears Agoviews Report Browsevideos Playing Next Reading Rainbow SAnd Still The Turtle Watched Cartoons Reading Rainbow SIs This A House For Hermit Crab Cartoons Reading Rainbow SThe Salamander Room Cartoons Reading Reading Rainbow Silent Lotus YouTube Reading Rainbow Silent Lotus Funiwriter Loading Unsubscribe From Funiwriter Reading Rainbow Official Recommended For You Quigley Down Under YouTube MoviesActionReading Rainbow Silent Lotus TV EpisodeWith LeVar Burton, Lea Salonga, Terrylene This Episode Takes A Look In At Deaf Culture LeVar Discusses Forms Of Communication That Doesn T Involve Words, Like Hand Signals, Mime, And Gestures, Like In Charades He Also Asks A Friend Who Is A Deaf Actress To Teach Him Some Sentences In Sign Language Lea Salonga Reads The Featured Story Of A Shy Young Girl In Silent Lotus By Jeanne M Lee Goodreads Silent Lotus Is A Young Girl Who Was Born Deaf To Two Loving Parent Who Want The Best For Her She Never Tries To Talk But She Mimics The Movements Of Herons These Movements Seem To Be The Way She Communicated As If She Was Dancing When The King And Queen Saw Her They Were Amazed With Her Movements They Allowed Her To Join The Royal Dancers And She SE Reading Rainbow Silent Lotus YouTube SE Reading Rainbow Silent Lotus Milton Christiansen Loading Unsubscribe From Milton Christiansen Reading Rainbow If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Duration Silent Lotus Reading Rainbow Book Lee, Jeanne This Story Is About A Girl Names Lotus Who Is Born Deaf, And Is Unable To Speak And Makes No Effort To She Has Two Loving Parents Who Cherish Her But She Has No Friends The Other Children Either Ignore Her Or Run Away From Her She Is Very Lonely But Loves To Weave Baskets And Walk In The Marshes And Mimic The Herons Her Family Decides To Go To The Temple And Give An Silent Lotus DVD R Reading Rainbow For Sale Online Find Many Great New Used Options And Get The Best Deals For Silent Lotus DVD R Reading Rainbow At The Best Online Prices At EBay Free Shipping For Many Products Silent Lotus Open Arts Forum Silent Lotus Is A Spiritual Advisor His Poetry Has Been Published In Europe, England, America, Canada And Australia For Significant Portions Of His Life He Has Resided In The Caribbean, The Netherlands And America, Having Been Raised In The Unique Community Of Roosevelt, NJ Designed By Louis Kahn Silent Lotus Poetry Readings On YouTube Pagesilent Lotus Was The Opening Speaker At A Commemoration Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki, On Tuesday, August ,at The Institute For Advanced Study, And Co Sponsored By The Fellowship In Prayer Coalition For Peace The Poetry Of Silent Lotus Opens The Event With An Energy Of Peace And Deep Awareness Ivan M Granger August Th,Loud Reading And Silent Reading Which Is Better Silent Reading Is What Most Of Us Do When We Re Reading On Our Phones And What Many Use While Reading A Book If You Want To Learn How To Become A Better Silent Reader, Check Out This Post Here But Silent Reading Is Not How Many Of Us Learn To Initially Read

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    In this children's book, you will read about a little girl from Kampuchea, who was born with a hearing impairment and for that she never learned to speak. The Silent Lotus mentions the many down falls of not being able to hear but in the end, they captured the most beautiful creation of a little girl who learned to dance as a symbol for speaking.
    With in the illustrations of this book, the author and illustrator brought the words to motion. The author would delightfully explain what the little girl was doing as the next page would be illustrations of the girls actions.
    I would recommended this book for an early childhood classroom, because its cultured, provides many opportunities for children to ask questions, and highlights the difficulties and strengths of a child with a hearing disability.

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    Wonderful story for children on not letting adversity prevent you from achieving your wish.

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    Title: Silent Lotus
    Author/Illustrator: Jeanne M. Lee
    Genre: Non-European folktale
    Theme(s): Friendship, Overcoming hardship
    Opening line/sentence: Long ago in Kampuchea, a man and a woman lived on the edge of a lake.
    Brief Book Summary: A young woman, Lotus, is born deaf and cannot speak. She does not fit in with the others. After some time, her parents take her to the temple in the city and she learns to dance. She speaks with her body and becomes the best dancer in the land.
    Professional Recommendation/Review #1: Jeanne M. Lee, Author-Illustrator Silent Lotus 32 pp. Farrar 10/91 ISBN 0-374-36911-9 14.95 (Picture Book) In the form of a folk tale, Lee tells the story of Lotus, a young Cambodian girl who is beautiful and graceful but who cannot hear or speak. Her parents, seeking help for Lotus, take her on a trip to the city, where she sees the temple dancers. With permission from the king, she learns to perform for the royal court and eventually becomes a famous dancer. Lee tells her story with simple, undecorated prose, carefully balancing all the story elements. Her flat, stylized paintings are reminiscent of Far-Eastern art and do much to capture the ambiance of the ancient setting.
    Professional Recommendation/Review #2: Kirkus Reviews
    Inspired by the 12th-century temple at Angkor Wat, Lee sets a tale in long-ago Kampuchea (Cambodia). Lotus is lovely, but silent from the day she is born. However, by quickly comprehending her parents' gestures, she learns to represent her name with her hands; ultimately, she finds a worthy calling when she becomes a dancer at the king's palace, telling ``tales of gods and kings'' with her graceful gestures. Lee illustrates this simple but pleasing story with elegantly decorative paintings, bright with subtly contrasted color, their clean compositions reminiscent of Allen Say's art. (Picture book. 4-8)
    Response to Two Professional Reviews: I agree very much so with the reviews that the illustrations balance the plot very well. The illustrations do well to capture the time period and culture of the book. The book is simple, yet it contains such a strong message.
    Evaluation of Literary Elements: The author does a really good job developing Lotus’s character. The reader is really able to grasp how Lotus struggled being deaf and mute. As the story goes along, it is as if the reader feels Lotus’s transformation into a beautiful dancer and the reader feels excited for her. The style of the book is very simple. There is not much variation in sentence style. Most of the sentences are short and to the point.
    Consideration of Instructional Application: I think a great instructional application would be to teach some sign language accompanied with the book. Children often don’t know what it means to communicate with the deaf or mute, so it might be useful to introduce them to sign language and how people communicate through sign language.

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    Lee, Jeanne M. “Silent Lotus”. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1991.

    Pages: 32
    Age range: 5-8
    Genre: Picture
    Race/Culture/Ethnic Group: Cambodian

    Summary: Inspired by decorations on a 12th century temple in Angkor Wat, this is the story of Lotus, a young girl who can neither hear nor speak, who becomes a dancer.

    Evaluation: I selected this text because I can’t remember ever reading a children’s picture book that was specifically Cambodian, plus I’ve seen programs on Angkor Wat and it interests me. The author/illustrator is a Vietnamese American who traveled to this particular temple multiple times when she was living in Vietnam. The story is nice and portrays Cambodian as beautiful and graceful. The watercolor illustrations are not the best, though. The illustrations are colorful and show traditional dress, but I was bothered by all of the faces looking alike – it was even difficult to discern male characters from female characters. Generally, this was an OK picture book, but not a great piece of multicultural literature.

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    Silent Lotus is a young girl who was born deaf to two loving parent who want the best for her. She never tries to talk but she mimics the movements of herons. These movements seem to be the way she communicated as if she was dancing. When the king and queen saw her they were amazed with her movements. They allowed her to join the royal dancers and she became the most famouse dancer. This book would be great for 3rd grade and up.

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    Eh.. girl is supposedly born deaf _and_ mute and how often does that happen? And nobody plays with her. But then she goes to the temple and sees some dancers and learns to be a dancer. And now she has friends. The end.

    The story takes place "Long ago in Kampuchea". And I will admit to not knowing where that is.

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    Silent Lotus
    Lee, Jeanne M.

    a good Vietnamese story, teaching about the culture and the roles of an individual

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    Beautiful story about what can be done despite being unable to hear and speak.

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    We read this to complement our middle ages history lesson about Southeast Asia.

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    Cambodia ages 6-8